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October 2016

October 1 2016

Trudeau’s vanity chase for a coveted magazine cover

October 2 2016

Trudeau is betraying progressives

October 3 2016

Gunman who opened fire at Ten X nightclub pleads guilty to firearms charges

(Tony Lam's Comments: No to the carbon tax. We could shut down entire Canadian industries and it won't make a difference.)

CTF slams Trudeau's carbon tax

Justin Trudeau gives provinces until 2018 to adopt carbon price plan

Sask., N.S. and N.L. ministers walk out of climate talks after Trudeau announces carbon price

NEW series: Migrant violence uncovered at MORE schools across Canada (Part One: Calgary)

Liberals show their sense of entitlement - spending out of control

Canadian college students say dead Nazi general a good choice to lead peacekeeping mission

The Maryam Monsef double standard

October 4 2016

Here’s how Western grain farmers are getting the shaft from federal Liberals

Canadians aren't as accepting as we think — and we can't ignore it, writes Angus Reid

Ottawa softens stand on stripping citizenship over false papers

Premiers draw battle lines as Trudeau seeks support for carbon pricing plan

Trudeau attended a Rosh Hashana celebration

WATCH: Conservative MP schools Trudeau on nationwide carbon tax

October 5 2016

Gerald Butts brings Ontario’s energy poverty to national level

Migrant violence uncovered at MORE Canadian schools (Part Three: Edmonton)

New spy-accountability bill will create easily muzzled watchdog, report says

Premier Wall blasts Trudeau’s betrayal over “unilateral” carbon price

Trudeau may change law to protect Monsef

Trudeau Accidentally References Carbon 'Tax,' To Endless Delight Of Tories

Man in Trudeau selfie linked to RCMP terror investigation

October 6 2016 (Tony Lam`s Comments: especially when they can`t speak english or french)

A sad backlash against rising immigration: Hepburn Mood towards immigrants in Canada hardens

Saudi international student tries to MURDER girl with knife, gets put in chokehold by heroic Canadian boy

SHOCKING: How far will Liberals go to protect Monsef from immigration laws?

Stéphane Dion defends thumbsdown gesture in House of Commons

Telus got told: Telecom giant hit with brutal backlash over partisan tweet

Chrystia Freeland 'Quite Proud' Justin Trudeau Is Called 'Little Potato' In China

October 7 2016

Brad Wall 'wouldn't be surprised' if Trudeau imposes new health accord

SHOCKING: FOI docs reveal civil servants fundraising for Ontario Liberals on government dime

WATCH: Trudeau’s Liberals laugh at middle class

October 9 2016

PM’s pipeline, carbon tax decisions challenge ‘sunny ways’ story arc: Watt

Trudeau government revoking citizenship at much higher rate than Conservatives

Liberals say revocations target fraud, but government accused of hypocrisy following Maryam Monsef case

17-year-old Clare Morneau carves her own path through advocacy work: Govani

Fact-Check: Yes, the Nuclear Deal Hands ‘$150 Billion’ Over to Iran

October 10 2016

CBC panelists blame anti-Telus backlash on “alt-right trolls”

October 11 2016

Liberals under fire for delay on asbestos ban

'There seems to be a paralysis': Trudeaugovernment has backlog of more than 300 appointments

Court shuts down latest bid to deport Toronto man accused of terror links

October 12 2016

Canada caught off guard by number of Syrian refugeechildren, says federal minister

Feds getting ‘pushback’ on immigration from Canadians, minister says

Notley’s minimum wage takes effect: Businesses report jobs are down, prices are up

October 13 2016

Justin Trudeau met by supporters, protesters in rare visit by a Liberal PM to Medicine Hat

Canada expected to run bigger deficit than Trudeau budgeted: TD Bank

Stop the federal government before it taxes everything on the Internet

October 14 2016

Canada Won't Ride Out Another Financial Crisis Like Last Time: HSBC

Trudeau overlooks campaign finance laws to aid doomed Medicine Hat by-election candidate

Samson Cree members demand audit of chief and council

October 16 2016

Justin Trudeau’s economic promises off to a sluggish start

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre had a quiet mission to Iran, and now people have noticed

Canada's loneliest hero: Why you've never heard of this RCMP officer who shot the Parliament Hill gunman

October 17 2016

Ezra Levant seeks Trudeau’s intervention after UN bars The Rebel from climate conference

String of sex assaults at Université Laval residence has campus on edge

Tailor immigrant and refugee mental health services for culture, language, report urges

WATCH: Four Alberta Liberal MPs show “pure cowardice” in Question Period

Why the government can’t charge more than $10 a gram for legal pot

A year on, anger brews over Trudeau’s inaction on indigenous rights

October 18 2016

Trudeau meets with religious leader who legalizes wife beating under certain conditions

October 19 2016

Morneau fundraiser an apparent violation of Trudeau’s rules

"Anti-Islam” posters consistent with teachings of Canadian Imams, Islamic literature

One year in: Top five ways Trudeau and his Liberals are ruining Canada

“Don’t let Canada become Canadia Arabia”

PM backs away from electoral reform pledge

October 20 2016

50 per cent immigration boost makes ‘complete sense,’ says expert

Rex Murphy | Trudeau's Flip-Flop

With cash-for-access, Justin Trudeau picks up where Kathleen Wynne left off

October 21 2016

Bill Morneau warns of economic challenges as TD report predicts slow economy could add billions to federal deficit

Former Green Party candidate taken down after throwing pumpkin seeds at Justin Trudeau

Canada’s economy slows down, Trudeau’s deficits go up

Government mulls giving long-term nonresidents right to vote in federal elections

Kady O’Malley: Key anniversary for the Trudeau government is still to come

Liberals avoid scrutiny for contentious cash-for-access fundraisers

October 22 2016

‘Keep your promises!’ Woman throws pumpkin seeds at Justin Trudeau to protest pipelines

Another book at Toronto’s Dundas Square legalizes wife beating under certain conditions

Canada: Trudeau meets with Muslim leader who allows for wife-beating

High cost of ignorance

Ontarians paying huge price for Liberals’ failure to properly research green power, says an alternative energy pioneer

RCMP probes $4.2M paid to leaders — belonging to a single family — of tiny B.C. First Nation

October 23 2016

'To Trudeau, Muslim terrorists don’t really exist”

Trudeau says reaction to Ottawa attack shows that diversity “makes our country strong”

Liberals shrug off their own ethical guidelines with fundraiser

Bill Morneau, Finance Minister, Says Canadians Should Get Used To Short-Term Employment

October 24 2016

Media notice Trudeau’s transparency not all it’s cracked up to be

A Carbon Tax Will Cost Canadians Billions. What Will We Get For It?

Canada to welcome Yazidi refugees within months: John McCallum

Conservatives hold on to seat in Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner byelection

Dion: “The exceptional interest in Canada is largely due to Trudeau’s charisma”

Environment Ministry lobbying up 5,000% as cronies vie for access to carbon tax “slush fund”

Finance Minister Morneau “doesn’t know much about the economy;” predicts truck drivers will soon be obsolete

Trudeau government makes major changes to food regulations

Toronto Star slams UN for barring The Rebel from covering climate change conference

CSIS Warns of Chinese Influence On Canadian Real Estate…20 Years Ago

October 25 2016

House of Commons votes to provide Yazidis refuge in Canada

Joe Oliver: Trudeau talks up ‘social licence,’ but will bulldoze protesters if he wants something built

The coming Trudeau carbon tax is going to hurt

Justin Trudeau booed and heckled at young workers’ summit in Ottawa

Trudeau faces off with hecklers for 30 minutes at Canadian Labour Congress youth conference

October 26 2016

Aboriginal, environmental groups to sue Canada over Petronas LNG project

Amid shouting and jeering, Trudeau insists on a little etiquette

Document reveals RCMP strategy for possible ‘flood of foreign fighters’ fleeing Mosul offensive

Feds may impose gender quotas on corporations if numbers don’t improve

Global – First mainstream media outlet to publish offensive cartoon of Mohammad

Ottawa willing to intervene on behalf of The Rebel after journalists banned from UN climate conference

October 27 2016

Skin-deep: The awkwardness of Justin Trudeau’s Haida tattoo

Monsef travelled to Iran on religious pilgrimage

This RCMP tweet “should have all legal, responsible gun owners concerned”

Trudeau names 9 new independent senators

Are Canada's Islamists Calling the Shots?

Trudeau says bringing in more refugees “is good for our economy”

October 28 2016

'Paper lives': Massive immigration fraud detailed at sentencing

Bureaucrats wanted to muzzle MPs, First Nations leaders and others bound for climate change conference

It’s time for recall legislation in Canada

It’s time to clear the air on Canada’s coal-fired electricity

Monsef story makes odd appearance in Iranian news

National Post View: The anti-Israel virus that pervades the UN

Trudeau accuses Harper for putting soldiers in harm’s way for “communications purposes”

Justin Trudeau should get used to being heckled by disillusioned voters on the left

Governor General David Johnston tours refugee camp in Jordan

Toronto Police’s Muslim Chaplain on wife’s duties to her husband

Trudeau says “dropping few bombs” on ISIS won’t “fix” the crisis in Iraq, Syria

Rex Murphy: Jordan Peterson — a real professor, at last

October 30 2016

Immigration Minister John McCallum to reveal 'substantially' higher newcomer targets

Maryam Monsef being investigated for possible citizenship fraud, sources say

Liberal Minister Maryam Monsef Being Investigated For Citizenship Fraud

October 31 2016

Canada, EU commit to “new migration platform”, “peaceful pluralism”

New break for Canada Student Loan borrowers

John McCallum sets new base immigration target at 300,000 a year

Liberals to scrap two year waiting period for foreign spouses of Canadians

Trudeau quietly held town hall where most were in favour of proportional voting system

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