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Cost of resettling Syrian refugees reaches $1 Billion

October 29 2015

Can the Liberals bring 25,000 Syrian refugees here by end of 2015?

March 3 2016

November 17 2017

Trudeau vows to 'keep Canadians safe' as he rebuffs concerns over plan to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees

December 11 2015

Trudeau greets Syrian refugees as Canada prepares for more arrivals

March 22 2016

Budget gives $245-million to resettle government-assisted Syrian refugees

Tony Lam's Comments: WTF? (Updated: November 14 2017 - The CIJ News article is no longer online but I did save it PDF. I no longer pdf articles because it takes too long. Added a different source.)

Posted by: CIJnews Staff November 22, 2016

Cost of resettling Syrian refugees reaches $384.7 million

The federal government published on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 the final expenditures on the Syrian resettlement initiative for 2015-2016.

In 2015-2016, the Government spent $384.7 million on the Syrian resettlement initiative, approximately $70.3 million less than planned.

The figures exclude PSPC (Public Services and Procurement Canada) accommodation, but include $80.9M in expenditures that departments absorbed within existing funding levels.

The expenditure by the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship totalled $193.1 million, and Global Affair Canada $161.6 million.

According to the official statement, lower costs for transportation and overseas processing, in addition to unused contingency funds and the non-activation of the interim lodging sites on Canadian Forces bases all contributed to the Government coming under budget.

The government announced its intention to continue to invest in the settlement of these Syrian refugees to ensure that they integrate into and contribute fully to the Canadian economy and their communities.

Since November 2015, 34,696 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada, including 18,156 Government- Assisted Refugees, 3,552 Blended Visa Office-Referred Refugees and 12,988 Privately Sponsored Refugees.

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November 22 2016

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November 25 2016

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June 13 2017

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June 14 2017

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November 13 2017

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November 21 2017

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November 24 2017

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December 3 2017

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July 16 2018

July 20 2018

October 7 2018

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