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Terrorism Compiled

Tony Lam's Comments: The person who compiled this is very knowledgeable. If there is any mistakes or additions please email me.

Compiled from the STAND TOGETHER FOR CANADA group on Facebook

Terrorism in Canada is a very real threat. Compiled by M.T.:

-in 2004, Mohammad Momin Khawaja became the first Canadian charged under Canada's anti-terrorism act. He was convicted four years later and is now serving a life sentence

- in 2006, the Toronto 18 terrorist group was plotting to bomb buildings in Toronto and to decapitate Harper

- in 2010, a terror cell in Ottawa was planning to bomb parliament buildings

- in 2013, terrorists were planning to bomb a Via train

- in 2013, a terrorist group was planning to bomb the Victoria, B.C. legislature

- in 2014, the RCMP warned us of possible drone terrorist attacks

- in 2014, we lost two soldiers on our soil to terrorism

- in October 2014, a terrorist ran loose in Parliament Hill

- in January, 2015, seven people from Montreal left Canada to fight with ISIS overseas

- in January, 2015, authorities arrested a man and his twin brother as they were trying to board an overseas flight

- in February, 2015, terrorists threatened to bomb a mall in Edmonton

- in February, a man was charged with recruiting, financing and facilitating terrorism

- in March, 2015, a man was arrested for plotting to bomb the U.S. Consulate and other buildings in Toronto

- in March, 2015, an man in Alberta was taken into custody for terror-related offenses

- in April, 2015, a man was arrested over concerns that he was plotting a terrorist act

- in April, 2015, a man was arrested for threatening to blow up the parliament buildings in Ottawa

- in April, 2015, two men were in court over their plot to commit terrorist acts

- in May, 2015, ten people were arrested at a Montreal airport for wanting to join terrorist groups overseas

- in May, 2015, a member of a terrorist group was caught with $20,000.00 worth of firearms

- in June, 2015, a man was arrested for planning to carry out a terrorist attack

- in June, 2015, a man was arrested for going to Syria in 2013 to fight for the Islamic State of Iraq

- in June, 2015, the lead suspect in a French beheading took a ‘selfie’ with the slain victim and sent the image to a Canadian cellphone number

- in June, 2015, West Jet airline flights had to be diverted four times in five days due to bomb threats

- in July, 2015, the RCMP charged a Fort St. John man for committing terrorism offenses

- in September, 2015, the RCMP in Alberta laid terrorism charges against a Calgary man who went overseas to fight with the Islamic State

- in September, 2015, two men found guilty of terrorism charges from March, 2015, including plotting to derail a passenger train on the Niagara bridge were sentenced to life in prison

- in September, 2015, a man was arrested in Toronto on a terrorism-related peace bond

- in October, 2015, two men were deported for being a security threat

- in November, 2015, the RCMP was on high alert after receiving reports of terrorist plots targeting our cities

- in December, 2015, the RCMP laid terrorism charges against three Ottawa men accused of organizing, recruiting and financing a Canadian ISIS cell

- in January, 2016, Bulgarian authorities indicted a Lebanese-born Canadian citizen on charges of terrorism in connection with the deadly bombing at Burgas Airport

As a 'matter of principle,' convicted terrorists are fellow citizens

- in February, 2016, three Ottawa men were charged for taking part in activities related to financial and ideological support of ISIS

- in March, 2016, a man was arrested in Gatineau and charged with uttering threats, harassment, being in possession of a false driver's license, making fake ID and a concern that he was about to leave the country to train with jihadists

- in March, 2016, two soldiers attacked at a recruiting station in Toronto. Attacker shouted Allah Ackbar as he attacked.

- in April, 2016, Family devastated after John Ridsdel killed by islamic captors in Philippines

- in June, 2016, Canadian hostage Robert Hall killed by islamic militants, Philippines confirms

- in June, 2016, Security consultant claims Canadian government declined two rescue missions for abducted Canadians

- in August, 2016, 580 CFRA reported that RCMP thwarted an imminent suicide bombing attack in a major Canadian city by a suspect affiliated with ISIS.

- in August, 2016, Montreal woman runs over two police officers while shouting “Allah”

- on December, 2016, Publication ban on slain Toronto doctor challenged on social media with #SayHerName, allegedly killed by her neurosurgeon husband

- December, 2016

Sister of Canadian victim of Islamic terrorists: “Trudeau’s words mean nothing”

- January 1 2017

Canadian confirmed dead in Turkish night club attack

- January 29 2017

Quebec Mosque Shooting. 6 Dead.

- March 3 2017

Trudeau rewards a terrorist with citizenship

Zakaria Amara retains citizenship under Trudeau.

- July 4 2017

Rehab Dughmosh - attacking customers and staff with a golf club and butcher knife at a Scarborough Canadian Tire

- August 13 2017

2 Canadians killed in attack on restaurant in Burkina Faso

- October 1 2017

A list of Canada’s terror incidents and attacks

- October 1 2017

Suspect Abdulahi Hasan Sharif in Edmonton attack faces terrorism, attempted murder charges

StartFragmentAccused of attacking a police officer and running down four pedestrians with a rental truck EndFragment

- October 2 2017

Three Canadian victims mourned after Las Vegas attack

- October 25 2017

DISTURBING: 60 Potential ISIS Fighters Have Returned To Canada, Yet The Government Hasn’t Jailed Them

- December 15 2017

Canada: Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside RBC bankEndFragment

- February 3 2018

QUIGGIN: The Quebec mosque story has many layers

- April 23 2018

Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, killing 10 and injuring 15

- May 14 2018

Man Who Stabbed Canadian Soldiers & Cited Radical Islamist Ideology Acquitted Of Terrorism Charges By Judge

- May 25 2018

Mississauga restaurant bombing left a scene of chaos, witnesses say

2 Men use of IED.

- July 22 2018

Faisal Hussain kills 2, injured 13 on gun rampage.


From USA Today.

October 24 2014

A look at terrorist attacks in Canada

StartFragmentOct. 20, 2014: A man who had been investigated for jihadist ties uses his car to run over two members of the Canadian military, killing one and injuring the other, in a Quebec parking lot. Canadian law enforcement had been monitoring Martin Couture-Rouleau over fears he's become radicalized by Islamist groups. He was shot and killed by police after a high-speed chase.EndFragment

April 22, 2013: Canadian intelligence services arrest two men allegedly trained by al-Qaeda operatives in Iran and charge them with plotting to derail a New York City-bound passenger train in the greater Toronto area.

June 2, 2006: Authorities arrest 18 people who were allegedly inspired by al-Qaeda for plotting a widespread terror act in the nation's capital. The plot, planned by the so-called "Toronto 18," involved storming the Parliament building, taking over a national TV broadcasting station, seizing dozens of hostages and beheading the prime minister.

Sept. 3, 1985: A bomb explodes in Montreal's Central Station, a commuter train station, during a Labor Day rush, killing three French tourists and injuring dozens more. Thomas Brigham, an American war veteran, is later convicted of the bombing after authorities said he was angered over an upcoming visit by Pope John Paul II.

June 23, 1985: Air India Flight 182 departs Montreal's Mirabel International Airport bound for Delhi and explodes midair, killing 329 people, including 268 Canadians. Law enforcement officials claimed the attacks were carried out by Sikh extremists living in western Canada as revenge on India, but only one person ever serves jail time for his involvement.

May 18, 1984: A former Canadian Army corporal storms into Quebec's provincial parliament building and opens fire with a machine gun, killing three government workers and injuring 13 others. Denis Lortie, who sat on the Speaker's chair and fired at cowering workers, screamed "The government now in power is going to be destroyed." He was talked down and later convicted of second-degree murder.

Oct. 5, 1970: The first of two high-ranking government officials are kidnapped in Montreal by members of the Quebec Liberation Front, setting off a frantic few weeks of negotiations, a call-up of federal troops and the first peace-time use of the national War Measures Act. The body of Pierre Laporte, the Minister of Labor for Quebec, was later found in the trunk of a car while James Cross, a British trade commissioner in Montreal, was released. Some of the kidnappers were flown to Cuba for asylum and others were arrested and convicted.

Feb. 13, 1969: Members of the Quebec Liberation Front, nationalists looking for formal recognition of Ottawa, set off a powerful bomb that rips through the Montreal Stock Exchange, injuring 27 people.


May 14 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s plan for managing the return of ISIS fighters revealed in documents

Man accused in military centre stabbing acquitted of terror charges, not criminally responsible

October 7 2018

January 17 2019

ISIS supporter Rehab Dughmosh convicted of terror charges

January 23 2019

RCMP charge Kingston, Ont., youth with terror-related offence after security probe

January 25 2019 ‘We disrupted the act’: Accused in Kingston terror arrests had started process of building bomb, RCMP say

January 26 2019

Lawyer of Syrian refugee released amid Kingston terror probe says his client shouldn’t be maligned

January 31 2019

Crown seeks 8 years in prison for woman found guilty of terrorism

February 9 2019 'UNFAIR', 'FABRICATED': Mother of convicted terrorist speaks out

April 9 2019

Deadly export: Canadians responsible for hundreds of terrorism deaths and injuries overseas

23-year-old man charged for allegedly lighting ‘incendiary devices’ at Langara College

June 1 2019

FUREY: 'Nothing to see here, folks' – what Canadians are increasingly told about security matters

June 7 2019

ISIS plotted to send westerners to US through Mexico border: report

June 15 2019

June 19 2019

Canadian man sentenced to 26 years for orchestrating suicide attack on US troops

KNIGHT: New York terror crime trial showed Pearson Airport was a target

June 21 2019

‘Jihadi Jack’s’ Parents – Who Once Attacked Andrew Scheer – Found Guilty Of Funding Terrorism

June 24 2019

Man who stabbed two personnel at Toronto military recruitment centre should be deemed a terrorist: Crown

July 1 2019

Crown prosecutors want to have man who attacked Canadian soldiers labelled as a terrorist

July 3 2019

John Ivison: Canada shirking its responsibility to prosecute its citizens who fought for ISIL

July 15 2019

Appeal court says man who stabbed people at Toronto military site can attend college alone

July 20 2019

Dear Justin Trudeau: ISIS terrorists must be stripped of Canadian citizenship

September 26 2019

September 28 2019

No regret: Captured ISIS fighter wants to come home — but not if he will be judged by Canadian law

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