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January 2 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's carbon tax to hit Ontario families hardest

January 4 2021

Benefits of Trudeau's carbon tax challenged in new report

January 6 2021

Canada pressing Michigan to avert shutdown of pipeline critical to fuel needs in Ontario and Quebec

January 8 2021

WUDRICK: New numbers show carbon tax doesn't leave you better off

January 13 2021

GOLDSTEIN: U.S. exceeds 2020 climate target that Canada missed

January 15 2021

Column: The world needs more Canadian oil and gas, not less

January 17 2021

China's 2020 coal output rises to highest since 2015, undermining climate pledges

January 20 2021

Terence Corcoran: Tiny Keystone vs. the global coal boom

Repeat After Me: Canada is Uninhabitable Without Fossil Fuels – David Yager

January 21 2021

TC Energy cuts jobs as Keystone pipeline nixed, but markets start to move on

Citizens ‘outraged’ over motion banning fossil fuel advertisements: Regina mayor

January 22 2021

In letter to PM, Kenney calls for consequences or compensation over Keystone XL cancellation

Rex Murphy: Were I an Albertan today, I'd be asking: What's the point?

Canada PM Justin Trudeau ‘disappointed’ Biden chose to cancel Keystone XL pipeline

BREAKING: Trudeau says 'Canadians and President Biden' share values right after Keystone XL pipeline cancelled

‘Insulting and disappointing’: Unions show signs of voter remorse after Biden reality sinks in

January 23 2021

Inside Alberta's very bad week: A behind-the-scenes look at the killing of Keystone XL

Trudeau urges Canadians to look past Biden decision to halt Keystone Pipeline project

Solar projects in Inuvik awarded $800k

January 24 2021

China: Coal production, imports increase

Farmers concerned over rail demand following Keystone XL cancellation

January 26 2021

Clean Renewable? There Is No Wind Energy Without Fossil Fuels

Calgary-based Cenovus Energy to lay off upward of 2,000 workers

Liberals have “national mandate” to tax carbon, Chrystia Freeland says at Davos

January 28 2021

Joe Biden's attack on fossil fuel goes faster, further than anyone expected

Liberals’ two-billion-trees promise to cost $2.78 billion more than planned, PBO says

‘It’s a big threat’: U.S. aims to shut down another cross-border pipeline — Line 5 to Ontario

January 29 2021

Biden’s climate executive orders devastated these US workers in a day

January 31 2021

LILLEY: Why take one government jet when three will do?

Tesla's dirty little secret: Its net profit doesn't come from selling cars

February 1 2021

EVs are so heavy Continental had to invent a new weight rating for its tires

February 3 2021

Oilsands giant Suncor Energy notes fourth-quarter loss on lower revenue, writedowns

China Built Three Times as Much Coal Power in 2020 as the Rest of the World Combined

February 4 2021

Nunavut hunters block mining road, airstrip in protest

February 7 2021

Kerry doesn't follow his own rules because he doesn't believe climate rhetoric

February 8 2021

WATCH: Elizabeth May Slammed In Parliament For Celebrating Loss Of Energy Sector Jobs In Western Canada

As polar vortex arrives, Canada logs coldest temperature in years

February 9 2021

Planned Enbridge Line 5 shutdown causes job-loss worries for Sarnia

February 10 2021

Rex Murphy: How cold is it in Saskatchewan? Colder than a carbon-tax-loving politician's heart

Patrick Moore: De-bunking climate and other varieties of alarmism

February 11 2021

Ottawa announces $55 million in clean tech funding for 20 companies

February 14 2021

$400M available in next round of funding to clean up inactive Alberta oil, gas sites

World’s ‘solar and wind capital’ freezing due to snow ‘blanketing millions’ of solar panels

February 15 2021

Nearly Half Of Texas’ Wind Turbines Frozen In Winter Storm, Limiting State’s Power Output

February 17 2021

Canada owes $200M across 3 provinces after underestimating carbon tax revenue

February 18 2021

Rex Murphy: As Texas winter storm shows, hurling public money at renewable energy is pure folly

Don't Accept 100% Of The Climate Change Story And You Get Labeled A Racist

February 19 2021

Bloc vows to defeat budget if it helps oil and gas sectors

February 20 2021

Western Canadian oil arrives in New Brunswick — by ship

February 22 2021

Environmentalists Spent a Record $2.4 Billion Pushing Global Warming Ideology

February 25 2021

Diane Francis: Why it's time to resurrect Energy East

February 26 2021

Vancouver Island fish farm begins euthanizing 1M salmon ahead of federal phase out

March 4 2021

Ottawa to announce $2.7-billion fund to electrify Canada’s public buses

March 5 2021

Colorado Oil & Gas Taunts The North Face At Mock Award Ceremony

March 6 2021

GUNTER: Why are the Liberals standing up for Line 5 but not Keystone XL?

March 8 2021

Diane Francis: Canada's biggest mistake was not building a cross-country oil pipeline — and the Line 5 standoff proves it

Environmental spending in Canada, 2021 edition: Comparisons by industry and province

March 10 2021

Cold hard facts—wind power no substitute for fossil fuels

March 15 2021

Quebec, Ottawa invest $100M to build electric vehicle battery plant

Climate change and cancel culture

March 16 2021

Federal plan to hike carbon taxes to $170 per tonne would restrain economy, cost jobs: report

March 19 2021

APRIL FOOLS' DAY, INDEED: Trudeau's carbon tax up 33% next month

March 21 2021

Environmentalist media outlet received $355,000 from Trudeau government

March 24 2021

Energy advocate exposing well-funded anti-oil activists

Tory party says they will kill carbon tax if elected

Despite Pledges to Cut Emissions, China Goes on a Coal Spree

March 25 2021

BREAKING: Supreme Court rules carbon tax to be legal in 6-3 decision

Judges OK Carbon Tax By 6-3

Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act

Canada’s carbon price is constitutional, Supreme Court rules

LILLEY: Supreme Court sets dangerous precedent with carbon tax ruling

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's carbon tax is legal — it's just a bad and ineffective law

Report 9—Investing in Canada Plan

Despite court ruling, Ottawa’s carbon tax remains fundamentally flawed

March 26 2021

Rex Murphy: Carbon tax ruling a hard kick to the West, but sweet relief for Trudeau

Supreme Extremism will leave Canadians hurting

Conflict of Interest? Supreme Court Judge who ruled on carbon tax constitutionality spoke at event partnered with United Nations groups

LETTER: Alberta trampled again by the Laurentian overlords

What happened to two small South Dakota towns after Biden revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline permit

FACT CHECK: McKenna claimed farmers, Indigenous groups supported the carbon tax

Poilievre demands apology after pro-energy group slandered as white supremacists

Supreme Extremism will leave Canadians hurting

March 27 2021

FUREY: The carbon tax ruling is judicial activism at its worst

March 28 2021

China generated over half world's coal-fired power in 2020: study

March 29 2021

Instead Of A Carbon Tax On Canadians, Impose ‘Climate Tariffs’ On China

March 31 2021

The dystopian lake filled by the world’s tech lust

April 2 2021

Smith: Notley is the last person who can complain about rising utility bills

April 12 2021

Canada emitted one million tonne more greenhouse gases in 2019 than 2018: Report

April 16 2021

Canadian Crude Shipped from Newfoundland to U.S. West Coast in Unusual Demand Shift

OPINION: A plan to reduce emissions while growing our economy

April 21 2021

Opinion: Net-zero won't cure the climate but it may kill Canada

April 22 2021

Canada plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 45 per cent by 2030

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's latest climate pledge has a distinct odour

April 23 2021

Rex Murphy: Renewing vows in the church of climate change

Jonathan Kay: Oh look: Now the ravines are racist, too

April 24 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's carbon tax, global emissions keep rising

April 28 2021

11 Largest Oil Reserves by Country in the World in 2021

May 1 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's absurd blame game on greenhouse gas emissions

May 2 2021

Looming showdown as Michigan governor orders Line 5 pipeline to Ontario shut down

KERRY SPIRALS: Papers Show ‘Climate Czar’ Invested in Oil Companies Before Joining Biden Admin

May 3 2021

Suncor posts $821 million first-quarter profit on higher output, better oil prices

May 4 2021

Climate Leader Emissions Up

Data shows carbon tax not working in BC

May 5 2021

As clock ticks down on Enbridge's Line 5, anxiety grows in Sarnia and Michigan

May 6 2021

China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed those of U.S. and developed countries combined, report says

Seaspan Shipyards to build Polar Icebreaker for Canadian Coast Guard

May 7 2021

OPINION: O’Toole’s carbon taxes would come with big costs for families

China's emissions now exceed all the developed world's combined

May 8 2021

Communist China: World's Biggest Climate Polluter Keeps Polluting

Conrad Black: The climate of fear that gave way to unjustifiable environmental policies

May 11 2021

From the 'principled' ramsomware hackers who took down Colonial Pipeline: We regret it

May 13 2021

Corbella: The best thing for Canada would be to shut down Line 5 pipeline — just for a while

May 14 2021

Redbridge creates a buzz in Squamish with striking design, waterfront location

Colonial Pipeline Has Been a Lucrative Cash Cow for Many Years

May18 2021

Ted Morton: Line 5 fiasco shows Trudeau is a failure on energy policy

May 19 2021

Guest Opinion: Trudeau government's new 'green' program will produce little environmental benefit

May 27 2021

TMX begins tunnel construction in Burnaby, B.C.

May 28 2021

Politicians haven’t been honest about their carbon taxes

May 29 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Doing the math on Trudeau's climate pledges

June 3 2021

Hundreds of trees in Vancouver could fall in plan to reduce building permit backlog

June 9 2021

Developer pulls the plug on Keystone XL oil pipeline

Keystone XL is dead, and Albertans are on the hook for $1.3B

June 12 2021

GUNTER: Yet another nail in the coffin of Canada's energy industry

June 17 2021

Rex Murphy: How are Greens going to save the planet when they can't even save themselves?

June 23 2021

With Its Power Grid Under Pressure, California Asks Residents to Avoid Charging Electric Vehicles

Solar industry’s ties to China’s Xinjiang region raise specter of forced labor

June 24 2021

Liberals kill bill that would ban dumping raw sewage into Canadian waters

June 26 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's prohibitively expensive climate plan comes with imaginary climate targets

June 27 2021

BREAKING: Catherine McKenna retiring from politics, will not run in next election

June 29 2021

Building a green economy: Government of Canada to require 100% of car and passenger truck sales be zero-emission by 2035 in Canada

June 30 2021

Mayor De Blasio, Con Edison Urge New Yorkers To Immediately Reduce Electricity Usage On Day 4 Of Heat Wave

Opinion: Don't ban plastics. They help green the Earth

No Peaking Without Gas

July 2 2021

Calgary's TC Energy files $15B US trade complaint for cancellation of Keystone XL permit

Minister who wants carbon footprint reduced flew on empty plane

July 3 2021

Assam boy plants 1,000 saplings to boost oxygen amid pandemic

Developers promote $55 billion LNG project in northwestern B.C.

July 5 2021

Trudeau pledges $420M to phase out coal at Algoma Steel in campaign-style visit

July 6 2021


July 7 2021

Trudeau, Nenshi, announce final approval of Green Line, capping off day of politicking in Calgary

Iona sewage plant will cost $10 billion, miss federal deadline by four years

July 8 2021

Israeli, Native American partnership brings clean water to Navajo Nation

Adam: McKenna says she won't run for Ottawa mayoralty — but hope springs eternal

July 10 2021

1 Billion Years of Tectonic Plate Movement in 40 Seconds

July 14 2021

Trudeau announces $25 million to expand GE wind turbine plant in Gaspé region

July 17 2021

Rex Murphy: How are Greens going to save the planet when they can't even save themselves?

July 19 2021

‘One of the most damaging invasive species on Earth’: wild pigs release the same emissions as 1 million cars each year

July 20 2021

Liberals add $1.4 billion to climate change mitigation fund: McKenna

July 21 2021

Quebec rejects $9-billion LNG export project, citing environmental concerns

North America about to turn into a graveyard of mega pipeline projects

Braid: Another battle looming with Ottawa over worker transition from oil and gas

July 22 2021

Innu council says province, Hydro-Québec ignored their concerns about reservoir

Gwyn Morgan: Net zero is fantasy. Net reductions are easy — with LNG

July 24 2021

GOLDSTEIN: UN to hold annual 'private jets for climate change' gabfest

Why you can't just blame climate change for B.C. being on fire

July 28 2021

Must “Reduce Air Pollution”

Terry Glavin: Coal-spewing China has taken the world's climate hostage

July 30 2021

If Coal Is Dead, Then Why Are Ships So Full Of It?

Ottawa to give ArcelorMittal Dofasco $400M to phase out coal-fired furnaces

July 31 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Why China makes Trudeau's carbon tax irrelevant

August 4 2021

A Matter of Fact: Opponents of Line 5 ignore safety record and planned improvements for critical pipeline

Pipeline operating for 68 years in the Straits of Mackinac without a single spill, $500-million tunnel to ensure further protection

August 5 2021

Feds are getting less green, not more: report

August 6 2021

EVs Cost 1.6 To 2.3 Times More To Service Than Internal Combustion Vehicles, New Study Shows

Trudeau's last middle finger to Alberta: Grassy Mountain project vetoed

August 9 2021

COP26: Covid travel rules relaxed for overseas delegates

August 11 2021

Kerry Family Jet Emitted 30 Times More Carbon So Far In 2021 Than Average Vehicle Does In A Year

UN climate change doomsday warnings have predicted 'decade to save planet' since 1972

September 22 2021

70 Years of Global Uranium Production by Country

September 24 2021

Opinion: Oil and gas taxes pay for a lot of social benefits

Foreign oil imports to Canada: $488 billion between 1988 and 2020

Despite being a world leader in crude oil reserves and production Canada's reliance on foreign oil continues to grow

October 4 2021

Ottawa invokes 1977 pipelines treaty in bid to resolve Enbridge's Line 5 dispute

October 5 2021

McKenna Climate Tour Logs 22,600 km By Jet In Ten Days

October 6 2021

Canada on pace to fall well short of 2030 climate commitment, report says

Vancouver city council axes city-wide parking permit plan, mayor casts deciding vote

October 7 2021

Rising Energy Costs Show Naïve Virtue Signaling Has A Serious Price

October 8 2021

Rex Murphy: The green folly about to unfold in Glasgow could leave you cold

October 9 2021

Antarctica's last 6 months were the coldest on record

October 11 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Reports of the ‘death of oil’ greatly exaggerated

October 12 2021

Philip Cross: If oil and gas are dead, why are exports booming?

October 13 2021

Canada supports global pledge to slash oil and gas methane

October 15 2021

Peter Shawn Taylor: What comes after the gas tax?

B.C. government announces new plant in Merritt to remove carbon dioxide from the air

October 19 2021

B.C. Interior town has the highest gas prices in the region and no one seems to know why

October 20 2021

Calgary's new mayor says the city needs to 'move past' oil and gas

October 21 2021

Foreign donors gave $1.3 billion to Canadian environmentalists to ‘hurt’ Alberta energy sector: Report


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