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August 2017

August - High peak of illegal asylum seekers crossing border.

August 1 2017

Year of the Gun: The Sequel? Perhaps not yet, but there's reason for concern in Toronto

Trudeau to write Rolling Stone to express 'regret'

Trudeau’s Scaramucci moment — and what it says about him now

Trudeau, Robertson talk transit, opioids … not a peep about pipelines | Vancouver Sun

Christie Blatchford: Resistance is not futile when it comes to freedom of expression | National Post

Most Common Languages Spoken Around the World and Their Native Speakers

August 2 2017

Canada’s border crisis flares up once again | EDITORIAL

August 2 2017

Brazeau has PM Trudeau against the ropes this time | WARMINGTON

August 2 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: WTF?)

Montreal To House Asylum-Seekers In Olympic Stadium

August 2 2017

How much does the ‘average’ Canadian pay in a year for public health care? | National Post

How Justin Trudeau Is Making Canada Less Safe For Jews

August 3 2017

Quebec Requests Federal Help After Trudeau's Weak Border Policy Causes Illegal Crossing Surge - Spencer Fernando

August 3 2017

Why Afghanistan’s ambassador to Canada was called home

August 3 2017

Allan Lanthier: Morneau turns to class warfare to justify a massive attack on high earners | Financial Post

August 4 2017

Katie Telford: Meet the most influential woman in Canadian politics

August 4 2017

Canada's immigration minister discourages 'irregular' border crossings by asylum seekers - Montreal - CBC News

August 4 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Trudeau is out to lunch. They can stay at 24 Sussex Drive)

Canada has capacity to process Quebec asylum seekers, Trudeau insists | National Post

August 4 2017

Carbon pricing is the new snake oil

August 4 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: These are quasi kangaroo courts. They need to be removed ALL across Canada)

B.C. government brings back human rights commission after 15 years | Vancouver Sun

August 4 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: If we don't sell to the Saudis. Someone else will. Costing Canadian jobs. Is it morally correct? Nope. We buy our items from China. Same concept. To some China is an oppressive regime.)

Legal Fight Against Canadian Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia - Spencer Fernando

August 4 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: After basically inviting them in, he hesitating now. Yea right.)

Trudeau urges asylum seekers to use proper channels to enter Canada - The Globe and Mail

August 4 2017

Trudeau Refuses To Say Illegal Border Crossings Should Stop - Spencer Fernando

August 5 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Same with Trudeau's blunders. Media doesn't report it like they do with anything Trump)

Trump? What about the 'chaos' in the Obama White House?

August 7 2017

Airports Pay Millions for extra security as passenger wait times grow

August 7 2017

DANGEROUS: Canada's Debt Mountain Rivals Pre-Crisis Historical Peaks - Spencer Fernando

August 7 2017

Another temporary shelter opens in Montreal

August 7 2017

Opinion: Here's why Canada depends so much on its energy exports

August 8 2017

'Dodgy' greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord - BBC News

The lies behind the Paris climate accord

August 9 2017

Trudeau Government Building "Refugee Camp" For Illegal Border Crossers - Spencer Fernando

August 9 2017

Innovative science research in Canada is dying a silent death

August 10 2017

CAQ calls for tighter borders, hardline approach to asylum seekers

Somalis with criminal records coming to Canada from US, intelligence report warns

August 11 2017

Explained: Why Justin Trudeau thanked Sweden after North Korea released Canadian pastor

August 11 2017

Trudeau Government Shipbuilding “Strategy” Shows Danger Of Outsourcing Naval Designs

August 11 2017

Asylum applications from Quebec border crossers to be heard by dedicated team

August 11 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Global warming / Climate Change farce. You can't predict next weeks weather but can tell us what will happen in 100 years)

Farmers turn to specialized forecasting in face of rising extreme weather threat

August 11 2017

Liberals target fall for release of federal homeless veterans strategy

August 11 2017

Douglas Todd: Canada struggling to 'absorb' immigrants, internal report says

August 12 2017

DISGRACEFUL: Number Of Illegal Border Crossers Being Housed In Montreal Almost Equals City’s Homeless Population

Douglas Todd: Canada struggling to 'absorb' immigrants, internal report says

August 13 2017

At least 17 killed in attack on restaurant in Burkina Faso

August 15 2017

Corbella: Trudeau has erased our border with one simple tweet

August 16 2017

Why I won't support the left’s Jew haters

Refugee claimants found in possession of child porn at Quebec border

August 20 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Should just give the clown 10.5 Million Now!)

Toronto man flagged as potential ISIS suicide bomber

August 20 2017

Globe editorial: Ottawa should stop politicizing the citizenship guide

August 20 2017

Rally in Quebec turns violent after protesters opposing anti-immigrant rallies clash with police

August 20 2017

100 gas tanks: Extremists in Spain planned massive attack

August 21 2017

Trudeau Government Paying Liberal Party-Connected Diplomat Far Above Normal Salary

August 21 2017

New diplomat with ties to Liberal Party making nearly double the post's official salary

August 22 2017

Bombardier delivers unfinished TTC streetcars in order to meet deadline

August 23 2017

The fascism of the 'anti-fascists' on display

August 23 2017

Trudeau’s Tax Attack On Canadian Small Businesses Shows His Elitist Arrogance

August 23 2017

US and Canadian diplomats suffering from brain damage after suspected 'sonic device' incident in Cuba

August 23 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Deport them all. Problem solved!)

5 things the federal government is doing about the influx of border crossers

August 23 2017

Chris Selley: Astonishing nonsense from the Liberals amid surge of asylum-seekers

August 23 2017

Trudeau’s border deflections are just getting silly now

Judy Foote steps down from federal cabinet

August 24 2017

STUDY: Taxes Are The Biggest Expense For Canadian Families

August 24 2017

Mike Duffy sues Senate, RCMP following acquittal on criminal charges

August 24 2017

Ontario elementary teachers' union calls for renaming John A. Macdonald schools

August 24 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Deport them all!!)

Canada ramps up deportations amid growing migrant influx

Canadians will soon be able to ID gender as 'X' on their passports

August 25 2017

Singing the praises of coal — the virtuous stone that liberated humanity

August 25 2017

Everything is offensive: Here are Canada’s other politically incorrect place names

August 25 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Shame, it was originally promised as 10B)

After three months, feds on track to meet $28.5B deficit prediction: report

August 25 2017

Is It Time To Remove Pierre Trudeau’s Name From All Government Buildings?

August 25 2017

General Electric shutting down Peterborough plant in 2018

Female genital mutilation on the rise in Canada

August 26 2017

It's time for a tax revolt in Canada

August 28 2017

Liberal MP Darshan Kang faces sexual harassment allegations

Why Omar Khadr's sister, who once defended 9/11 attacks, is coming to fore again

August 29 2017

Those Who Don’t Fight Evil Fight Statues

Liberal MP offered woman $100K to keep quiet about sexual harassment claim, father alleges

Maryland court releases Payette divorce documents

August 30 2017

Small business owners angry about proposed Liberal tax changes

Liberal MP offered woman $100K to keep quiet about sexual harassment claim, father alleges


Small business owners betrayed by Trudeau

August 31 2017

PCO confirms investigation into Omar Khadr leak

August 31 2017

Calgary MP Darshan Kang resigns from Liberal caucus amid sexual harassment allegations

As 50% of small business fail, Liberals plan to tax them more

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