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August 2021

August 1 2021

NP View: Liberals ensure the Muskrat Falls boondoggle is everyone's burden

Peel police investigating hate-motivated incident at place of worship in Mississauga

CDC: 397 Children Suffered Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccine

New heads of Toronto CSIS office say they want to hire a more diverse group of spies

August 2 2021

A Letter to the Unvaccinated

Report: UN Teachers Celebrate Deaths of Israelis

Trudeau’s Endless Foreign Aid Giveaways Are An Insult To Canadians

UN-paid teachers celebrate deaths of Israelis, support terrorism, study finds

BOMBSHELL: House Committee finds COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan lab

Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day

August 3 2021

Trudeau-appointed senator says Canada has “no democratic tradition” of free speech

Decision to mix COVID-19 vaccines could cause international travel difficulties for millions of Canadians

Liberal connections overshadow Trudeau’s latest “independent” senate appointments

GUNTER: The public sector fared very well during lockdown

Politicians Are Still Avoiding The Importance Of Improving Physical Health & Individual Responsibility

Following Health Canada guidelines on mixing vaccines could get Canadians kicked off cruises

GUNTER: Will voters overlook Amarjeet Sohi's record of wrecking Edmonton’s economy when they go to the ballot box?

Canada’s largest journalism union launches an official campaign against Erin O’Toole

Ottawa denies Alberta's request to let people carry pepper spray for self-defence

FACT CHECK: Unifor attack ad full of misinformation about Erin O’Toole

Ethics watchdog says Trudeau didn’t further interests of lifelong friend Pitfield

August 4 2021

Can’t Force Vaccines: Report

CBC advertising revenue down 18% last year

Canada’s election results could take a few days due to COVID-19: top official

A Matter of Fact: Opponents of Line 5 ignore safety record and planned improvements for critical pipeline

Pipeline operating for 68 years in the Straits of Mackinac without a single spill, $500-million tunnel to ensure further protection

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine linked to rare cases of eye inflammation - study

Calgary doc who claims ‘no ties’ to Alberta NDP has donated nearly $20,000 to party

'For $1/Day'... Double-Blind Ivermectin Study Reveals COVID Patients Recover More Quickly, Are Less Infectious

Digital Safety Commission to police Canada’s internet

Canada's health system ranked second last among 11 countries: report

The End of Women’s Sports

Missouri governor pardons gun-waving St. Louis lawyer couple

Shouldn’t The “Right To Control Our Bodies” Argument Apply To Vaccinations?

Trial of man accused in Marrisa Shen murder pushed back to 2022

The number one reason you will never be able to afford a house in Canada

The cost of down payments in Canadian cities skyrocketed in 2021, new data shows

How a B.C. woman got stuck with a $4,000 bill after renting a pickup truck

Trudeau's censorship czar deletes tweet falsely claiming Bill C-10 criticism was 'misinformation campaign'

August 5 2021

Diane Francis: Trudeau wants an election, and Canadians will pay for it

Delta variant will lead to increase in breakthrough Covid infections among vaccinated, Moderna says

Trudeau calls for forced vaccination of Canadian workers

Joe Biden Grabs Little Girl, Whispers in Her Ear During Bill Signing at White House (VIDEO)

Won’t Testify On Tax Cut Act

Jack M. Mintz: Inflation should be an election issue

PM says he's considering making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for federal workers

Quebec premier announces vaccine-passport system after rise in cases

Canada to donate more than 82,000 doses of AstraZeneca doses to Trinidad and Tobago

Corbella: Catch-and-release justice system led to death of home invader on acreage

28 prehistoric viruses unknown to science were found in a glacial ice cores. They are thought to be around 15,000 years old.

You now need to make $253,000 to afford an average Vancouver house

Rex Murphy: The classy Stephen Harper returns to speak truth to the illiberal left

mRNA technology behind COVID-19 vaccines could change how we treat cancer

AstraZeneca COVID vaccine blood clot risk 'similar' to Pfizer, new study finds

Seniors cut off from income supplement after receiving emergency benefits

August 6 2021

Pfizer vaccine label amended in Canada to list Bell's Palsy as possible side-effect

EVs Cost 1.6 To 2.3 Times More To Service Than Internal Combustion Vehicles, New Study Shows

‘Like I got hit in the jaw’: Barrie-area resident diagnosed with myocarditis days after Pfizer shot

Munk School handed $99,000 contract to evaluate federal leaders’ debates

Fully vaccinated people who get a Covid-19 breakthrough infection can transmit the virus, CDC chief says

Chris Selley: Vaccination politics are more complicated than many Canadians seem to think

Kenney says he won’t ‘take a lecture’ from feds on COVID-19 in Alberta

Crack Unit Ran On Cab Chits

Opinion: Canadians deserve better than five decades of deficits

No charges against Alberta man who fatally shot home intruder: RCMP

Soldiers testify at court martial about feeling high on live-fire training exercise

Ottawa announces $6-billion transfer to Quebec aimed at strengthening child care

Vancouver man dies after assault at Grandview Park

South Korea to compensate nurse paralyzed after AstraZeneca vaccine


Man dies following daytime assault in Vancouver's Grandview Park

Restaurant giant in Burnaby posts big profit amid restrictions

United Airlines To Require All U.S. Employees To Get Vaccinated

Quebec gym owner facing threats over policy to require clients to show proof of vaccination

Legault announces Quebec will move ahead with vaccination passport

UK: Muslim rape gang police whistleblower says rape gang activity ‘is going on everywhere in the UK’

Trudeau's last middle finger to Alberta: Grassy Mountain project vetoed

MP Marwan Tabbara returns to court next month

August 7 2021

Worse than the disease? Reviewing some possible unintended consequences of mRNA vaccines against Covid-19

Teenage boy dies after targeted triple shooting in Hamilton

COVID hysteria: The real goal is rewiring society

Man in Richmond found dead from apparent targeted shooting: RCMP

EDITORIAL: Trudeau out to buy the election

August 8 2021

Two men dead, two others critical after shooting near Kensington Market: police

Vaccinated Americans can enter Canada starting Monday. Here are 11 things to know before a trip.

Hypocrisy: Barack Obama Dances Maskless Among Hundreds of Guests

Most COVID-19 Patients at Israel Hospital Fully Vaccinated, Doctor Calls Mandates ‘Diabolic’

August 9 2021

Study finds cholesterol drug cuts COVID infection by 70%, reduces spread

WARMINGTON: More planes landing, but stranded Afghan interpreters not on board

COP26: Covid travel rules relaxed for overseas delegates

August 10 2021

GUNTER: Latest WE Charity report is bad news for Liberals

Canadian Michael Spavor found guilty of spying, sentenced to 11 years in prison by Chinese court

WE charity scandal grows with revelation of numerous sweetheart deals from Liberals

Billboard campaign sounds alarm over $1,000,000,000,000 federal government debt

Moderna to Build Vaccine Plant in Canada

Participants needed for study on mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines

Former ISIS recruit allowed to finish 7-year sentence living with wife

Government of Canada announces agreement with leading COVID­-19 vaccine developer Moderna, Inc. to build mRNA vaccine facility in Canada

Chinese court sentences Canadian Michael Spavor to 11 years in case tied to Huawei

Canada cites “diversity” in outer space as strength in UN report

August 11 2021

LILLEY: If we truly believe vaccines work, we don't need a vax passport

Liberals hide names of media companies given $61 million in subsidies

Kerry Family Jet Emitted 30 Times More Carbon So Far In 2021 Than Average Vehicle Does In A Year

A German nurse may have injected thousands of people with saline instead of COVID vaccine, police say

BREAKING: Trudeau announces national vaccine passport program for travelers

Trudeau’s Weak Response To Communist China’s Actions Continues Putting Canadians At Risk

Canada Is Spending $73 Billion On Affordable Housing, And It Will Push Prices Higher

Dr. Bonnie Henry ordered to stand trial

UN climate change doomsday warnings have predicted 'decade to save planet' since 1972

August 12 2021

Canada donating 10M J&J COVID vaccines to countries in need

COVID-19 vaccine trial data for kids coming by end of year: Pfizer

Canadian military preparing to evacuate Canadians from Afghanistan: sources

Troubled department store giant in Burnaby splitting stores from online

Study Shows That 44% Of Employees Would Quit If Ordered To Get Vaccinated

August 13 2021

South Africa: R*pe Capital of the World

Federal government to require vaccinations for all federal public servants, air and train passengers

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Poised to Make Billions on COVID-19 Boosters

Feds win battle for privacy of serial killer Paul Bernardo and cop killer Craig Munro over victims' families' requests

BREAKING: Canadian Forces is bringing in a vax passport

'We are not anti-vaxxers': Concerns over side-effects, research among main reasons some Canadians are not getting COVID-19 vaccine

Austria: Funeral of 13-year-old raped and murdered by Muslim migrants gets police protection as family gets threats

EXCLUSIVE: At least 74 people on Martha's Vineyard have tested positive for Covid-19 since Barack Obama's maskless 60th birthday bash - the most cases on the island since April

The SNC Lavalin Ethics Scandal Revisited HD 1080p

LILLEY: Trudeau's mandatory vaccination plan all about politics, not health

COVID-19 vaccine sends young man to Richmond hospital

August 14 2021

Canada to buy 40 million Moderna COVID-19 doses in next two years: Trudeau

Sir John A. Macdonald statue toppled in Hamilton park after hundreds attend rally, march

US Asking Taliban to Spare American Embassy During Siege on Kabul to Maintain ‘Robust Diplomatic Engagement’

China dismisses Ottawa’s protests over cases tied to Huawei

Canada flouting international law by continuing Saudi arms sales, report says


B.C. makes COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for workers in long-term care, assisted living facilities

NASA boosts impact risk from 'potentially hazardous' asteroid Bennu

COVID-19 vaccine sends young man to Richmond hospital

Raymond J. de Souza: Canada gets its plot in the graveyard of empires

August 15 2021

Donald Trump fires back at Joe Biden after Biden tried to blame Trump for Afghanistan collapse: 'Failure through weakness'

President Ghani has left Afghanistan, official says, as Taliban fighters enter Kabul

Canadians head to the polls in pandemic federal election set for September

This morning at Rideau Hall and in Kabul

Afghanistan’s first female mayor: ‘I’m waiting for Taliban to come for people like me and kill me’

'Canada left them behind': Afghan interpreters and their families plead to be evacuated from Afghanistan

LILLEY: Trudeau calls election to look after himself while saying it's all about you

NASA slightly improves the odds that asteroid Bennu hits Earth. Humanity will be ready regardless – Salon

August 16 2021

Federal poll workers won’t be required to be vaccinated: Elections Canada

People who have been infected with COVID-19 are nearly 4.5 times more likely to feel side effects from vaccine compared to those who've never tested positive, study of healthcare workers finds

PMO, Global Affairs holding off deploying CAF Kabul evacuation team: Sources

Man groped, woman punched in 'completely unprovoked' incidents on Commercial Drive: Vancouver police

‘Gaslighting’: Joe Biden Defends Decision to Leave Afghanistan, Avoids Explaining Botched Withdrawal

Trudeau’s Dishonesty On Vaccine Mandates Shows He’ll Say Anything To Divide Canadians And Gain More Power

August 17 2021

Ontario to offer third COVID-19 dose to high-risk populations

Consumer price inflation could become Trudeau's biggest economic vulnerability

Current Taliban Leader was Freed in Exchange for Deserter Bergdahl by Obama in 2014

Canada will not recognize 'terrorist' Taliban as official Afghan government: Trudeau

The Taliban knocked on her door 3 times. The fourth time, they killed her

August 18 2021

Trudeau blames Taliban — not bureaucracy — for pace of evacuations from Afghanistan

Justin Trudeau’s first public campaign event seemingly broke Ontario’s COVID rules

Watch Trudeau: ‘I don’t think about monetary policy’

Canadians don’t want amnesty for faulty CERB payments

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's vanity election would be silly, if it weren't so shameful

Montreal man sentenced to 18 years for buying African girl to use as sex slave

Fusion experiment breaks record, blasts out 10 quadrillion watts of power

High-profile extradition case of Meng Wanzhou wraps up with reserved decision

New $4.15 billion George Massey Tunnel with 8 lanes confirmed by BC government

Defence department website tells employees vaccine mandates not legal

She sells seashells to she-cover from the she-cession

Liberals pledge to support training of 1,000 more personnel to fight wildfires

August 19 2021

Unvaccinated? Here are some of the things that are off-limits to you in Canada

Ontario MPP ousted from PC caucus over refusal to get vaccinated

Mortgage debt is rising at its fastest pace in Canada since 2007

Justin Trudeau spotted sipping a pint at Metro Vancouver pub (PHOTOS)

Getting away from the science? Reasons behind mixed COVID-19 vaccine restrictions unclear

Taliban reportedly going 'door-to-door' looking for Christians to kill them

Study: Pfizer and AstraZeneca’s protection from delta variant weaker after 90 days

August 20 2021

Rupa Subramanya: Trudeau blames Afghans for not getting to the airport fast enough

Taliban going 'house to house' in Afghanistan 'hanging' people who worked with US: source

Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden: Biden ‘Deserves An Impeachment,’ He ‘Surrendered To The Taliban’

Vancouver police release dash cam video of violent unprovoked assault on busy street

University Health Network to terminate unvaccinated employees in October

'It's Now or Never': US Mom Flies Halfway Around the World to Rescue 10 Members of Afghan All-Girl Robotics Team

Rex Murphy: The lost Liberals and their lofty ideals

Liberal candidate apologizes for calling early vaccine takers 'entitled' guinea pigs

Kevin Newman: Kabul shows the unflattering truth: Canada is slow, risk-averse and selfish

Burial costs covered for Canadians killed by approved vaccines

August 21 2021

COVID-19: Toronto hospital network plans to fire employees who aren’t vaccinated

Where are the most people declining COVID-19 vaccines? See how your state ranks.

Dr. David E. Martin reveals shocking news everyone, especially Canadians, MUST ACT on NOW! Proof of Treason and Crimes Against Humanity.

Conservatives call for ethics probe of Liberal MP's 2017 Italy trip

August 22 2021

Afghan, American troops turn away Canadians at Kabul airport

August 23 2021

FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine

Posthaste: No, you’re not imagining it — food prices are rising, and they're set to go even higher

Trudeau is in panic mode and resorting to manipulating the truth

WARMINGTON: There will be no movie about rescue mission heroes didn't show up for

August 24 2021

WATCH: Trudeau threatens to reduce health transfers to Saskatchewan over private MRI services, silent on Quebec

Canadians left to fend for themselves in Taliban-controlled Kabul as U.S. troops again turn away evacuees

Toronto Police Association oppose mandatory vaccination policy of TPS

Trudeau's deputy PM faces investigation over social media post deemed fake news

B.C. becomes third province to require proof of vaccination, starting Sept. 13

Freeland Faces Election Probe

COVID-19: B.C. orders vaccine passport for non-essential services

August 25 2021

Exclusive: Samples From Early Wuhan COVID Patients Had Genetically Modified Henipah, One of Two Types of Viruses Sent From Canadian Lab

BREAKING: Trudeau Chased Out of Neighbourhood by Angry Crowd

Maryam Monsef criticized for Taliban 'our brothers' comment

Liberal candidate blasted for 'flipping' homes as Trudeau promises to crack down on speculators

Chinese state-owned shipbuilder tapped to supply ferry for Crown corporation as Canadians remain jailed

Trudeau's Women & Gender Equality Minister begs “Our brothers, the Taliban” for HELP

August 26 2021

Japan suspends 1.6 million Moderna Covid vaccine doses over contamination concerns

Tasha Kheiriddin: Trudeau Liberals have no clue on foreign policy — 'our brothers' gaffe just the latest fail

The Fallacious Covid Narrative Has Completely Fallen Apart But the Corrupt Medical Establishment Steams Ahead On Its Catastrophic Course

LILLEY: Liberal platform contains promise to tax home sales

August 27 2021

Raymond J. de Souza: Wealthy Singh's 'life experience' a far cry from that of most Indigenous Canadians

Trudeau campaign event breaks Ontario’s COVID gathering restrictions

Moderna vaccine production continues in EU amid contamination probe

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's handling of Afghanistan is our great national shame

COVID-19: Premier says police will enforce vaccine card rules

Not all Liberal campaigning candidates are vaccinated: Trudeau

Trudeau promises $1B to help provinces pay for vaccine passports

August 28 2021

Defence department scrubs webpage saying employer-mandated vaccines are unlawful

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s outdoor event in GTA cancelled due to protests

August 29 2021

HEALTH Video of premier dining in Vernon causes anger, highlights confusion with COVID rules – News 1130

Panicking Justin Trudeau counts cost of hypocrisy and hubris

LILLEY: Trudeau's wild claims show he will say anything to get elected

Mother of slain Marine unleashes on 'treasonous' Biden in surprise call to radio show: 'You did this to my son'

Police unions say enforcing B.C. vaccine passport a ‘concern’ given lack of resources

August 30 2021

They Openly Mock Us Now: Taliban Hangs “Traitor” by the Throat From US Helicopter in Kandahar Left Behind by Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Retired Marine Says Hundreds Of Their Rescued Orphans, Christians Turned Away By U.S. Military, ‘Ended Up In Hands Of The Taliban’

Taliban execute folk singer days after saying music is ‘forbidden,’ family says

Vancouver Liberal candidate flipped dozens of homes for profit, records show

What Mark Norman thinks now: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

Japan's Moderna vaccine contamination woes widen as regions put holds on shots

August 31 2021

Taliban declare victory from Kabul airport tarmac after US withdrawal

Man urinates on Dairy Queen counter over mask policy

Liberal candidate allowed to run for re-election despite past claims of inappropriate behaviour

LILLEY: Trudeau stands by candidate accused of sexual misconduct

U of T professor suggests Conservatives are promoting Nazism

Biden Administration Erased Afghan Weapons Reports From Federal Websites

Rex Murphy: Trudeau is a one-man lighthouse of virtue-signalling for faults not his own

Canada tax agency reveals secret study linking home prices to millionaire migration, five years after freedom-of-information request

Censorship Czar Guilbeault owes Revenu Quebec five-figure debt in taxes


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