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GUNTER: Liberals continue to spread falsehoods about the convoy

April 30 2022

Re-printed without permission.

The Liberals keep repeating falsehoods about the Freedom Convoy to justify their invoking of the draconian Emergencies Act on Feb. 14.

Pure misinformation. Nothing but fake news.

And while it might seem like a stretch, these Liberal fabrications prove once again why it is dangerous to let them regulate the internet. (More on this in a minute.)

I’d have some grudging respect for the Trudeau government if their convoy lies were a deliberate scheme to cover their political backsides. But the Liberals genuinely seem to believe their own myths.

Throughout the 24-day blockade of downtown Ottawa, the Liberals claimed the Freedom Convoy protestors were foreign-funded white supremacists, maybe with Russian connections, who were armed and out to destroy Canadian democracy, while committing rapes and assaults on the side.

In the two months since the convoy was disbanded, the Liberals have continued to make such claims with straight faces because that is their stereotype of blue-collar Canadians – especially Western Canadians.

It is often said that prejudice is based on fear and ignorance. That makes the Liberals’ continued attitude towards the convoyers pure prejudice. It is nothing more than elite fear and ignorance of hard-working Canadians.

Just this week, in testimony before a joint Commons-Senate hearing on the use of the Emergencies Act, federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino repeated the government’s frequent claim that members of the convoy had tried to burn down an Ottawa apartment building in early February. Worse yet, the convoyers allegedly blocked the exits and lit fires in the halls.

But three weeks ago, Ottawa police arrested two arson suspects entirely unrelated to the convoy. Surely Mendicino knew that when he went before the joint committee. However, he and others inside the government refuse to process that reality because their prejudices have convinced them only convoyers could have done it.

Similarly, the Liberals have freaked out over photos of a woman dancing on Ottawa’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the first day of the convoy protests. They have claimed the pic as proof the truckers had no respect for Canadian institutions.

However, this week Ottawa police said they had identified the woman and confirmed she was not with the convoy.

Ottawa police have charged no one from the convoy with unlawful possession of a firearm. Or assault. Or rape. Or anything else the government has claimed justified a state of emergency.

In his testimony this week, Mendicino also claimed repeatedly “the evidence exists” to validate the Liberals’ suspension of civil liberties and the seizure of hundreds of Canadians’ bank accounts. But every time committee members asked Mendicino or other ministers to produce that evidence, they refused claiming it was subject to cabinet confidentiality.

The Finance department’s own financial transaction investigators (FINTRAC) have told the government there were no huge off-shore or white-nationalist donations to the convoy. Intelligence services have found no proof of manipulation by foreign governments or individuals.

So just where did the Trudeau government get its facts for launching the Emergencies Act?

On Tuesday, Justice Minister David Lametti told the Parliamentary hearings the government had taken much of its info from CBC News reports. Not CSIS, the RCMP, Ottawa police or FINTRAC.

The Liberals based much of their decision to drop the hammer on Canadians’ liberties on highly biased reports from the CB-freakin’-C!

Now imagine if the Liberals, or Liberal appointees with the same mindset, were in charge of what can and cannot be posted online.

The Liberals want to give regulators who think as they do the power to take down webpages and tweets that, in the regulator’s opinion, are misinformation.

Yet the government’s conduct towards the convoy shows just how much of a threat to free speech such regulation would be.


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