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November 2017

November 1 2017

A year after Phoenix was to be fixed, more than half of public servants still having pay problems

PoCo mosque to get $53k from federal government in spite of Revenue Canada concerns

Canada to admit 340,000 immigrants a year by 2020 under new three-year plan

Morneau pays $200 fine under Conflict of Interest Act

“ACCOUNTABILITY”: Moneybags Morneau “Punished” With Pathetic $200 Fine

BONOKOSKI: For the murdered and the missing, Trudeau's no Superman

Liberals Fail Both Newcomers and Canadians in their Immigration Levels Report

News Release: Growing Canada’s Economic Future

Canada to admit nearly 1 million immigrants over next 3 years

Egyptian lawyer and TV commentator says men have a "duty" to rape immodestly dressed girls

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s Paris climate deal to cost billions

John Ivison: Little concern from politicians as Environment Canada buys ultimate vehicles for testing

With second trip to Tehran, feds inch closer to re-establishing diplomatic ties with Iran

Contract worth more than $1B awarded to field fighter jets that will go toe-to-toe with CF-18s in training

November 2 2017

(Tony Lam's Comments: The GG position is not her personal soap box for Justin Trudeau. Fire her.)

Julie Payette dares to be interesting with comments on climate, astrology, and divine intervention

Rex Murphy: Governor General appoints herself umpire of questions of faith and science

Tories Accuse Bill Morneau Of 'Belittling' Lisa Raitt With Quip About 'Counting'

WATCH: Hussen Admits Immigration Increase Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1 BILLION Per Year & Keep Going Up

Refugee levels disappoint advocates as UNHCR makes passionate appeal

(Tony Lam's Comments: The UN can stick it. Most useless organization on the planet)

In what universe is it appropriate for a Governor General to deride people for their beliefs?: Urback

Prime Minister to travel to Vietnam and Philippines

(Tony Lam's Comments: Great, he can stay there and ruin their countries)

Rideau Canal's downtown stretch declared contaminated site

Canadian government researched how Trump could have achieved quick NAFTA win

Conservative MP Alice Wong accuses Liberal Adam Vaughan of intimidation - The Globe and Mail

Costs to run Prime Minister Trudeau's office climb higher

Justin Trudeau explains why Canada really ‘gets’ AI and smart cities

The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud

Teaching the Residential School Story

November 3 2017

GG Payette stepped way out of line

Why Payette “may not be fit” to serve as Governor General

'End of oil' narratives are misleading — in 20 years we’ll likely still be using a staggering 90 million barrels a day

Ethics commissioner confirms Morneau only minister still holding indirect assets

FUREY: If they can take down Trump’s social media, you better believe they can do it to you

(Tony Lam's Comments: Do we want this here?)

Germany: Police call in reinforcements as Muslim migrants sexually assault women on Halloween in CologneEndFragment

Catherine McKenna demands reporter's outlet stop calling her 'climate Barbie' in terse exchange

Tough new FGM penalties in U.S.: 'They are not doctors. They are butchers'

UN reports 31 new allegations of sexual abuse against peacekeepers, workers

Only Morneau and one other cabinet minister ever held indirect assets without a blind trust: ethics commissioner

National Post picks up The Rebel's luxury car “scoop” one year later (then admits why)

SNOBELEN: Politics 101 -- How to deal with scandals

Police Make 9 Arrests on “Dial for Dope” Fentanyl Lacing Drug Circle

November 4 2017

Sexual harassment scandal hits hot spot frequented by Ottawa’s political elite | Toronto StarEndFragment

Groups urge Ottawa to consider workplace safety in marijuana legalization rules

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's Titanic lie heading for an iceberg

November 5 2017

Ex Guantanamo Bay captive suing Canada for $50M for alleged complicity in torture | Globalnews.caEndFragment

Paradise Papers: CRA vows to crack down on offshore tax evasion by wealthy Canadians - National |

CRA vows action on Canadian tax evaders exposed in Paradise Papers

Liberal fundraisers held family millions in offshore trust, leaked documents reveal

Trudeau's chief fundraiser linked to Cayman Islands tax scheme

Revealed: Justin Trudeau's close adviser helped move huge sums offshore

Governor-General 101: Don’t insult Canadians

Trudeau’s promise to restore relations with Iran easier said than done

November 6 2017

Justin Trudeau, the Paradise Papers and his ‘super rich friends’

Even Jean Chrétien can work with a company without knowing its offshore accounts

Trouble in paradise: Justin Trudeau's rich friends keep making things awkward

Tax haven controversy deals another body blow to Trudeau’s middle-class brand | National Post

Trudeau again faces accusations of tax hypocrisy following Paradise Papers revelations

More than 3,000 Canadian names in the Paradise Papers

November 7 2017

Liberals introduce bill to address harassment of federal employees

WRONG: China Says AECON Takeover Doesn’t Need National Security Review

Federal government changes course on ending sex discrimination in Indian Act

B.C. is the province with the lowest healthcare spending per person

Catherine McKenna accidentally praises Syria on Twitter, blames staff for error

POLL: Majority Say Myanmar Situation “Is Not Canada’s Problem”

Here’s a Running List of Liberals and Conservatives Linked to Offshore Tax Havens

FACT: Harper Tried Addressing Offshore Tax Havens, Trudeau Attacked The Middle Class Instead - Spencer FernandoEndFragment

No need for national security review of Aecon takeover, China's ambassador says - Politics - CBC NewsEndFragment

Trudeau is ’satisfied’ with fundraiser’s explanation over tax haven. Critics are not satisfied with Trudeau | National PostEndFragment

Quebec's face-covering ban challenged in court | Toronto StarEndFragment

Britain’s ‘Jihadi Jack’ could end up in Canadian hands after months in the custody of Kurdish militias | National PostEndFragment

(Tony Lam's Comments: Relevant because of Climate Barbie praising Syria)

Ryder added the following (IE8) <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE8" />Remarks at a UN Security Council Meeting on Chemical Weapons Use in Syria | usun.state.govEndFragment

Paul Martin's former company one of offshore firm's 'largest clients,' Paradise Papers show

B.C. moms turned away as birth tourism spikes at hospitals

Canadian immigrant voter surge elected Trudeau

Canada Goose Appoints Jodi Butts to its Board of Directors

November 8 2017

(Tony Lam's Comments: As an astute twitter user noted, is McKenna going to talk to Syria about its Sarin Gas emissions??)

Catherine McKenna takes responsibility for tweet praising Syria

Liberals won't say whether CRA is investigating Bronfman

Paradise Papers: Critics assail fact Trudeau 'satisfied' with Bronfman's answer

WATCH: Bergen Grills Moneybags, Who Laughably Claims Liberals “Don’t Play Games”

BETRAYAL: As Remembrance Day Approaches, Trudeau Government Slashing Pay For Injured Canadian Special Ops Forces

Effect of Federal Income Tax Changes on Canadian Families Who Are in the Bottom 20 Percent of Earners

Compensation cut for elite soldiers if injuries last more than 180 days

Trudeau talks trade, human rights in Vietnam

Who's name-calling whom?

November 9 2017

MPs prepare to head south to dissuade asylum seekers in U.S. from heading north once protected status expires

Islamist Mobs Force Church Closures

Canada’s Richest People 2018: The Top 25 Richest CanadiansEndFragment

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Mockery and Majesty Julie Payette


MALCOLM: Liberals stripped citizenship at a record pace, new docs reveal

Montreal’s “Sewage Mayor” replaced with municipal version of Rachel Notley

Liberals to consider changes to UN Arms Trade Treaty bill amid opposition concerns

In no rush on TPP, Trudeau says as feds dismiss reports of a deal in principle | Financial PostEndFragment

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Canadarm creator to transform into U.S. company, raising concerns of tech heading south of the border | National PostEndFragment

MPs move to keep religious protections in Criminal Code clean-up effortsEndFragment

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John Ivison: Liberals to buy peace by fulfilling promise to re-instate life-long pensions for veterans

''Liberals have let us down,' says frustrated vet awaiting pension decision

November 10 2017

Ethics commissioner investigating Morneau's sponsorship of pension bill

'Damn your nationality, go to hell,' Canadian Tire terror suspect tells judge

Trouble in ‘Paradise’ for Justin Trudeau

How Canada could prepare for potential new wave of asylum seekers

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Trudeau and high-ranking Liberals settle $3-million lawsuit over Toronto nomination battle | Toronto Star


Trouble in ‘Paradise’ for Justin Trudeau - The Globe and Mail

Disabled vets still pushing for reinstatment of lifelong pensions - The Globe and Mail

EXCLUSIVE: How friend of Trudeau, Butts got DOUBLE recommended salary - The Rebel Bootstrap _rebel.javascript.header.html Facebook Pixel Code EndFragment

Rex Murphy: There is no company Liberals will not keep in pursuit of climate action

Canada Pension Plan assets inch up to $328.2B

How can an outdoor skating rink possibly cost $5.6 million? Here's the breakdown

Canada 150 social media posts cost $2 million

November 11 2017

McKenna heads to Germany to defend Canada’s slow start on emissions targets

GOLDSTEIN: What’s really dumb? Trudeau’s carbon pricing plan

'We weren't ready' to close deal: Trudeau defends Canada's actions on TPP - Politics - CBC NewsEndFragment

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau sabotages Trans-Pacific Partnership, shocking leaders

November 12 2017 (Tony Lam's Comments: Sold Saudi Arabia armored vehicles. No stipulations.)

Saudi Princess’ tell-all includes Bangladeshi children traded as sex slaves

EDITORIAL: A reminder to always put the people first

Unable to find work, many Syrian refugees reluctantly turn to social assistance

DANGEROUS: Report Warns Free Trade With China Could “Kill Canadian Businesses & Jobs”

Trudeau shafts veterans while giving terrorists millions

Bill Morneau opens up about his path to the political hot seat

Global showdown over coal is comeing - and Canada's in the middle of it