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Mainstream media ignores the inconvenient truth of B.C. transgender male genitalia waxing case - Yan

March 18 2019

Canada's oldest rape crisis centre stripped of city funding for refusing to accept trans women

July 13 2019

Mainstream media ignores the inconvenient truth of B.C. transgender male genitalia waxing case

The truth about Jessica Yaniv is beginning to emerge

July 17 2019

Canadian Schools Brainwashing Students With LGBT, Transgender Propaganda

July 18 2019

Accusations fly at human rights hearing into transgender woman's Brazilian wax complaint

Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology

Another B.C. woman forced out of business in transgender male-genitalia waxing case

July 19 2019

Rex Murphy: B.C. groin waxing case is a mockery of human rights

July 22 2019

Public Library Deletes Pictures Of Drag Queens Fondling Children At Story Hour

Salon forced to close after refusing to wax transgender woman's male genitalia

July 23 2019

No Woman Should Be Forced to Give a Troll a Brazilian Bikini Wax

July 24 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: The once discriminated are now doing the discrimination. Everything comes full circle)

Vancouver Pride Society pulls public library from parade

July 25 2019

As absurd as it is, the Jessica Yaniv case has serious implications

Transgender Activist Who Demanded Beauticians Wax Her Balls Brags About Getting Cosmetics Store Shut Down

‘Alarming’ trans activist’s top-optional youth swim event not cleared to proceed

July 26 2019

British Columbia LGBTQ advocate Jessica Yaniv demands topless swim session for ages 12+, no parents allowed

EXCLUSIVE: 15-year-old alleged victim of Jessica Yaniv speaks out

Canada’s Public Broadcaster Airs Its Documentary Celebrating Children In Drag

July 27 2019

Rex Murphy: The Yaniv outrage has left Canada, rightly, the laughing stock of the world

July 29 2019

Pepper Spray for Humans is illegal in Canada.

July 31 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Yaniv’s racism and anti-immigrant sentiment comes to light with shocking new evidence

August 1 2019

Corbella: Jessica Yaniv growing bolder in her bid to have her male genitals waxed

August 6 2019

Trans activist Jessica Yaniv's human rights complaints brought her prominence; now she's accused of harassment and predatory behaviour

August 8 2019

Waving stun gun on livestream lands transgender body waxing activist behind bars

August 9 2019

PREMIERE: "Who is Jessica Yaniv?” An exclusive Rebel exposé | Jessica Swietoniowski

August 16 2019

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Jessica Yaniv ASSAULTS Rebel reporter with CANE!

August 20 2019

Blaire White claims that Jessica Yaniv doxxed her and she is calling the police

BREAKING: Jessica Yaniv “admits” to child predation, doxxing Blaire White, and a new accuser emerges

September 1 2019

October 22 2019

Transgender woman's waxing complaint dismissed by Human Rights Tribunal

BREAKING: “Jessica” Yaniv LOSES suits against female estheticians who’d refused to wax his genitals

Jessica Yaniv says tribunal ruling against her was ‘total misunderstanding’

December 3 2019

“Wax My Balls” Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Angry After Gynecologist Refuses to Treat Him Because He’s a Biological Male

January 7 2020

Rights centre says trans activist Jessica Yaniv has filed new complaint against B.C. salon over waxing refusal

January 11 2020

Jessica Yaniv sues more women salon owners for wax job refusal

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