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March 2018

March 1 2018

Jaspal Atwal controversy continues to plague India-Canada ties as New Delhi rejects Justin Trudeau's conspiracy theory

VIDEO: Ralph Goodale Gets Absolutely Shredded By Reporters As Trudeau’s Atwal Invite Conspiracy Theory Falls Apart

2018 budget—another nail in the coffin of Trudeau’s balanced budget promise

India hikes chickpea duty again

SELLING OUT CANADIANS: Hidden In Budget, Trudeau Liberals To Give Foreign Countries – Including China – Access To Confidential Tax Info Of Canadian Citizens

Why the rhetoric of federal budget fails the reality of Canadian women

Philip Cross: Statscan’s latest report shows how badly our governments demolished business investment

Finance Minister Bill Morneau faces accusations of conflict of interest over pharmacare

Justice Alito exposes the hypocrisy of liberal double-standards

Foreign direct investment in Canada plunges to the lowest in eight years

March 2 2018

Canadian bank lent controversial South African family $52M for a luxury jet, which is now missing

EXCLUSIVE: Surrey MP Randeep Sarai speaks out for the first time since Atwal controversy

Justin Trudeau would lose if an election were held tomorrow, India trip a symptom of shift in mood: Ipsos poll

Conrad Black: Canadians crave an identity, not this fluffy nonsense from Trudeau

Trudeau Budget Panders to Feminists with a '281-Page Social Engineering Blueprint'

Trudeau’s Liberals would lose power if an election were held today: Poll

Rex Murphy: Perhaps Justin Trudeau's India trip could have been salvaged with some elephants?

Police identify new criminal gangs made up by Asylum Seekers in Manitoba

You can now go to prison in Canada for providing raw milk. Seriously

21 retirement homes in B.C. now ‘owned’ by Chinese government

March 3 2018

How Canada ended up with Justin Trudeau

March 4 2018

'I will keep on serving them': Calgary MP Darshan Kang says he's not stepping down

Trudeau family wore designs by Toronto fashion activist during India trip

Trudeau family wore designs by Toronto fashion activist during India trip

Canadian ISIS plotter could test government’s rehabilitation strategy

March 5 2018

Canada lent a family $41 million to buy a luxury jet. Now the jet is missing

TERRIBLE: Convicted ISIS Attack Plotter Abdulrahman El-Bahnasawy Wants To Enter Canada For Trudeau’s ‘ISIS Reintegration’ Program

Canada Summer Jobs legal challenge expedited; court could rule before summer

Colby Cosh: The Hamilton anarchist spasm: down with modest locally-owned shops!

Trudeau’s image takes biggest hit since 2015 on India trip, goes from ‘golden boy’ to a ‘bit of a joke,’ say politicos


EDITORIAL: Trudeau's disconnect from real issues only worsens

Trudeau is an insult to feminism – and to seriousness

March 6 2018

'We're all in': Environment minister says Canada will meet Paris climate targets despite emissions gap

FUREY: The mainstream told us populism was dead – they lied

Bernier rejects Liberal MP's apology over identity politics flareup on Twitter

Millions of taxpayer dollars support European boat company in Smiths Falls, Ont.

Justin Trudeau, Bill Nye talk pipeline politics, Kinder Morgan in post-budget meeting

BLOCKED: Trudeau-Appointed Senators Are REFUSING To Pass A Bill That Bans Foreign Money In Canadian Elections

Bill S-239 Explained

EDITORIAL: Fiberals, Liberals and populist change

Gatecrashers and a run on the Crown Royal: The other screw-ups on Trudeau’s India trip

Why Bill Nye keeps getting bashed for not being a scientist

Gregoire Trudeau calls Atwal incident 'shocking,' denies trip was a 'vacation'

March 7 2018

Trudeau has been calling one of his ministers a Nobel Prize winner, but the claim isn't evidence-based

Justin Trudeau keeps saying science minister is a Nobel Prize winner; she’s not

Sophie blames staff for those outfits in India

Colten Boushie shooting: No appeal will be filed in Gerald Stanley case, says prosecutions office

EDITORIAL: Privilege banter is academic nonsense, let's keep it that way

John Ivison: Trudeau's blunder-filled India trip sinks Liberals in the polls

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Calls India Trip “Something That Went So Well”

Charter rights violated for couple who refused to tell foster kids Easter Bunny is real

Iran sentences ‘Girl of Enghelab Street’ to 24 months for removing headscarf in public

GOLDSTEIN: McKenna’s pie-in-the-sky promise

Trudeau is an insult to feminism – and to seriousness

Justin Trudeau keeps saying science minister is a Nobel Prize winner; she’s not

March 8 2018

The truth about the wage gap myth

Now Al Gore campaigns for Kathleen Wynne?

So who did pay for Bill Nye to campaign for Trudeau?

PM, MPP Lisa McLeod receive 2018 Catalyst for Change Award LIVE

Liberal Tax Hike on Local Businesses May Cost Twice What Minister Morneau Claimed

Women climate leaders from around the world to attend a summit hosted by Canada this spring

He banned the word mankind and cried when he met his wife... Is Canada's PM Justin Trudeau the world's most PC politician?

S.D 74 dealing with aftermath of controversial posters put up in schools

Don Martin: Waving the white flag on Canada as a middle military power

Quebec's maple syrup producers losing ground as U.S. imports rise: report

Justin Trudeau marks International Women's Day with #MyFeminism

March 9 2018

The culture at the CRA is changing – and we should all be concerned

Canadians Want ISIS Terrorists Punished & Kept Out Of Canada, Not “Rehabilitated”

Rex Murphy: The contemptible concept of 'white privilege' is just ugly, angry racism

The Problem Isn’t ‘Trudeau’s Team.’ It’s Trudeau.

UN: Some Rape Victims of Islamic State 'Like Living Corpses'

ISIS' rape victims 'were like living corpses': UN

Justin Trudeau says changes to legal system expected in 'coming weeks'

`Like sitting ducks': Rural property owners looking for use-of-force solutions

We lost 39,000 full-time jobs, not that Stats Canada will tell you that

March 10 2018

Corbella: What do women want? Don't ask Morneau, he hasn't got a clue

Trudeau Appoints First Female RCMP Commissioner

'Into the dark': With just months to go before legalization, federal government funds marijuana research

France signs deals worth $16 billion in India; to deepen defense, security ties

Trudeau Liberals axe funding for blind and vision-impaired books

AWFUL: While Giving Billions More In Foreign Aid, Trudeau Cuts Funding For Making Books Accessible For Blind Canadians

March 11 2018

Freeland told India Atwal invite was 'an honest mistake'

Top 10: Britain's “worst ever” child grooming scandal exposed

March 12 2018

There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label

Upcoming gun bill ‘scaring the hell out of the Liberal caucus,’ and Trudeau’s response to Harvey’s concerns puts a chill on backbenchers, say Liberals

When Justin Trudeau invited guests to see Come From Away on Broadway, a couple of hundred didn't even bother to RSVP

Trudeau skips meeting Belgian royalty, business delegation

CBC pushes fake news to spur a racial divide

Liberal spending review so far identifies no cuts, but highlights new spending

Trudeau sees no votes among the Belgians, goes on tour

DEMOCRACY? McKenna Tells Saskatchewan The Feds Are Imposing Carbon Tax Whether They Want It Or Not

After “Chilling” Verbal Attack On Liberal MP, Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Exposed As Total Fraud

Catherine McKenna To Saskatchewan: You're Pricing Carbon, One Way Or Another

Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund

Christie Blatchford: The disgraceful case against a man who dared carry a Canadian flag in Caledonia

Many MLAs Have Personal Interest in Speculation Tax Hit

March 13 2018

Joe Oliver: Yet more proof foreign radicals (yes, radicals) are sabotaging Canada’s economy

March 14 2018

GOLDSTEIN: Wynne spills the beans on carbon pricing

Barbara Kay: Getting to the heart of what M-103 was always all about

As Jagmeet Singh condemns terrorism, second video shows him speaking alongside Sikh separatist

March 15 2018

Liberals don’t have plan for how to spend nearly $190B in infrastructure cash, budget watchdog says

Unity Is Our Strength

Mother convicted in 2012 of murdering daughters in so-called honour killing ordered deported

Gwyn Morgan: Turns out Justin Trudeau is more like Pierre than we feared

INSANE: Trudeau Government Exempts Foreign Oil From Emissions Regulations They Impose On Canadian Oil

NDP leader Singh says he'd attend future Sikh-separatist events

March 16 2018

As Trudeau vacations in Florida, details are once again scarce

'King’ Trudeau Is Vacationing In Florida On The Taxpayers Dime, But PMO Won’t Say Who He’s Meeting With

Rex Murphy: Trudeau is Captain Canada to our threatened steel workers. Our oil workers? Silence

Trudeau’s Dictatorial Canada Summer Jobs Policy Already Costing Canadian Faith Organizations

Wynne Aid Co-Founded Powerful Foreign Funded Anti – Conservative Group

As Trudeau vacations in Florida, details are once again scarce

Canada sending troops to UN peacekeeping mission in Mali

Celina Caesar-Chavannes might be Canada's most racist MP

March 18 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Prof. Jordan Peterson gives 'Peter Pan' Trudeau budget a failing grade

Goodale’s gun bill targets a problem that doesn’t exist

Canadian Troops Should Never Be Put Under UN Command

John Ivison: Liberals aim to limit influence of foreign money on federal elections

Canada’s Mali mission will emphasize deployment of female peacekeepers

Canadian peacekeeping mission to Mali to emphasize female personnel

Canada's Mali mission will emphasize deployment of female peacekeepers

As Jagmeet Singh condemns terrorism, second video shows him speaking alongside Sikh separatist

March 19 2018

John Ivison: Canada's new peacekeeping mission to Mali is more about image than national security

DICTATORIAL: Canada Summer Jobs Program Rejections Up 1,200% Since Trudeau Imposed His ‘Values’ Test

'“CONTEMPTIBLE”: Trudeau Liberals Reject Motion Condemning Iranian Regime For Death Of Canadian Citizen

The coming carbon tax showdown

The hypocrisy of Washington State taking a stand against Trans Mountain

Justin Trudeau is less popular than Stephen Harper was at this point in his tenure as PM

GOOD NEWS: McKenna Warns “We Could Lose Our Climate Plan”

Kelly McParland: As Quebec gets its house in order, Ontario continues bankrupting itself

CRAIG: Foreign oil gets free ride from feds

15 arrests made at demonstrations in Burnaby

March 20 2018

Firearms Legislation to Make Communities Safer

FAIL: Just 2% Of Canadians Call Trudeau’s India Trip A ‘Success’

New gun bill: More paperwork, nothing to stop crime

Canadians disapprove of Trudeau’s trip to India, poll suggests

Poll shows Trudeau’s Liberals would be wiped out west of Quebec

2018 Mali mission is the same one UN tried to convince Trudeau on back in 2016

REPORT: National Post Compiles Huge Central Database Of Canadian Political Donors

SELLING CANADA OUT: Trudeau Government Ignoring Warnings From Three Former Canadian National Security Directors About Espionage Threat From China’s Huawei Telecom Company

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Now Below President Trump as Right Wing Parties Surge In Canada

Liberal investigation into systemic racism should keep a low profile

Canada Is Having A Really Tough Time With Illegal Immigration

Ontario on 'unsustainable' fiscal track, new report finds

March 21 2018

Statement by the Prime Minister on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

COMMENTARY: Trudeau gets tough on gangs by hassling target shooters

RCMP busybodies trump democracy

INSANE: Trudeau Government Tells Public Service To End Use Of Words Like “Mother,” “Father,” “Mr.,” “Mrs,” Forcing Switch To “Gender-Neutral” Language

Quebec gets a pass, Alberta gets the shaft

Trudeau Liberals used government funds to pay $100,000 to Facebook data whistleblower Christopher Wylie

HILARIOUS: MPs Laugh At Infrastructure Minister After He ‘Answers’ Question On $180 BILLION Infrastructure Plan By Mentioning “Purchase Of 20 Buses”

Christie Blatchford: Trudeau government’s needless obsession with gender is exhausting

Service Canada's gender neutral directive is 'confusing' and 'will be corrected' says minister

Service Canada to conduct surprise inspections of Canadian farms, computers, devices

Don Martin: Trudeau's rush to unilaterally impose political correctness will generate backlash


March 22 2018

Trudeau’s Liberals lie as they fundraise off gun legislation

Canadian Senate passes motion to pressure PM on Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

How crushing is Ontario’s $312 billion debt? It would take Drake 2,000 years to pay it off

Wynne stands by secret payments to Ontario teachers’ unions

Trudeau government avoids defeat on key pot bill vote

WATCH: Trudeau’s Gun Bill Raises Concerns About “Regulations That Will Further Criminalize Law-Abiding Firearms Owners Without Doing Anything About Public Safety” Says Defence Lawyer



March 23 2018

MALCOLM: Trudeau still owes us an explanation over Atwal

Trudeau and his Liberals throw temper tantrums over the exercise of democracy

NDP punish David Christopherson for breaking ranks

Conrad Black: Our legal system is failing us every bit as badly as journalism is

MPs freed from House of Commons as Tories bring standoff tactics to an end

What in the world is happening with the filibuster on Parliament Hill?

NP View: How do you mess up good Canadian gun laws? Ask the Liberals

FUREY: You'd think sooner or later, Trudeau's going to have to cut Gerald Butts loose

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May arrested at anti-pipeline protest

Inflation Rate Surges

New Democrat MP punished after supporting Conservative's Summer Jobs motion

Union activist files complaint alleging former PM violated N.S. lobbying law

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expected to exonerate Tsilhqot'in chiefs hanged in 1864



March 24 2018

Justin Trudeau likes China so much he gave them the Philippines

WATCH: ‘Transparent’ Trudeau Flees From Question About Why He’s Blocking National Security Advisor From Testifying

#ProtectingButts: Report Says Liberal MPs Call Top Trudeau Advisor “Prime Minister Butts” Behind The Scenes

Are you parent number one? The Government wants to know!

SAD & PREDICTABLE: Liberals Try Playing The “I’m Offended” Card To Distract From Trudeau’s India Trip Disaster

Free speech is under attack and Justin Trudeau is leading the charge

WATCH: Government House Leader Dodges Questions On Atwal & Then Just Walks Away From Reporters

March 26 2018

Here’s how to download your Facebook data, and why you’ll probably want to

Lawyers ask judge to declare African-Canadians deserve special consideration in sentencing, like Indigenous people

If Justin Trudeau Knew The National Security Advisor Was Going To Brief The Media, Then He’s Lying About Why He Can’t Testify. If He Didn’t Know, Then He’s Incompetent.

Tories accuse Bill Morneau of hypocrisy on budget's gender equality measures

'We are truly sorry': Trudeau exonerates Tsilhqot'in chiefs hanged in 1864

BUDGET FAILS TO BALANCE ITSELF: Under Trudeau Government, Federal Market Debt Is Now Over $1 TRILLION

Federal government's total 'market debt' now tops $1 trillion, documents show

Andrew Coyne: Liberals' effort to blackmail churches over abortion opposition backfires

Liberal MP sees racism everywhere

Liberals keen to push through voting reforms ahead of 2019 federal election

March 27 2018

Trudeau breaks his silence on exchange of gifts with Aga Khan

Liberal MP included his own business affiliate in list of guests to invite to India receptions

‘Off the chart’ carbon target means Canadian refiners stuck paying tax on emissions no one in the world can eliminate

DESPICABLE: Bill Morneau Calls Lisa Raitt A “Neanderthal”

LOL: Trudeau Claims His Gift From The Aga Khan Was “An Overnight Bag”

FUREY: Bill Morneau mansplains women's issues to Lisa Raitt, labels his opponents 'Neanderthals'

Link between mass shooters, absent fathers ignored by anti-gun activists

March 28 2018

Ottawa sued for $195-million over Canadian visa services contract

Innocent man ‘probably won’t survive’ after being shot in violent Edmonton crime spree: police

Liberals once again look to Obama’s team for inspiration ahead of party convention

MALCOLM: Real women aren't fooled by Trudeau's fake feminism

Trudeau’s Gutting Of First Nations Financial Transparency Act Leads To Financial Chaos: “Nobody Knows Where The Money Is Going.”

PHOTO: The Aftermath Of Trudeau’s $8 Million Rink

Trudeau Foundation sponsors Liberal MP's travel, raising conflict of interest concerns for PM

Quebec mosque shooting suspect Alexandre Bissonnette pleads guilty

Does Justin Trudeau apologise too much?

March 29 2018

No more pipelines with Trudeau’s plan

Devastating Report From Parliamentary Budget Officer Reveals Liberal Infrastructure Plan Way Behind Schedule, Failing To Meet Economic Goals

Trudeau boasts of tough stance on wealthy at swanky Liberal fundraiser

WATCH: Trudeau can’t answer basic question on greenhouse gases

Why assault rifles aren’t what you think they are

March 30 2018

Lawyers say post-Boushie justice reforms could actually make juries less diverse

March 30 2018

UPDATE: According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 1,565 people were intercepted by the RCMP in February. That brings the total number of illegal border crossers in 2018 to 3,082.

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Canada's churches aren't interested in Trudeau's 30 pieces of silver

HONEYMOON OVER: Canadians TURN on TRUDEAU in New Polls

March 31 2018

BONOKOSKI: Justin Trudeau unwisely plays media like April fools

U.S warship trapped in ice in Montreal since Christmas Eve is now free to return home

Russian diplomats interfered in Canada's democracy, Ottawa says. Did they meddle in our election?

GUEST COLUMNIST: Trudeau’s plan for worry-free debt

92% of families face tax hike of over $2,200 beginning in 2019

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