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April 2017


The cost of Trudeau travelling.

April 3 2017

Trudeau should probably stop telling desperate refugees that everyone is welcome in Canada

Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio apologizes for stripper remark aimed at Tory MP Dianne Watts

April 5 2017

Trudeau says Canada to give Syria $840M following deadly attack

April 5 2017

Rona Ambrose: What kind of a message is Justin Trudeau sending to parents of kids with autism when he can find millions of dollars for Bombardier’s executives but have nothing in his budget for Canadian families living with autism? The Liberals cut the $4 million dollars a year to continue the good work of the Canadian Autism Partnership in his last budget. That is almost equivalent to the salary hike the CEO of Bombardier gave himself for one year.

While Phoenix struggles continue, executives get $4.8M in performance pay

April 7 2017

For Syrian refugees, shift to provincial assistance is a financial challenge

April 8 2017

Many wounded war veterans feel Trudeau has let them down

April 9 2017

Ottawa vows prudent health spending as federal report projects decades of deficits

April 10 2017

Trudeau searches for word to describe North Korea

April 10 2017

[if IE]><![endif]Radicalization of Muslims in Canada: Putting Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell in his Proper Place – My Statement to Canada’s Senate Committee on Security and Defence – Tarek Fatah

April 11 2017

Trudeau back on defensive over vacation with Aga Khan after report refutes need to take private helicopter

April 12 2017

Many Syrian refugees still struggling after 12 full months in Canada | Vancouver Sun

Anti-abortion group got $56K federal grant from Liberal MP

April 17 2017

Border crisis: “Syrian refugees” ignore our laws — and so do Canadian authorities

April 18 2017

Analysis: Canada’s Charter remains a flawed document that no politician dares try to fix

April 19 2017

Philip Cross: How Elizabeth May taught conservatives never to trust green activists

April 21 2017

Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!

April 24 2017

Justin Trudeau uses ‘cupping’ — ancient skin therapy popular among athletes, celebrities — photos reveal | National Post

Trudeau says his father used connections to help brother Michel avoid criminal record after pot charge

April 26 2017

Justin Trudeau: father Pierre’s influence made my late brother’s marijuana charge ‘go away’

April 25 2017

Prime Minister Trudeau photographed with former VP of group on Canada's terror list

April 27 2017

MPs’ self-approved $2,300 salary increase is ‘self-serving’ says taxpayers’ group

April 28 2017

Refugee girl sentenced for 60 fake 911 calls - Winnipeg Free Press Facebook Pixel Code

April 29 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Khalid would call it Islamaphobia)

You Won’t Believe What is Happening to Children All Around the World – Israel Video Network

'I am truly sorry': Harjit Sajjan apologizes for claiming he was 'architect' of Operation Medusa

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