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October 2019 - Post Election

October 21, 2019


October 21 2019


She retained her seat.  The only Liberal who saw what was really going on and switched sides.






Election 2019: Alice Wong wins fourth term in Richmond Centre (video)


Judge orders Trudeau government-appointed commission to give access to journalists banned from debates


Red Robin burger chain to close all 5 Alberta locations


October 22 2019

Canada election: Trudeau's Liberals win but lose majority


John Ivison: How will Justin Trudeau navigate the choppy waters ahead?


Trudeau's victory has turned this Alberta Conservative into a 'reluctant separatist'


Rex Murphy: Western anger was hot before Monday's election. Now it's molten


Vivian Krause: Obama wasn't the only American interfering in the Canadian election


More than half of Canadians dislike Trudeau: Gallup poll


Trudeau was the subject of the single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history…and he’s still prime minister!


Opinion: Housing policies to expect from Liberal minority government


October 23 2019


(Tony Lam's Comments: LOL. Just Greta, Obama and Trudeau illegally fundraising in New York.)

No foreign interference detected in Canada’s federal election, officials say


Trudeau addresses Western alienation: ‘It’s extremely important government works for all Canadians’


Four charged after protest at People’s Party of Canada event at Mohawk College


Elections Canada can't keep track of baloney ballots?


Son of Soufi’s restaurant owner charged in Hamilton clash at Bernier rally


Ottawa’s Decision to Let China Supply Subsidized Steel for LNG Plants Costing Canadian Jobs


October 24 2019

WARMINGTON: Ford's 'throw-away-the-key' talk the right approach on gun crime


Alberta budget introduces $1.3-billion in cuts, elimination of 2,000 public sector jobs


Matt Gurney: Trudeau and the Liberals just won't stop saying things that anger the West


Posthaste: Doing business in Canada isn't getting easier, how aliens see our economy — and so long, Super Mario


October 25 2019

Sharif found guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault in 2017 attacks

Sharif found guilty of attempted murder in police, pedestrian attack


Chris Selley: Rethinking the shameless election, and how it was covered — damp squib and all


Wilson-Raybould failed to consider colonialism in extradition case, B.C. high court rules


Three men charged with sex assault, forcible confinement of 15-year-old girl


'Seek and destroy' contract against PPC came with strings, Kinsella says


October 26 2019

FUREY: The government is getting more involved in Canadians’ lives - is this what we want?


Liberals fundraise in NYC mid-election breaking transparency promise: Report


Allegedly non-partisan public service union campaigned for Liberal re-election


MALCOLM: Trudeau carbon tax a plague on overtaxed Canadians


Canada -- Don't Ask Me to Take You Seriously Again


GUNTER: Trudeau humbled? Not on your life


EDITORIAL: Show Toronto some love, Justin Trudeau


MALCOLM: The Trudeau government is trying to bankrupt us!






October 27 2019

COMMENTARY: What’s in store for Chrystia Freeland?


No wonder Alberta’s furious: Kenney calls for referendum on equalization while Quebec receives $13 billion in 2019


House of Commons offers defeated MPs up to $15K for career help, tuition


October 28 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: Yep from Greta, Obama, Lead Now, and Trudeau fundraising in New York)

'More needs to be done,' Gould says after some online election meddling detected


Ten times the mainstream media showed their anti-conservative bias during the election


Judge reopens Covington Catholic teen's $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post


BREAKING: Judge allows Nick Sandmann to sue Washington Post, reverses prior ruling


SURVEY: Canadians “Drowning In Debt,” And Things Are Getting Worse


WEXIT: Gaining steam and no easy fix


If You Think Canada Is Divided Now, Just Imagine What Will Happen When A Recession Hits


‘Morally inappropriate’: How the Trudeau government is trying to get rid of Cindy Blackstock


Has Tim Hortons become uncool? Why the iconic chain doesn't appeal to younger generation


Liberal candidate involved in anti-semitic riot wins Montreal seat


One-third of Manitobans don't have enough to pay bills, debt obligations: survey


LILLEY: Scheer needs to step up or step down


October 29 2019

Trudeau hires Anne McLellan as western adviser


Saudi Arabia is $3.4B behind on its payments for Canadian LAVs


Trudeau taps prominent transition advisers in nod to Alberta, Quebec


Speak English in Canada,' woman rants at Asian staff in Burnaby drugstore


Trudeau Government Redacts All 27 Pages Of Briefing Note On Media Bailout


WARMINGTON: Cop car gun concealer has lifetime firearms ban


Nigerian sex offender who came to Canada via Roxham Road fights extradition to U.S.


This is how much TransLink's bus drivers are currently paid


Chris Selley: Attack on public libraries for letting Meghan Murphy speak is a nauseating spectacle


Poll suggests plenty of Canadians voted strategically to stop a party from winning


LAWTON: Government made up the “misinformation” crisis


Ottawa's largest school board will survey students about their race, religion, gender identity and sexuality


October 30 2019

Quebec will make immigrants pass 'values' test to qualify for residency


Don Braid: Trudeau's sop to westerners is absurd and not to be trusted


EDITORIAL: Forget Scheer – it’s Trudeau who should be in the hot seat


LILLEY: Trudeau's election win came with an assist from Big Labour


Braid: Justin Trudeau's crocodile smile for the West


Bell: Nenshi smacked down by Alberta's top lawman


Jagmeet Singh Says It’s ‘Pretty Clear’ Social Conservatives Can’t Be Prime Minister


Alberta justice minister accuses Nenshi of being 'Trudeau's mayor' in Twitter blast over budget fallout


Ford layoffs another hint Canada is heading for peak car: Don Pittis


Joe Oliver: Liberals have a lot of nerve advising Conservatives to boot out Andrew Scheer


Media bailout memo to Liberal minister completely redacted by government


Ex-chief medical examiner claims Jeffrey Epstein was murdered


Video appears to show gunmen opening fire in ‘targeted’ Toronto shooting that left 5 teens injured​


NO MOE MONEY: Saskatchewan Premier blasts Trudeau over equalization


Trudeau won’t dress up for Halloween this year​


Toronto teacher on medical leave is working in a Montreal school


LILLEY: Trudeau's election win came with an assist from Big Labour


Western separatism would have to face treaty nations, say First Nations leaders


October 31 2019

Free speech event at SFU in jeopardy after threats of violence


More Than 100 NDP Campaigns Won’t Be Reimbursed For Election Expenses


Winnipegger Daniel Jensen Accused Of Stabbing Sleeping Hunter Haze Straight-Smith


'This is a tragedy for Canada': Fear and dismay as Encana chooses U.S. as its new home































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