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Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

By Tony Lam.

First off I agree with Andrew Lawton.

Andrew Lawton: Canadians know nothing about their activist Supreme Court. That's dangerous

I couldn't name one of the Justices if my life depended on it.

These unelected nine officials control the lives of 37 million people. Why have an elected Parliament when we can have these nine rule by oligarchy. It seems that after being appointed to the bench the first thing that goes is common sense.

This is my common sense thinking on the subject.

Khadr was a terrorist committing atrocities outside of Canada. The SCOC ruled that his Canadian Charter Rights were violated while being detained in Guantanamo. Therefore ruling that Canadian Charter Rights apply to ANYONE IN or OUTSIDE of Canada. So if you were committing crimes anywhere in the world, Canada and the country you were captured by must grant you Canadian Charter Rights. If not, you get a payout of 10.5 million dollars.

The greatest example of why the SCOC erred is the story that broke about China detaining 2 Canadians.

May 16 2019

China Arrests 2 Canadians on Spying Charges, Deepening a Political Standoff

China formally arrests Spavor and Kovrig, accuses them of spying

So according to the SCOC and Trudeau. These two Canadians held by China should immediately be given Canadian Charter Rights. Trudeau should demand that China try these people using Canadian law and Canadian Charter Rights.

And we all know China's reaction. China thinks Canada under Trudeau is a joke.

Nick naming Trudeau the "Little Potato."

Justin Trudeau earns nickname ‘little potato’ during trip to China

China will not answer Freeland's phone calls.

WEAKNESS: Chrystia Freeland Still Can’t Get A Phone Call With China’s Foreign Minister

And Trudeau was so desperate that he had to get Trump and the USA to try and intervene on Canada's behalf.

Trudeau 'confident' Trump backed Canada in talks with China

China calls Trudeau 'naive' for believing Trump asked Xi about Canadian detainees

When Trudeau sought to free 2 Canadians, 'Beijing had no time' for him. Will Trump?

Even at the G20 while sitting next to President Xi Jinping, Trudeau was a coward.

Why was Trudeau not pressing China on Canadian Charter Rights for the two detainees??

BECAUSE CANADIAN CHARTER RIGHTS DON'T APPLY OUTSIDE OF CANADA. And China would not abide by the Canadian Charter Of Rights even if you tried.

And I was debating on Twitter. And this guy just made my point for me. Khadr was not under Canadian jurisdiction.


April 14 2020

Five reminders of why China's government is Canada's enemy

(Stand Together For Canada Comments: Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor have spent over a year in solitary confinement in China. No cries from the left for these two. And now we see this. China re-tried a Canadian drug dealer in January of 2019, sentencing the man, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, to death. Where are the lefties proclaiming Schellenberg's Canadian Charter Rights? Canada is against the Death Penalty. You would think every lefty in Canada would come to his rescue. Nope.)

August 28 2020 Appeals court rules due process rights don't apply to Guantanamo detainees

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