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GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s Paris climate deal to cost billions

December 12 2015

Paris deal a fraud

April 25 2017

Trudeau living in fantasy land

November 1 2017

November 1 2017

Tony Lam's Comments: Mr. Goldstein is the only one to fully report on this issue which will affect us for decades. Where is the media on this? MIA of course.

Hopefully Trudeau won't be in power after 2019 so the next government can cancel the Paris agreement.

So let me get this straight.

Trudeau loves running deficits. Running modest deficits my arse.

Canada has to borrow money first to pay for these useless offsets. Let that sink in folks. Canada has to borrow money first before Canada can actually pay for offsets.

What freaking IDIOT would do something so stupid?

Thy name is TRUDEAU.

Unless you do want to shut down entire Canadian industries. I don't know about you. But I like continuous uninterrupted power. I like seeing fully stocked grocery stores. I like having weekly garbage pickup.

Vote that clown out in 2019.

November 4 2017

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's Titanic lie heading for an iceberg

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