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May 2017

May 2, 2017

May has been a very active month.  So many news stories that garner its own page.


May 2 2017

Kelly McParland: Governing means adapting. And Trudeau’s adapting his way right out of his promises | National Post


May 3 2017

Senate passes bill that repeals many Conservative citizenship changes - The Globe and Mail


Troops who lost tax benefit say government failed them


May 4 2017

Liberals suspend tax audits of political charities


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne defends $54k purchase of Canada Goose jackets


Liberals spent $53,948 on Canada Goose jackets


May 8 2017

TOTAL WASTE: Trudeau To Spend Millions On Worthless UN Bid


May 8 2017

Canada's bid for UN Security Council seat could mean costly campaign


May 8 2017

Trudeau government chooses Toronto as home of federal infrastructure bank over Calgary


May 8 2017

Trudeau Bestows $26 Billion Infrastructure Bank on Toronto - Bloomberg


May 9 2017

'We pull together': Federal government to pick up costs to deploy military to flood zones


May 9 2017

Justin Trudeau cardboard cut-outs were part of ‘championing Canadian values’ Freeland says


May 10 2017

Federal: Enforce Transparency for First Nations


May 10 2017

Trudeau’s determination to stick to a script undercuts his message - The Globe and Mail


May 11 2017

Earth's forests grew 9% in a new satellite survey


May 11 2017

Faith Goldy: Sharia Fines Come to Canada - YouTube


May 11 2017

Canada Infrastructure Bank


May 11 2017

Ambrose attacks Trudeau government over infrastructure bank


May 11 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments:  Trudeau's reign of spending has not ended yet.)

Prime Ministers and Government Spending: A Retrospective | Fraser Institute


May 11 2017

COMMENTARY: Cardboard Trudeau perfect symbol for government that can’t quite fall out of love with itself


May 12 2017

Listen, for the 18th time, the Liberal government is not transparent: Robyn Urback


May 13 2017

How did North Korea get nuclear weapons?


May 14 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: YES)

O Canada: Muslim Accommodation Gone Too Far?


May 14 2017

Forget about Trump, worry about Trudeau


May 16 2017

Aga Khan island that hosted Trudeau owned by company with offshore ties, records show - Politics - CBC News


May 17 2017

Canada’s air quality dramatically improved despite increased energy use | Fraser Institute


Aaron Wudrick: Millions of dollars for seedy gifts and trips isn’t worth it for Canada to get a useless UN Security Council seat


May 18 2017

Don't be duped by Trudeau's carbon pricing plan


''I'm finally home': Frostbitten asylum seeker wins case to stay in Canada


Aaron Wudrick: Millions of dollars for seedy gifts and trips isn’t worth it for Canada to get a useless UN Security Council seat


May 19 2017

Venezuela's collapse and the 'useful idiots' of the Canadian left -


May 19 2017

Muslims pray in B.C. public schools, despite signs of opposition | Vancouver Sun


May 19 2017

Prime Minister Trudeau selling Canadians false bill of goods on infrastructure | Fraser Institute


May 19 2017

Rex Murphy: Notley learns a hard truth about social licence — it’s not meant to be granted, ever. That’s the point


May 19 2017

Venezuela’s collapse and the ‘useful idiots’ of the Canadian left


May 20 2017

“ILLEGAL”: Trudeau Ignores Law In Nomination Of Language Commissioner


Ontario Liberals Must Repay Secret Funds Funneled To Unions


May 22 2017

Trudeau says Canadians are 'shocked" by news of explosion in Manchester


May 23 2017

If the Slaughter Continues, Muslims will have to go


May 23 2017

2017 Has Seen a Jihad Terror Attack Attempted in Europe Every NINE DAYS


May 24 2017

Canadian groups are lashing out about Muslim prayer in schools


The Trudeau Liberals make history for the highest per person spending outside a war or recession


Globe editorial: Close the loophole for foreign money in Canadian elections


May 26 2017

Drowning victim's brother appalled that Coast Guard dive team being cut again


May 31 2016

Donald Trump’s Paris pull-out would put Justin Trudeau, Canadian businesses on alert, critics warn






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