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January 2021

January 1 2021

Canadians’ paycheques to shrink as CPP payroll tax increases 9.3% in 2021

Asking questions is ‘not responsible behaviour,’ says Chrystia Freeland

Where in the world is Justin Trudeau?

2 suspects accused in death of Calgary police officer turn themselves in

January 2 2021

Large Numbers Of Health Care And Frontline Workers Are Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine

Masks for cows aim to filter burps to curb greenhouse gas emissions

Every time a Canadian politician broke coronavirus rules

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's carbon tax to hit Ontario families hardest

WARMINGTON: Ontario's skiing industry on slippery slope amid COVID lockdown

‘Growing body of evidence’ shows COVID-19 leaked from Chinese lab: US official

January 3 2021

Widow of slain Calgary police officer pregnant with couple's 1st child

Two Liberal MPs resign from government roles after traveling abroad amid coronavirus

January 4 2021

FUREY: Many businesses are quietly bending the rules -- who can blame them?

AGAR: Dragging people from their homes, fines for tobogganing -- it's not OK

GOLDSTEIN: Jet-setting politicians undermine the case for lockdowns

EDITORIAL: Police need to cool it

Diane Francis: Re-politicizing CPP would be a disaster

January 5 2021

Edmonton BLM activist and council candidate celebrates death of slain police officer

WATCH: Trudeau Says “Not Following The Rules” Could Mean “Prison Time”

Horowitz: With no lockdown or mask mandate, Florida has roughly same hospitalization level as 2018 flu season

Liberals spent nearly $150M on faulty coronavirus test kits without checking if they worked

BREAKING: Man arrested after supporting local business during Toronto lockdown has reportedly taken his own life

Federal inmates set to receive COVID-19 vaccines starting Friday

Trudeau says he's 'frustrated' with the pace of vaccine rollout

Order 2M Kits Before Testing

The Next 24 Hours May Be the Most Important in US History – Will The US Remain Free Or Fall to Corruption and Communism? Soon We Will Know

32 COVID-19-related tickets issued on Christmas Day in Richmond

Rex Murphy: 2021 just started and we may have already had the woke joke of the year

BONOKOSKI: 2020 turned out to be an exceptionally good year — for China

'Mr. Bean' star Rowan Atkinson compares cancel culture to a 'medieval mob'

January 6 2021

Canada pressing Michigan to avert shutdown of pipeline critical to fuel needs in Ontario and Quebec

BREAKING: Quebec to announce 8 pm curfew and vast lockdowns, ski resorts to remain open

Benefits of Trudeau's carbon tax challenged in new report

One of Richmond’s oldest businesses closing down

UNLEASHED LILLEY! Lockdowns: prepare to be more leashed

B.C. motor coach industry at the breaking point, says Victoria operator

January 7 2021

Ottawa bans hockey sticks and pucks on all outdoor rinks

Minister denies involvement after boyfriend awarded $42,000 in federal funding

Rex Murphy: Only politicians go downhill as fast as these alarming toboggan 'thugs'

PARLER CEO Condemns Censorship of Facebook and Twitter Oligarchs: “If we must restrict and censor the voices of people to keep our country safe then our country is already lost”

'Unacceptable': Canada public health employee took a trip to Jamaica, paid by Air Canada

With great powder comes great responsibility — Toronto police shut down toboggan hill

Trump banned from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely, says Zuckerberg

Senior bureaucrat overseeing border and travel health accepted Air Canada junket to Jamaica

Pence affirms Biden as winner, formalizing electoral count after day of riots at Capitol; Trump prepares for exit

28 Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists

Cops crash teen's 18th birthday, issue $1,300 fine over 10-person gathering

January 8 2021

Why ban of @realDonaldTrump proves Twitter not ‘just a platform’

Twitter Bans Donald Trump, But The Taliban Still Has An Account On The Platform

Twitter bans Trump, but Iranian ayatollah, Louis Farrakhan, Chinese propagandists still active

Canada's passport ranks among world's 'biggest losers' in 2021

BREAKING: Google Removes Parler From App Store Amid Reports That Trump is Joining the Platform

Opinion: A wealth tax would pay for three days of Ottawa’s spending

NEWS Trudeau-praised bioscience company gets $274K grant, then sticks Health Canada with $150 million worth of faulty test kits

Foreign airlines take Canadian wage subsidy

Federal government proving to be very taxing

Canada Loses 62,600 Jobs

Canada lost 63,000 jobs in December

Dale Swampy: UNDRIP will slow, not hasten Indigenous development

Twitter Bans President Trump’s Personal Account Permanently

Okayed Fed Loan At Smitty’s

With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, Big Tech has proven it’s more powerful than any government

WUDRICK: New numbers show carbon tax doesn't leave you better off

Liberal MP says the only radicals that worry him are “Radical Conservatives”

Fraudsters across Canada taking in 1000s of dollars a day in shipping container scam

WestJet puts 1,000 workers on leave, citing government's 'incoherent' policy

A Last-Minute Health Order Wrecked a Big Night for BC Restaurants. And They’re Mad

January 9 2021

Canada begins vaccinating inmates in federal prisons with no active coronavirus cases

Shock therapy: Curfew to curtail COVID-19 spread might just worsen public mental health, morale

LILLEY: Ontario's new lockdown measures will be like nothing we've seen before

Heavy police presence expected across Quebec as 8 p.m. curfew starts tonight

THEY WANT BLOOD: Mozilla Argues “More Must Be Done” to Rid Internet of President Trump and other “Bad Actors”

GOLDSTEIN: Twitter's self-righteous permanent banning of Trump hypocritical

Canadian expert's research finds lockdown harms are 10 times greater than benefits

On this day: Richmond's famous subs disappeared

Rideau Hall intruder wanted to have Trudeau arrested: RCMP investigation

January 10 2021

FLASHBACK: Just Months Ago, Democrats Blocked a Resolution Condemning Mob Violence

MERTA: The global threat of human trafficking

OPINION: Here's how curfews violate Charter rights

Ottawa chose not to exercise option to buy 16 million more doses of Moderna vaccine

Parler CEO Says Service Dropped By “Every Vendor” And Could End His Business

January 11 2021

Former hospital CEO who went on Dominican vacation to get more than $1M payout

Here are six videos of Democrats calling for violence or physical confrontations that are still active on Twitter

Feds give accounting firm Deloitte $16M contract to track COVID-19 vaccinations

National credit card maxed out, says Poilievre, as Liberals plan massive increase in debt ceiling to $1.8 trillion

MOULTON: Toronto must control spending instead of raising taxes

A Nursing Home Had Zero COVID Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents And The Deaths Begin

Chris Selley: COVID curfew laws deserve pushback

Canada’s relationship with Israel falls victim to Trudeau’s vanity

PM commits up to $55 million to reduce land degradation at virtual biodiversity summit

Rex Murphy: Don't even try to pretend there's such a thing as free speech anymore

Fatburger on Denman has closed its doors in Vancouver

Hacked Aurora Cannabis data for sale after Christmas Day attack

TD Bank faces Ponzi scheme liquidators seeking $5.7B in trial

January 12 2021

Trudeau shuffles cabinet as poll shows Liberals flirting with majority territory

LILLEY: Time for Trudeau to approve more vaccines instead of fighting with the provinces

Gov’t Spending Is ‘Uncertain’

John Ivison: Confused about Canada's vaccine rollout? You should be

The Biggest Gun Forum On The Planet Was Just Kicked Off The Internet Without Explanation

Quebec family ticketed $3,100 for driving home past curfew

Trudeau Replaces Industry, Foreign Ministers in Cabinet Shuffle

Canada paid nearly $200M to visa company previously based in a tax haven and linked to China

January 13 2021

Hauwei CFO out on bail reportedly appears to live luxurious life while two Michaels remain in Chinese jail

Air Canada to cut 1,700 employees as COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns bite

GOLDSTEIN: U.S. exceeds 2020 climate target that Canada missed

Huawei CFO’s life on bail: Private dining, jet charter and more

Government won’t say if bureaucrats who misused government credit cards were fired

More than 30 international flights land in Toronto since start of 2021 with passengers who later tested positive for COVID-19

Huawei CFO Meng's family granted federal travel exemption to visit Canada

Seven residents at Montreal care home get COVID-19 after receiving first vaccine dose

Rex Murphy: Canada is in crisis. Erin O'Toole, where are you?

Ontario men accused of buying 'highly sophisticated' U.S. equipment and shipping it to Iran against international sanctions

Kelly McParland: The public has the right to know, says information chief. Trudeau may disagree

Starbucks to close up to 300 locations in Canada by the end of March

Toronto Juice Bar closes after 5 years and is now up for sale

Toronto richest family made more than 8 billion throughout pandemic

January 14 2021

Utah activist John Sullivan arrested for involvement in Capitol riot

BREAKING: Trump Team’s Peter Navarro Drops Third Major Report on Historic Election Fraud — Confirms “Trump Won”

COVID Coverup: Trudeau gov’t helped China hide origins of COVID-19

Opinion: Why we’re not doing better on COVID vaccines

Radio-Canada head travelled to Florida despite federal travel advisory

Quebec to allow 90-day delay before second vaccine doses, more than double what national panel advises

Canada Moves Forward On $39 BILLION Currency Swap With Bank Of China

Liberal Government Planning Regulations To “Protect Canadians Online”

LILLEY: Canada lags in vaccines because of Trudeau's inaction

No plans for ‘divisive’ vaccine passports for Canadians, Trudeau says

January 15 2021

JUST THE FACTS: the health experts who are speaking out against lockdowns

BIDEN: I’m ‘Asking Everyone to Pay Their Fair Share at the Top’ So We Can ‘Rebuild America’

35 COVID flights land in Canada since feds' negative test requirement

Corbella: Emergency expert says we should quarantine care homes and open society

Trudeau slams Blanchet for ‘pandering’ to ‘worst elements’ with comments about new minister

‘Temporary delay’ chops Canada’s deliveries of Pfizer vaccine in half for four weeks

Resignation of Canadian Minister Navdeep Bains saves Liberal Party from embarrassment on corruption charges

Ottawa tells hundreds of applicants they’re not Black enough for money from the Black community initiative

Trump receives Morocco's highest award for Middle East work: official

Pompeo: US 'has reason to believe' Wuhan lab staff caught COVID-19 months before pandemic

Pfizer reducing Canada's vaccine deliveries on production issues

Column: The world needs more Canadian oil and gas, not less

Norway Warns of Vaccination Risks for Sick Patients Over 80

In A Free Country, Politicians Shouldn’t Be ‘Protecting’ Us From Online Opinions

Ontario police pull over four in car, charge them under stay-at-home orders

January 16 2021

Jonathan Kay: The CBC's toxic workplace exposed after arbitrator sides with fired reporter

BREAKING: Ford kicks out MPP who wrote letter asking premier to end lockdown

Sidney Powell’s 21-page Executive Summary of the Foreign Interference in the 2020 U.S Presidential Election

Police break up “illegal” outdoor hockey practice in Whitby, Ont.

January 17 2021

China's 2020 coal output rises to highest since 2015, undermining climate pledges

Rear View Mirror: Richmond's birth tourism issue first reported six years ago

White House Publishes AMAZING List Of Single Term Trump Accomplishments

January 18 2021

Canada Post courier refuses to deliver Epoch Times newspaper

Twitter users vent about Liberal hypocrisy on race issues

Attacking Derek Sloan Over Donation Is Deeply Unfair

Rex Murphy: The Liberals have performed so well, we should award them a spring election? Really?

MNP Consumer Debt Index Reaches Lowest Point Ever Recorded as COVID Lockdown Measures Continue

January 19 2021

Why Are Liberal MPs Silent On Federal Government Having Given COVID Relief Money To Paul Fromm Groups?

Ontario mother fined $880 under stay-at-home order for leaving children with grandparents

Tasha Kheiriddin: The Liberals went hostile against Big Pharma. Now we’re facing vaccine shortages

Erin O'Toole takes a calculated risk in attempting to eject Derek Sloan from caucus

Canada's balance sheet is deteriorating and the consequences could be significant for investors

Ontario hospital fires nurse for attending anti-lockdown protest in US

Moderna says possible allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccine under investigation

B.C. health officials haven't found a single case of seasonal flu spreading in the community this winter

COVID-19 impact: 24% of Vancouver-area businesses anticipate further layoffs, report says

January 20 2021

Convicted gun smuggler faces ‘unprecedented’ charge after shooting death: Toronto police

Trudeau's Christmas vacation: Flight tracking gives supporting evidence for secret trip down south

BREAKING - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Derek Sloan speaks after being kicked out of Conservative Caucus

Biden Issues Barrage Of 17 Executive Actions On Border, Climate, Immigration & "100 Day Masking Challenge"

Terence Corcoran: Tiny Keystone vs. the global coal boom

WARMINGTON: Stay home unless you're making a TV series

Premier Doug Ford to Pfizer president: Where's the vaccines?

BREAKING: Sloan ousted from Tory Caucus

Conrad Black: Trump's incomparable presidency

Liberals accepted donations from disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard

Repeat After Me: Canada is Uninhabitable Without Fossil Fuels – David Yager

January 21 2020

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine delays worsen, deliveries see more than 60-per-cent cut so far

Diane Francis: Was the botched vaccine roll-out a result of Trudeau placing too much faith in China?

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Governor Orders National Guard Out of D.C.

REPORT: Canada’s Pfizer Vaccine Delivery Reduction Worse Than Initially Thought

‘We feel incredibly betrayed’: Thousands of Guardsmen forced to vacate Capitol

YOUTUBE CAUGHT RED-HANDED Removing Dislikes from Biden White House Page — Anything to Fool the Proletariat

Twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’: lawsuit

COVID-19 could shutter more than 200,000 Canadian businesses forever, CFIB says

Trudeau government hires former Nanaimo city manager

LILLEY: Feds still clueless on airport COVID screening one year later

France says fabric masks not enough to protect citizens from COVID-19

Third flight from Haiti lands with many COVID-infected passengers

Barbershop? No, this is a film production studio | Chrome Artistic Barbering rebrands itself

TC Energy cuts jobs as Keystone pipeline nixed, but markets start to move on

LILLEY: Governor General Julie Payette resigning over damning workplace report

Review of Gov. Gen. Julie Payette’s treatment of staff paints ‘scathing’ picture: sources

Twitter Being Sued for Telling Child Porn Victim That Images of Him at 13 Years Old Didn’t Violate Their Terms of Service

EXCLUSIVE: Text messages show coordination between Seattle officials and the 'warlord' of 'autonomous zone'

Citizens ‘outraged’ over motion banning fossil fuel advertisements: Regina mayor

More than $636M in CERB benefits paid to 300,000 teens aged 15 to 17, documents show

January 22 2021

Raising the capital gains tax would soak more than just the rich, new analysis suggests

In letter to PM, Kenney calls for consequences or compensation over Keystone XL cancellation

Internal audit lays bare problems at Public Health Agency of Canada

EDITORIAL: Governor General blunder is all on Trudeau

Just Like the Good Old Days: Joe Biden Invades Syria with Convoy of US Troops and Choppers on First Full Day as President

China condemns Australian human rights record at the United Nations

Former Liberal candidate gets house arrest, probation for accessing child pornography

Julie Payette wasn’t adequately vetted for governor-general role, sources say

Rex Murphy: Were I an Albertan today, I'd be asking: What's the point?

Matt Gurney: Julie Payette had no business being governor general in the first place

Trudeau says viceregal vetting process needs improvement after Payette resigns

President Trump Gives Permission for US Troops to Stay at Trump Hotel in Washington DC (VIDEO)

Justin Trudeau to Get Biden’s First Official Call to a Foreign Leader

Canada PM Justin Trudeau ‘disappointed’ Biden chose to cancel Keystone XL pipeline

China Inspections Just ‘Paper’

New advocacy group launches pre-election ad campaign against O’Toole, Conservatives

Fourth Canada-bound flight with COVID impacting 'all rows:' Health Canada

Cohen: Payette almost left Rideau Hall two years ago. Too bad she didn't

Colby Cosh: The cult of celebrity has no place in the governor general's office

Dastardly thieves steal entire herd of Saskatchewan cattle

‘Confused’ And Mismanaged

Former Liberal candidate charged with possession of child pornography avoids jail time

BREAKING: Trudeau says 'Canadians and President Biden' share values right after Keystone XL pipeline cancelled

Biden says he'll always be honest and transparent. Like with Hunter's laptop.

Joe Biden’s First Day Began the End of Girls’ Sports

AMERICA LAST: On Day 1, Democrats Put The National Guard In Garages And Men In Women’s Locker Rooms.

PM urges Canadians to cancel travel plans after data reveals 1M travelled over holidays

‘Insulting and disappointing’: Unions show signs of voter remorse after Biden reality sinks in

Canada's top judge is now acting Governor General, but expert urges speedy replacement

Federal government settles lawsuit with Canada's former ambassador to Israel

John Ivison: Alberta is owed and it's time for the federal government to pay

January 23 2021

Despite resigning, Julie Payette still qualifies for perks such as a $149,484 annual pension for life

National Guard soldiers ordered home by governors amid outrage over being moved to parking garage

Andy Ngo: Twitter Did Nothing to Stop Antifa Planning, Promoting Riots in Portland, Seattle

Camera operator kicked out of Yonge-Dundas Square by police officer for being 'non-essential'


Trudeau's Elections Commissioner convicted us! Elections Canada just fined Ezra Levant $3,000 for writing a book comparing Justin Trudeau to Tony Soprano!

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau values style over substance

BREAKING: Police arrest anti-lockdown protestors in Toronto, warn journalists to go home

Amazon claims in-person vote only way to ensure 'valid, fair' union election

Police break up illegal religious gatherings three times in 24 hours in Outremont

Sexual offender released in Edmonton without conditions

Lambton farmers warn propane supply at risk if Line 5 pipeline shut down

Inside Alberta's very bad week: A behind-the-scenes look at the killing of Keystone XL

LILLEY: A year of COVID failures brought us to this point

Trudeau urges Canadians to look past Biden decision to halt Keystone Pipeline project

Ezra Levant fined $3,000 for book critical of Trudeau Liberals

The pandemic has exposed a crisis in Canada’s care homes

AWKWARD: After Inauguration Bidens Were Locked Out of White House – They Fired Trump Butler and No One Was There to Open the Doors

Destructive protests by anarchists and extremists signal divided left as Biden administration begins

January 24 2021

China: Coal production, imports increase

Farmers concerned over rail demand following Keystone XL cancellation

January 25 2021

Kelly McParland: Why do Canadians keep supporting this error-prone government?

Trudeau boots MP from caucus for making ‘baseless threats’ against colleagues

KINSELLA: Trudeau seeks scapegoats instead of taking responsibility

Why Is It Alright To Say ‘UK Variant’ & ‘South Africa Variant’ But Not ‘Wuhan Virus’ Or ‘China Virus’?

Metro Vancouver Amazon workers allege pressure, discrimination

Brampton MP Ramesh Sangha dropped from Liberal caucus, accused of spreading 'baseless and dangerous' claims

Toronto Neighborhood Pub famous for its patio closing after 32 years

Rex Murphy: A mini-exodus for our time – resignations from the Trudeau government

CALGARY -- Employment insurance (EI) collection is setting records in the country and in the province after another financial fallback was discontinued.

January 26 2021


WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Warns Canada Checks All 5 Boxes For “A Forthcoming Debt Crisis”

Clean Renewable? There Is No Wind Energy Without Fossil Fuels

Calgary-based Cenovus Energy to lay off upward of 2,000 workers

Trudeau Liberals to spend $1 trillion (and all we have to show for it is this sad economy)

Complaints against Payette include reports of physical contact: sources

Liberals have “national mandate” to tax carbon, Chrystia Freeland says at Davos

YouTube strips rising media company Epoch Times of ability to monetize video content

Project to build 3 RCMP detachments in Yukon $6M over budget

Suspected RCMP secrecy breach fallout upgraded to 'severe': newly released documents

January 27 2021

Science table member paid by teacher union for arguing against school reopenings

WATCH: This is why they ARRESTED Avi Yemini at the protest yesterday

Trudeau Liberals paid out $635 MILLION in CERB payments to children

Canada-China vaccine collaboration began to fall apart days after Ottawa announced clinical trials

Jonathan Kay: If there really are 300 neo-Nazi groups in Canada, why can't anyone name them?

Rex Murphy: Of course the Liberals didn't support Keystone. There was no 'political gain'

More than $636M in CERB benefits paid to 300,000 teens aged 15 to 17, documents show

LILLEY: Liberals kick out MP for claiming the party harbours extremists

January 28 2021

Joe Biden's attack on fossil fuel goes faster, further than anyone expected

CTV broke ethics code in biased report on former president Trump

NOTHING STICKS TO TRUDEAU: Why does PM remain popular?

Julie Payette upset that her RCMP security detail was allowed to participate in workplace review: sources

Patty Hajdu takes part in closed door Davos panel on borders and travel

Bail denied for teen charged with murder of Calgary police officer

Trudeau doubles down on promise of vaccines for all Canadians by fall. Is that still a realistic target?

Canada falls to 20th in the world for vaccine doses administered

Israel to supply Air Force fighter jets to Top Aces for training services

Liberals’ two-billion-trees promise to cost $2.78 billion more than planned, PBO says

Rupa Subramanya: Trudeau is a left-wing populist who may have bought himself the next election

‘It’s a big threat’: U.S. aims to shut down another cross-border pipeline — Line 5 to Ontario

LILLEY: Trudeau MIA amid news of further vaccine delays

Corbella: COVID vaccine solution was here in Calgary while Trudeau looked to China

January 29 2021

Canada’s Economy Shrank By Most On Record In 2020, But Ended Year Surprisingly Strong

John Ivison: Prepare for dose of reality — vaccines don't guarantee a quick return to normal

Federal travel restrictions pose further risk to B.C. tourism revenues

Rex Murphy: No, Don Cherry can't be governor general. He likes people

Trudeau Cancels Flights to Curb Virus; Air Canada Falls

Trudeau suspending Caribbean vacation travel; will require all incoming air travellers to quarantine in hotels

Canada's economy suffered biggest GDP drop ever in 2020, early estimate shows

Ontario bureaucrat accused of scamming $11M now accused in alleged $30M fraud

Biden’s climate executive orders devastated these US workers in a day

EDITORIAL: Trudeau fails on vaccines

BC Lottery Corp. didn’t block mysterious casino cash due to ‘hundreds of millions’ in estimated losses: inquiry

GTA Ontario’s new French-language university scrambling to attract students after only 47 apply

Calgary police take travelling woman into mandatory isolation, but refuse to tell family where she is

Moderna to cut deliveries to Canada in new blow to vaccination campaign

2 Canada Post workers in Regina suspended after refusing to deliver Epoch Times

Liberal Government Announces Draconian New Travel & Quarantine Rules Now That All The Politicians Are Safely Back Home

Travellers to pay ‘more than $2K’ for new mandatory COVID-19 hotel quarantine, Trudeau says

Trudeau’s 2019 tropical family vacation cost taxpayers nearly $200,000

Canada ranks a dismal 61st in the world for COVID response

$150M More For SNC-Lavalin

Canada will be six months behind other countries on vaccine access: Forecast

74 per cent of travellers entering Canada were exempt from quarantine: CBSA

January 30 2021

Hudson's Bay permanently laying off more than 600 workers across Canada

Calgary woman forced to isolate, officials refuse to tell family where she is

NO COVID JAILS: Woman held against her will at Calgary quarantine hotel

EDITORIAL: Justin Trudeau is an introvert?

Canada to quarantine travelers, suspend flights to Mexico and the Caribbean

WARMINGTON: COVID-19 response sucking the life out of Canada

'Canadians deserve better': Experts decry 'outrageous' interest rates by alternative lenders

Trudeau government to be sued for new travel restrictions

Panel discussion featuring Rex Murphy digs into motivations behind the “Great Reset”

MORGAN: It’s time to fight back against Canada’s creeping authoritarianism

January 31 2021

Hockey Calgary 'disappointed' by continued restrictions; survey suggests most families want return to play

Payette’s resignation shines light on expense account, pension for governors general

Coronavirus vaccine tracker: How many people in Canada have received shots?

Here's the full list of Biden's executive actions so far

LILLEY: Why take one government jet when three will do?

UBC law students collected information on classmates' COVID-19 rule-breaking, email alleges

Red Deer mother in tears as son taken to undisclosed isolation centre

Canada surpasses 20,000 deaths due to COVID-19

Canada doing one of the worst jobs in the world in fighting COVID

Tesla's dirty little secret: Its net profit doesn't come from selling cars

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