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October 2019

October 1 2019

Canadian police feared Meng Wanzhou could flee via consulate and private airport, officer’s notes suggest

Liberal promise to wipe out citizenship fees would cost $100M a year

Justin Trudeau’s Party Demands Big Tech ‘Hate Speech’ Crackdown

MALCOLM: Trudeau's yearbook tells a bigger story

Vital Signs report shows half of Calgarians struggling to afford food, shelter

October 2 2019

Woman with walker, called 'Nazi scum' by protesters at Bernier event, speaks out

Liberals force riding association to give funds to candidate replacing Eva Nassif

Trudeau a hypocrite on climate change for using two campaign planes, Scheer says

FUREY: Why is Canada celebrating China’s anniversary?

Liberals are carrying two deficits: fiscal and credibility

Liberals’ $600-million cleantech fund is losing money and struggling to find investments

October 3 2019

Canadian government scientist under investigation trained staff at Level 4 lab in China

Liberals refuse to say how much foreign aid we’re giving to China

Video: Rosemary Barton Defends Trudeau, Repeats Liberal Talking Points

Nelson: Looming threat for youth isn't climate change — it's runaway debt

Liberals dedicate $250 million for assault rifle buyout

Regina man ordered by registration authority to turn in 'MAGAUSA' vanity licence plate

Liberals remove campaign video from Facebook that featured Julie Payette

Toronto restaurant apologizes after owner's son attends Antifa protest in Hamilton

Hong Kong democracy advocates angry after Ottawa-funded group buys ad backing China's side

BONOKOSKI: Trudeau’s ego-driven foreign aid exposed by cavalier $50M tweets

Video: Rosemary Barton Defends Trudeau, Repeats Liberal Talking Points

Multiple arrests in shocking murder of Brampton granddad

4 moments from the TVA French-language leaders' debate

Public inquiry into reading levels among Ont. students launched by human rights watchdog

Canadian government scientist under investigation trained staff at Level 4 lab in China

October 4 2019

Liberals refuse to say how much foreign aid we’re giving to China

Stephen LeDrew: There is nothing virtuous about Justin Trudeau

HYPOCRISY: Trudeau climate-friendly campaign uses two planes

Many people who are not Canadian citizens are on voter list

GUNTER: Eddie Maurice a symbol for frustration over growing crime in rural communities

Trudeau government seeks judicial review of tribunal decision to compensate First Nations kids

Liberal candidate apologizes for past racist, homophobic and sexist social media posts

Liberals won't boot N.S. candidate over offensive posts

Opinion: When it comes to the economy, the Liberals deserve to lose the election

Sask. man with cerebral palsy says government social worker suggested divorce to restore disability payments

GUNTER: Trudeau's AR-15 ban is about perception, not reality

Trudeau says his views have evolved and he is now totally pro choice

Pair convicted in sexual assault may have fled country, police say

Trudeau government seeks judicial review of tribunal decision to compensate First Nations kids

Convicted rapists walk out of Ottawa court, skip town and prison

Trudeau government appeals ruling on compensation to First Nations children

October 5 2019

SNOBELEN: Trudeau bypassed character tests that prepare people for leadership

Conservatives dump Burnaby North-Seymour candidate Heather Leung over homophobic comments

Suspected cannabis-impaired drivers more costly to test: Police report

LILLEY: Why Trudeau's reckless deficit spending matters

Prime Minister’s Brother Alexandre Trudeau Makes Film JUSTIFYING Iran’s Nuclear Arms Build-Up

October 6 2019

Should Justin Trudeau Advisor Gerald Butts Be Run Out Of Canada On A Rail?

Trudeau won't remove Liberal candidate for racist, sexist social media posts

Trudeau won't remove Jaime Battiste from Liberal roster for racist, sexist social-media posts

Ontario provincial government reaches deal with education workers, avoid strike

October 7 2019

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is probably still a U.S. citizen too

ICBC sticker shock: Young drivers walloped under new rate system

Elections Canada attempts to combat huge number of non-Canadians on voting register

Golden boy no more: As an election looms, two-faced Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canada

Trudeau won't remove Liberal candidate for racist, sexist social-media posts

GOLDSTEIN: It’s disgusting that Trudeau wanted a school strike


October 8 2019

EDITORIAL: Trudeau dodged the real issues at debate

Disgraced Trudeau advisor spreads misinformation about Conservatives

EXCLUSIVE: Federal government cuts reimbursements for military health care, hospitals on the hook for millions

Liberals strip funds for military medical care, leaving hospitals to cover millions in bills

Rex Murphy: That wasn't a debate. Nor was it national. It was tokenism, and feeble at that

WATCH: Justin Trudeau dodges Andrew Lawton’s question

VIDEO: Trudeau Says We Need To “Redefine What It Means To Be Canadian” Everyday

October 9 2019

British man living in Beiseker raises concerns after Elections Canada put him on voter list

Ontario teens stabbed a 14-year-old to death outside of school, in front of his mother

Teen fatally stabbed in front of his mother was bullied, family says

KINSELLA: Rumours, the truth and Trudeau

Ontario human rights tribunal orders employer to pay $120,000 in damages to worker it didn’t even hire

Terence Corcoran: The case is clear for Andrew Scheer

October 10 2019

Toronto Hydro claims ‘safety issues’ stop it flying the Canadian flag

MALCOLM: Trudeau refuses to answer questions about mysterious yearbook message

Toronto daycare supervisor's sentence for child porn will stand

Gerald Butts Really Doesn’t Like This Newspaper Ad Saying It’s Time For A New Prime Minister

Vancouver's homeless struggling to stay warm during record-cold October nights

Forget Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is unfit to be a teacher

Did Justin Trudeau Sell Off Canada’s Gold To Help FINANCE An Islamic Currency In Africa?

October 11 2019

Conrad Black: The Trudeau Liberals' record: four years of nothing solid

CBC and Rosemary Barton are suing Conservative Party of Canada for copyright infringement

Braid: In French debate, Trudeau lumps oil industry with enemies

CBC sues the Conservative party over copyright, 'moral rights' of journalists

Trudeau Liberals have become a party of broken laws, conspiracies, and doublespeak

TOWHEY: Canada should boycott China games

‘The National’ Ratings Tanking

Statement from the Conservative Party regarding the lawsuit filed by CBC

Andrew Coyne: Give flawed Conservative platform its due — it is the closest to fiscal conservatism

KNIGHT: Liberal candidate tainted by organized crime allegations

Canada is 'awash in systemic racism,' says Green Leader Elizabeth May

UN chief orders travel, meetings, heat cut over cash crisis

John Ivison: The goal of reducing Canada’s debt is not something to be ridiculed

October 12 2019

BACKLASH: #DefundCBC Is Trending In Canada

KINSELLA: CBC suit against Tories more of a political suicide note than a legal action

Ford government on track to beat deficit target: Phillips

Federal election 2019 roundup: Scheer releases costed platform, but gets ripped for the timing

WATCH: Here’s The Ad CBC Doesn’t Want You To See

LILLEY: CBC lawsuit against Conservatives looks like move to protect Trudeau Liberals

“Canada Is A RACIST Nation” Says Federal Party Leader Running For Prime Minister

FUREY: The land is strong for now – but Canada can’t withstand four more years of Justin Trudeau

Trudeau dons bulletproof vest for campaign event in Mississauga

Cost of food, housing and gas rising fast: Experts

GOLDSTEIN: The fiscal follies of Justin Trudeau

October 13 2019

CBC vs. CPC: when bias isn’t just perceived anymore

Air Canada staff will no longer greet 'ladies and gentlemen' onboard planes

Is Canada racist? Jagmeet Singh says 'no question' - then pulls his punches


Hypocrites. Plastic forks and Styrofoam plates.

And the only hate message was from their son. How many antifa protests did he go to again?


October 14 2019

Whoever wins the election will inherit a brutally divided nation

Hypocrisy: Gerald Butts Attacks Conservatives Over Photo Of Scheer Shaking Hands With Canadian Wearing Yellow Vest, Despite Numerous Photos Of Trudeau Doing The Exact Same Thing

Illegal Alien On Trial After Terrorist Attack In Canada

Karanicolas: Canada’s fake news laws face a Charter challenge. That’s a good thing

'No lights, no heat. Nothing. Period': Unprecedented snowstorm forces state of emergency in Manitoba

October 15 2019

Diane Francis: Leaders should be forced to take a course on markets, business and free enterprise

LILLEY: Trudeau gives Quebec a pass in a way he never would for Alberta or Ontario

GAFFE-PRONE TRUDEAU: A look back at his most embarrassing moments

The plot to keep Justin Trudeau in power—even if he loses

KINSELLA: Why I can't vote Liberal on Oct. 21

GUNTER: It looks like 'screw the west' is back in full swing

WARMINGTON: Outrage over sentence handed to gunman who shot at cops