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Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie

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I first saw this video posted on twitter. Being a very busy person I waited to save it. And a few days later CBC Comedy removed the video.

Where is the open transparency we were promised? Was it all smoke and mirrors? How can this little comedy parody cause them this much grief! Because it's the truth.




After uploading a copy of the video to YouTube. I get an email saying the video is blocked in Canada. As a taxpaying Canadian who helps fund the CBC to the tune of over $1 Billion a year. What is up with the censorship?


I have saved it to Dropbox and you can download it here.

Please click the link. It is safe and no viruses. The link will open up a new window to Dropbox. The download link on the top right of the page takes a moment to load. That is a Dropbox delay.


Someone at 22 Minutes still has guts. They saw my tweet and responded. I sincerely thank them for that.

Here is the link in the tweet.

As mentioned. When I first clicked the link on September 26, 2017, it was still blocked in Canada.



I also saved the actual copy just in case. :-)


January 30 2007

Harper's letter dismisses Kyoto as 'socialist scheme'

April 23 2009

Big polluters: one massive container ship equals 50 million cars

May 2009

Clean Energy's Dirty Little Secret

July 9 2009

Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles

October 14 2010

U.S. foundations against the oil sands

July 20 2011

The big green surge to fend off critics of Ontario's renewable energy strategy

January 12 2012

The Girl Who Played with Tax Data: And uncovered the foreign funding of Canadian green groups

April 4 2012

The Reality of Climate Change: 10 Myths Busted

April 19 2012 Vivian Krause: Suzuki’s funding

July 9 2013

75% of the World's Mining Companies Are Based in Canada

September 17 2012

Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years

October 11 2013

The two Suzukis: There’s Saint Suzuki, the one you see on CBC, and Secret Suzuki, the capitalist millionaire

January 1 2014 Scientists trapped in Antarctic ice await dramatic helicopter rescue after week spent 'singing with the seals'

January 19 2014

First Nations chief received $55,000 from Tides Foundation

7 environmental charities face Canada Revenue Agency audits

June 8 2014 McGuinty government changed green energy rules to benefit Liberal-linked firms, court filing charges

January 6 2015

'97% Of Climate Scientists Agree' Is 100% Wrong

April 24 2015

Seven Big Failed Environmentalist Predictions

June 3 2015

Greenhouse gases? Not our problem

May 8 2015

Australia PM adviser says climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order'

September 9 2015

Montreal Sewage Dump Given Green Light By Environment Minister Catherine McKenna

Suicide rate in Alberta climbs 30% in wake of mass oilpatch layoffs

October 23 2015

100 municipalities discharge sewage into Quebec's waterways

November 9 2015

Montreal Sewage Dump Given Green Light By Environment Minister Catherine McKenna

November 27 2015

Trudeau pledges $2.65B to help poor countries fight climate change

January 25 2016

Saudi oil filling a New Brunswick refinery – what kind of a domestic energy policy is that?

As oilsands punished, tanker loads of cheap Saudi oil sail into Canadian ports daily

March 2 2016 Canada may already be carbon neutral, so why are we keeping it a secret?

April 18 2016

McKenna: renewable energy tech is a $3 trillion opportunity

April 19 2016 Port of Vancouver's jet-fuel pipeline approval surprises minister

April 26 2016

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

May 4 2016

Experts warned four years ago that Alberta's aging forests bring risk of 'catastrophic fires'

May 26 2016

Red Planet Heats Up: Ice Age Ending on Mars

June 27 2016

Reevely: Ottawa's bike-friendliness is a lie

July 28 2016

In Quebec, a cement factory encased in hypocrisy

August 23 2016

McKenna's office spent $17K on photographers for 15 events since November

August 23 2016

3 bureaucrats spent $12Gs dining in Paris, and we picked up the bill

KRAYDEN: Welcome to the taxpayer hall of shame, Catherine McKenna

‘There are ways to reduce costs’: Catherine McKenna calls for review of government photo spending

Vivian Krause: The cash pipeline opposing Canadian oil pipelines

September 2 2016

This Mojave Desert solar plant kills 6,000 birds a year. Here’s why that won’t change any time soon

October 24 2016

Aaron Wudrick: A carbon tax solves nothing

November 21 2016

“Climate Barbie” Catherine McKenna goes on luxury car buying spree

December 2 2016

Trudeau, More Dangerous to Environment than Harper?

December 4 2016

Alberta’s energy minister says laid off workers could go to B.C.

January 2 2017

Testimony to the Senate Transport Committee, November 1, 2016

January 6 2017

Georgia Tech Climatologist Chooses 'Career Suicide' to Keep Her 'Scientific Integrity'

January 14 2017

Trudeau says Canada's oil sands must be phased out

January 120 2017

PM's use of jet for family vacation emitted as much CO2 as average Canadian per year

February 16 2017

How B.C.’s formerly ‘revenue neutral’ carbon tax turned into another government cash grab

February 21 2017

OPEC oil comes roaring back into Canada: Cartel supplies a third of imports, displacing U.S. shale

March 30 2017

Secret briefing says up to $300-per-tonne federal carbon tax by 2050 required to meet climate targets

April 19 2017 Philip Cross: How Elizabeth May taught conservatives never to trust green activists

May 17 2018

Like it or not, crude oil is the biggest reason for Canada’s prosperity

June 20 2017

Fort St. John Mayor gives Trudeau and leftists reality checks

Prime Minister announces new Ambassador for Climate Change

Why Does Canada Need A Climate Change Ambassador?

Trudeau appoints fake “climate change” ambassador to troll Trump

July 1 2017

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants

July 25 2017

Small-scale EPC replaces 17,920 panels at two-year-old solar farm

August 8 2017

The lies behind the Paris climate accord

Top 10 Climate Change Predictions That Went Spectacularly Wrong

September 4 2017

Catherine McKenna says she is 'done' with 'ridiculous' Tory language on environment

September 20 2017

'I’d like to make Catherine ‘Climate Barbie’ McKenna a deal...”

October 3 2017

'Yet another carbon tax': Canada's 'single biggest carbon-fighting policy' you've probably never heard of

The mask gets ripped off yet another carbon-tax dishonesty

Federal government failing to put climate plan into action, environmental watchdog finds

Conservatives savage 'disastrous' Liberal policy over cancelled Energy East pipeline

October 21 2017

Climate Change is Killing Us: My Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau & Environment Minister McKenna

October 24 2017

NEW POLITICS: Environment Minister McKenna Tells Canadians NOT To Follow Her On Twitter

Yes, The U.S. Leads All Countries In Reducing Carbon Emissions

November 2 2017

The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud

November 3 2017

Climate Barbie tells Rebel reporter not to use the hashtag climate barbie.

November 8 2017

Who's name-calling whom?

November 16 2017

Canada’s Climate Action Plans: Are They Cost-effective?

'Sickening': First Nations left empty-handed as environmentalist pressure kills B.C. energy projects

November 17 2017

While The Trudeau Government Destroys Canada’s Coal Industry, China Is Building 700 New Coal Plants

Editorial: Canada robs itself of energy prosperity

November 18 2017

GENIUS: Catherine McKenna Calls Herself “Minister Responsible For Weather”

November 19 2017

EDITORIAL: Liberal green agenda needs a little humility

December 17 2017

HYPOCRISY: Canadian Taxpayers Federation Reveals Trudeau Government Kept Bombardier Emissions Analysis Secret - Spencer FernandoEndFragment

December 20 2017

Peter Foster: A lump of coal for Catherine McKenna’s unethical fake-fact crusade | Financial Post

December 28 2017

Delingpole: 30 Trillion Reasons Why the Green Blob Must Die in 2018

January 2 2018

No CO2 warming for the last 40 years?

January 5 2018

Rex Murphy: Too frigid for global warming? This is why they rebranded it ‘climate change’

January 7 2018

January 10 2018

The Tar Sands Campaign Against the Overseas Export of Canadian Oil: Activism or Economic Sabotage?

Jan 11 2018

B.C.’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen in four of the last five years

Jan 12 2018

Latest figures show B.C.'s carbon emissions continue to increase

January 15 2018

Proposed carbon pricing plan 'not a cash grab': McKenna

GOLDSTEIN: B.C. carbon tax claims mostly hot air

January 18 2018

Federal government eyeing post-2022 carbon-price hikes

January 23 2018

Wait... taxing carbon leads to economic growth? Some people actually believe this nonsense?

February 3 2018

Don Cherry says people who believe in climate change are ‘cuckaloos’

February 6 2018

First Nations pipeline has a plan to get around B.C. oil tanker ban — an old gold-rush town in Alaska

February 8 2018

Ottawa to scrap National Energy Board, overhaul environmental assessment process for major projects

February 9 2018

Rex Murphy: In pipeline wars, Trudeau stands as always with Paris, never Alberta

FYI: Carbon isn't pollution

February 15 2018

MALCOLM: The fight against carbon taxes is the policy fight of our lives

February 17 2018

Varcoe: Canada has lost $117B due to pipeline woes, says McKenna

February 23 2018

GUEST COLUMN: Fearmongering over oil tankers isn't the way to go

February 26 2018

Canadian navy ship spills 30,000 litres of fuel in Strait of Georgia

March 6 2018

'We're all in': Environment minister says Canada will meet Paris climate targets despite emissions gap

March 7 2018

GOLDSTEIN: McKenna’s pie-in-the-sky promise

March 12 2018

Catherine McKenna To Saskatchewan: You're Pricing Carbon, One Way Or Another

Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund​

GOLDSTEIN: Wynne spills the beans on carbon pricing

March 15 2018

INSANE: Trudeau Government Exempts Foreign Oil From Emissions Regulations They Impose On Canadian Oil

March 16 2018

Rex Murphy: Trudeau is Captain Canada to our threatened steel workers. Our oil workers? Silence

March 19 2018

The coming carbon tax showdown

The hypocrisy of Washington State taking a stand against Trans Mountain

GOOD NEWS: McKenna Warns “We Could Lose Our Climate Plan”

CRAIG: Foreign oil gets free ride from feds

15 arrests made at demonstrations in Burnaby

March 21 2018

Quebec gets a pass, Alberta gets the shaft

Canadians are realizing foreign groups sabotaged our energy economy — for no good reason Former B.C. justice minister says the reality is more people in the province support Trans Mountain pipeline than oppose it

March 23 2018

Canadian Senate passes motion to pressure PM on Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

March 24 2018

Canadians are realizing foreign groups sabotaged our energy economy — for no good reason

March 27 2018

‘Off the chart’ carbon target means Canadian refiners stuck paying tax on emissions no one in the world can eliminate

March 29 2018

No more pipelines with Trudeau’s plan

WATCH: Trudeau can’t answer basic question on greenhouse gases

The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare

March 31 2018

U.S warship trapped in ice in Montreal since Christmas Eve is now free to return home

April 1 2018 McKenna has 'no time' for climate change deniers

Feds could pay carbon tax revenues directly to Ontarians, minister says

April 2 2018

FUREY: Looks like Canada is gearing up for a carbon tax showdown

Canada's competitiveness in big trouble as even green companies are heading for the exit

April 3 2018

Lawyers stumped over new gender and identity provisions for environmental impact assessments

Catherine McKenna: Carbon Tax Revenue Could Go To Ontario Residents Even If Doug Ford Is Premier

April 4 2018

Even strong climate-change believers don’t understand carbon pricing, survey shows

April 5 2018 Feds to spend $280k to study why Canada’s oil and gas sector is falling behind

Kevin O’Leary Warns “Direct Investment In Canada Is Collapsing,” Rips Carbon Tax

April 6 2018 Rex Murphy: A mirror could show Trudeau why Alberta is suffering. No research required

LIAR: Trudeau Caught Spreading Falsehood About Conservative Pipeline Record, Tries Blaming Harper Again

Message is clear: Merge or face extinction, BMO tells Canadian energy industry

Oilpatch CEO says Trudeau needs to give real pipeline support, 'not just words'

MALCOLM: What ails our oil and gas sector? Trudeau's own policies

EDITORIAL: With carbon pricing up against the ropes, Catherine McKenna needs to learn humility

April 8 2018 Trans Mountain pipeline on hold as pressure mounts on B.C. to drop opposition

April 9 2018

If B.C. Gets To Reject A Pipeline, Then Everyone Else Gets To Reject The Carbon Tax

April 10 2018

Former Encana CEO Says Canada’s Reputation “Is In Tatters” After Trans Mountain Debacle

Rex Murphy: Trudeau still gives green fanatics cover as they strangle Trans Mountain


Its not!


April 11 2018

April 12 2018

Ottawa announces $5.4 million upgrade to Tofino and Ucluelet’s Long Beach Airport

Yes, anti-pipeline Vancouver really is North America’s largest exporter of coal

April 13 2018

Rex Murphy: Pipeline crisis is a moment of truth for all three federal leaders

Fake News: McKenna Falsely Claims Calgary Transit Is “100% Wind Powered.” It’s Not.

April 15 2018

April 15 2018

April 20 2018

Rex Murphy: Radical environmentalism has containment problems of its own

April 22 2018

Tories demand government explain how much a carbon price will cost Canadians

April 23 2018

If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making Electricity So Expensive?

April 25 2018

Outrage in Alberta after feds discovered funding anti-pipeline group

FUREY: The real cost of Canada’s carbon tax? It’s $35 billion per year, says expert

April 26 2018

Leave Victoria's 'raw sewage' alone, Alberta

Global temperatures have dropped since 2016. Here’s why that’s normal.

(Tony Lam's Comments: And if you believe this. I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge) Catherine McKenna proposes new scientific advisory panel to save Kinder Morgan pipeline

PROOF: McKenna was “clueless” about climate change before bullying Canadians with carbon tax

She`s going after all the elements one at a time.

April 27 2018

Trudeau Government Hitting Canadian Energy Industry With Billions More In Regulatory Costs

If Canada Shut Down Our Entire Economy, It Would Make Almost Zero Difference To Global Emissions

LOL: McKenna Calls Climate Change $30 Trillion “Opportunity,” Refers To Opposition As “The Conservative Government”

Rex Murphy: Grants to anti-pipeline activists a hammer blow to the heads of the unemployed

April 29 2018 EDITORIAL: The carbon tax cover-up continues

May 1 2018

GOLDSTEIN: McKenna’s carbon price report is a farce

May 2 2018

Justin Trudeau’s Two-Faced Climate Game

May 3 2018 Watch: Trudeau Spends 7 Minutes Refusing To Say What Carbon Tax Will Cost Canadians, Blames Harper Again

May 6 2018

Jason Kenney declares war on ‘green left’, takes aim at David Suzuki foundation

May 7 2018

Cries of 'rank hypocrisy' as disclosures reveal B.C. government pension fund invests in Kinder Morgan

May 8 2018

John Robson: What do the Liberals know about carbon tax that they won't tell us?

Study says lack of pipeline capacity costing Canada billions in lost revenue

May 9 2018 WATCH: Raitt Reminds McKenna That Driving Isn’t A “Choice” For Canadians

CBC says global warming could “wake up” Canada's “volcanoes.” They're lying — to push Trudeau's carbon tax

Extinguishing the Centennial Flame — a Canadian icon — is no way to meet emissions targets

Activists claim victory as Trudeau's oil tanker ban passes Commons

May 10 2018

Al Gore – Who Lives In Giant Mansion That Uses 34 Times More Energy Than Average Home – Attacks Oil Sands On Twitter

May 15 2018

WATCH: Trudeau Caught Lying Again About Harper’s Pipeline Record

May 16 2018

Sask. injects $175K into geothermal power project

May 17 2018

Corbella: Trudeau plain wrong about Harper's pipeline legacy

Like it or not, crude oil is the biggest reason for Canada’s prosperity

May 18 2018

Canada “Becoming A Laughing Stock In The World” With Trans Mountain Crisis Says Former Ambassador

Let the Paris climate deal die. It was never good for anything, anyway

May 19 2018

Raving Canuck’s Guide to the Trudeau Government’s Carbon Tax Smoke and Mirrors

With 1 Comment to Raving Canuck.

May 21 2018

Federal carbon tax could 'degrade' Canadian fishing industry's competitiveness: memo

May 24 2018

Vancouver to pay Kinder Morgan for legal costs after B.C.'s top court hands company twin victories

They really have nothing better to do.

May 28 2018

Elizabeth May pleads guilty to criminal contempt for pipeline protest

Federal government spending $4.5B to buy Trans Mountain pipeline, B.C. terminal

May 29 2018

WATCH: Poilievre Shreds Trudeau Liberals Over $4.5 BILLION Hit To Taxpayers From Trans Mountain Pipeline Debacle

June 5 2018

Prime Minister names new Ambassador for Climate Change

MPs slam tense committee meeting with McKenna: ‘It was the worst’

June 6 2018

Quebec to ban shale fracking, limit oil-and-gas exploration

Why Trudeau and his Liberals are now the targets that Kinder Morgan once was

June 11 2018

CPP Investment Board approached about Trans Mountain, but no decision yet: CEO

June 12 2018

Finally, a thumbs-up for Canadian oil — but will anybody notice?

June 14 2018

Tories’ demand to Liberals: hand over your documents on household cost of carbon pricing, or else

June 15 2018 Canadian oil-drilling companies moving rigs south amid U.S. rebound

June 16 2018 Trudeau’s Plan To Impose Carbon Tax On Ontario Shows Contempt For Democracy

June 21 2018

More than 20 countries aim to toughen climate goals by 2020

June 23 2018

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s phoney climate war against Ford begins

June 27 2018

We're finally told what the carbon tax will cost us. Are you sitting down?

DISTURBING: Twitter Appears To Shut Down Catherine McKenna Parody Account After Request From Trudeau Staff

Federal environment minister Catherine McKenna files complaint with Twitter over parody account

Saskatchewan economy could be hit hard by federal carbon tax: Study

June 29 2018

It is about to be Ford Vs Trudeau, your wallet vs Trudeau’s need for cash

Active volcano discovered beneath Antarctic ice sheet could be contributing to rapidly melting glacier

Conrad Black: Thirty years of climate hysterics being proven wrong over and over again

July 1 2018

China Emits More Carbon Dioxide Than The U.S. and EU Combined

July 3 2018

Trudeau government reviewing $420 million in transfer payments to Ontario after Doug Ford begins 'orderly wind-down' of green programs

July 5 2018

Trudeau says any federal carbon tax would return proceeds to residents

July 6 2018

RCMP say arson behind 29 Okanagan wildfires over last four years

RCMP task force finds 29 Okanagan, B.C. wildfires over four years were arson

July 7 2018

Kinder Morgan will get up to $1 billion to restart pipeline construction

July 9 2018 Ottawa hides its carbon tax math while Saskatchewan crunches the numbers

July 16 2018

Raw sewage dumped in Metro Vancouver waters saw five-year high in 2017

July 17 2018

Arrested Kinder Morgan Protester Owns A Esso Gas Station And Sells Illegal Cigarettes

Uprooting the David Suzuki Fund Corporate Connections

July 19 2018

Peter Foster: Trudeau’s pipeline plan confronts the Liberal ‘Deep State’ his father created

Trudeau’s carbon tax looks pretty much dead now that most provinces are out

Banishing straws from $5 iced coffees isn't going to save the oceans

'They don't have a climate plan': Catherine McKenna calls out new Ontario government

(Tony Lam's Comments: Don't need one. CC is a fraud.)

July 20 2018

Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau and the climate alarmists are the fear mongers

July 21 2018

GUNTER: Why on earth is Trudeau still so committed to the failing carbon tax?

July 22 2018

July 23 2018

As Canadians Turn Against The Carbon Tax, McKenna Complains About Mean Tweets

July 25 2018

Can We Trust Experts?

July 26 2018

EDITORIAL: Good riddance to cap-and-trade

BONOKOSKI: Newsflash: Canadians don’t want Liberals’ carbon tax forced on them

July 27 2018

If Trudeau’s climate policy seems absurd, that’s because it’s not actually about climate

July 31 2018 Judge sends Trans Mountain pipeline protesters to jail for the first time

August 1 2018

The Trudeau Liberals Just Admitted The Carbon Tax Will Hurt Canada’s Economy

HARRIS: Almost Nobody Cares About Global Warming

August 2 2018

FAIL: Catherine McKenna Can’t Figure Out Whether The Feline Cafe Offers Plastic Straws Or Not, But Don’t Worry You Guys, She Can Totes Run A Massive Federal Carbon Tax Program!

August 4 2018

Trudeau defends decision to buy Trans Mountain pipeline at Vancouver Island event

August 5 2018

The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction

August 6 2018

Delusional: McKenna Still Claims Canada Will Meet Arbitrary Paris Accord Targets

August 7 2018

Cost to expand Trans Mountain pipeline now $1.9 billion higher, Kinder Morgan says

GUEST COLUMN: The Liberals have now admitted the carbon tax is a job-killer

Why it won't be easy for Quebec and Atlantic Canadian refineries to replace Saudi oil

August 8 2018

Two more handed week-long jail sentence for protesting Trans Mountain pipeline

GOLDSTEIN: McKenna’s carbon tax fantasies utterly absurd

Kinder Morgan just told its shareholders how it persuaded the Trudeau government to pay billions for a pipeline no one else wanted to buy

August 10 2018

GUNTER: Saudi oil still gets a pass on Trudeau's enviro rules and taxes

August 13 2018

Corbella: Saudi feud highlights Canada's lack of energy security

One trillion litres of sewage leaked into Canadian lakes and rivers over last five years

August 15 2018

CLIMATE CLOWNS: Under Trudeau Government, A Record Amount Of Raw Sewage Is Flowing Into Canada’s Waterways

Canadian oil pipeline faced delay, work proceeding: minister

August 17 2018

A bump in petroleum imports helps fuel Port of Vancouver cargo record

August 18 2019

How rich is Catherine McKenna?

August 21 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Liberals to spend $25K on Facebook “chatbot” to scare kids about climate change

August 24 2018

Hicks on Biz: Climate leadership is tearing Canada apart

August 25 2018

August 28 2018

Trudeau government removes 'climate change' from name of cabinet committee on the environment

August 29 2018

The real story behind the famous starving polar-bear video reveals more manipulation

August 30 2018 GUNTER: Federal Court's Trans Mountain decision kills all pipelines with impossible bar

Trudeau's contradictions 'coming home to roost' in Trans Mountain ruling, say analysts

TOTALLY ABSURD: Morneau Tries Spinning Court Decision Blocking Trans Mountain Expansion As “Important Next Steps”

Just as Trans Mountain is quashed, NEB confirms there are more oil trains than ever

After Federal Court quashes Trans Mountain, Rachel Notley pulls out of national climate plan

Victory for all of us': Federal Court of Appeal quashes approval of $9.3-billion oil pipeline expansion

August 31 2018

The Tar Sands Campaign: >400 Payments via Tides to 100 Organizations in Canada, USA & Europe

Internet Mocks Trudeau over Pipeline Failure, Lists Pipeline on Kijiji Hoping for Buyer

The Betrayal Of Alberta Continues To Worsen

Rex Murphy: How much more can Canadians ask Alberta to take?

Trudeau & McKenna’s Climate Plan Lies In Ruins

September 1 2018

'8,000 jobs disappeared this morning, and one of them was mine'

September 2 2018

If Notley Was Actually Standing Up For Alberta, She Would Have Scrapped The Carbon Tax

September 3 2018

Think it's hard to build big projects in Canada now? Wait till you see the Liberals' new bill

Trudeau’s no pipeline plan

Hypocrite Trudeau Gives $1.37 Billion To B.C. NDP Government Despite Pipeline Opposition, While Cutting Funds To Saskatchewan As Punishment For Opposing Carbon Tax

Liberals block Tory plans to set up Trans Mountain pipeline probe

Trudeau gave Kinder Morgan ‘a good problem to have’

September 5 2018

VIDEO: Poilievre Demands Answers For Taxpayers After Trudeau’s Trans Mountain Failure

Crescent Point Energy cuts 17% of workforce, plans to reduce debt by $1 billion

As Damage From Trudeau’s Failure Spreads, Suncor Energy Halts Crude Production Expansion

Suncor CEO Steve Williams said “There is clearly a question of confidence in Canada.”

September 6 2018 Justin Trudeau Says Bill C-69 Will Help Get Pipelines Approved. In Reality, It Will Be Devastating For Canada’s Energy Industry.

Delusional Trudeau Tries Shifting His Trans Mountain Pipeline Failure To Stephen Harper

Here’s the evidence foreign investors are seriously avoiding Canada — despite Morneau’s denialism

September 7 2018

Rex Murphy: Relax. Trudeau is busily solving our most urgent energy crisis: Gender

David Staples: What the Federal Court of Appeal got wrong on the Trans Mountain pipeline decision

September 8 2018 GOLDSTEIN: PM’s pipeline and climate polices have failed

September 12 2018

McKenna doubles down on carbon tax in Saskatchewan

The Villain in the Trans Mountain Fiasco – and Other Fiascos since 2004 – is the Supreme Court of Canada

September 13 2018

REPORT: The United States Is Now The World’s Largest Oil Producer

Canada now investigates 'climate denial'

September 14 2018

REPORT: Kinder Morgan Is Seeking To Exit Canada Entirely

Kinder Morgan hires TD to sell Canadian business: sources

Corbella: Bill C-69 is Trudeau's bookend to his father's disastrous NEP

September 15 2018

September 16 2018

September 18 2018

Corbella: The enemies of Alberta's energy industry are running the province

September 19 2018

The Tar Sands Campaign: >400 Payments via Tides to 100 Organizations in Canada, USA & Europe

September 21 2018

Bell: Trudeau lets Notley down again on Trans Mountain

Rex Murphy: The Green Energy Act is dead. Let that be a warning to green politicians

September 27 2018

PROOF : Climate ‘Scientists’ And The Media Openly Lie About Climate Change To Maintain Funding And Keep Global Warming Hysteria Alive

Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau stands alone as Canada — and the world — abandons green energy

October 3 2018

Feds restarting Indigenous talks over pipeline, won't appeal court decision

Jack Mintz: Only in the Twilight Zone will carbon taxes make families ‘richer’

October 5 2018

LILLEY: Trudeau betting election on unpopular carbon plan

Andrew Coyne: The dirty little secret anti-carbon tax folks would prefer you did not know

Trudeau says it’s ‘unfortunate’ conservative politicians don’t agree with carbon tax

Canadians voted for a carbon tax, Trudeau says as provincial blowback grows

Boondoggle: How Ontario's pursuit of renewable energy broke the province's electricity system

October 7 2018 Justin Trudeau’s fortunes have changed as provincial Liberal allies fall

Feds not currently considering selling Trans Mountain, open to Indigenous buyers

October 8 2018

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s carbon tax backfires on the Liberals

October 9 2018

GOLDSTEIN: The UN’s ‘climate porn’ is getting us nowhere

October 10 2018 The United Nations Is Demanding Canada Damage Our Economy Even More

CRAZY: Catherine McKenna Thinks A Carbon Tax Will Change The Weather In Ontario

Rex Murphy: The UN climate-change panel that cried wolf too often

October 11 2018

These Charts Totally Destroy Any Possible Justification For A Carbon Tax On Canadians

October 12 2018

DISCOUNTING OUR FUTURE: Trudeau & Notley’s Pipeline Failures Take Devastating Toll On Canadian Oil

Canada’s Stockholm syndrome

October 14 2018

China Is the Climate-Change Battleground

October 15 2018

Liberal MP Asks If Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Should Be Banned From State Broadcaster

Warning! Civilization at Risk, Crisis by 2040 (And Other Nonsensical Climate BS)

Canada's climate plan is worse than having no climate plan

McKenna Promotes Group That Wants 500% Carbon Tax Hike

October 17 2018 Minister McKenna wrong on relationship between carbon taxes and growth

GOLDSTEIN: McKenna misleading Canadians on carbon pricing

October 18 2018

Three out of four living astronauts who walked on moon are climate skeptics

MATH IS HARD: McKenna Makes Massive Cap & Trade Flub

October 21 2018 LILLEY: How much Trudeau's carbon tax will cost you

October 23 2018

Government of Canada fighting climate change with price on pollution

Kevin Libin: Trudeau’s carbon plan is so much worse than just a tax

Trudeau promises rebates as Ottawa moves to levy carbon tax on provinces outside the climate plan

Doug Ford slams Trudeau and federal carbon tax plan

Kenneth Green: Bill C-69 — a dagger pointed straight at Alberta

OOPS: Trudeau Accidentally Admits That Canada Can’t Do Anything About Global Emissions

Premier Scott Moe slams newly detailed carbon tax as a Liberal plan 'to buy your vote with your money'