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Trudeau is 100% ego driven. He is known as the selfie KING. Their is never a photo op he didn't like.

March 21 2017

Canada orders diplomats to stop using Justin Trudeau cardboard cut-outs

March 23 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: How prophetic is this??)

Tom Mulcair "we could replace Trudeau with a cardboard cut out" - YouTube

May 9 2017

Feds spend nearly $1,900 on cardboard cut-outs of Trudeau to ‘promote Canada’ | Toronto Star

May 9 2017

CHARTBEAT First script This page was generated on Tue May 09 17:26:12 EDT 2017 We keep only the first 80 characters for SEO reasons Feds spent almost $2,000 on 'vanity project' cut-outs of Trudeau | Furey

May 9 2017

Justin Trudeau cardboard cut-outs were part of ‘championing Canadian values’ Freeland says

May 9 2017


May 10 2017

Thirty uses for Justin Trudeau’s cardboard cut-outs

May 10 2017

Proof civil service leans left? Bureaucrats openly “slobber” over creepy Trudeau cutouts

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