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October 2015

October 21, 2015

October 1 2015

Trudeau’s star candidate Andrew Leslie accused Israel of “indiscriminately” shooting at women and children


October 2 2015

Tories Pledge Tip Line To Combat 'Barbaric Cultural Practices'


October 5 2015

ISIS mission reveals Liberal divide: Party's grandees express support for 'robust Canadian mission'


October 9 2015

'She has got to go': Kevin O'Leary offers $1M if Notley resigns


October 15 2015

Peter Foster: Vote against hate


October 20 2015

Will Alberta police investigate Mohammad’s ruling on gays as hate speech?


October 20 2015

What is Canadian Jihad?  What radical Imams preach in Canadian mosques.


October 20 2015

Election Results Final.


October 20 2015

If you feel like the unions bought this election, we need to talk


October 20 2015

Trusted Trudeau advisers, this political duo is the architect behind Liberal victory


Federal election 2015: Voter turnout highest in decades


Geraldo: Congrats to new Canadian PM … I slept with your mom


October 21 2015

Trudeau’s first move doesn’t bode well


October 23 2015

100 municipalities discharge sewage into Quebec's waterways


October 29 2015

Liberal's NEW 24 Sussex reno plan: $150 million -- "That's more than Bill Gates' house cost"



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