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Trudeau Scandals

For the 39.5 percent who voted in that clown. Thanks A Lot.

When you have nicknames for Trudeau and his ministers. You know you're in trouble.

Remember this . . .




No Ethics Selfie King

(Ethics breaches-multiple, no selfie he couldn't resist, private meeting with a dirtbag, elbowgate, cash for access scandal, terrorist payout, Castro-eulogy, groper, backstabber, making Canada a laughing stock on the world stage)

The “just-not-ready” multi-vacationing photo-op pothead divisive lazy charlatan virtue signaling little potato narcissist jihadi incompetent groping pervert ethics breaching lying scandalous corrupt mean girl backstabbing BLACKFACE racist cowardofthecottage WE “phucking goof” PM



Climate Barbie Catherine McKenna

- She can control the weather

- Buys luxury vehicles for testing including "emission free" vehicles

- Spends $1000's on photo ops

- Climate activist yet travels the world spewing more emissions than your average Canadian


- Ethics breach, forgot he owns property in France

- Can't answer a question from opposition MP Raitt, so he calls her a neanderthal


- Citizenship still in question

- Sharia law fascinates her


- M-103 Islamophobia bill.

- Names park after Pakistan founder

- Gives award to anti-semite, twice


- Claimed he planned a masterful combat raid

- Road builder in foreign countries

- Mali sending disaster


- Expensing controversy

- Allows people with infectious diseases to immigrate to Canada


- Trying to add virtue signaling parts into foreign agreements

- Capitulation comment on NAFTA

- Useless foreign minister


- Sexual harassment


- $1.1M to renovate offices

- Publicly supported sexually assaulting PM

- Spent $30k on lab name change


- $835K to renovate office, same month that Robert Hall killed in Philippines, no rescue mission

- Answers Question on $180B Infrastructure Plan by Mentioning Purchasing 20 buses


- Sex scandal

Di Lorio

- Makes sexist comment, later apologized


- Outfoxed by Netflix

- Builds $M rink waste of money

- Goes to South Korea to learn about K-POP Music


- Will not condemn FGM

- Calling people "un-canadian" for demanding border enforcement

- Everyone are white supremacists


- Has Twitter staff that are paid more than 100k a year


- Sexual Harrasser Condescending

- Treats constituents like garbage, resigned from Cabinet


- Plan to tax staff discounts, uproar, rescinded


- Public Safety Minister that allows returning ISIS fighters into Canada without jail time


- Intimidated opposition MP, idiot can't keep his mouth shut


- Snide comment, apologizes


- Trying to change House rules, failed, answers questions on Trudeau's behalf while Trudeau sits like a dumb idiot in HOC

Drunk O'Regan

- Drunk


- Doctor of LOL GEOGRAPHY, climate scientist that says it all


- Minister Responsible for implementing Phoenix pay system - failed


- Omar Alghabra used to run the Canadian Arab Federation, a group that is so anti-Semitic, it had its government funding cut off

- His government schedules late vote, then calls everyone islamaphobic for actually having to stay and vote


- Tweeted Iranian Regime is an "Elected Government"

Chris Bittle

- Calling people who want isis fighters jailed as hateful, racist, and white supremacists


- Cannot get the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women started and her pick Reid resigned

Celina Caesar-Chavannes

- She should check her own "privilege and be quiet"

Majid Jowhari

- Wants to re-open ties with Iran

Jean-Yves Duclos

- Directive sent to Service Canada eliminating Father, Mother, Mr, Mrs, Etc


- strippergate

Robert-Falcon Ouellette

- Anti-Israel

Marwan Tabbara

- Anti-Israel

Bill Blair

- No authority over any border agency. No one answers to him

Dominic Leblanc

- Fishing licence, appointing judges, flying Air Irvine.


- Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld "attempted to use her position to influence voters' decisions to further the private interests of a family member"

Karina Gould

- The Liberal Cabinet Minister Who Wants To Control Social Media, Is Spreading Misinformation On Social Media

Conflict Of Interest Grewal

(2018 - included his own business affiliate in list of guests to invite to India receptions - pending)

(2018 - being investigated for gambling activities - pending)

Grewal and Bains

RCMP called to probe tale of two Liberal MPs, a suburban overpass, trip to India and multimillion dollar land deal

B.C. Liberal MP Joe Peschisolido

Sources say RCMP opened file on Liberal MP whose firm facilitated real estate deals in B.C.

Sexual Assaulting Francis Drouin

(Self Explanatory)

MP Geng Tan - Liberal MP hired girlfriend to work in riding office, then fired her and refused to support their baby, lawyers allege (pending)

Brampton MP Kamal Khera - World Vision Canada spent $5,210.50 to take her on a seven-day trip to Tanzania.

MP Arif Virani - Trudeau Foundation paid for Toronto MP Arif Virani’s travel to London, England from Feb. 29 to Mar. 1 2016. Virani’s trip was the first time in the foundation’s 16-year history that it sponsored an MP’s travel.

Québec Liberal MP Frank Baylis - Company successfully applied for a six-figure contract with the Department of Industry while Baylis served on the Commons industry committee, records show. Baylis did not comment: “This is incomprehensible.”




- Her first soapbox speech was a disaster

- Spending scandal

- Treatment of workers in her department horrible



Entitled Butts, Telford, Ovens, Marques (Claiming outrageous expenses)

Workplace Harasser Gagne

"Inappropriate Behavior"

(Self-Explanatory, Resigned)


Name Unknown.

Liberal Riding Association President deletes 398 emails. Criminal.


July 1 2018

Top 10 Richest Politicians of Canada In 2018

July 4 2017

It pays to be a green Liberal: Gerald Butts paid nearly $500K NOT to work


October 19 2019

Trudeau and his MP scandals from his second term are located here.

Trudeau Causing Disaster Post Election 2019


We at Stand Together For Canada didn't properly add links to the above. We've corrected it with the following.

Jody Wilson-Raybould

February 22 2016 - Justice minister under fire for husband’s lobbying of federal government

Jennifer O'Connell

March 11 2016 - Pickering-Uxbridge MP Jennifer O’Connell received $47,000 in severance from City of Pickering and Durham Region

Sameer Zuberi

October 21 2019 - Liberal candidate involved in anti-semitic riot wins Montreal seat

Anita Vandenbeld

October 25 2019 - Liberal MP found to have broken ethics rules but won't face sanctions

Jaime Battiste

October 21 2019 - Trudeau won't remove Jaime Battiste from Liberal roster for racist, sexist social-media posts

October 14 2020 - Liberal MP who posted racist tweets now lecturing Canadians on racism and discrimination

Majid Jowhari

December 9 2019 - Iranian asset? Serious questions raised about Liberal MP’s ties to Islamic regime

November 27 2020 - MP says he was unaware of CSIS allegations against Iranian businessman when they met

Marc Miller

February 29 2020 - Liberal minister won’t say who secret New York campaign donors are (illegal)

Steven Guilbeault

March 4 2020 - Six things you need to know about Trudeau’s radical heritage minister

November 11 2020 - LILLEY: Trudeau minister opposed to cars racks up kilometres on your dime

August 14 2020 - Trudeau gov't gave $20 million to company that paid Liberal minister

February 4 2021 - Trudeau's convicted criminal in cabinet wants to regulate your news and Netflix

Joyce Murray

May 26 2020 - Digital Government Minister distances herself from online account that promoted fundraiser to sue journalist

Marwan Tabbara

June 5 2020 - Ontario MP Marwan Tabbara 'stepping back' from Liberal causcus after assault, criminal harassment charges

June 19 2020 - Liberal MP's status quietly changed to 'Independent' following assault, break and enter charges

June 19 2020 - Liberals allowed MP Marwan Tabbara to run in 2019 despite sexual harassment investigation

June 19 2020 - Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara facing assault, criminal harassment charges to make next court appearance in August

June 20 2020 - LILLEY: Trudeau shielded MP now facing charges

August 28 2020 - Ontario MP Marwan Tabbara makes court appearance over assault, break and enter charges

August 6 2021 - MP Marwan Tabbara returns to court next month

September 30 2021 - Canada: No jail for former Muslim MP in ‘deranged, terrifying nighttime attack’ on ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend

François-Philippe Champagne

June 10 2020 - Foreign Affairs Minister has two mortgages with state-run Bank of China

June 23 2020 - Foreign affairs minister has repaid mortgages held with state-run Bank of China

Bill Morneau

July 22 2020 - Conservatives call for Morneau's resignation as finance minister says he repaid $41K in WE trip expenses

September 10 2020 - Bill Morneau violated Elections Act ahead of 2019 election: commissioner

Patty Hadju

July 27 2020 - Weekend Flights Cost $73,220

November 18 2020 - Trudeau health minister flew friendly skies more than thought during COVID lockdown

November 20 2020 - Health minister flew home eight times while telling Canadians not to visit family

Julie Payette

August 1 2020 - How Julie Payette's time running the Montreal Science Centre foreshadowed trouble at Rideau Hall

August 7 2020 - The Governor General spent $250 thousand in taxpayer money trying to hide herself from plebs

August 17 2020 - Governor General's disregard for RCMP security detail driving up costs, sources say

September 2 2020 - Trudeau calls Payette ‘excellent’ governor general, says no plans to replace her

September 21 2020 - PMO failed to check with key former employers before Payette's appointment as Governor General: sources

October 14 2020 -Rideau Hall spent over $110,000 on legal fees in response to bullying, harassment claims

November 3 2020 - Taxpayers billed half a million dollars for renovations to Rideau Hall

January 21 2021 - LILLEY: Governor General Julie Payette resigning over damning workplace report

January 22 2021 - Cohen: Payette almost left Rideau Hall two years ago. Too bad she didn't

January 22 2021 - EDITORIAL: Governor General blunder is all on Trudeau

January 26 2021 - Complaints against Payette include reports of physical contact: sources

David Lametti

September 8 2020 - Federal AG Lametti interfered in court business: Judge

May 29 2021 - Justice minister accidentally tweets that one of his campaign donors will become a judge

Raj Grewal

September 11 2020 - Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal faces breach of trust, fraud charges

September 16 2020 - Ex-MP Grewal allegedly didn't disclose $6M to ethics czar, defrauded constituency employee: documents

February 11 2021 - Former Liberal MP's gambling addiction in 'remission' as he waits for fraud trial, law society hearing told

February 6 2023 - Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal seeks dismissal of charges due to lack of evidence

Dominic LeBlanc

September 12 2020 - Dominic LeBlanc in conflict over surf clam licence: ethics commissioner

BREAKING: High level Trudeau ministers broke Conflict of Interest Act by meeting with former US ambassador. Freeland, Vance and several federal officials barred from official dealings with ex-ambassador

The nine officials include: Conflict Of Interest Act

Chrystia Freeland, current deputy prime minister (and minister of intergovernmental affairs when MacNaughton's communications with government officials took place)

Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of defence staff

Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and industry

Rick Theis, director of policy and cabinet affairs, Prime Minister's Office

Ryan Dunn, chief of staff to Bains

Leslie Church, chief of staff to the minister of public services and procurement

Jody Thomas, deputy minister, Department of National Defence

Bill Matthews, deputy minister, public services and procurement

Simon Kennedy, deputy minister, innovation, science and economic development

Alex Wellstead

October 20 2020 - Trudeau’s press secretary penalized by ethics commissioner

Frank Baylis, former Liberal MP

October 21 2020 - The Trudeau government rushed into a nearly quarter-billion-dollar deal last spring to buy high-cost medical ventilators made by the company of a longtime former MP and Liberal organizer.

Yasmin Ratansi

November 9 2020 - Liberal MP Hired Her Sister, Paid Her From Public Funds, Had Sister Use Fake Name

November 10 2020 - MP who left Liberal caucus made offensive remarks and mistreated staff, former employees allege

March 8 2021 - Commons board finds MP Yasmin Ratansi broke rules by employing sister

March 9 2021 - Toronto-area Liberal MP Ratansi must pay back $9,000 severance she gave her sister

June 15 2021 - MP Yasmin Ratansi put herself in conflict of interest by employing foster sister: ethics commissioner

Maryam Monsef

November 17 2020 - Matt Gurney: Monsef’s live mic adventure highlights lack of competent cabinet ministers

Melanie Jolie

January 7 2021 - Minister denies involvement after boyfriend awarded $42,000 in federal funding

April 9 2021 - Trudeau minister promises she won't award her boyfriend federal contracts

Navdeep Bains

January 15 2021 - Resignation of Canadian Minister Navdeep Bains saves Liberal Party from embarrassment on corruption charges

Gerry Hawes

January 22 2021 - Former Liberal candidate gets house arrest, probation for accessing child pornography

Chrystia Freeland

February 2 2021 - Rupa Subramanya: Chrystia Freeland's side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy

Katie Telford

August 21 2020 - Katie Telford's husband pressed Trudeau government to make changes to wage subsidy law to benefit his employer: sources

February 9 2021 - Never Helped Friend: Telford

August 7 2021 - Trudeau government paying $84M to firm employing Katie Telford's husband to manage rent assistance aid program

August 8 2021 - Trudeau government giving $84 million to Chief of Staff's husband's company

April 23 2021 - Trudeau's chief of staff was aware of misconduct allegation against Vance, former adviser tells MPs

July 12 2021 - Judge Is Pal To Chief Of Staff

Gerald Butts

February 12 2021 - Gerald Butts' employer granted $310k USD in new Trudeau contracts

July 7 2021 - Trudeau's former sidekick says burning down churches is “understandable”

Harjit Sajjan

March 5 2021 - Trudeau says he still has confidence in Sajjan after ombudsman's testimony

March 5 2021 - Military ombudsman was totally cut off from Sajjan after raising Vance allegations in 2018, MPs hear

July 23 2021 - Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan faces another scandal, former aide investigated for workplace relationship

William Amos

April 15 2021 - William Amos: Canadian politician seen naked in work Zoom call

May 27 2021 - Amos said in a statement posted to Twitter that while he was taking part in a virtual session of the House of Commons the previous day, he "urinated without realizing (he) was on camera."

July 9 2021 - Liberal MP William Amos says he appeared naked on camera twice due to 'hyperactive multitasking'

Bardish Chagger

July 22 2021 - Waterloo MP Chagger says she won't resign over WE Charity scandal

Jody Thomas

June 14 2021 - Deputy minister's son works at defence firm behind winning warship bid; DND silent on what guidelines are in place to avoid conflict of interest

Carolyn Bennett

June 24 2021 - Bennett issues public apology after Jody Wilson-Raybould accuses her of sending 'racist' private message

July 21 2021 - Crown-Indigenous Minister Carolyn Bennett's office is a 'toxic' workplace, ex-staffers claim

Judy Sgro

August 21 2021 - Conservatives call for ethics probe of Liberal MP's 2017 Italy trip

Raj Saini

August 31 2021 - Liberal candidate allowed to run for re-election despite past claims of inappropriate behaviour

September 4 2021 - Embattled Liberal candidate Raj Saini ends bid for re-election

Kevin Vuong

September 1 2021 - Liberal candidate facing $1.5-million lawsuit over pandemic mask-making business

September 17 2021 - Jack Layton’s widow SLAMS Trudeau for failing to fire alleged sex criminal

Kevin Vuong

September 24 2021 - Ex-MP Adam Vaughan urges successor Vuong to resign, not sit as independent MP

George Chahal

September 24 2021 - Police looking at new Calgary MP after video appears to show flyer swap on doorstep

October 20 2021 - Colby Cosh: The bizarre mail-tampering scandal threatening the political career of Calgary's new Liberal MP

Raj Grewal

October 20 2021 - Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal committed to stand trial on breach of trust and fraud charges after preliminary hearing

Anita Anand

December 13 2021 - Anand’s husband’s company pocketed massive COVID cash

Mary Ng

December 15 2021 - Minister of Small Business and International Trade Mary Ng gave $20k worth of taxpayer money to her close friend Amanda Alvaro for “media training.”

January 31 2023 - Ethics committee votes to study trade minister's conflict of interest violation

March 12 2023 - Trade Minister Mary Ng did not consider resigning, repaying money after ethics breach

Karina Gould

June 15 2022 - BREAKING: Liberal Minister hid investment portfolio for two years

Mary Simon

November 2 2022 - Governor General's week-long Middle East trip cost taxpayers $1.3 million

Chrystia Feeland

January 15 2023 - LILLEY: Freeland demands $2B to buy shares in a company that doesn't exist

Lori Idlout (NDP)

January 16 2023 - A first-term New Democrat MP is a federal supplier whose firm has been awarded almost a half million in contracts since her election in 2021. MP Lori Idlout (Nunavut) in a mandatory disclosure said she was a major shareholder in a company with ties to an ex-Liberal cabinet minister: “I hold a significant ownership interest in this company.”

Ahmed Hussen

January 19 2023 - Hussen’s office gave $93k in PR work to senior staffer’s sister’s foodie firm

Ahmed Hussen / Marci Len

January 20 2023 - Marci Ien, the minister of women and gender equality, gave $10,000 in constituency contracts to Munch More Media, a Toronto-based public relations firm specializing in promoting the restaurant and food services industry.

Global News reported Thursday that the director of Munch More Media, Hiba Tariq, is the sister of Tia Tariq, who has held several senior staffer roles in the Liberal government over the last six years.

Justin Trudeau/Amira Elghawaby

January 26 2023 - Tom Mulcair: Amira Elghawaby is the wrong person for the job.

Because of past statements, she's not in a position to fight prejudice and build bridges.

Greg Fergus

February 14 2023 - Liberal MP Greg Fergus breached Conflict of Interest Act with letter, watchdog rules

Justin Trudeau

March 23 2023 - $6,000-a-night mystery solved: Trudeau stayed in luxury suite during Queen's funeral, PMO reveals

March 24 2023 - LILLEY: Even when fessing up, Trudeau tells a fib about $6,000 hotel room

Han Dong

March 22 2023 - Liberal MP Han Dong secretly advised Chinese diplomat in 2021 to delay freeing Two Michaels: sources

March 23 2023 - Canadian lawmaker resigns following claims he secretly advised Chinese diplomat

March 24 2023 - Ex-Liberal MP Han Dong billed taxpayers for summer trip to Vancouver

Melanie Joly

March 22 2023 - ‘Nobody’s perfect,’ Foreign Minister Melanie Joly says as MPs chide Afghan evacuation

Mary Simon

March 24 2023 - Governor General's four-day visit to Germany with 32 guests cost taxpayers $700K

March 24 2023 - 3,000 Km For 6 Minutes Work

Pablo Rodriguez

July 26 2023 - Drunk driver appointed Canadian Minister of Transport by Justin Trudeau

Anthony Rota

August 8 2023 - South Pacific Junket At $150K

Justin Trudeau

August 10 2023 - Lobbyists Flock To Stampede

Mary Simon GG

August 24 2023 - Governor General spent $3 million in travel during first full year in office

Annette Verschuren

November 9 2023 - Self-Dealing Worth $217,000

Hong Guo

November 20 2023 - Hong Guo disbarred from practising law, declared ungovernable

Greg Fergus

December 4 2023 - 'Simply unacceptable': MPs call on Speaker Fergus to resign over 'personal' video message played at partisan event

February 29 2023 - House Speaker Fergus fined $1,500 for partisan video

Mary Ng

December 29 2023 - Trudeau cabinet member identified as CCP-backed candidate

Chrystia Freeland

January 3 2024 - Chrystia Freeland reportedly spends thousands on limos, taxis in GTA

Justin Trudeau

January 4 2024 - Exclusive: Trudeau given free stay at $9,300-a-night luxury Jamaican villa over Christmas holidays

Jonathan Wilkinson

January 8 2024 - Wife Likes Oil & Gas Industry

Salma Zahid

January 10 2024 - Liberal MP calls on Trudeau to back prosecution of Israel for ‘genocide’

Lisa Hepfner

January 19 2024 - CBC cameraman and spouse of Liberal MP ordered to repay CERB money

Randy Boissonnault

May 1 2024 - Federal cabinet minister Randy Boissonnault linked to PPE company embroiled in lawsuits

Greg Fergus

May 3 2024 - ‘ORWELLIAN BREACH OF TRUST’: Speaker Fergus faces fire for altered House transcripts

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