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July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr Help us raise $1 million for Omar Khadr's victims

September 14 2017

(UPDATE) Tabitha Speer thanks donors: “I am sure my husband Chris has been smiling from Heaven”


Tony Lam's Comments: What can you say. Just before the 4th of July. Major news outlets reporting that Khadr will receive 10 million in compensation.

You go oversees, kill an American Medic, wound another soldier. Get captured and cry I want my Canadian rights! As to the torture aspect. I'd rather be captured by the Americans and "tortured" by Americans, than have your head chopped off or burned alive in a cage. The latter being TRUE torture and DEATH. When you are an enemy combatant, you have no rights. Only bleeding heart lefties would grant rights to terrorists.

If this was World War 2, Khadr would have been shot dead instead of just wounded and saved.

To us in the western world these are child soldiers. In the middle eastern world these are adults. The UN does classify child soldiers as 18 and under. And using children 15 and under are considered war crimes.

Under Islamic Beliefs Omar Khadr Was No Child

Here are the Geneva Conventions which nations adhere to when going to war.

Here is the Third Geneva Convention pertaining to Prisoners Of War.

Khadr does not meet the criteria.


We can thank Pierre Trudeau for giving the Supreme Court such power that can override Parliament. And now we can thank his son, Justin Trudeau, for the payout. The Supreme Court has now set the precedent. If you commit crimes, illegal acts, terrorism, be an enemy combatant, Canada must come to your aid with all the Charter Rights granted to you. Doesn't matter if you are *IN* Canada or *OUT* of Canada.

The Supreme Court Of Canada

Khadr repatriation overturned by top court

All the defenders of Khadr are touting how Khadr's Canadian rights were violated. Khadr won his case on Canadian Law.

Khadr should be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada section 83.01 on Terrorism. Khadr was caught in an Al-Qaeda camp, with pictures and video of him making IEDS.

Awareness guide - listed terrorist entities - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Public Safety Canada - Listed Terrorist Entities

Currently Listed Entities

Sadly, in Canadian law under the Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes Act, Khadr cannot be charged again.

When previously tried outside Canada

  • 12 (1) If a person is alleged to have committed an act or omission that is an offence under this Act, and the person has been tried and dealt with outside Canada in respect of the offence in such a manner that, had they been tried and dealt with in Canada, they would be able to plead autrefois acquit, autrefois convict or pardon, the person is deemed to have been so tried and dealt with in Canada.

It is a sad state of law when the law can be used to protect a terrorist. If the US did not try and convict Khadr, Canada could have done so. Might have been a different outcome.


Terror Victim Response Page has some interesting info. Please check it out.

and their page on anti-terror legislation in Canada.


* Please don't forget *

A reminder of the brave Canadians we lost who didn't get 10 million.

Canada in Afghanistan - Fallen Canadian Armed Forces Members

(Canadian site is 404 error)

These Are The Names Of All The Canadians Who Died In The War In Afghanistan


The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies, and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr


A controversial look at the headline-making story of the last Western prisoner at Guantanamo Bay and the larger implications to national security, justice, and international relations. Omar Khadr is the last Western prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre. He has been held at the American naval base since October 2002, accused of killing a U.S. sergeant in Afghanistan. Khadr was fifteen at the time. His defence team argued that their client was a child soldier and should be treated as a victim. After several years of procedural wrangling, Khadr went before a U.S. military court. In October, he pled guilty, in an agreement that allows him to be transferred to Canada after one year. This controversial new book will be published to coincide with Omar Khadr's return to Canada in late 2011. It will include shocking information about the Khadr family, Khadr's psychological assessment, and his trial that has often been ignored in the mainstream media. Challenging the conventional wisdom about the Khadr case, The Enemy Within is a provocative look at the definition of "child soldier," life at Guantanamo Bay, the media coverage of the case, a tainted plea bargain, and the Canadian government's plan for Omar Khadr's rehabilitation upon his return to Canada. In this hard-hitting book, Ezra Levant also uses Khadr's story to address larger questions about how Canadians view immigration, terrorism, law and justice, and Canada's relationship with the United States.

Khadr Facts

September 29 2012 (Tony Lam's Comments: Yea right. Truly Canadian eh? This is from 2012 and not updated.)

Ahmed Said Khadr

Born in Egypt, Omar Khadr's father moved to Canada in 1977, where he met and married Maha Elsamnah. Khadr fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s where U.S. authorities allege he befriended Osama bin Laden and became a "founding member" and financier of al-Qaida. His family says he did both charity work and ran orphanages in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 1980s and 1990s. Arrested in connection with the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad in 1995, Khadr was released in 1996 with the help of then-prime minister Jean Chretien. Khadr died in a gun battle with Pakistani forces near the Afghanistan border in October 2003.

Maha Elsamnah

Born in Palestine, Omar Khadr's mother moved with her husband and six children to Afghanistan in the 1980s. She returned to Canada in 2004 to seek medical treatment for her son Karim after he was injured in the same firefight that killed her husband. Elsamnah claims to have no association with al-Qaida, but admitted that when the planes hit the World Trade Center in 2001, she thought to herself, "Let them have it." She was also quoted as saying that she took her family away from Canada in the 1980s because of "drug addicts" and "homosexuals."

Omar Khadr

The second youngest son of Ahmed Said Khadr and Maha Elsamnah, the 26-year-old was born in Toronto but also lived in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He received training in bomb making, marksmanship and combat instruction at al-Qaida training camps. He was detained badly wounded in Afghanistan in 2002 as a 15-year-old following a battle with U.S. troops in which he was shot three times. In October 2010, Khadr pleaded guilty to throwing a hand grenade that killed an American special forces soldier and sentenced to a further eight years.

Abdul Karim Khadr

Karim, 23, is the youngest son of Ahmed Said Khadr and Maha Elsamnah. He was paralyzed from the waist down in the same gun battle that killed his father in Pakistan in 2003. He returned with his mother to Canada in April 2004 to seek medical treatment and is now living in Toronto.

Abdullah Khadr

Abdullah, 31, is the eldest son of Ahmed Said Khadr and Maha Elsamnah. Khadr denied running an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan in the 1990s. He returned to Canada on Dec. 7, 2005, after spending a year in custody in Pakistan in which he said he was tortured. He was arrested in Toronto on Dec. 17, 2005, at the request of U.S. authorities on charges of conspiracy to kill Americans outside the U.S. and accused of purchasing arms and ammunition for al-Qaida militants in Afghanistan. Federal Court freed him more than four years later on the grounds U.S. authorities had abused his rights in Pakistan. He lives in Toronto.

Zaynab Khadr

Zaynab, 33, is the eldest child of Ahmed Said Khadr and Maha Elsamnah. It's alleged bin Laden attended her wedding in 1999. She returned to live in Canada in February 2005, and was the subject of RCMP investigations for allegedly aiding al-Qaida. She later married Joshua Boyle, whom she met during a hunger-strike on Parliament Hill in 2008 to protest her brother's detention in Guantanamo Bay.

Abdurahman Khadr

The second eldest son, Abdurahman, 29, calls himself the "black sheep" of the Khadrs and says he separated from the family after Sept. 11. He was arrested in Afghanistan as a suspected al-Qaida member in November 2001. He claimed he began working for the CIA and giving information on al-Qaida operatives in Kabul. He was transferred to Guantanamo Bay in early 2003 where he said he was asked to spy on the prison population. Abdurahman admitted in a television interview that he was "raised to become a suicide bomber." He returned to Canada in October 2003. He lives in Toronto and is a father.

April 24 2015

Facts About Omar Khadr That The Mainstream Media Won't Tell You


Under Islam, Khadr was an adult.

Final word from Golda Meir. Fourth Prime Minister of Israel. This quote is attributed to her.

" Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. "

I do have some videos of islam showing the use of child soldiers. They cannot be uploaded to youtube because it violates their service agreement.

Islam also allows for child brides and children to be sold to pay off debt.

1. Regimes and terrorists will always use "children."

2. Islam considers Khadr an adult.


Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer killed by Khadr.


Tabitha Speer. Wife of Christopher Speer Leaving the Funeral.


Cover of Maclean's. November 3 2015. This is pathetic.


Khadr's infamous video of himself making and planting IED's.


April 1 2009

A break-in, slaying and Khadr marriage mystery

January 29 2010

Judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada

January 29 2010

Khadr repatriation overturned by top court

July 29 2010

Ward v. Vancouver: Putting a Price on Charter Breaches | Bennett Jones

August 20 2010

Omar Khadr not tortured: judge

August 23 2010

Omar Khadr Was Not Tortured | The Weekly Standard Always force latest IE rendering engine (even in intranet) & Chrome Frame Facebook/Open Graph Tags & Twitter Cards Tags LiveConnect tag for publishers LiveConnect tag for publishers Facebook Pixel Code

July 25 2012

Bring Omar Khadr home, Peter MacKay's wife says

August 23 2012

Comrades describe Speer's legacy at Khadr sentencing - The Globe and Mail

September 28 2012

Repatriation of Omar Khadr to Canada

September 29 2012

A quick sketch of Omar Khadr's family

September 2 2014

Omar Khadr reattempts to sue Canada for $20M

January 25 2015

Omar Khadr sued for $50M by widow of U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan and wounded sergeant

January 13 2016 (Tony Lam's Comments: No updated)

Omar Khadr's sister Zaynab detained in Turkey | Toronto Star

February 12 2016

SHOCKING PHOTO: Omar Khadr on video call with Al Qaida supporter he met in Gitmo

February 18 2016

Omar Khadr to stay out on bail after federal government drops appeal

April 18 2016 (Tony Lam's Comments; Khadr will be a stain on Canada forever!)

Former Guantanamo inmate Omar Khadr getting married

December 20 2016 Tony Lam's Comments: now this is torture)

Assad’s torture dungeons

June 20 2017

About the Anti-terrorism Act

The Government of Canada introduced legislation that will enhance Canada’s national security and safeguard Canadians’ rights and freedoms

July 5 2017

The Khadr family: A timeline

July 7 2017

Who was Sgt. Christopher Speer, the soldier who died in a firefight with Omar Khadr?

July 10 2017

John Ivison: 71% of Canadians say Liberals were wrong to settle with Omar Khadr

June 30 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: This is just as absurd. In comparison he only got 200k.)

Illegal Alien Will Get $190K From San Francisco Because Police Turned Him Over To Immigration Authorities

July 3 2017

DISGRACEFUL: Trudeau Government Giving Omar Khadr $10 Million

July 3 2017

Omar Khadr to receive apology and $10.5M compensation package from Canada: official

(Includes Video of Trudeau Non Response Answer)

July 4 2017

Trudeau gives apology — and $10 million — to Canadian terrorist who killed U.S. Army medic

July 4 2017

Ottawa to offer Omar Khadr apology, $10-million in compensation

July 4 2017

Ottawa to pay $10.5M to Omar Khadr, government source says

July 4 2017

Canada to pay $10.5m to youngest Guantanamo inmate, convicted of killing US soldier

July 4 2017

U.S. soldier, widow to seek injunction to halt Ottawa’s payout to Omar Khadr

July 4 2017

Widow of medic could go after Omar Khadr's $10.5M settlement: legal advisor

July 4 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Completely disagree. Because of the Supreme Court Ruling. Any Canadian fighting for a terrorist group and gets captured, can now claim Canadian Charter Rights, no matter what country they were in. And if the Canadian government does not assist. That person can sue the Government for millions.)

Why will Omar Khadr receive $10.5M? Because the Supreme Court ruled his rights were violated

July 4 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Completely disagree. You fight for terrorists on foreign soil you get no Charter Rights. Doesn't matter if you're Canadian. We have another volunteer who will contribute to the 10 million. Her name is Maham.)

Here’s why Omar Khadr is getting $10M from the Canadian government

July 4 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: I am in the odious position)

'Odious’ or overdue: Reports of Omar Khadr settlement draw sharply different reactions

July 4 2017

Meet Canada’s newest multi-millionaire – Omar Khadr.

July 4 2017

Canadian Taxpayers Federation slams proposed $10 million payout to Omar Khadr

July 4 2017

$10.5M settlement for Omar Khadr 'absolutely wrong': Clement

July 4 2017

Christie Blatchford: Khadr is doing all right without our money

July 4 2017

Khadr award a 'real head scratcher': Soldier who lost eye in deadly firefight

July 4 2017

CHARTBEAT First script This page was generated on Mon Jul 10 01:09:30 EDT 2017 We keep only the first 80 characters for SEO reasons Omar Khadr's undeserved jackpot

July 4 2017

'It's totally disgraceful': Military families condemn Ottawa's plan to pay Omar Khadr millions

Military families condemn $10M settlement to Omar Khadr

July 5 2017

Americans seek to enforce US$134-million award against Omar Khadr in Canada

July 5 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Completely disagree. If Jonathan believes in Khadr's misplaced youth so much. Jonathan can shell out the 10 million. Leave the rest of us out of it.)

Omar Khadr deserves his settlement and his apology from the Canadian government: Jonathan Kay

July 5 2017

Khadr decision shows Liberals soft on terror

July 5 2017

Omar Khadr, from bomb-making, convicted killer to multi-millionaire

July 5 2017

The Omar Khadr settlement will be a political albatross for Trudeau

July 5 2017

U.S. application filed to secure any cash for Khadr

July 5 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: No matter how long it takes. The widow should get this money and Khadr should never see one red cent! We didn't know that the cheque was paid and cashed already.)

Legal battle could tie up payout to Omar Khadr

July 5 2017

Liberals all over the map on Khadr

July 5 2017

REPORT: Canadian Military Families Speak Out Against Omar Khadr Payment

Omar Khadr by the numbers: Revealing the cruelty of Trudeau’s pandering

Michelle Rempel: Why would Trudeau pay Khadr $10-million before having a court weigh in?

July 6 2017

Conservative Leader Scheer On Justin Trudeau's Payout To Khadr.

July 6 2017

What Canada just AWARDED this jihadist who murdered a U.S. soldier DISGUSTS me

July 6 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Completely disagree.)

Opposition to Omar Khadr’s settlement is puzzling