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Canada’s jet-setting PM Trudeau: One year, ten vacations

Tony Lam's Comments:  Who the hell gets ten vacations a year.  Especially in the PM's position. 

Story By Brian Lilley of Rebel Media

December 31 2016

As Canada begins celebrating ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ anniversary, Trudeau is in some other country on holiday

February 29 2016

Weekend in Whistler: Do Trudeau’s actions match his words on climate change?

March 30 2016

Back from $2000/night vacation, Trudeau snubs Edmonton’s unemployed during Alberta visit

May 25 2016

Entitled to his entitlements: Canadians pay for idle staff while Trudeaus “take a moment” in Japan

August 8 2016

Canada’s Media Party “hits full Putin-esque” glory with shirtless Trudeau story

August 26 2016

Atip docs for Trudeau’s St. Kitts trip reveal undisclosed costs for “Tour Manager”

December 22 2016

Trudeau pays back taxpayers about $38K for personal expenses

January 2 2017

PMO tried to keep Trudeau's vacation details secret


PM's official summer home at Harrignton Lake


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