July 1 2017 - Canada - Celebrating 150 Years

July 2, 2017

Tony Lam's Comments:  I tell my daughter she won the birth lottery (as did I) for being born in CANADA.  No better country in the world.  Canada is a young country at 150 (official) years compared to for example China, at over 3500 years of history.


Trudeau allocated 500 Million for these celebrations.



Lets start with some humor.  From South Park. 


WARNING: As with all South Park stuff, their is swearing in the song. WARNING.


Blame Canada.


This is a dropbox link and the song is copyrighted.  I do not wish to break any copyright laws, so if Comedy Central requests removal, I will remove it.  Its hilarious.


The CBC would end its daily broadcasts with the Canadian Anthem.  These are the best.  Very patriotic.






Here is Trudeau's speech on Parliament Hill - July 1 2017.  This is where he flubs, and leaves out Alberta.



If you are impatient I clipped it for you.  :-)



July 1 2017.  Evening Fireworks Parliament Hill.



News Stories From July 1 2017


7 things you didn’t know about ‘O Canada,’ the country’s national anthem



Statement by the Prime Minister on Canada Day



(Tony Lam's Comments: This is the best article of the bunch.  Rex ALWAYS NAILS IT.)

Rex Murphy: Celebrating ‘diversity’ will only divide us, but celebrating Canada's unity keeps us strong



Great Canadian innovations: Read The Globe's full coverage



Confederation Day to Canada 150



World needs more Canada? More like the other way around



From Borden to Pearson to Trudeau: How Canada Day has defined a nation



Thank You, Canada, For Being A Place The Jewish Community Can Call Home



Stephen Harper: Canadians should reflect upon how fortunate we are. There is simply no better place to live



Canada 150: Charter of Rights tops list of Canadian icons



Justin Trudeau's Canada 150 speech leaves Alberta out of the country



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement on Canada Day, Canada 150



July 2 2017

B.C. brothers' glow-in-the-dark toonie enters circulation



I got my glow in the dark toonie and the fancy quarter.




July 2 2017

Canada Day waterfront festival overwhelmed by trash, organizers say











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