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July 2019

July 2 2019

LILLEY: Team Trudeau appointing family, friends and donors as judges ... again!

LAWTON: How governments want to censor the internet

Physical Contact Between Children,Transvestites At “Drag Queen Story Time”

Let's be clear — the Liberals have, on balance, raised taxes for the middle class

After upsurge in violence over Canada Day weekend, police chief says more arrests 'is not the solution'

Dominic LeBlanc's family, friends, neighbour win 5 of 6 recent judicial appointments

July 3 2019 Trudeau 'confident' Trump backed Canada in talks with China

China calls Trudeau 'naive' for believing Trump asked Xi about Canadian detainees

It may take millennials 29 years to save enough to afford a home in Canada's biggest cities

Canada Decides To Allocate USD 45 Million To Support Ukraine

Man who stabbed priest at Saint Joseph Oratory found not criminally responsible

FUREY: Vetting and integrating immigrants will be an election issue

Trudeau Government Officials Visit China To Help Kidnapped Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor Eat Ice Cream

Majority of Canadians against accepting more refugees, poll suggests

John Ivison: Canada shirking its responsibility to prosecute its citizens who fought for ISIL

July 4 2019

Trudeau announces $1.3 billion in federal funding for Montreal metro extension

Global turmoil sends Canadian stock sales to lowest in 16 years

VIDEO: Trudeau Delusionally Claims His Approach To China “Is Working,” As Kovrig & Spavor Languish In Prison

Corbella: Krause questions why Trudeau changed charity laws for activists

Trudeau shoots back at China's claim he was 'naive' to think Trump asked Xi about Canadian detainees

LILLEY: Trudeau government slips on ethics again

Canadian officials instructed to stop using 'progressive' to describe trade deals, documents show

Canada’s embassy in Haiti taken for $1.7 million by gang of swindlers and fraudsters, internal report reveals

Justin Trudeau Politically Empowers Non-Profit, Special Interest Organizations In Canada

Trudeau stands by judicial appointments process despite N.B. judges' links to Liberal MP

Trudeau defends 'merit-based' system for appointing judges after connections to cabinet minister revealed

July 5 2019

Trudeau is vilifying John A. Macdonald to score cheap political points

Rex Murphy: Citing the Holocaust to prop up polls is beyond despicable

NICHOLLS: If Trudeau loses it won't be funny — and that's the problem

Raymond de Souza: China humiliates those it can, because it can

Police Investigate Death Threats to Movie Theater Owners Screening Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’

Trudeau’s U.N. Security Council Seat Unlikely Despite Gifts, Millions Spent

Justin Trudeau Issues Caveat AGAINST RCMP Charging ISIS Terrorists Returning To Canada

Justin Trudeau Increases Saudi Oil Imports Despite Mass Executions

July 6 2019

Congo, child labour and your electric car

China scolds Canada for ‘mustering so-called allies’ on detainees

COMMENTARY: New pre-election spending rules seem designed to benefit incumbent Liberals

CBC Promote DRAG KIDS In Transgender Propaganda Film

India talks tough with Canada on Khalistan

Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe in Canada as a nation

Trudeau government’s impaired driving law is so unclear, even the Justice Department can’t explain it

“Transgender Story Time” Comes To Small Town Canada

Liberal MP suggests that journalists should misinform Canadians

July 7 2019

Justin Trudeau Pledges $30 Million To Promote LGBT In Third World Nations

'He's a strong member of the team': Trudeau backs Hehr as tough political battle looms

Canada replaces the United States as the world’s top destination for refugees

Federal food agency defends transport of live horses for slaughter, human consumption in Japan

July 8 2019

Project Depopulation: Justin Trudeau, Abortion,Transgenderism In Canada

Kelly McParland: Trudeau will make the rich pay (but it won't work)

EDITORIAL: Let's get Canada fired up about the two Michaels

Canadian Humanitarian Sentenced to 9 Years for Raping 2 Nepali Boys

July 9 2019

New brewery in Gateway Village gets $725K

Bombardier to lay off 550 workers at Thunder Bay, Ont. plant: Source

Despite Being Repeatedly Bailed Out By Taxpayers, Bombardier To Lay Off 550 Canadian Workers

'I am extremely elated,' N.S. trans woman says of province's decision to pay for breast implants

"Facebook Issues New Policy Saying It’s OK To Post Death Threats Against Me": PJW

Almost half of Status First Nations children live in poverty, study finds

Taxpayers on the hook for Trudeau government’s $372.5 million Bombardier disaster

Appeals court rules Trump violated First Amendment by blocking Twitter users

July 10 2019

True North blocked from asking question at media freedom conference

Chrystia Freeland hiding from The Rebel at press freedom event

Liberal MP found to have broken ethics rules but won't face sanctions

LILLEY: McCallum calls on China to interfere in Canada's election

Ottawa MP Vandenbeld violated conflict code while helping husband's council bid: Ethics commissioner

Ethics watchdog finds Ottawa MP Anita Vandenbeld guilty of conflict-of-interest violations

'I am extremely elated,' N.S. trans woman says of province's decision to pay for breast implants

LILLEY: Provinces point to lack of leadership by Trudeau as jobs lost

“UnCanadian and uneducated”: The Liberal elite’s spite for Canada’s working class

Beijing should avoid 'punishing' Canada over Huawei case, cautions Ottawa's ex-ambassador to China

Canada's Bombardier to lay off 550 workers at Ontario rail plant

Gopher shoot leads to heavily-armed RCMP takedown at family's Strathmore farm

July 11 2019

Twitter political ad ban shows Trudeau Liberals dangerously restricting dissent

With Bombardier debacle, Trudeau’s corporate welfare fails again

“War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength”: At ‘Defend Media Freedom’ Conference, Big Sister Chrystia Freeland Tries Blocking Two Canadian Journalists From Asking Questions

VPD search for suspect linked to violent, targeted attack

Twitter pilot project will allow Canadians to hide replies to posts — to a point

Sources say RCMP opened file on Liberal MP whose firm facilitated real estate deals in B.C.

Child marriage ‘legal and ongoing’ in Canada, researcher finds

'McCallum does not speak for Canada': Freeland repudiates ex-ambassador who implied China should help elect Liberals

Canada pledges $1-million for fund to help imprisoned journalists as conference on press freedom ends

With new campaigning rules, the Liberals have given themselves an advantage

July 12 2019

More Disinformation: Trudeau Says National Unity Is Not Threatened, Despite Polls Showing The Opposite

Combo of social media restrictions and Liberal call for China election meddling could end Canadians’ faith in democracy

NP View: It’s not Doug Ford's duty to rescue Bombardier from its ineptitude

LILLEY: Liberals betray charter values over pro-life film

Trudeau meets with TMX workers, but announces no new details on pipeline expansion during Edmonton visit

Vancouver property vacant for years, but owner suing over vacancy tax

Rex Murphy: One thing we can count on – these are strange times, indeed

Combo of social media restrictions and Liberal call for China election meddling could end Canadians’ faith in democracy

Why Greens Hired a Fighter, Warren Kinsella, to ‘Protect’ Elizabeth May

July 13 2019

Veterans activist gets OK to press $25K libel suit against Seamus O'Regan

Canada to deport Christian refugee family back to jihad-plagued Nigeria

Defence policy first, weapons later, Canada tells Ukraine

Trudeau stresses balancing economy and environment at Calgary Stampede

Bell: Tight-lipped Trudeau hits Calgary, says nothing

Canadian citizen has been detained in China, Global Affairs confirms

Canadian taxpayers on the hook for American’s legal fees in illegal migrant smuggling case

July 14 2019

EDITORIAL: Canadians held hostage by Trudeau’s jellyfish diplomacy

All CBSA agents to carry batons, pepper spray when working with detained migrants

Trudeau Says He’ll Gain Seats In Alberta. The Facts Say He’s Wrong

Forget 'positive politics.' Expect a steady stream of Liberal bile until election day

DISTURBING: Chinese Researcher & Students Removed From Canada’s Only Level 4 Virology Lab (Where Ebola & Deadly Pathogens Are Held) After Possible “Policy Breach”

Trudeau Says He’ll Gain Seats In Alberta. The Facts Say He’s Wrong.

July 15 2019

The Trudeau Government Said $1 BILLION In Corporate Welfare Created 56,000 Jobs. Turns Out, It Created Just 6,600

'Bad choices make good stories': Margaret Trudeau brings her show to Just for Laughs

Minister says state-owned CBC to define misinformation in the media

Toronto recruitment centre stabber cleared by appeal court to attend college on his own

Currency Canada releases a coin that's shaped like the country

The Trudeau Government Said $1 BILLION In Corporate Welfare Created 56,000 Jobs. Turns Out, It Created Just 6,600

Man not criminally responsible in military centre stabbing can eventually go to college, court rules

July 16 2019

Canadian senator's NATO report accidentally reveals location of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe

LILLEY: LeBlanc keeps the ethics meter ticking

Premier Doug Ford Rips Trudeau, Says PM “Has Failed To Represent This Country”

Canadian police probe ‘possible policy breaches’ at lab after Chinese scientist removed

#TrudeauMustGo Trending In Canada

GUNTER: Liberals have no clue how to avoid conflicts, solve crises they've created

John Robson: A message from the government of Canada — shut up

$1.5 billion in frigate repair contracts split between yards in three provinces

Julyl 17 2019

FUREY: Why is Trudeau refusing to do anything on the China file?

July 18 2019

After #TrudeauMustGo Massively Trends In Canada, Desperate Liberals & Establishment Media Try Blaming It On ‘Bots’

Canadian media whines about #TrudeauMustGo hashtag—the internet responds with new hashtag

Justin Trudeau says he's made mistakes. Is that a mistake?

REPORT: Desperate Liberals Caught Lying About Conservatives & Old Age Security

'Exemplary' medical student who raped unconscious woman caved to temptation, lawyer argues

Federal government to pay $900M settlement in lawsuits over sexual misconduct in military

Trudeau seeks harmony amid protests during Victoria visit

Documents shed light on seniors poverty figures used by federal Liberals

July 19 2019

Mortgage stress test rules get more lenient for first time

Trudeau manages to spend $3.3 billion in taxpayer dollars since the House of Commons adjourned

Trudeau government massively inflated jobs estimate after corporate investment

Dear Justin Trudeau: ISIS terrorists must be stripped of Canadian citizenship

Liberals fail to send government representatives to defend Canada’s Arctic claims

Chrystia Freeland has been a total failure

P.E.I.'s housing crisis forces Syrian refugees into cramped quarters

Dismantled Signal Hill fence cost $65,000 before outcry led to removal:Parks Canada

Doug Ford is right: dangerous and insane killers must be kept behind bars

Ottawa should 'properly fund' refugee legal aid, Ontario attorney general tells Trudeau

Crime stats to tell dark tale of the city

(Tony Lam's Comments: Trudeau is the most divisive PM in Canadian History. Trudeau needs to STFU)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slams 'send her back' chant at Trump rally as 'completely unacceptable'

Canadians need to be patient, present, unconditional with reconciliation: Trudeau

July 20 2019 Dear Justin Trudeau: ISIS terrorists must be stripped of Canadian citizenship

An American visited her boyfriend in Canada. They were both found dead on a remote highway

July 21 2019

July 22 2019

Media spreads misinformation about Trudeau government’s “economic rebound”

FUREY: What they’re not telling you about Canada’s hate crime stats

July 23 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: If Trudeau just left things alone. Canada would have F35's now)

'Taken far too long': Feds launch official request for CF-18 replacement jets

Teens thought missing now suspects in northern B.C. double murder, unidentified body

Government monitoring social media for posts critical of Trudeau’s immigration record

Government of Canada Invests in Dairy Processing

Anti-federal Liberal billboards in Edmonton purchased by Saskatchewan group

Ottawa had Canada's 3rd-highest hate crime rate in 2018

Vancouver Public Library rejected from 2019 Pride parade for allowing controversial speaker to hold event

July 24 2019

‘The National’ Ratings Tanking

Almost half of Ontarians less likely to take a summer road trip due to rising gas prices: poll

Secret spy file on Pierre Trudeau was almost spared from destruction: memo

Divisive Trudeau Hopes You Don’t Remember When He Attacked Alberta & Said Canada “Belongs” To PMs From Quebec

GOLDSTEIN: Food fight is pre-election silliness

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Trudeau PMO Wanted To Control Former Ambassador David Mulroney’s China Remarks, Citing “Election Environment”

Opinion: Justin Trudeau even worse for the West than his father was

Media freedom under Trudeau’s Liberals is worse than ever

Ontario judge strikes down mandatory minimum sentence for first-time impaired driving in case of Indigenous woman

July 25 2019

Northern B.C. homicides: Timeline of what we know so far

“You’re lying”: Eight-year-old girl to Liberal Minister over indigenous water crisis

Liberal candidate removes Trudeau's image from her campaign car

Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland Called New NAFTA “A Better Deal”: Turns Out It Will Cost Canada Over $13 BILLION In Lost Economic Consumption

“We Cannot Be The Welfare State Of The Planet”: Maxime Bernier Unveils Immigration Platform

WATCH: RCMP Holds Press Conference On Canada-Wide Manhunt For Murder Suspects

July 26 2019

Crime rates up in Canada for fourth year in a row

With the Bank of Canada on hold, watch our $2.19 trillion household debt load grow

Brownstein: Margaret Trudeau leaves no stone unturned in compelling confessional

KNIGHT: The Trudeau government is misleading Canadians

July 27 2019

Nationwide manhunt pursues two Canadian teens, one prone to violent comments and praising Hitler

The Trudeau government is surveilling your social media for anti-immigrant and anti-Trudeau views

Police suppressed details on Danforth shooter's trip to Pakistan: entire magazine emptied into prone girl.

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau experienced deficits differently

Ontario minister, wind companies charged under Environmental Protection Act

LILLEY: Trudeau shortchanging Ontario on immigration payments

July 28 2019

LAWTON: With Butts’ return, Liberals pretend SNC scandal never happened

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s budgets did not balance themselves

Protesters take to the water against Chalk River nuclear disposal site

July 29 2019 Using Exact Same SNC-Lavalin Scandal Talking Points, Trudeau Says PMO Didn’t “Direct” Attempt To Muzzle Diplomats, Implicitly Accusing Two Former Ambassadors Of Lying

PM Trudeau on NAFTA Timeline, Alleged Pressure on Diplomats

Federal government commits $20 million to help scale up health innovations

July 30 2019

Accused robber released again on bail

Justin Trudeau denies PMO pressured former diplomat over China statements

As Freeland privately apologizes to ex-ambassador to China, Liberals quash investigation into alleged 'muzzling'

July 31 2019

Kelly McParland: If Canada's back, why are we getting so little done?

'We walked into a buzzsaw': How the most image-conscious prime minister in Canadian history made himself look foolish in India

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