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July 2020

July 1 2020

Royal Family Tweets Photo Of Queen With Harper For Canada Day

More Than 1,000 Canadians March to US Embassy in Ottawa Chanting “We Love Trump” on Canada Day

July 2 2020

New Zealand's health minister resigns after coronavirus criticism

WATCH: Justin Trudeau suggests Canada is not the best country in the world in Canada Day message

Supreme Court dismisses Indigenous appeal of Trans Mountain approval

Armed suspect arrested near Rideau Hall identified as Manitoba man

GOLDSTEIN: We Charity scrutiny trips up Trudeau

EVEN WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: New Timeline Reveals China Didn’t Warn The WHO About Coronavirus Threat, Info On A US Website Did Instead

WATCH: Justin Trudeau Says Canada Isn’t Greatest Country In The World, But “Could Be.” So, Which Country Does He Think Is Better?

'We saw human behaviour at its worst,' Overcrowding an issue at Wasaga Beach, Ont.

(STFC Comment: But if you were looting, blockading, assaulting, bending the knee. No problem there.)

Cenovus oil shipment leaves West Coast bound for eastern refineries — via Panama Canal

July 3 2020

Trudeau's favourite charity in hot water again after employee allegedly bribed Kenyan government

Trudeau to face sixth ethics investigation as prime minister over WE Charity debacle

BREAKING: Ethics Commissioner Launches Investigation Into Trudeau’s WE Charity Scandal

Federal government, WE Charity agree to part ways on summer student grant program

CAF member arrested on Rideau Hall grounds faces 22 charges, including multiple firearm violations

Rex Murphy: From whee to woe: Why did Trudeau ever think WE deal would fly?

Federal Ethics Commissioner investigates Trudeau's ties to WE Charity over $912-million student volunteer grant

Trudeau's buddy Gerry Butts wants Facebook to censor your climate change posts

Exclusive: WE Charity offered summer camps up to $25,000 to host volunteers

Police, firefighter statues vandalized with paint outside Calgary city hall

Drugs, guns, 1,000 rounds of ammunition seized in Brampton

Man in critical condition after downtown shooting

(UPDATE) Rebel News success: WE Charity scam scrapped (sort-of)

WATCH: Trudeau Dodges Responsibility For WE Charity Debacle

The 53 countries supporting China's crackdown on Hong Kong

We Charity pulls out of $664m Canada student grant contract

Timeline: Trudeau’s ties to WE are as old as his political career

July 4 2020

Remarks by President Trump at a Salute to America

July 5 2020

CAUGHT ON TAPE: The radical left's plan to reshape Canadian society

July 6 2020

Man arrested near Rideau Hall had several weapons, threatened PM Trudeau: RCMP

RCMP Uses Guns in Less Than 0.1% of Calls, Use-of-Force Data Show

Ottawa mum on the ‘transparent and open’ process used to award WE Charity contract

Federal government won't say which organizations other than WE Charity it considered to run $900 million student volunteer grant program

Trudeau Decides to Skip Washington Summit on New Nafta

China Issues New Threats Against Canada

BONOKOSKI: Time for Trudeau to slam the door on China

July 7 2020


Federal audit uncovers sweetheart contracting in Department of Fisheries

Traffic Stop Leads To Seizure of Loaded Pistol and Drugs

Canada's unemployment highest in G7 under Trudeau government

Rex Murphy: The WE Charity scandal is far from over

Face masks mandatory in Ontario starting today

LILLEY: Mandatory masks too late — pure political posturing

UBC adds “Province of China” to Taiwan in records

Former WE Charity employee says staff tried to silence her by rewriting anti-racism speech

July 8 2020

WATCH: Scheer Rips Biased Establishment Media

The Scandal Deepens: Trudeau Failed To Recuse Himself From Decision To Give WE Charity Massive Contract

BREAKING: Trudeau busted for lying about WE scandal—cabinet made decision

CBSA has lost track of 34,700 people due to be deported: auditor-general

Singh says Rideau Hall incident would have ended differently if suspect was person of colour

BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals hit $1.06 TRILLION debt after most costly pandemic plan in G7

Trudeau admits he did not recuse himself from decision to outsource $900 million volunteer grant program to WE Charity

Border agency failing to promptly remove many people from Canada, auditor says

Chris Selley: From the Aga Khan to WE, Trudeau still can't seem to grasp reality

Canada Has Highest Unemployment Rate Among G7 Nations

John Robson: From me to we to whoops, we got caught

Trudeau health minister was hesitant to close borders to China out of fear of discrimination to Chinese-Canadians

Canada absent as U.S., Mexican presidents meet at White House to talk CUSMA

Ottawa to post $343B deficit as spending hits levels not seen since Second World War

Canada’s Deficit Is 1,000% Higher Than Projected At Start Of 2020

The Scandal Deepens: Trudeau Failed To Recuse Himself From Decision To Give WE Charity Massive Contract

Highlights of Bill Morneau's 2020 fiscal 'snapshot'

Two parliamentary committees expected to dig into Trudeau government's handling of WE Charity deal

CBC attacks Scheer for breaking lockdown rules, gives Trudeau a free pass three times

‘Anything TikTok knows, assume China knows’: Experts urge Canadians to be wary of app

PM's mother Margaret and brother Alexandre were both paid to speak at WE Charity events Margaret Trudeau received $250,000 in honoraria; Alexandre Trudeau was paid about $32,000

WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Thrashes Nightmarish Liberal ‘Fiscal Snapshot’

LILLEY UNLEASHED: How did Trudeau lose 34,700 people up for deportation?

July 9 2020

Canada Border Services lost track of 2,800 criminals that should have been deported

Rex Murphy: Who cancelled the WE contract — and why?

INTERESTING: On Twitter, CanadaLand Says WE Paid Trudeau Family Members “Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars” For “Speeches & Appearances”

PM Trudeau's mother, brother paid to speak at WE Charity events

PM's mother Margaret and brother Alexandre were both paid to speak at WE Charity events

Trudeau Family Paid Hundreds Of Thousands By WE Organization

Hill Movers: Jordan Deagle leaves the PMO for Amazon posting

It Wasn’t My Cancelation That Bothered Me. It Was the Cowardice of Those Who Let It Happen

Trudeau Family Paid Hundreds Of Thousands By WE Organization

LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau family paid big to go to WE Day events

July 10 2020

Bill Morneau has family ties to WE Charity, did not steer clear of cabinet discussion of contract

Finance Minister Bill Morneau Also Tied To WE Charity

Peter MacKay Deletes Tweet Praising WE Charity & “Remarkable” Kielburger Brothers

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau minister, chief of staff worked for group that supported Kielburger charity

Tories ask police to investigate prime minister over WE Charity deal

“Royal Family” Margaret, Alex, Sophie Trudeau PROFITING From Charity Organizations In Canada

Blindsided by the WE scandal, Liberal MPs wonder: How did Justin Trudeau get us into this mess?

LILLEY: Trudeaus were paid big to appear at WE Day events

#WEscam: Trudeau caught steering millions of tax dollars to “charity” that secretly pays his family.

Conrad Black: The Liberals are failing us on many fronts

Rex Murphy: In today's episode of WE, it's all in the family

Every single WE Charity/Trudeau connection that we know of ... so far

Canada asks British military for help flying troops to and from Latvia

Chris Selley: Trudeau III: The Kielburger Affair — a sequel with extra banana flavour!

Committee votes to investigate government dealings with WE Charity

Canadian troops forced to hitch ride with British military to and from Latvia

Bill Morneau didn’t recuse himself from WE discussion despite daughter’s employment

Union says feds agree to $2,500 payout for workers affected by Phoenix pay system

WE organization paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to Trudeau's wife, mother and brother

July 11 2020

China Virus How Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist Ideology Is Putting Canadians in Danger

EXCLUSIVE: Newspapers squabble behind the scenes over who deserves Trudeau's massive media bailout

Justin Trudeau drops into another pitfall of his own making

Person in custody after stabbing seriously injures 2 children in North York

MUST READ: Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on the Death of George Floyd

WE Charity lays off hundreds after deal with Trudeau government is cancelled

Feds DENY Minnesota Governor’s Request For Riot Bailout

LILLEY: Liberal connections to WE continue to pile up

#WEscam: “The real issue is the CBC,” Spencer Fernando tells Ezra Levant

Finance Minister Morneau's daughter confirmed to work for WE, as calls for an investigation intensify

July 12 2020

Unhinged Twitter users falsely claim Conservative MP made 'white power' OK sign

Muji files for bankruptcy

July 13 2020

Bill Morneau Joins Apology Tour

Trudeau apologizes for not recusing himself from WE Charity contract discussions

Trudeau, Morneau apologize for taking part in cabinet's WE decision over $900M grant program

Rex Murphy: Reroute the cancelled WE fee to the cash-starved auditor general

John Ivison: With Trudeau it's always repent, rinse, and repeat

WE Scandal: Half of Canadians approve of Trudeau as base stays committed, anger among non-Liberals grows

Trudeau, Morneau apologize for not recusing themselves from WE decision

Federal government awarded Trudeau’s half-brother $12,430 speaking contract last year

Global Affairs official says giving Meng Wanzhou CSIS documents could hurt Canada

Kenney says federal government told Apple, Google not to work with Alberta on contact tracing apps

Quebec makes masks mandatory in indoor public spaces

Popular Vancouver coffee chain permanently closes all Toronto locations

SIMMONS: 'NHL sold us out,' Canadian broadcast worker says. 'Government sold us out'

Edmonton businesses step up call to redesign CERB program

The WE Foundation scandal again reflects Trudeau’s elitism and obliviousness

July 14 2020

First shipment of Alberta oil arrives in Saint John after journey through Panama Canal

WE Charity was set to receive $20M to manage student grant program

LILLEY: A deeper look at Kielburger Inc.

Trudeau Admits ‘Mistake’ as He Faces Third Corruption Scandal

July 15 2020

Trudeau health minister broke her own rules to fly across Canada

Rex Murphy: When 'sorry' doesn't cut it anymore

WE Charity could have received up to $43.5-million for administering student volunteer program, Minister tells MPs

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Tam hired WE Charity for unspecified “services”

WE Charity could have received up to $43.5-million for administering student volunteer program, Minister tells MPs

Hajdu travelled four times while telling public not to during pandemic: Report

Trudeau government arranged $1.18 million for WE Day event featuring Margaret Trudeau

Fewer than 1% of British Columbians had coronavirus by the time restrictions eased in May: study

Terry Glavin: 'Naive' Canada waits in vain for China to 'do the right thing'

What’s The Deal With WE Charity’s Accounting Department?

Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Dad. Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything

Liberal ministers Hajdu, Duclos travelled often during pandemic even while warning public to stay home

LILLEY: WE Charity listed real estate holdings worth $43.7 M in 2018

July 16 2020

Ethics commissioner launches investigation into Morneau's involvement in WE Charity contract

Chris Selley: Despite the WE scandal, Liberals know losing Trudeau only leaves a black hole

LILLEY: Testimony shows WE, not civil servants, dreamt up dream contract

EXCLUSIVE: WE Charity's buried $11K Public Service contract — for one week's “unspecified services”

Royal Canadian Navy to replace 'seaman' in rank titles with gender-neutral term

Chrystia Freeland: ‘Everyone In Cabinet’ Bears Responsibility For WE Charity Controversy

June was the worst month for overdose deaths in B.C. history

Bill Morneau’s lapse in judgment raises questions about his pandemic priorities

Addicts using CERB money for drugs: Health unit

LILLEY: WE Charity listed real estate holdings worth $43.7 M in 2018

WE Charity contract could have been worth up to $43.53 million, says Chagger

July 17 2020

Chinese government-owned firm wins $6.8M contract to supply security equipment to Canada's embassies

Rex Murphy: The fall of CHAZistan will echo through history

A timeline of key events in the WE Charity, Trudeau controversy

Liberals reviewing deal with Chinese state-owned firm to provide security equipment to Canadian embassies

CMHC spending a quarter-million on federal home equity tax research

WE Charity used taxpayer money to hire Trudeau fangirl Lilly Singh for California event

Liberal MPs filibuster ethics committee meeting, delaying decision on WE Charity probe

Feds spent $3.7M on 16 staff to review pandemic ad campaign

Canadian minister promises review after security contracts awarded to Chinese-state tech company

Trudeau government examining tax on Canadian homeowners

GTA From Florida to the GTA, via Cornwall. Trial details smuggling route behind Toronto’s largest handgun bust

OPP break up province-wide sex trade ring with ties to Kitchener, London

Chris Selley: Ethics scandals like WE might require resignations elsewhere. But this is Canada

Liberal ministers Hajdu, Duclos travelled often during pandemic even while warning public to stay home

July 18 2020

WE Charity Moved Millions To Private Kielburger Company

WE organization under scrutiny for not registering as lobbyist before pitching proposals to Trudeau Liberals

EDITORIAL: Reject capital gains tax on home sales

CERB, CESB applicants report weeks-long payment delays as CRA rolls out anti-fraud checks

LILLEY: The charity scandal that rocked the Trudeau government and how it happened

Police charge 3 people after Black Lives Matter protesters splatter paint on statues in Toronto

37 senators demand 'open, transparent' inquiry into N.S. shooting

The family that owns The New York Times were slaveholders: Goodwin

GOLDSTEIN: Politicians silent as Toronto gun crime skyrockets

KNIGHT: An apology is not enough. We deserve the truth.

Bardish Chagger sidesteps We charity scandal

A Liberal Hand in Hand with Nazis: Chrystia Freeland in Ukraine

July 19 2020

5 arrested after Brampton sneaker sale results in gunpoint carjacking

LILLEY: Real estate is central to the WE/Kielburger story

Man arrested after refusing to wear mask at Montreal Tim Hortons

BLIZZARD: Trudeau Libs trigger memories of their scandal-plagued Ontario cousins

PM Trudeau faces questions over Julie Payette appointment

July 20 2020

Scheer says Liberal MPs signalling they're OK with 'corruption' if they don't demand Trudeau's resignation

Trudeau a no-show in House after saying he would answer questions about WE

‘Completely unacceptable’ for Trudeau to skip House amid WE controversy: Scheer

Liberal minister Bardish Chagger met with WE Charity days before student program was announced by Trudeau

B.C. premier formally asks federal government to decriminalize illegal drugs

BREAKING: Scheer SHREDS Trudeau for taking personal day during WE Charity scandal, avoiding House of Commons

LILLEY: WE flips for real estate

John Ivison: Trudeau government's Chinese contract not short on stupidity

WAGNER: Canada will never change unless Alberta is willing to leave it

Briefing on the Canadian Response to the Outbreak of the Coronavirus


July 21 2020

Rex Murphy: Freeland has the PM's back. But does she have any answers?

Flood of government debt threatens to swamp market despite Bank of Canada buying

Champion Canadian gamer speaks out over harassment at Ubisoft, elsewhere

Team with Canadian military intelligence unit data-mined social media accounts of Ontarians during pandemic

Edmonton CFL team will officially change its name

Paying volunteer students less than minimum wage was federal government's idea, says WE Charity

Gov. Gen. Payette has created a toxic climate of harassment and verbal abuse at Rideau Hall, sources allege

Federal employees working from home given $500 to buy office furniture

LILLEY: Trudeau wants us to deny reality on WE fiasco

Trudeau government has announced at least $5.5M in funding to WE Charity since 2015

Hajdu flew on Cessna, same aircraft once criticized by Libs when Cons finance minister flew

Waterloo MP Chagger says she won't resign over WE Charity scandal

Yes, #WeHaveAProblem—and Not Just Because of Trudeau

July 22 2020

Pushback against sexual harassment in the gaming industry grows with high-profile resignations

Trudeau gov. contract for $912M student program was with WE Charity’s real estate holding foundation

Liberals to hike pay for 10,000 bureaucrats even as federal deficit continues to swell

Military intelligence unit briefed Sajjan on COVID-19 risk on January 17: documents

WE accused of giving personal data to Trudeau Liberals before 2015 election

Trudeau government paid $443 MILLION in CERB payments to ineligible Canadians

'A mistake': Morneau under fire over $41,000 worth of WE Charity travel expenses

Conservatives call for Morneau's resignation as finance minister says he repaid $41K in WE trip expenses

Inside Trudeau finance minister's free exotic vacation that totally wasn't a bribe

Justin Trudeau’s Billion-Dollar Scandal Is a Story of Power, Branding, and Charity

Federal Court rules Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement unconstitutional

John Cleese: Society Is Now Controlled By The Most Touchy, Emotionally Unstable, & Fragile People

Conservatives call for Morneau's resignation as finance minister says he repaid $41K in WE trip expenses

Hundreds march to demand public inquiry into Nova Scotia shooting

Trudeau gov. contract for $912M student program was with WE Charity’s real estate holding foundation

July 23 2020

KNIGHT: WE scandal worsens and screams out for an RCMP investigation

Canada’s Judges Are Moving The Country In A Far-Left Direction That Canadians Never Voted For

Global News lays off unspecified number of staff in "significant" restructuring

N.S. mass shooting review format criticized as lacking powers, transparency

Ministers back Morneau as opposition calls for his resignation over WE payment revelations

Morneau's ME to WE trip of a lifetime to cost him big time

Investigation into DND's withholding of documents in Vice Adm. Norman's case bounced around — no one charged

Gerald Butts Named Vice Chairman of Eurasia Group

July 24 2020

Kathryn Marshall: The governor general should step down so the Queen doesn't have to fire her

The Kielburger Family’s Private Real Estate Empire And Its Recent Deal With The City Of Toronto

Washington Post settles Nicholas Sandmann defamation lawsuit in Covington Catholic High School controversy

Asylum claims being filed in Canada continue to rise slightly despite COVID-19 pandemic

'DEEPLY REVOLTED': Liberal Party MP speaks out anonymously about Trudeau's corruption

Lilley Time To Let The Public See Into ME To WE

A privileged life: Everything you need to know about embattled Finance Minister Bill Morneau

Corporations reassess WE Charity sponsorships amid controversy

WE charity scandal - A simple guide to the new crisis for Trudeau

Rex Murphy: Canada's two most powerful men, blinded by their entitlement

LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals playing a bad game of defence on WE

Paid leave for public service during pandemic cost $623M, well above estimates: budget watchdog

July 25 2020

GUNTER: What's the point of this Nova Scotia 'review'? Covering backsides?

What Does WE Charity Actually Do?

Making face masks mandatory is not backed by science or law

KNIGHT: Is the RCMP reluctant to investigate Trudeau?

Who does 'voluntourism' actually help? Trips run by WE and other charities draw skepticism

July 26 2020

Radio host mocks Trump by claiming Seattle is peaceful, then rioters torched his apartment building

Liberals give 94,000 federal employees pay hikes as private sector struggles

Federally appointed judges' expenses to be made public for first time

July 27 2020

Former WE Charity chair says she resigned over ‘concerning developments’ at the organization

WE Charity contract called for Ottawa to pay $33-million in administration fees in its first weeks

Rideau Hall hires ex-Cirque du Soleil manager as it copes with fallout from harassment claims

Weekend Flights Cost $73,220

WE Charity grant agreement planned to spend roughly half of promised amount: documents

WE Charity contract called for Ottawa to pay $33-million in administration fees in its first weeks

WE Charity started work on Justin Trudeau’s student grant program weeks before cabinet approval

Feds Publish Anti-Oil Op-Eds

Agreement between WE and federal government set aside only $500 million for student grants: documents

Hajdu's repeated flights home during pandemic cost $73Gs

LILLEY: Questions that must be asked of the Kielburgers at committee

RCMP were told gunman behind Nova Scotia mass shooting smuggled drugs and guns for years, warrant reveals

Warrant alleges N.S. mass shooter was seasoned smuggler of narcotics, U.S. guns

Environmental law group seeks to stop Alberta’s inquiry into who funds oil critics

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's yellow-bellied cabinet won't rein him in

ZUNIGA: Student empowerment is not what happens at WE Day

ALDRICH: WE really should have seen this coming with Trudeau

Mysterious Windsor Hum that plagued Windsor for almost 10 years stops when U.S. steel plant shuts

July 28 2020

WE Paid Margaret Trudeau $167,944 More Than Previously Revealed

WE Charity probe involving Trudeau and Cabinet widens: MPs are now considering subpoenas

Government now launching full public inquiry into N.S. mass shooting

The Nova Scotia inquiry: Maybe next time, listen first

BC NDP premier says take a bike, public transit after Alberta plates vandalized

It's the mileage, not the years: Military says it plans to keep subs afloat past retirement dates

WE Charity worker says organization sacrificed ethical integrity to serve as vessel for 'corporate interests'

July 29 2020

Trudeau Fees & Expenses Up To $564K Including Free Trips

NDP Votes With Liberals AGAINST Opposition Push For More Cabinet Transparency On WE Scandal

Total writes off $9.3B in oilsands assets, cancels Canadian oil lobby membership

Aphria sees $99M loss in Q4, sales and profit hot streak continues

Kelly McParland: Looking through the eyes of the Kielburgers

Canadian military shrinks Middle East footprint as ISIL fight enters new phase

Rex Murphy: Curious and curiouser — Kielburger brothers' testimony raises even more questions

Twitter Suspends PragerU, Prominent Conservatives, and Doctors for Commenting on HCQ

Morneau’s Family Flew To WE’s Kenya Compound, In Possible Violation Of Federal Law

WE Charity spent more than $600,000 on U.S. political consultants, IRS filings show

TikTok Is Spyware for the Chinese Regime, Cyber Experts Warn

July 30 2020

LILLEY: Kielburger actions show they have more money than sense

Supreme Court of Canada to hear appeal of Quebec comedian Mike Ward on joke complaint

WE Charity spent hundreds of thousands on U.S. political consultants, IRS filings show

LILLEY: Committee learns WE charity hired investigators to spy on journo's kids

In U.S., WE Charity Spent Money On Kielburger “Friend,” Board Member’s Firm, Republican Strategists

'Highly unethical': Someone paid nearly 200 people to promote positive WE Charity stories on Google

John Ivison: Whether Trudeau's testimony worked or not, the winds of change are blowing for Liberals

Bought Studies Never Written A $10.5 million federal program paid climate change researchers for studies that were never written, and other reports that were little read. “The program faces many challenges,” wrote auditors with the Department of Fisheries.

EDITORIAL: Trudeau throws public service under the bus

Trudeau family received additional $213,000 from WE in free trips, other expenses

BRUTAL: The Liberals GUTTED Canada’s Pandemic Warning System Before The CCP Virus Infiltrated. Now, The Auditor General Is Investigating

WE charity scandal - A simple guide to the new crisis for Trudeau

July 31 2020

Day After Testimony, Trudeau Announces Plan To End CERB In Effort To Divert Attention

LILLEY: Ontario government bows out of relationship with WE

LILLEY: Trudeau appears to have used WE language when announcing student deal

WE scandal: Trudeau says he expected perception issues, but felt there was no conflict

GOLDSTEIN: Conflicted Trudeau doesn't know who his friends are

Comment: Why did Trudeau create unnecessary student grants? Maybe to buy votes

Witnesses to prove Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou lied, supporting her extradition: docs

Howard Levitt: If Trudeau and Morneau were running a corporation, conflicts of interest in WE case would have led to their dismissal

Roy Green: Justin Trudeau has become a liability to the Liberal Party

PM Trudeau: Morneau 'should not have accepted' gifts from WE Charity

Despite Latest Scandal, ‘Sorry’ Trudeau Will Limp Through Next Election

Deadline to submit bids to build Canada's next fighter jets lands today

Chris Selley: This toxic voluntourism is not how to change the world

COMMENTARY: Justin Trudeau’s testimony leaves us with an implausible WE Charity narrative

Liberals paid $10.5 million for climate change studies that were never written

Kelly McParland: If ignorance is bliss, Trudeau must be very blissful

Trudeau says Morneau was 'helping make the world a better place' by going on WE Charity vacation

PM Trudeau: Morneau 'should not have accepted' gifts from WE Charity

City to review why it's paying $9.7M to rent building from parents of WE Charity founders

Anne McLellan, former Liberal minister, drops out of mass shooting public inquiry

Rex Murphy: Forget 'pushing back.' Trudeau could have squashed the WE deal

The Kielburgers are green hypocrites too

Brampton woman's accused killer had history of violating restraining orders

Howard Levitt: If Trudeau and Morneau were running a corporation, conflicts of interest in WE case would have led to their dismissal

Brampton man charged with murder in woman’s death, police chief cites ‘complete failure’ of system

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