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"In his first 100 days, Trudeau spent $4.3B. Less than 11 percent was spent in Canada"


It’s been just over 100 days since Justin Trudeau assumed office as prime minister.

This graph showing where your hard-earned tax money has been spent since the Trudeau Liberals came to power is simply astonishing:


Trudeau inherited a PBO-confirmed surplus from the Conservative Party.

Upon assuming office he fulfilled his promise to return to the perilous era of deficits and threw out decades of prudent fiscal management achieved by the Chretien/Martin Liberal and Harper Conservative governments.

In his first month in office, Trudeau spent $2.8 billion; $0 of that was spent in Canada.

In his first 100 days, he spent $4.3 billion; only $527 million of that in Canada. That's less than 11% spent on our own country.

I'm a strong proponent of a Canada First strategy that focuses on putting the needs of Canadians ahead of being the world's charity.

My philosophy is common sense: When the economy is in peril and we're in a deficit situation we shouldn't be increasing the amount of money we spend outside the country.

When the budget is balanced and the government has a surplus then decisions can be made about whether to spend some of that money and where it should be allocated -- be it inside or outside Canada.

Our economy is on the ropes. Thousands of women and men are out of work, Canada's economic engine has stalled, the housing market is in peril and we're back in the red. Is now really the time for rashy spending commitments so our Prime Minister of Instagram can get more fawning interviews with international media and more cover photos on Vogue?

(Thanks to Canadian Conservatives for a Strong Canada ( for allowing me to use the illustration.)


Libs outspent Tories in first 100 days - Toronto Sun

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