September 2020

September 1 2020

CRA employees to get 10% raise while Canada sees record unemployment

Privy Council Office hires private firm to review harassment claims at Rideau Hall

After Waiting Two Days To Denounce Destruction Of John A. Macdonald Statue, Trudeau Uses Moment To Spread More Division

Once again, a weakened Liberal government offers the NDP an opening

Nearly 15,000 teachers on Ontario’s sunshine list,000-teachers-on-ontario%E2%80%99s-sunshine-list

LILLEY: Average high school teacher costs more than $100K a year

REPORT: Criminal charges laid on union boss Jerry Dias

Statistics Canada preps new online inflation tool to better detail price impacts

Documents prove federal youth minister, not public service, drove hiring of WE Charity: NDP

Documents requested by House prove youth minister was key driver in WE decision: NDP

Trudeau blames 'extreme right' for dividing Canadians after John A. Macdonald statue toppled

September 2 2020

Dr. Theresa Tam tells Canadians they should wear a mask while having sex

Rex Murphy: Why the WE spree won't go quietly the way of other Liberal mishandlings

GOLDSTEIN: Politicians ignoring the truth about rising gun violence

Trudeau Says Canadians Can Judge His Ethics Record During 'Campaigns'

Liberals to unveil ‘ambitious green agenda’ in throne speech, Trudeau says

The state now tells you to wear a mask in the bedroom

BREAKING: David Menzies ARRESTED in Brampton

RCMP working on ‘action plan’ after review finds leadership failure in Cameron Ortis case

Trudeau calls Payette ‘excellent’ governor general, says no plans to replace her

September 3 2020

BREAKING: Conservatives call for investigation into Trudeau chief of staff's husband's lobbying

Whistleblowers troubled by Trudeau's warm words about Gov. Gen. Julie Payette

John Ivison: Trudeau's 'literally frightening' spending plan has some Liberals, bureaucrats very worried

EDITORIAL: Trudeau's green dream will end in disaster

Trudeau & Freeland’s Low-Growth, High Debt Plan Will Cripple Canada’s Economy

Trudeau’s Dangerous Radical Agenda Will Betray An Entire Generation Of Canadians

Diane Francis: Trudeau has bungled Canada's COVID-19 response

Pelosi’s Blunder not Going Away, McEnany Slams Hypocritical Behavior at Press Conference

Trudeau & Freeland’s Low-Growth, High Debt Plan Will Cripple Canada’s Economy

Piano teacher gets prison term for 'depraved' sexual acts against 4-year-old girl

Canadians spending more on taxes than basic necessities

Nearly 1,000 flights in Canada have carried COVID-positive passengers since February

Provinces missed out on $14.5B in equalization payments due to rule change: PBO

Skip the kissing, wear a mask while having sex, Canada's top doctor suggests

September 4 2020

Conservatives again ask lobbying commissioner to probe Telford's husband

John Ivison: Liberals' 'bold and ambitious' reimagining of Canada could result in $100B spending blitz

CUPE email fearmongers about “police murder of Black people” and far-right “murderous terror”

Why millions of travellers have entered Canada despite COVID-19 travel restrictions

Canada only country willing to detain Meng Wanzhou, China says

Business report: $1K fines for refusing to wear masks on flights

Rex Murphy: What Seamus O'Regan clearly doesn't understand about Alberta could fill a list

Coronavirus: Tests 'could be picking up dead virus'

MALCOLM: If Trudeau's proposing socialism, the people must be allowed to vote on it

Salon Owner Jailed For Defying COVID-19 Lockdown Slams Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Colder weather and holidays bring new COVID-19 concerns, Tam warns

Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland Are Willing To Destroy Your Entire Financial Future So They Can Win An Election

O’Toole says his government would eliminate the deficit within a decade

Canadian doctor: Smear against Hydroxychloroquine drug in stopping COVID ‘needs to stop’

Colder weather and holidays bring new COVID-19 concerns, Tam warns

The Great Unknown: Uncertainty reigns as researchers scramble to measure the effectiveness of lockdowns

September 5 2020

'They were making a lot of money bringing them to Canada': U.S. busts alleged cross-border gunrunners, Toronto man wanted

Roy Green: Will Ontario history come calling on a prime minister with a checkered past?

Jagmeet Singh showed an appalling lack of judgment in tweet about Korchinski-Paquet death

ROGLIANI: A Virus Worse Than Coronavirus: Socialism

CONFIRMED: The Leftist Atlantic Behind the Garbage Military Hit Piece on Trump — Is Owned by a Joe Biden Mega-Donor

GOLDSTEIN: Why gun violence in Toronto keeps getting worse

A Trudeau-Caused Debt Crisis Could Give China More Control Over Our Economy & Even Our Territory

Trudeau & Freeland Are Betraying Millions Of Liberal Voters

American family caught exploiting 'Alaska loophole' to vacation in Vancouver, police say

GUNTER: Canada may soon see Screw the West 2.0

WATCH: Grain Farmers of Ontario attack Justin Trudeau in new video

September 6 2020

Laurene Powell Jobs’s Ties to China May Be Behind Insidious Trump Hit Piece In The Atlantic

Canada’s current deficit level will be ‘unsustainable’ within 1 to 2 years: PBO

Parliamentary Budget Officer WARNING: Canada’s Debt Levels Will Soon Become “Unsustainable”

9 flights involving Vancouver airport added to BCCDC list of COVID-19 exposures

It’s now looking like the lockdowns may have been a huge mistake

Black Christian Lives Apparently Do Not Matter

China strategically dehydrated Laos, buried it under loans and now controls its national electric grid

September 7 2020

The dirty secret behind your ‘green’ electric car

Rex Murphy: An homage to ordinary working people

As Canadians Mark Labour Day, Trudeau Prepares The Ultimate Betrayal Of Canadian Workers

Scheer remains on Conservatives’ front bench as party readies for Parliament

How Likely is a Second wave?

September 8 2020

Federal AG Lametti interfered in court business: Judge

Court of appeal shuts down Liberal bill for unlawful interference in justice system

Ottawa orders review after report pandemic warning system was shuttered

Why The Hell Hasn’t The Canadian Government Advised All Our Citizens To Leave China?

Hajdu orders a review of pandemic alert system after scientists claim warnings were ignored

WATCH: Black Lives Matter Agitators Harass Black McDonald’s Manager

Cops arrest suspect with machete during DVP takedown

LILLEY: Shootings up as Trudeau's gun ban fails

Trudeau government funds rock star photoshoot, sex toy exhibit featuring ‘double masturbator’

September 9 2020

Prime Minister announces support for Black entrepreneurs and business owners

Report finds immigrants, refugees comprise nearly half of Ontario's COVID-19 cases

Dividing By Race: Trudeau Creates New Entrepreneurship Fund Only Available To Black Entrepreneurs

Trudeau announces $221M business loan program for Black entrepreneurs

O'Toole says Trudeau divided the country, Tories will be a compassionate 'government in waiting'

CBC covered Trudeau’s socks and hair more than disgraced Liberal MPs

WARMINGTON: Vicious Yonge Street assault captured on video

Poverty gap was growing in years before COVID pandemic, Statistics Canada says in updated report

Liberal heritage minister pushes for more regulations on social media companies

Over $4M in assets seized from convicted former SNC-Lavalin exec Sami Bebawi

U. of Rhode Island to Remove WWII Murals Due to Lack of Diversity

BC’s carbon tax failed to reduce emissions: Department of Environment report

Joe Oliver: Austerity straw man can't hide Trudeau’s plan for fiscal ruin

Shocking video emerges of Toronto gunfight hours after gender reveal party

Canada is fuelling war in Yemen with arms sales, UN report says

WE Charity winding down operations in Canada after student grants scandal

Trudeau praises Payette again, says he's waiting on external review of Gov. Gen.'s office

September 10 2020

Bill Morneau violated Elections Act ahead of 2019 election: commissioner

Kielburgers 'devastated' by We Charity closure but say 'there's no one to blame'

Jagmeet Singh ‘Very Confident’ Trudeau Knows What NDP Wants In Throne Speech

GOLDSTEIN: O'Toole matches Trudeau's absurd climate promise

Chinese ambassador says bringing manufacturing jobs back to Canada impossible

Trudeau won’t say if he has a plan to reduce the deficit

Judge rules against private care for patients as four-year B.C. trial challenging universal health system ends

EDITORIAL: Trudeau and the limits of a PM’s powers

University of Waterloo professor calls pandemic 'COVID fake emergency'

Liberals Continue Dividing By Race: Hajdu Announces Mental Health Funds Only Available For Black Canadians

Millions More In Tidal Power

Hajdu: Sidelining of pandemic alert system an 'administrative' decision

Canada Post apologizes for printing stamps with severed John A. Macdonald head

‘Grow up’: Canadian man with Texas plates awakes to find his truck vandalized

David Rosenberg: The real reason Canada's economic recovery is a mirage

September 11 2020

Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal faces breach of trust, fraud charges

Former Liberal MP charged by RCMP with breach of trust and fraud

John Ivison: Get ready for the Liberals' secret new carbon tax

Mortgage Deferrals $1B/mo.

BREAKING: Trudeau government to provide Toronto with $14 MILLION for quarantine facility

VIDEO: Incompetent Patty Hajdu Tries Deflecting Blame For Decision To Eliminate Canada’s Pandemic Warning System

‘Super-spreading’: Karaoke must be banned in Canada amid coronavirus, experts say

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's carbon taxes going up, up, up

Trudeau Agrees to Virtual Meeting Over Federal Health Transfers to Provinces

Veteran radio host Charles Adler links Donald Trump to 9/11

Chinese virologist claims she has proof COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Lawmakers Call On Justice Department To Take Legal Action Against Netflix For Sexualizing Children

FERNANDO: Trudeau Declares War Against Working Class Canadians

Breach of Trust and Fraud Charges Laid In RCMP Criminal Investigation

Trudeau, Tam defend Canadian response times to COVID-19 pandemic

Cabinet weighing housing plan and EI reform as government prepares fall agenda

Average federal employee cost taxpayers $115,000 in 2019

Jack Mintz: Liberals’ latest plan to penalize western energy is exactly what Canada doesn’t need

September 12 2020

Guaranteed basic income tops policy priorities for Liberal caucus

Guaranteed basic income emerges as top policy priority for Liberal MPs amid COVID-19

WARMINGTON: Toronto has gone to the dogs

Rex Murphy: We need a real choice in the next election

Public health experts need to release their grip of fear on Canadians

Police in Quebec can issue fines to those refusing to wear masks when obligatory

LILLEY: Another Trudeau mistake that cost Canada big on COVID-19

Pro-gun marchers speak out on federal government's assault weapons ban

B.C. judge in landmark public health case had treatment in private clinic

REVEALED: George Floyd Swallowed Drugs During May 2019 Arrest and Admitted to Snorting Oxycodone Daily

Dominic LeBlanc in conflict over surf clam licence: ethics commissioner

Health minister continues defence of China’s handling of coronavirus case data

SIMS: B.C. emissions up despite highest carbon tax

KNIGHT: Is Justin Trudeau a racist?

LILLEY: Another Trudeau mistake that cost Canada big on COVID-19

Trudeau defends COVID-19 response as critics say threat was misjudged

September 13 2020

Propaganda Patty Defends Communist China Yet Again

Government considering “legal remedies” for unregulated internet speech

Health minister continues defence of China’s handling of coronavirus case data

September 14 2020

New Internet Regs Are Secret

Liberals Haven't Consulted With Opposition Parties On Throne Speech

Canadian Banks Warn Trudeau Government About Debt Binge

Federal government refuses to share draft internet censorship legislation with public

VIDEO: Hajdu Says She Knew About Pandemic Risk In December 2019. So Why Did She Then Spend Months Opposing Border Closures & Saying The ‘Risk Was Low’?

‘Covid-19 made in Wuhan lab controlled by China govt’, claims virologist, offers evidence

Fundraisers yes, Ottawa no: Liberals are safe from COVID-19 — at their own events

INSANE: Globe & Mail Attacks Erin O’Toole For Criticizing Disturbing ‘Cuties’ Movie

Where’s the beef? Alberta RCMP investigating hot tub heist, $230K meat theft by trucks with fake papers

Cable of B.C.'s Sea-to-Sky Gondola deliberately cut for 2nd time

Cables cut by vandals on B.C.'s Sea to Sky Gondola for second time in just over a year

Top bankers warn Ottawa about Canada’s spiralling debt

CBC’s The National ignores former Liberal MPs criminal charges

September 15 2020

Admit Job Claim Guesswork

Jack M. Mintz: Make no mistake, housing is far from tax-free

Pearson airport seeing most COVID-infected international flights, data shows

Wow Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Blows Whistle on China “Manufacturing” COVID-19…

Twitter Suspends Account Of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging Covid Was Created In Wuhan Lab

ESKENASI: Why Socialism eventually leads to evil

20-year-old Albertan didn’t die from COVID-19 — Media Party misinformed the public

Justin Trudeau's credibility as a fiscal manager is shot; he'll have to curb spending to get it back

Trudeau government imported $19 BILLION in foreign oil last year

September 16 2020

Trudeau govt department to build $2.6 MILLION monument to itself

Task force calls on federal government to spend billions on a 'green recovery'

Chrystia Freeland Is Misleading Canadians About Aluminum Quotas

Propaganda is for foreign enemies, not skeptical Canadians | Ezra explains gov't monitoring plan

BREAKING: High level Trudeau ministers broke Conflict of Interest Act by meeting with former US ambassador. Freeland, Vance and several federal officials barred from official dealings with ex-ambassador

Canada Has Highest Unemployment Rate In The G7

Billionaire critic of COVID-19 restrictions says Ottawa let her skip 14-day quarantine

Ex-MP Grewal allegedly didn't disclose $6M to ethics czar, defrauded constituency employee: documents

Edmonton police unveil new $500K armoured vehicle

Canada not yet ready to deploy rapid COVID testing devices, says health minister

Liberals are considering a universal basic income, but economists have tough questions for its proponents

The Liberals pledged 2 billion trees over 10 years, but none planted yet

September 17 2020

If Canada’s Establishment Media Actually Did Their Jobs, Patty Hajdu Would Have Already Resigned In Disgrace

Trudeau plastics ban may violate USMCA and hinder pandemic response: Industry groups

LILLEY: Butts bends Trudeau's ear with green dreams

Border agency made a mistake in issuing U.S. billionaire a quarantine exemption: Blair

WATCH: China’s Man In Ottawa Justin Trudeau Speaks To Chinese Propaganda Outlet, Says Xi Jinping’s ‘Priorities’ Are “Deeply Important To Canada As Well”

EDITORIAL: We can't afford more green energy failures

Trudeau government promises Greta Thunberg two billion trees, plants zero

Liberals appoint host from CTV’s The Social to run in Morneau’s former riding

CMHC to get new name to better reflect focus on housing affordability

CRA cyberattacks impacted four times as many accounts as previously believed

Federal government invests $400k into food security for the north

September 18 2020

Public Health Agency of Canada president resigns as COVID-19 cases spike

OPINION: Feds need to hit a reset on alcohol escalator tax

Liberal candidate running in Morneau’s riding is a former WE Day speaker

Man charged in 'cowardly' Toronto murder was wanted for shooting in Hamilton

Bell: Kenney to Trudeau, Alberta wants $6.5 billion. Now.

Rush Order For Vote Supplies

Guaranteed annual income could increase federal program spending 132.4%: study

Tesla occupants slept on reclined seats as car self-drove at 140 km/h through Alberta: RCMP

MALCOLM: Why a basic government income is such a bad idea

Guaranteed annual income could increase federal program spending 132.4%: study

Conrad Black: Freeland prepares to take us down a self-defeating path

Rex Murphy: Are Liberals planting the seeds for an early election? Because they haven't planted any trees

September 19 2020

Authorities are investigating a package sent – but not delivered – to President Trump that contained the poison ricin

Letter with ricin poison sent to White House may have come from Canada: RCMP

Canadian broadcasters say 40 TV stations and more than 100 radio stations will shut down over the next few years without government aid

GUNTER: Yet again, Liberals feel the rules aren't for them

Canada adds more than 800 new coronavirus cases, 6 deaths

September 20 2020

Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives

Montrealer sent ricin poison envelope to President Trump in assassination attempt

Arrest made at U.S.-Canada border in White House ricin envelope investigation

Ranchman's, Calgary's iconic honky-tonk, closes after close to 50 years

MALCOLM: Universal basic income fails on social, economic and moral grounds

September 21 2020

BREAKING: Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier Identified As Suspect In Poison Letter Sent To Trump

Supreme Court set to hear provinces’ appeals over Trudeau’s carbon tax

Liberals pledge $1 billion for cities to buy motels, hotels for rapid-housing program

PMO failed to check with key former employers before Payette's appointment as Governor General: sources

Activists block railway tracks in East Vancouver, demand end to pipeline project

The answer is that few modern religions are as fragile as Islam.

Canadian oil company has planted 11 million more trees than Trudeau government

Liberals pledge $1 billion for cities to buy motels, hotels for rapid-housing program

September 22 2020

BONOKOSKI: Tighten 'er up, settle in, Trudeau about to wreak havoc

GOLDSTEIN: What's Trudeau's plan to pay for his throne speech promises?

Trudeau To Lie To The Nation On Wednesday Night

Hospital in Newmarket, Ont. to cut 95 registered nurse positions due to financial challenges

Details emerge about the Quebec woman alleged to have mailed a poison letter to Trump

Ford deal to build electric cars in Oakville comes amid $500M government cash to upgrade plant

September 23 2020

Kelly Ogle: A 'northern corridor' to put Canada back on the map

Trudeau dangles national childcare system in throne speech with few hints of fiscal restraint

Liberals promise to extend emergency COVID-19 supports, build national childcare program in throne speech

Hunter Biden received $3.5M wire transfer from Russian billionaire: Senate report

Parliament resumes full operations today with debate on throne speech

Supreme Court reserves judgment in Canada’s carbon tax cases

EXCLUSIVE: How George Soros influences Canadian government (PART ONE)

Ontario police target u-pick apple farmer, threaten $100,000 social distancing fine

Newmarket hospital lays off 97 registered nurses due to 'a significant financial challenge'

Trudeau tells Canadians his government took on debt so they didn't have to

September 24 2020

Toronto paying $250Gs to consult on changing name of Dundas Street