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News Site Tabulation

Someone asked where I get most of my news stories from.

I did a quick tabulation of the last three pages up to 3 months of page 4.

18% Rebel Media

13% CBC

13% Other

12% National Post

09% Toronto Sun

06% Macleans

06% Global

06% CIJ News

05% Globe And Mail

04% Huffpo Canada

04% CTV

03% Toronto Star

01% Jihad Watch

Is this an indication of who tells the truth in Canada. Maybe. I would need to tally every news article source from every page to make a 100% accurate count. And I don't have time for that. Unless someone with more time on their hands would like to do it.

Take this with a grain of salt.

I do find Rebel, National Post and the Toronto Sun to be the most reliable. The fake news would be CTV, Huffpo, and Macleans. This is my opinion only.

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