Weapons cache, including loaded AK-47 magazines, found at home of Danforth shooter: police docs

July 24 2018

Gun in Danforth shooting traced to U.S., says police source


July 27 2018

Gun in Danforth shooting stolen in Saskatoon break-and-enter: source


September 17 2018

ISIL propaganda video calls Toronto's Danforth shooting its top foreign operation of the year


September 25 2018

The TRUTH about Toronto Danforth shooting: Ezra Levant


January 15 2019

Weapons cache, including loaded AK-47 magazines, found at home of Danforth shooter: police docs


Loaded magazines, ammunition found in Danforth shooter's room: newly-unsealed documents


Danforth shooter had conspiracy videos, ammo: Police documents


Toronto mass shooter Faisal Hussain had AK-47 ammunition, 9/11 conspiracy DVDs in bedroom: police documents


January 16 2019

SIU gives most-detailed account to date of Danforth mass shooting, clears officers in gunman’s death


SIU Director’s Report - Case # 18-TCD-220


(Tony Lam's Comments: Only in left wing Canada can Officers be potentially charged for shooting at a crazed gunman on a shooting spree, "killing him". What the hell planet do we live on. From Babylon 5, Sheridan "Apologize for doing my job, like hell !!!!!!)

June 21 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: When Islam kills its always nothing to do with Islam. But when Bassinnette kills everyone on the right is blamed. I see how that works. wink wink)

Danforth shooter was ‘troubled’ but had no radical affiliations, police report reveals


'We may never know why': Danforth shooter fascinated by death, but motive still unclear


WARMINGTON: Extensive Toronto Police report on Danforth shooting spree leaves many unanswered questions


June 24 2019

Danforth shooter had lengthy history of violent thoughts, but motive remains unclear: Toronto police


Toronto Danforth Shooting investigation wraps up: No motive, move along


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