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Chrystia Freeland reportedly spends thousands on limos, taxis in GTA

Jan3 2024 Re-printed without permission

Transportation expenses uncovered in Access to Information records

So much for her claims about riding her bike and taking public transit.

Access to Information records show that Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has been billing thousands of dollars for limousines and taxis in the GTA, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

Freeland billed $3,040 for limo and taxi rides in addition to $6,736 for separate trips by her official chauffeur.

These expenses don’t include $781 spent by Freeland for cars and drivers at the Oct. 30, 2021 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Scotland.

Freeland earlier said she led Canadians by example on climate change.

“I think all of us who are in these positions of responsibility need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves what we did today to fight climate change,” Freeland testified last June 7 at the Senate national finance committee.

“What did I do today to be sure that we’re doing the right things for Canada?”

Blacklock’s asked for the figures after Freeland said last July 27 she did not own a car and used only carbon-friendly methods to travel through the Toronto area.

All claims to the contrary were “blatant disinformation,” she said.

“I right now am an MP from downtown Toronto,” Freeland told reporters at the time.

“A fact that still shocks my dad is I don’t actually own a car because I live in downtown Toronto. I am like 300 metres from the nearest subway. I walk, I take the subway. I make my kids walk and ride their bikes and take the subway. It’s actually healthier for our family. I can live that way.”

Freeland has not explained her expense claims or use of a government-issue car and chauffeur in the GTA.


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