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October 2017 Part 2

October 20 2017

Morneau's firm doing work for the feds

Has contract with Bank of Canada worth more than $8M

Canadian man found not guilty of raping wife

Three years after Parliament Hill attacks, terror threat persists

VIDEO: Arrogant #MoneybagsMorneau Refuses To Apologize For Betraying Trust Of Canadians

The Culture Of Elitist Arrogance In The Trudeau Government Starts At The Top

October 21 2017

Climate Change is Killing Us: My Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau & Environment Minister McKenna

October 22 2017

Edmonton Attack: Justin Trudeau Praises Const. Mike Chernyk Who Was Rammed By Car

October 22 2017

Trudeau pays tribute to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo on 3rd anniversary of Parliament Hill attack

Trudeau government expected to announce more money for children, working poor in economic update

October 23 2017

Canada's contribution to UN peacekeeping missions reaches new low under Trudeau Liberals

October 23 2017

COMMENTARY: It’s time to tell Minister Morneau to ‘hop on the bus, Gus’

EXCLUSIVE: PMO staff expenses hidden from public scrutiny, documents show

Liberal government to boost Canada child benefit payments: sources

(Tony Lam's Comments: Butt out Trudeau)

Trudeau names ex-Ontario premier Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar

Bill 62 reveals Trudeau's Islamophobia hypocrisy

October 24 2017

The Reconciliation Scam - Ottawa isn’t going to change, ever, and Indigenous people should know it

October 24 2017

NEW POLITICS: Environment Minister McKenna Tells Canadians NOT To Follow Her On Twitter

Tony Lam's Comments: Ontario and Quebec will always vote Liberal)

Liberal byelection win in Quebec shows blueprint for 2019 success

Niqab will become bigger problem in years to come

PM opposed deficits before he was for them

Maryam Monsef's Jab At Incoming Tory MP Yields Quick Response From Michelle Rempel

How a $112K Tesla put the Liberals on the defensive over emissions testing

Goldstein: PM's budget will never balance itself

October 25 2017

Kelly McParland: Sajjan's troops are all dressed up but lack a mission

Fatah: Burkas, niqabs pose public safety risk

VIDEO: Scheer Vs. Trudeau On Bombardier & Morneau-Shepell

COMMENTARY: This is a really stupid time for Canada to be running deficits, yet here we are

Morneau Shepell scored $11M in government contracts since Liberals took power

Immigration Crisis Has Quebec Feeling Under Siege

Furey: Massive child benefit transfers for all not right

DISTURBING: 60 Potential ISIS Fighters Have Returned To Canada, Yet The Government Hasn’t Jailed Them

Morneau Shepell scored $11M in government contracts since Liberals took power

Liberals promise new funds for cash-strapped coast guard, fisheries department

LOL: Morneau Says Ethics Rules “Work” After Voting Against Closing Loophole

Liberals plan six-year, $760M spending spree for Canadian embassy security in fiscal update

Bill 62: Quebec won't rule out use of notwithstanding clause

Canada’s Indigenous population growing 4 times faster than rest of country

October 26 2017

Liberals table budget bill to join China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Farzana Hassan: Quebec’s niqab ban is a chance for women to embrace Western freedom

'Weinstein Effect' reaches foot of Parliament Hill as celebrity chef admits to sexual harassment

Ottawa accused of new tax grab after disability tax credit clawback hits those with mental illness

Aecon takeover expected to get warmer reception from Ottawa

Feds pay $31.3M settlement to 3 men unjustly imprisoned in Syria

Ottawa pays $31.3M to Canadian men tortured in Syria

Bill Morneau pledges to donate money earned from Morneau Shepell shares

Ethics commissioner concerned about Morneau's potential conflict with pension bill

Status of Women Canada gets $41 million boost — because it's 2017

John Ivison: With Bombardier intervention, Trudeau scorns his own 'Think China' message

Man accused of beating daughter who refused to wear hijab

Trudeau: Canadians rightfully angry after Ottawa pays $31.25M to men falsely imprisoned in Syria

October 27 2017

Alleged shooter at Quebec City mosque to stand trial in March 2018

Canada suspends special forces training and assistance mission in Iraq

68% of Canadians want Quebec’s face-coverings ban in their province

Trudeau dismisses concerns free trade with China will hurt Canada-U.S. relationship

Quebec Father Accused Of Assaulting Daughter For Removing Her Hijab

'Napping on NAFTA': Harper blasts Trudeau government for its handling of negotiations

Global News “sugar coats” threat posed by returning ISIS fighters

A Strange Captivity

Why was a Canadian couple in Afghanistan?

Canada: Muslim who slit woman’s throat and said Allah commanded him to kill her found “not criminally responsible”

Morneau Shepell has multiple contracts with government departments

October 28 2017

CRAZY: Trudeau Giving Up To $480 MILLION In Taxpayer Money To China Infrastructure Bank

Bernie Sanders's acclaim for Canadian health care obscures our system's many deficiencies

Sharia lawyer explains "ghayra" violence: Islamic honour killings in Canada

Pakistan: 44 women killed for honor in one district alone

October 29 2017

New bill takes aim at harassment in federal workplaces, including Parliament

October 30 2017

Trudeau Government Orders Winterized Trailers For Illegal Border-Crossers

October 31 2017

Parliamentary Budget Officer Says Budget Deficit Will Be Bigger Than Trudeau Government Says

Opposition slams Wynne government over 'hallway medicine crisis'

Clark Kent shows up for House duty as Trudeau shows off latest Halloween costume

How Morneau’s small-business tax cut increased another tax without people noticing | Financial PostEndFragment

Canada: Muslim slits woman’s throat, says Allah commanded him to sacrifice her, is found “not criminally responsible”

WATCH: Pierre Poilievre’s 20 Minute Speech Ripping Trudeau & Moneybags Morneau

PSAC tells Trudeau and Notley to stand up for the oil industry

Alberta privacy commissioner investigates 800,000 deleted government emails

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