Trudeau Scandals

For the 39.5 percent who voted in that clown. Thanks A Lot.

When you have nicknames for Trudeau and his ministers. You know you're in trouble.

Remember this . . .


No Ethics Selfie King

(Ethics breaches-multiple, no selfie he couldn't resist, private meeting with a dirtbag, elbowgate, cash for access scandal, terrorist payout, Castro-eulogy, groper, backstabber, making Canada a laughing stock on the world stage)

Updated: The multi-vacationing, photo-op'ing, charlatan, virtue signaling, little potato, narcissist, incompetent, groping pervert, ethics breaching, lying, scandalous, corrupt, BLACKFACE PM.


Climate Barbie Catherine McKenna

(Self-explanatory, she can control the weather, buys luxury vehicles for testing including "emission free" vehicles, spends thousands on photo ops, travels the world over on your dime.)

No Ethics Neanderthal Moneybags Morneau

(Ethics Breach, forgets he owns property in France, couldn't properly answer a question from opposition MP Raitt, so he calls her a neanderthal)

Illegal Monsef

(Citizenship in question, Sharia law fascinates her - nutjob)

Phobic Khalid

(M-103 is garbage, her only claim to fame)

(Names park after Pakistan founder)

(Gives award to an anti-semite, not once, but twice)

Architect Sajjan

(Fake Master Planner, air miles king, road builder-just not in Canada, Mali sending disaster)

Infectious Limo-Using Philpott

(Expensing controvery, allows people with infectious diseases to immigrate to Canada)

Fake Feminist Capitulation Freeland

(Trying to add virtue signalling parts into foreign agreements, capitulation comment on NAFTA)

(Most useless Foreign Minister Canada has ever seen)

Sexual Harasser Kang


Renovations Minister Hajdu

($1.1M to renovate office, publicly supported sexually assaulting PM, spent $30k on lab name change.)

Bus Buying Renovations Minister Sohi

($835K to renovate office, same month that Robert Hall killed in Philippines, no rescue mission)

(Answers Question on $180B Infrastructure Plan by Mentioning Purchasing 20 buses.)

Sex Scandalous TooToo


Sexist Di Lorio

(Makes sexist comment, later apologized)

Netflixed Rinkgate K-POPPER Joly

(Outfoxed by Netflix, builds $M rink waste of money, goes to South Korea to learn about K-POP Music.)

FGM Hussen

(Will not condemn FGM, calling people "un-canadian" for demanding border enforcement, everyone are white supremacists)

Twittered Petitpas

(Has Twitter staff that are paid more than 100k a year)

Sexual Harrasser Condescending Hehr

(Treats constituents like garbage, resigned from Cabinet)

CRA Disavowing LeBouthillier

(Plan to tax staff discounts, uproar, rescinded)

ISIS Goodale

(Public Safety Minister that allows returning ISIS fighters into Canada without jail time)

Intimidator Vaughan

(Intimidated opposition MP, idiot can't keep his mouth shut)

Snide McCallum

(Snide comment, apologizes)

Inexperienced Chagger

(Trying to change House rules, failed, answers questions on Trudeau's behalf while Trudeau sits like a dumb idiot in HOC)

Drunk O'Regan


Fake Scientist Duncan

(Doctor of LOL GEOGRAPHY, climate scientist that says it all)

Phoenix Foote

(Minister Responsible for implementing Phoenix pay system - failed)

Anti-Semitic Alghabra

(Omar Alghabra used to run the Canadian Arab Federation, a group that is so anti-Semitic, it had its government funding cut off)

(His government schedules late vote, then calls everyone islamaphobic for actually having to stay and vote.)

Dictatorship Jowhari

(Tweeted Iranian Regime is an "Elected Government")

White Supremacist Chris Bittle

(Calling people who want isis fighters jailed as hateful, racist, and white supremacists.)

Criticism and Surprised MMIWG Bennett

(Cannot get the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women started and her pick Reid resigned.)

Racist Celina Caesar-Chavannes

(She should check her own "privilege and be quiet")

Iran Despot Loving Majid Jowhari

(Wants to re-open ties with Iran)

Gender Virtue Signaller Jean-Yves Duclos

(Directive sent to Service Canada eliminating Father, Mother, Mr, Mrs, Etc.)

Strippergate Sgro

(Why she is still in office, only a Liberal)

Robert-Falcon Ouellette


Marwan Tabbara


Fake Border Minister Bill Blair

(No authority over any border agency. No one answers to him)

Ethics Breaching Dominic Leblanc

(another one)

Fishing licence, appointing judges, flying Air Irvine.

Ethics Breaching Corrupt Vandenbeld

Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld "attempted to use her position to influence voters' decisions to further the private interests of a family member"

Lying Karina Gould, Ministry of Truth

The Liberal Cabinet Minister Who Wants To Control Social Media, Is Spreading Misinformation On Social Media

Conflict Of Interest Grewal

(2018 - included his own business affiliate in list of guests to invite to India receptions - pending)

(2018 - being investigated for gambling activities - pending)

Grewal and Bains

RCMP called to probe tale of two Liberal MPs, a suburban overpass, trip to India and multimillion dollar land deal

B.C. Liberal MP Joe Peschisolido (pending)

Sources say RCMP opened file on Liberal MP whose firm facilitated real estate deals in B.C.

Sexual Assaulting Francis Drouin (pending)

(Self Explanatory)

MP Geng Tan - Liberal MP hired girlfriend to work in riding office, then fired her and refused to support their baby, lawyers allege (pending)

Brampton MP Kamal Khera - World Vision Canada spent $5,210.50 to take her on a seven-day trip to Tanzania.

MP Arif Virani - Trudeau Foundation paid for Toronto MP Arif Virani’s travel to London, England from Feb. 29 to Mar. 1 2016. Virani’s trip was the first time in the foundation’s 16-year history that it sponsored an MP’s travel.

Québec Liberal MP Frank Baylis - Company successfully applied for a six-figure contract with the Department of Industry while Baylis served on the Commons industry committee, records show. Baylis did not comment: “This is incomprehensible.”


Mocker Payette

(Her first soapbox speech was a disaster)


Entitled Butts, Telford, Ovens, Marques (Claiming outrageous expenses)

Workplace Harasser Gagne

"Inappropriate Behavior"

(Self-Explanatory, Resigned)

Name Unknown.

Liberal Riding Association President deletes 398 emails. Criminal.

July 1 2018

Top 10 Richest Politicians of Canada In 2018

July 4 2017

It pays to be a green Liberal: Gerald Butts paid nearly $500K NOT to work

October 19 2019

Trudeau and his MP scandals from his second term are located here.

Trudeau Causing Disaster Post Election 2019

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