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Justin Trudeau The Groper

One rule for me, another rule for thee. If this was anybody else they would have been crucified by the Canadian media. Why the double standard?

What is Sexual Assault?

August 4 2000

"If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.”


August 13 2015

Pregnant women don’t need uninvited belly rubs, thanks: Guelph columnist

January 13 2018

(Tony Lam's Comments: Great video from Louis Rossmann on fake feminists which Trudeau is a proud member)

June 6 2018


June 7 2018

Justin Trudeau Accused of Groping Reporter in 2000

Justin Trudeau Was Accused Of "Groping" A Reporter At A Music Festival In 2000


REPORT: Creston Valley Advance Article Circulating Online Refers To Justin Trudeau ‘Groping’ Young Female Reporter

June 8 2018

NOT SO SQUEAKY CLEAN? Canada’s pin-up PM Justin Trudeau ‘was accused of groping a woman at a music festival two decades ago’


June 9 2018

Twitter Just Exposed That Prime Minister Trudeau Was Accused Of "Groping" A Female Reporter Back In 2000

LILLEY: Trudeau needs to live up to his own harassment standards

June 11 2018 LILLEY: Trudeau needs to live up to his own harassment standards

June 14 2018

Don’t believe Canada’s media on Me Too stories

June 27 2018

Old ‘groping’ accusation against Trudeau resurfaces

Trudeau has boxed himself in with his own zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct: Robyn Urback

June 28 2018

Media outlets reluctantly publish on Trudeau groping allegations

June 29 2018

The questions Trudeau must answer on the grope issue

Trudeau groping allegations, from a whisper to a scream

ABOVE THE RULES?: Hypocritical Trudeau Applies His Misconduct Standards To Others, But Not Himself

Joe Oliver: Groping allegations snare Justin Trudeau in a trap he created himself

June 30 2018

GUNTER: Trudeau won't even fess up, let alone apologize, for the Kokanee Grope

July 1 2018

Trudeau: No Need For Investigation – I’ve Reflected On My Actions

'I don't remember any negative interactions,' Trudeau says of 18-year-old groping allegation

July 2 2018 No memory of ‘negative interactions,’ Trudeau says of groping allegations from 18 years ago

PRIME HYPOCRITE: Facing His Own Groping Allegation, Trudeau Abandons His ‘All Accusations Should Be Believed’ Stance


July 3 2018 Trudeau supporters have weak answers on Kokanee Grope

Justin Trudeau Addressed Those Sexual Misconduct Allegations—but We’re Not Buying His Response

Growing Outrage After CBC Reveals They Had Trudeau ‘Grope’ Story For Months But Didn’t Report On It

So CBC covered up the Kokanee Grope for Trudeau, who else?

Sums it up.

July 5 2018

July 6 2018

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's 'awakening' on groping allegations is (ahem) a bit of a reach

Kelly McParland: Justin Trudeau's claims are hard to credit and he has himself to thank for that

Sums it up.

July 7 2018

Statement By Rose Knight.

Woman who accused Justin Trudeau of groping her breaks silence

Trudeau gets cabinet member's support over handling of groping allegation

Trudeau visits Hehr's Calgary Stampede breakfast as groping allegation lingers

Trudeau’s “groping” incident a problem with all of “people-kind”

Watch as Trudeau says the Ford brothers have hatred for women and girls

I strongly deny the groping allegation that I already admitted to and apologized for

At Calgary Stampede.

July 9 2018

Blast From The Past:

July 10 2018

July 12 2018

You Said It: Why are female members of Parliament silent on Trudeau incident?

July 16 2018

Trudeau’s handling of groping allegation has ‘terribly set back’ progress on women’s issues, puts him in tricky situation too, say political players

July 20 2018

Trudeau Groping Allegation: most past Liberal voters unfazed, but one-in-five say PM’s response ‘inadequate’


This is what happens to gropers.

This is what should have happened to Trudeau. The pervert was also charged.


July 24 2018

August 7 2018

September 11 2018

September 23 2018

November 7 2018

(Tony Lam's Comments: When something happens to a Conservative they step down. Trudeau not so much.)

December 8 2018

BAMFORD: Women need to fight Trudeau's gender insults toward men

December 12 2018

(Tony Lam's Comments: The only people you have to worry about are the Liberals)

Amid holiday festivities, Liberal leadership warns MPs, Hill staffers about ‘zero tolerance’ for harassment, confidential memo shows

January 9 2019

Liberal staffers' anti-harassment trainer worried about 'more silence' pre-election

January 10 2019

LILLEY: Liberals' sexual harassment training mandated by Kokanee grope PM hypocritical

May 9 2019

How Justin Trudeau gaslights women

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