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June 2021

June 1 2021

Deaths of residential school children ‘the fault of Canada,’ Trudeau tells debate

Soldier who lost her baby and a leg in horrific crash on duty wins 15-year battle with military

On June 1, B.C.’s minimum wage will become one of the highest in Canada

Air Canada’s $10 million in bonuses for management is ‘morally bankrupt’ after mass layoffs, says union

Edmonton CFL franchise changes name to Elks

China reports first human case of H10N3 bird flu

Quarantine hotels on trial as Federal Court hears constitutional challenge of COVID restrictions

Alleged gas-tank gun smuggler set freed due to COVID-19 risks

June 2 2021

Surrey RCMP seize loaded handgun during traffic stop

LILLEY: WE spent big to fly Sophie to U.K. for gig

The graves were never a secret: Why so many residential school cemeteries remain unmarked

Canadian restaurants closed for more than 365 days suffer in 'lost year of business'

Adam Zivo: Trudeau’s pandemic student aid program squandered $1.6 billion on the well-off

Auditor Tried To Be Positive

Jason Kenney: Cancel John A. Macdonald and we might as well cancel all of Canadian history

Freeland says feds will voice concerns to Air Canada over executive bonuses

Federal ministers mull legal protection of residential school burial sites, want Pope to apologize

Notorious killer Paul Bernardo scheduled for second parole hearing later this month

Trudeau’s doomed UN Security Council bid cost taxpayers over $8.6 million

Historical Parallels: Is Canada Becoming a Totalitarian State?

Federal government sent $9 million worth of COVID relief funding to dead people

June 3 2021

LILLEY: Looking hard at history, not erasing it, is how we honour the memory of the 215

WATCH: Trudeau's deputy PM PANICS and puts on mask for the cameras

WATCH: Freeland’s COVID charade

Trudeau government invoked cabinet secrecy on COVID quarantine hotel decision, shielding it even from court

Surrey crash victim waits 2 hours for ambulance before family forced to take her to hospital

B.C. AstraZeneca vaccine recipients can choose second dose

Bellingham businesses suffering as U.S. and Canada border remains closed

Canada’s Housing Market Is Out of Control

Wanted Brothers Keepers gangster spent $30,000 cash at Richmond shoe store before running to U.S.

House of Commons votes to keep sex-selective abortion legal

Italian Artist Salvatore Garau Sells “Invisible” Sculpture For $18,000

Trudeau government gave author Margaret Atwood $10,000 for Australian book tour

Hundreds of trees in Vancouver could fall in plan to reduce building permit backlog

June 4 2021

Heart inflammation risk in teens after Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine being investigated

Canada loses 68,000 jobs, more than triple the forecast

Liberals pin their hopes on social media influencers to help sway voters

GUNTER: Trudeau government running Canada's economy into the ground

A history of pain and suffering: A look at what is known about B.C.'s 18 Indian residential schools

New mortgage stress test rules take effect. Here’s what you need to know

'It's not going to change': The long and short of Canada's job vacancy problem

Petition to FORCE Trudeau into COVID Jail upon return from G7

Federal employees receive paid holiday for Indigenous reconciliation

With COVID Delta variant 'essentially across Canada,' Tam stresses importance of second vaccine dose

Trudeau will do COVID-19 hotel quarantine after G7 meetings in U.K.

Glendon woman charged with 32 counts of arson

June 5 2021

Experts say Trudeau’s acknowledgment of Indigenous genocide could have legal impacts

Trudeau's acknowledgment of Indigenous genocide could have legal impacts: experts

GOLDSTEIN: Record public spending isn't helping Indigenous Canadians

Most labs in Canada not fully able to detect Delta COVID-19 variant, experts warn

G7 finance ministers agree global minimum tax of at least 15%

Trump wanted to publicly grill Fauci on Wuhan lab funding — and bill China for pandemic

June 6 2021

Manitoba vaccine lead says mixing vaccines is part of pandemic's 'big human experiment'

Trudeau's message on D-Day talks about sexual misconduct, the pandemic and 'gender'—but not D-Day

June 7 2021

Judge dismisses charter application of pastor on trial for violating health orders

Trudeau government condemns Nigeria's ban of Twitter while they to censor the internet in Canada

PM Trudeau to quarantine at Ottawa hotel after upcoming trip to G7 summit

Freeland caught putting on mask for photoshoot with world leaders

Liberals team up with Bloc to limit debate on controversial Bill C-10

Kelly McParland: Turning a blind eye to Pierre Trudeau's unseemly Indigenous assimilation plan

June 8 2021

BOMBSHELL: Chinese Scientist Filed COVID Vaccine Patent in February of 2020, Then Mysteriously Died

Trudeau vows to 'dismantle' far-right groups after Muslim family attack

Sabrina Maddeaux: Chrystia Freeland needs to take her mask off and keep her shoes on

GUNTER: It looks like anti-democratic Bill C-10 will be forced upon us

U of T latest school to make vaccinations mandatory for residence ahead of fall

Canadian cities left off world's most livable places list

MP who exposed himself seeking help for stress and time management

Immunization card unveiled in Manitoba

Fake COVID Vaccine Cards Are Being Sold Online. Using One Is A Crime

June 9 2021

LILLEY: Ford invokes notwithstanding clause on election finance law

Study shows hydroxychloroquine treatments increased coronavirus survival rate by almost three times

WE in hot water again — this time with the CRA over donation receipts

Liberal MP calls Rex Murphy a “national disgrace” for advocating against racism

REVEALED: Former scientific director of Winnipeg microbiology lab had 'concerns' over scientists from China

Keystone XL is dead, and Albertans are on the hook for $1.3B

Canada could take in some Central American migrants to help U.S., minister says

Rupa Subramanya: No, Jagmeet, Canada is not a racist country. It's one of the most tolerant places on earth

Trudeau: “People who are fully vaccinated should be able to have more freedoms”

Heart inflammation in young men higher than expected after Pfizer, Moderna vaccines -U.S. CDC

'Stay home and still get paid': Jobs go unfilled as frustrated employers blame COVID payouts

June 10 2021

COVID-19: Study shows one shot of Pfizer or Moderna is two-thirds effective and protects well against variants

AGAR: Hate the action, not the illness

Delta COVID-19 variant cases are rising, prompting caution on reopening plans

Heart inflammation cases higher in 16-24 age group after 2nd mRNA COVID-19 shot: CDC

Study: hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increased coronavirus survival rate

Mentally ill Canadian convicted in terror probe lands in U.S. supermaximum security prison

Commons committee blasts Liberals over WE deal, calls for tougher lobbying measures

Third Mississauga restaurant shooting suspect arrested in Montreal

Green MP Jenica Atwin crossing floor to Liberals

Passengers on first fully vaccinated North American cruise test positive for COVID

People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier expected to attend Manitoba anti-lockdown events this weekend

BREAKING: City of Victoria CANCELS Canada Day, citing residential school tragedy

Trump Was Right: Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Boosted Ventilated COVID Patients' Survival by 200%


June 11 2021

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier arrested by RCMP in Manitoba

CDC says heart inflammation cases were higher than expected in 16- to 24-year-olds after second Covid vaccine shot, but still rare

2 cruise passengers test positive for COVID-19 despite vaccine requirement for adult guests

Maxime Bernier released hours after arrest in Manitoba

RCMP’s silence about Nova Scotia shooting spree could be to blame for recent leaks: ex-cop

Rex Murphy: The shocking decimation of the federal Greens

Feds lose attempt to block human rights inquiry into blood ban

Canada releases redacted versions of COVID-19 vaccine contracts

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson says Trudeau is the 'dumbest' member of the G7 leaders

City on hook for another $260K in legal costs in impact fees case

Unvaccinated students 'numbered' with Sharpie marker at New Hampshire prom

Maxime Bernier arrested, charged after attending anti-COVID restriction rally in Manitoba

Canada to share up to 100M COVID-19 vaccine doses with developing nations

Tucker: Most basic questions of civil liberties are in the balance

Italy halts AstraZeneca vaccine for under-60s

10 Delta variant cases connected to outbreak at Calgary hospital were fully immunized

BLM co-founder constructs fortress around $1.4M home

Liberals invoke S.39, refuse to provide evidence

Hydroxychloroquine study further erodes credibility of health 'experts'

Trudeau family spent $300 on bottled water in a single month

June 12 2021

Italy: Muslim migrants kidnap German teen and sexually abuse her for months

This is how many City of Burnaby workers earn more than $100,000

Rex Murphy: Liberals should focus on ending the pandemic, not curtailing free speech

Trudeau to discuss foreign policy with G7 leaders at second day of summit meeting

Canada paid a premium to get COVID-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer earlier than planned

Chris Selley: There is no principle that Ottawa won't readily abandon simply to appease Quebec

Alberta launches $3M lottery in bid to reach first-dose vaccine target amid faltering demand

GUNTER: Yet another nail in the coffin of Canada's energy industry

Climate change protesters in Vancouver block intersection, call for end to old-growth logging

Photo gallery: Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau at the G7 summit in England

GOLDSTEIN: Whether London attack was terrorism isn't for politicians to decide

Update: Police continue to hunt down Pastor while threatening his church with potential million dollar fine

Liberal newspaper won't print description of black male suspect in mass shooting because it 'could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes'

WHAT’S THE RUSH ON CENSORSHIP BILL? Messy C-10 antics exposing Trudeau agenda

New Discovery Shows Human Cells Can Write RNA Sequences Into DNA – Challenges Central Principle in Biology

June 13 2021

Liberals approached me to cross the floor, issues with Green leader 'irreconcilable': Atwin

Canada to donate 100M COVID-19 vaccines to world, Trudeau says

BREAKING: Biden takes no questions from unauthorized reporters in gaffe-filled G7 press conference

CRIME SCENE: Cops smash suspected Niagara fentanyl ring

WATCH: Trudeau insults reporters asking him questions at G7, then walks it back

North Korean defector says 'even North Korea was not this nuts' after attending Ivy League school

June 14 2021

Canadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months before RCMP asked to investigate

Canada’s Top Parties Have Abandoned Principle & Now Compete In Endless Pandering Olympics

GOLDSTEIN: Ford and the notwithstanding clause — cue the hysteria

Canadian military’s second-in-command resigns role after golfing with Vance

Trudeau embarrasses Canada on the world stage (again)

Crown Execs Hiding Bonuses

CDC says vaccine link to heart inflammation is stronger than previously thought

Dr. Janci Lindsay, PhD

Top Doc Tells the CDC to STOP the Shots

Deputy minister's son works at defence firm behind winning warship bid; DND silent on what guidelines are in place to avoid conflict of interest

June 15 2021

MP Yasmin Ratansi put herself in conflict of interest by employing foster sister: ethics commissioner

Green Party council voting on process that could eject Annamie Paul from leadership

CBC Gives PM Of Pakistan – A Country That Sentences People To Death For Blasphemy – A Platform To Lecture Canadians On ‘Hate’ & Censorship

Here’s everything you need to know about Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin’s legal challenge

Pastor Tim Stephens arrested on new charges after 'underground' church services

Tasha Kheiriddin: The world's love affair with Justin Trudeau ends on a sour note

Bill C-10 hits speed bump as Speaker voids dozens of 'secret' amendments

Washington's Inoculation Gamble: Calculating the Vegas Odds of Virus vs Vax Risks, and the Goal of Herd Immunity

Canada ranked #1 country in the world for 'filthiest money'

Elections Canada says it's ready for a COVID-19 campaign, law changes not necessary

Immunization is Not Mandatory in Canada

June 16 2021

Jonathan Bradley: As a Ryerson student, I'm disappointed my university is kowtowing to a mob of vandals

Trudeau tests negative for COVID, exits hotel quarantine in Ottawa after 12 hours

Canada's inflation rate rises to highest level in a decade, at 3.6%

Raymond J. de Souza: Liberals embrace anti-Israel MP, announce anti-Semitism summit. What's not to be cynical about?

John Robson: Justin Trudeau positioning himself as 'dean' of the G7 is laughable

Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery now includes 40 travel-related prizes

Liberals breached parliamentary privilege over documents on fired scientists, House Speaker rules

Alleged victim angry as assault charge dropped against relative of NDP leader and Liberal MP

Canada’s Jews say antisemites declared ‘open season’ on them since Gaza conflict

Pro-Palestinian activists block Israeli container ship from docking in Prince Rupert

Healthy Man Loses Much of Small Intestine After Blood Clot From AstraZeneca Vaccine

June 17 2021

AstraZeneca Vaccine Recipients Will Be Barred from Broadway Show

“Government Broadcaster Running Interference For PMJT At Every Turn”: Former CBC Journalist Rips Network

‘I am not a token:’ Freeland fires back at Paul’s accusation she is Trudeau’s ‘female shield’

Three arrested, three at large after shooting at local Toronto artist's memorial

Centre Block renovation to take until at least 2030 to complete, cost up to $5B

Vaccine committee says provinces should give AstraZeneca recipients a different vaccine for second dose

Vancouver School Board cuts honours programs, cites 'inequality’ among students

MPs Proclaim ‘French Nation’

EDITORIAL: Trudeau's a fake feminist

Bought in 1970s at $90,000, Vancouver lots near Oakridge Centre now selling for $10 million as tower sites

Alberta man says AstraZeneca shot led to serious health issue, wants federal compensation

BREAKING: Public Health Agency found in contempt of House of Commons

Broadway show off limits to those who got AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Rex Murphy: How are Greens going to save the planet when they can't even save themselves?

Liberal government found in contempt of Parliament over case of fired Winnipeg lab scientists

1 in 4 COVID patients hospitalized while vitamin D deficient die – Israeli study

NS emergency head fired after criticizing public health powers

Bloc Québécois motion acknowledging Quebec's Bill 96 passes 281-2

COVID-19: Second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine no longer recommended in Canada

2 deaths from delta variant at Calgary hospital a dire warning, expert says

Our Charter is most vulnerable during times of emergency

June 18 2021

BREAKING: Trudeau confirms 'national certification of vaccination status' for those who 'travel internationally'

Rent hike shuts down 23-year-old dry cleaners in Richmond

Portland's police riot squad resigns after officer indicted over alleged assault on photographer

Fraser Health to host 32-hour ‘vax-a-thon’ in Surrey this weekend for people needing 1st dose

Some Nevada casinos still closed, some may never reopen

Government refuses to comply with court order for cabinet docs

Federal Court rules isolation hotels constitutional; chastises federal government for other breaches

WARMINGTON: Legacy of Canada's first PM cancelled by a crane

A Statue Of Pierre Trudeau Was Vandalized With Blackface & Now Police Are Involved

June 19 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Linking Israel to apartheid now 'acceptable' anti-Semitism

Five people, including three children, rushed to hospital after shooting in Etobicoke

Rex Murphy: Cutting honours programs and keeping smart kids down proves the silliness of 'inclusivity'

Justin Trudeau Finally Makes Public Reference To White Canadians: “Stop Being Racists”

NP View: Green infighting exposes Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy on Israel

EDITORIAL: So much for open government

Amazing New Website Confirms YouTube Is Suppressing Dislikes on Joe Biden Videos by as Much as 600%

Canada's COVID-19 lockdowns have lost all touch with reality


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