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Committee erupts after Tory MP tells Muslim witness he 'should be ashamed'

Tony Lam's Comments: Cooper said nothing wrong. Suri needs to apologize. When muslims get attacked everyone on the right is to blame. EVERYONE no matter how absurd the link is.

When islam attacks. The excuses fly immediately. There is absolutely no correlation at all. Zero, nada, zip.

If someone can show me another group that has over 35000 attacks since 9/11 I will change my mind on islam.

When this happened in 2017 no apologies here:

Treatment by MPs at M-103 committee hearing nothing short of lousy

Their is a double standard when it comes to liberals and islam.

June 1 2019

Scheer strips Tory MP of committee role after confrontation with Muslim witness

June 3 2019

Hypocrite Trudeau Refuses To Remove Hateful & Bigoted MPs From Liberal Caucus

Keep Michael Cooper in the Conservative caucus

June 4 2019

Justice committee votes to expunge words of Christchurch shooter from record

June 5 2019

June 13 2019

MP Cooper's statements on NZ attacker will be purged from the official record

June 14 2019

Chris Selley: A Conservative MP speaks, then Justice Committee rewrites history — badly

June 19 2019

Conservatives rally around Cooper over 'goat herder' controversy, as Trudeau attacks

'The allegations against Michael Cooper have been completely unsubstantiated' | Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

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