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March 2021 Part 2

March 16 2021

What’s a trillion? The Liberals’ cavalier attitude on overspending needs to change

Senior female officer quits Canadian Forces, says she's 'sickened' by reports of sexual misconduct

Sarnia gym fined for disobeying regional lockdown

More than the Second World War: Here's the eyewatering debt Canada is racking up

Senior female officer quits Canadian Forces, says she's 'sickened' by reports of sexual misconduct

Federal plan to hike carbon taxes to $170 per tonne would restrain economy, cost jobs: report

March 17 2021

Rex Murphy: This isn't just 'a political scandal.' It's a WE scandal

Massive surge in migrant children has Biden team scrambling

Erin O’Toole’s Net Favourability Rating Is Negative 22 Points, Currently Least Popular Federal Leader

Pleaded To Cut The Spending

Kielburger Brothers admit they were in touch with PMO

Biden blocks press access at border, constructs false narratives

Trudeau Government Giving Your Taxpayer Money To Group Co-Founded By Former Liberal MP That’s Pushing China’s Line On Uyghur Genocide

Arthritis, Diabetes Will QUALIFY Canadians For Assisted Dying Under Trudeau’s Euthanasia Bill

Woman, 95, 'totally incapacitated' after receiving 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine a day apart

Andrew Scheer slams Liberals for spending $400 million on bike lanes and “active transportation”

CBC published feature on business owner who assaulted female journalist

White House confirms Canada asked for vaccine help, won't say if U.S. has agreed

UPDATE: RCMP re-charge Natalie Klein for defying the lockdown

In Burnaby, $1,660 a month for a one-bedroom: Rental rates reveal a big-city exodus

Canada experiences 80% increase in debt-to-GDP in 2020, highest increase in all developed countries

March 18 2021

Poilievre Rips Bank Of Canada Money Printing

REPORT: Biden Admin To ‘Loan’ 1.5 Million AstraZeneca Doses (Currently Not Authorized For Use In The USA) To Canada

Canada’s COVID Alert app is “completely useless” right now: health expert

Inflation is coming: Signs that everything is about to get much more expensive

DAILY | Spying on Citizens! Trudeau funds US report on Rebel News

China Barring Canadian Officials From Trials Of Two Michaels

Canadian officials currently barred from attending trials of 2 Michaels

Canada Should Cut Foreign Aid & Redirect The Money Towards Ending Boil Water Advisories

Budget watchdog slams federal government on lack of fiscal transparency during pandemic

Majority of Canadians opposed to Liberals controlling internet speech

Burnaby restaurant closes permanently amid COVID-19 devastation

China concludes espionage trial of Michael Spavor behind closed doors

Here’s where Walmart is closing six stores in Canada

One Of The Lockdowns’ Greatest Casualties Could Be Science

FUREY: Here's what happened when one Toronto school had a new variant case

March 19 2021

Rex Murphy: Can Justin Trudeau ever say anything good about Canada?

APRIL FOOLS' DAY, INDEED: Trudeau's carbon tax up 33% next month

Biden Faces Backlash After ‘Humiliating’ China Meeting: ‘Incredible Incompetence,’ ‘Biden Is Weak’

Diane Francis: What's happening in Canada is vaccine rationing, not medicine

AstraZeneca: German team discovers thrombosis trigger

Ontario's 2020 Sunshine List is out, with increases in health care, school sectors adding thousands to list

Conservatives call on Trudeau Liberals to release details of $150 MILLION SNC-Lavalin contract

Woman Has 'Major Bleeding', Dies 1 Week After Getting AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

Idris Elba hints he caught coronavirus from Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

March 20 2021

REPORT: Researchers In Germany & Norway Identify Link Between AstraZeneca Vaccine & Instances Of Potentially Deadly Blood Clots In The Brain

Corbella: Trudeau's blaming of Mulroney on vaccine problems delusional, say experts

BONOKOSKI: The selfishness of jacking up billions in spending

Richmond childcare fees among highest in Canada, study finds

Burnaby shopping malls in deep as retail sales slump again amid COVID-19

March 21 2021

Environmentalist media outlet received $355,000 from Trudeau government

Trump releases statement slamming Biden and Mayorkas over border crisis, 'they are causing death and human tragedy'

U.S. administration treating Spavor, Kovrig cases as if they were Americans: Hillman

March 22 2021

Trudeau approved performance pay for Vance after office aware of misconduct allegations

Trudeau's legacy: Humiliation, weakness, and an abandonment of our values

Diane Francis: New study finds delaying second doses of COVID vaccine could put lives at risk

The stores and restaurants closing the most locations across Canada in 2021

Viral immunologist speaks out against 'abusive' child-quarantine policies

StandTogetherForCanada Comments: This is satire.

Air Force One Now Equipped With Handicap Parking Pass

MALCOLM: For many Canadians, the cure is worse than the disease

Gen. Vance 'was not truthful' in 2015 about sexual misconduct allegations, ex-Harper aide tells MPs

Rise in deadly violence against women 'the horrible tip of the iceberg' in Canada: expert

March 23 2021

After Years Of Calling Canada Racist, Trudeau Is Upset Someone Called The Quebec Government Racist

Freeland says federal budget will be tabled April 19

WATCH: Bergen Rips Trudeau Government For Sending $40 Million Of Your Taxpayer Dollars To Communist China

Warehoused $700M In Orders

Accused Boulder shooter ranted about Trump and Islam on social media

Feds paid $700 million for ventilators that weren’t needed

Conservatives introduce motion calling for plan to end lockdowns in Canada

Navy closes probe into alleged ‘red room’ comments without speaking to all involved: sources

Over $40,000 spent to study abandoned, mouldy Harrington Lake barn

Why was Canada’s ambassador to China in Canada when Kovrig and Spavor went on trial?

Boulder jihad mass murderer had planned to hit Trump rally, also checked churches as potential targets

Request for CRA Investigation of CHIMP & Its Network of 200 Vancouver Charities: Updated April 23, 2023

March 24 2021

Huge increase in Canada’s debt ceiling approved

Trudeau says he does not need mandate for pandemic budget because he already has one

Trudeau says he has a mandate for aid that could top $80 billion

Kelly McParland: Freeland needs to move beyond happy talk

Panel OKs 56% Debt Increase

GOLDSTEIN: Ford's budget channels Wynne, McGuinty and Trudeau

Terry Glavin: Canada's record with China is one of national humiliation

Energy advocate exposing well-funded anti-oil activists

Indonesia forcing Christian women and girls to wear hijabs: report

Trudeau says he doesn’t regret not closing border sooner

Tory party says they will kill carbon tax if elected

Trudeau, EU leader talk vaccines but no assurance Canada exempt from export controls

Finance committee votes to raise debt ceiling to $1,831,000,000,000

Trudeau says he doesn’t regret not closing border sooner

Despite Pledges to Cut Emissions, China Goes on a Coal Spree

How much did Vancouver mayor and top earners in city hall make in 2020?

Man and teenager charged with murder after burning body discovered near Burnaby playground

WATCH: Trudeau Repeatedly Dodges Questions On How Much His Family Got From WE

Trudeau Liberals spent $10,900 to find Bill Morneau a new job—he didn't get it

What pandemic? Health Canada seeking “influencer” campaign contractor

March 25 2021

Trudeau Liberals paying for influencers to praise their health department

Liberal Government Busted Paying People To Praise Hajdu’s Department: Blacklock’s

BREAKING: Supreme Court rules carbon tax to be legal in 6-3 decision

Liberals will tell staffers to disobey House of Commons summons: Rodriguez

Liberals to instruct staffers to not appear if summoned to testify before parliamentary committees: Rodriguez

Judges OK Carbon Tax By 6-3

Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act

House of Commons rejects motion calling for plan to end lockdowns

StandTogetherForCanada Comments: This one is satire

‘Mr. Biden, Why Are You A Total Loser?’ Asks New White House Reporter Ronald Crump

Canada’s carbon price is constitutional, Supreme Court rules

Canada’s health minister evades question about COVID ‘vaccine passports’

Lindsey Graham Blasts AOC’s Border Hypocrisy

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Signs Election Integrity Bill

Conservative MPs blast Trudeau Liberal 'cover-up campaign' on WE Charity, military sexual assaults

LILLEY: Supreme Court sets dangerous precedent with carbon tax ruling

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's carbon tax is legal — it's just a bad and ineffective law

Report 9—Investing in Canada Plan

Delays plague 'inconsistent and incomplete' $188B infrastructure program: auditor general

One in three Canadians feels worse off financially than a year ago, poll finds

Facebook says it's preparing again to fend off disinformation during a federal election

Liberal ministers will tell staff to disobey any Commons committee summons: government house leader

Despite court ruling, Ottawa’s carbon tax remains fundamentally flawed

Rex Murphy: How to turn turnip brains into learned adults, and other tips about university

B.C. to more than double COVID-19 fines for attending social gatherings

Liberals Overpromise and Underdeliver, While Canadians Suffer the Economic Consequences

We Could Have Been Largely Free of the Pandemic by Now

FBI Stats Reveal Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – Three to One to be Exact, Media Silent

Canada to lessen quarantine for NHL players traded across border from 14 days to 7 days, source says

Revealed: Hunter Biden’s Bizarre 2018 Incident with Handgun, Secret Service

Newfoundland voters fail to receive vote-in ballots for election

Southern Alberta break-in suspects call 911, claim rural homeowner threatened them with shotgun

BONOKOSKI: Time to have Meng Wanzhou try on an orange jumpsuit

March 26 2021

Rex Murphy: Carbon tax ruling a hard kick to the West, but sweet relief for Trudeau

Government officials question ex-ambassador to Israel's office space, private meetings

CCP Adviser Outlined Detailed Plan to Defeat US, Including Manipulating Elections

Trump Says Biden’s Claim He Left Children ‘Starving’ at Mexican Border Is False, Current Immigration Situation ‘Outrageous’

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki must go

NP View: Conservatives must unite behind Erin O'Toole if they are to defeat Trudeau

Supreme Extremism will leave Canadians hurting

Ted Cruz BREAKS INTERNET With Video From Southern Border

Liberals Ripped For Disgraceful Attack On Poilievre

Feds find 30,000 cases of CERB fraud

Photos show Biden 'cheat sheets' during first formal press conference

Original assessment of COVID-19 as low-risk wasn’t wrong, Tam says, despite Auditor-General’s report

Conflict of Interest? Supreme Court Judge who ruled on carbon tax constitutionality spoke at event partnered with United Nations groups

KINSELLA: We all bear responsibility for 'Cult of Trudeau'

Trudeau spent $7 million on renovations at Harrington Lake in 2020

LEVY: Fully vaccinated traveller fined $3,750 for refusing hotel stay

LILLEY: Trudeau government plagued by vaccine troubles

Kelly McParland: Freeland needs to move beyond happy talk

Sajjan was involved in Vance pay raise, top civil servant says

LETTER: Alberta trampled again by the Laurentian overlords

Column: Richmond family’s tragedy will repeat without change

B.C. to buy Ramada Hotel in Downtown Vancouver to house homeless

What happened to two small South Dakota towns after Biden revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline permit

'I just left': Vancouver woman angered over lack of security, price gouging at quarantine hotel

Rudy Giuliani and Our Readers Point Out the Many Crimes Committed By Hunter and Hallie Biden When Throwing Hunter’s Gun in the Garbage

Twitter CEO Tells Rep. Steve Scalise: ‘We Don’t Have a Censoring Department’

Nation’s first ‘vaccine passport’ coming to New York

Infrastructure Minister McKenna blasted by auditors

LILLEY: Trudeau government gives NHL players special treatment with COVID exemption

WATCH: Elizabeth May says lowering voting age to 16 would create a 'healthier democracy'

EDITORIAL: Canada not following science on vaccines

Ford says vaccine supply 'becoming a joke'

Robert Redfield Believes COVID-19 'Escaped' From Wuhan Lab as WHO Readies Origin Report

Video: murder victim Maria Cecilia Loreto remembered as a good mother and fun-loving person

FACT CHECK: McKenna claimed farmers, Indigenous groups supported the carbon tax

Poilievre demands apology after pro-energy group slandered as white supremacists

Trudeau gov't gives itself permission to borrow $635 billion this year

Supreme Extremism will leave Canadians hurting

Catherine McKenna’s Minister of Infrastructure fails another Audit, billions unaccounted for

March 27 2021

Statement by the Prime Minister on the results of the provincial election in Newfoundland and Labrador

China announces sanctions on Canadians, including MP Michael Chong

YOU SAID IT: Canadian guinea pigs

Michael Chong & Parliamentary Sub-Committee Sanctioned By Communist China

Trudeau Government To Weaken Law That Restricts Individuals With Sicknesses & Disabilities From Immigrating To Canada

Liberals under Andrew Furey win slim majority in Newfoundland and Labrador election

FUREY: The carbon tax ruling is judicial activism at its worst

Disturbing: Uber Driver Murdered by Two Teen Girls in Broad Daylight in D.C.

KINSELLA: Moving second vaccine dose back months an experiment on Canadian lives

Woman dead, six hospitalized after ‘multiple’ people stabbed at North Vancouver library

WATCH: Brutal murder of DC Uber Eats driver caught on video

March 28 2021

Canada Charges Man for Murder After Fatal Stabbing at North Vancouver Library

Biden official asked GOP senators visiting border to delete photos from facilities

Video shows Halifax officer pointing weapon, yelling something 'unacceptable' at man with hands up

CHAN: Liberal ban on airsoft toy guns crosses from silly to madness

Tories demand Trudeau testify on WE deal after Liberals reject hearing from PM staff

GraceLife Church pastor returns to pulpit after jail time for breaching COVID-19 public health order

5 people stabbed near Kelowna, suspect in custody

Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez to testify on WE deal instead of Trudeau, PM staff

China generated over half world's coal-fired power in 2020: study

March 29 2021

Trudeau calls for global response as UN warns of looming debt crisis

COVID-19 restrictions: B.C. temporarily halting indoor dining at restaurants, indoor fitness activities for adults

Murder charge laid in North Vancouver stabbing spree that left 1 dead, 6 injured

City of Regina report recommends removing John A. Macdonald statue from Victoria Park

Suspend AstraZeneca use for people under 55, vaccine committee recommends

From housebuilders to toymakers, businesses are sounding the inflation alarm

Politics Briefing: Chinese diplomat calls Trudeau ‘boy,’ as tensions escalate

Trudeau calls for global response as UN warns of looming debt crisis

Instead Of A Carbon Tax On Canadians, Impose ‘Climate Tariffs’ On China

LILLEY: Trudeau government failed Canada in COVID response

WATCH: Two Weeks Ago, Patty Hajdu Said Government Was “Confident In The Safety Of AstraZeneca”

Chinese consul-general calls Trudeau “running dog” of the US

Trudeau Wants Canadian Tax Payers to Help Pay Other Countries’ Debts

Rex Murphy: All the world's a stage, and culture needs to be shared

March 30 2021

Senator proposes fmr. governor general Payette lose pension

Liberal Author Naomi Wolf Warns 'Vaccine Passports' Are the 'End of Human Liberty in the West'

Introducing ‘Vaxzevria’: AstraZeneca renames Covid vaccine as firm fights off controversy over drug

Taxpayers on the hook for MPs raises of up to $6,400 on Thursday

Man seriously injured in Toronto shooting

No April Fool’s Joke: MP pay raise kicks in April 1

Quebec Government May Have Distributed Toxic Masks To Schools

Streaming services ban episodes of Spongebob Squarepants due to 'inappropriate content' deemed sexist and racist

LILLEY: Canadians are the fools this April 1 as taxes, MP pay go up

Canada's nursing homes have worst record for COVID-19 deaths among wealthy nations: report

March 31 2021

Total federal deficit for 2020-2021 will be $363.4 billion: PBO

Conservative MP and senator blast “laughable” Trudeau UN speech

CMHC Lied On Housing Tax

Indoor wine tastings still permitted amid new B.C. COVID-19 restrictions

The dystopian lake filled by the world’s tech lust

B.C. tax increases: From Netflix to gas, here’s what will cost you more on April 1

About 26,000 travellers arriving in Canada were exempt from mandatory quarantine hotel

Prime Ministers and Government Spending: 2021 Edition

Man guilty of Vancouver homicide arrested after failing to appear at sentencing hearing


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