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LEDREW: Trudeau wants us to allow him to radically change Canada

Re-printed without permission.

January 2 2024

Who uttered the scariest, most threatening words, anywhere in the world, in all of 2023?

Not Putin, not Kim Jong Un of North Korea, or some other unscrupulous dictator — it was Canada’s own Justin Trudeau.

“There’s a lot of work to do … and we are going to continue fighting for them (the people of Canada) every single day.”

“… I wouldn’t be the person I am and be willing to walk away from this right now.”

Words uttered in year-end interviews, mere days ago, intended to bolster his very saggy polling.

The prime minister obviously thinks these words will put some steel into the backbone of his erstwhile supporters.

Yes, the boy ruler will be flying back from Jamaica to finish his work in Canada.


But look out, average Canadian.

If you are not one of his friends in high places and government-subsidized business (which includes most major corporations in Canada ), the rest of the 38 million Canadians had better hunker down.

Because aside from wanting Canadians to continue to provide him with a lifestyle that even the most extravagant undemocratic potentates must envy — jets, and limousine entourages, and operatives to carry out his every wish — he wants us to allow him to radically change Canada.

Not liking our free-enterprise, modern capitalist nation with a social conscience, with a proud national spirit and character, Trudeau is working to create a “post national society,” as he once put it, extracting unbelievable taxes from good working people, killing the energy and natural resources industries that fuelled our wealth, and watering down our very national character with his soul-wrenching version of “diversity.”

Trudeau’s policies, rooted in increasingly discredited and dated dogma, would turn Canadians into a flock of sheep, with his government caring for them, feeding them, and putting a roof over their heads.

We would then reward him with continued riches.

And this sad result is what Canadians need to fight against.

Of course, many life-long Liberals will hold their noses and vote for Trudeau, but even they should not, because Justin is not a Liberal. He is an authoritarian socialist progressive, making even old-time NDPers vomit.

The current Liberal Party under Trudeau is not the Liberal Party that fostered the successes of the past century, which freed Canadians to be educated in the ways of the real world (not the woke stupidity of the ruling present educators), and which encouraged enterprise and individual responsibility, tempered with a social conscience.

The current Liberal Party is Justin’s Party — it is a mirror of his shallow and debilitating concepts, allowing him to hurtle Canada down a long and deep tunnel into an economically weak nation.

It can be stopped — we are still a democracy … so far.


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