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Tony always keep up to date on the news.  

When debating someone it is easier when you have the facts.  This is why we do it.   

A lot of people make comments that are just ridiculous.  Hopefully this site will show them the truth.

Tony was invited to a private group on Facebook with the apt name "Stand Together For Canada" copying its name for this website and creating the Stand Together For Canada website on November 2016.

Justin Trudeau just wasn't ready.  And it shows.  Just look at all the blunders.  

​Twitter: Tony Lam @animallama (suspended)

LOL The liberals got Tony on Twitter.  Since October 2018 he has been suspended from Twitter.  He was part of the purge for that month.  He didn't even do anything that would warrant a total ban.  If you were left wing, you could swear, threaten, and post the most distasteful pictures and Twitter would shrug it off.  

Since late 2018 Tony enlisted the aid of Zack Slater.  Zack does all the twitter posts now.

March 26 2022 Zack has now been suspended from twitter for posting American VAERS data.

After January 2023.  Zack has to move on.  It will just be Tony running things again.

Tony will try again to lead the charge. 

New account @TonyLam54

On December 16 2022 once again Tony got suspended from Twitter for breaking the "twitter rules?"  We posted our tweets for the day and you tell us if it warranted a full suspension?


After repeated appeals Tony got his account re-instated on January 9 2023.  Someone there with common sense fixed it.

July 1 2023

AGAIN! @tonylam54 banned.  Apparently you can't type out words that twitter deems "unacceptable" but you can post the "bad words" using their provided GIFs.  Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Any questions:

Tony can be reached at: 

Tony Lam

Twitter: @lampolitical




So don't bother.


Here are some examples from Twitter that won't get you suspended. 

Twitter Users that are not banned.
Twitter users that are not banned
Twitter users that are not banned
You can say whatever you want as a left wing person with no repercussions
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