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Here are some excellent individuals that will make liberals cry like babies and run to their safe spaces.  Truth hurts.

The Rebel Media.  (Tony Lam's Comments: The real truth in Canada)

The Rebel Media - Sheila Gunn Reid

Pamela Geller

Caroline Glick

Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars


Pat Condell


Alfonzo Rachel Zone Nation


Prager University

Why Isn't There a Palestinian State?​


Katey's Firearms Facts. (She is no longer active online, but the videos are still relevant)

What is Canadian Jihad? What radical imams teach in Canadian mosques.

7 Harsh realities Millennials need to understand

Brigitte Gabriel

Act For America

The Religion of  The truth about Islam.


OFFICIAL: Obama Broke 78 Laws As President… Here’s The List 

(Tony Lam's Comments: I have not verified each one, but I do recognize a lot of them.)

Parody - We Con The World by Caroline Glick