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BlackFace Racist Trudeau

February 18 1992

October 26 2018

Megyn Kelly is out at NBC after backlash over blackface comments

February 9 2019

Blackface scandal a 'painful' reminder of racism in Richmond, Va. — a city filled with reminders

September 16 2019

Diane Francis: Trudeau's assault on accountability has mired him in scandal, declining voter support

It took USA TIME Magazine to break this story.

September 18 2019

Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface at 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ Party While He Taught at a Private School, Canada's Liberal Party Admits

BREAKING: Trudeau wore racist brownface at 2001 party

BREAKING: Justin Trudeau Wore Racist Blackface In Event At Elitist Private School

Trudeau appeared in brownface and turban at Arabian Nights gala in 2001: Time

Yearbook photo surfaces of Justin Trudeau in 'brownface' at 2001 costume party

Trudeau must resign because he would not allow himself to run

Christie Blatchford: Trudeau cuts himself the slack he has denied to others

September 19 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Video shows Trudeau in blackface in 3rd instance of racist makeup

New Video Surfaces Showing Trudeau in Blackface, Compounding Scandal

'I shouldn't have done it': Trudeau apologizes for 'brownface' photo taken in 2001

The 2001 party where Justin Trudeau wore brownface was a lavish event with corporate sponsors and belly dancers

The Downfall of Canada’s Dreamy Boyfriend

Justin Trudeau — a self-appointed moral steward in blackface: Robyn Urback

KINSELLA: Trudeau traded in the foulest racist stereotypes

Liberal candidates stand by Trudeau in wake of blackface photos, video

A Hill staffer writes

LILLEY: Trudeau apologizes but blackface photo proves hypocrisy

Maxime Bernier Calls Trudeau “The Biggest Hypocrite In The Country”

PIERS MORGAN: Blackface Trudeau should apply the same high horse standards to himself that he applies to everyone else – and demand his own racist head on a plate

VIDEO: Journalist David Akin Tells Trudeau The PM Job “Was Not Created So You Could Work Through Your Issues”

WARMINGTON: Trudeau's apology tour needs to include Karen Wang

OLIVER: Tarnished world image may finally doom Trudeau

The Downfall of Canada’s Dreamy Boyfriend

Trudeau was removed from Lilly Singh show lineup after brownface photo emerged

September 20 2019

The Liberals are now the party of racism

An American perspective on the Trudeau blackface scandal

Smith: Trudeau will survive blackface controversy – but he shouldn’t

Trudeau’s ego comes at too high a price for the Liberals


Late-night talk shows take on Trudeau for brownface photos

Rex Murphy: For anyone else, resignation would be unavoidable – and appropriate

Conrad Black: Trudeau's not a racist, just a hypocrite and a weak leader

Don Martin: The knight in shining armour falls hard from his high horse

LILLEY: Trudeau's antics shock even Trump

Trudeau Tries to Change Conversation From Blackface. It Doesn’t Quite Work.

All of Trudeau’s blackface moments SO FAR

Josephine Mathias: By his own standard, Justin Trudeau is apparently a racist

Andrew Coyne: Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud

Doug Ford breaks silence on Justin Trudeau's brownface scandal

Tucker Carlson : Is the Trudeau blackface scandal really a surprise?

And The Video.

September 21 2019

Memo to Justin: Who you are today is who you were yesterday

Former Liberal adviser rips party over racial insensitivity in government ranks

Inside the charity gala where Justin Trudeau shocked 500 guests with blackface

(This article is behind a paywall)

Champion of diversity or high-profile hypocrite? Who is Justin Trudeau, anyway?

The Liberals are now the party of racism

MALCOLM: Trudeau's political career should be over

September 22 2019

Former Liberal adviser says government racially insensitive and calls minorities “ethnic vote banks”

Inside the charity gala where Justin Trudeau shocked 500 guests with blackface

Trudeau Gets His Ass Handed To Him By Tucker Carlson

September 23 2019

FATAH: Trudeau – fake and egocentric

KINSELLA: The speech on racism Trudeau should have given

Christie Blatchford: Urgent Questions for Justin Trudeau after last week's blackface revelations

September 25 2019

Trudeau sits down in first interview since his brownface scandal. Here’s exactly what he said

September 26 2019

If you lie to an employer during hiring, you can be fired. Shouldn't that apply to Trudeau too?

St. Albert fire chief suspended for two weeks over blackface incident

Inside the search for Michael Adamson, the Vancouver man who supplied Trudeau’s 2001 blackface photo

September 27 2019

Man who shared Trudeau blackface photo says Canadians had a right to see it

WATCH: Trudeau Grilled After Trying To Blame Scandals On “We”

September 29 2019

FACE PALM Justin Trudeau shamed by fresh blackface video as future Canadian PM filmed leaping around in afro wig and dark makeup on boating trip

Trudeau's Signs Fixed.

September 30 2019

Blackface Narcissus

October 1 2019

October 4 2019

October 7 2019

Why did Justin Trudeau leave his teaching job at West Point Grey Academy?

October 18 2019

Justin Trudeau Blackface Protesters on Campaign Trail ... 'We're Aladdin Too!'

December 5 2019 Donald Trump Jnr tweets infamous picture of Justin Trudeau in blackface after the President branded the Canadian PM 'two-faced' over gossip video at Nato summit

February 24 2020


May 31 2020

June 6 2020

Man arrested after attending Toronto anti-Black racism protest in blackface: police

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