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Chelsea Clinton - Hijab Barbie

Tony Lam's Comments: This relates to Trudeau and his ministers. They constantly talk about gender equality and feminism yet won't tackle the elephant in the room. Islam.

Mattel has just made a hijab Barbie. I will never buy anything from Mattel again.

The negative and colorful comments flooded her tweet.

You can see it here if you have a twitter account.

Here are some of the responses. You get the picture.

How does a Oxford uni and various top American uni’s graduate, still end up with no common sense! • #FGM Sharia • #HonourKillings Sharia • #WifeBeating Quran 4:34 • #Hate Christians/Jews Quran 5:51 • #Terrorism Quran 47:4

Does she yell Allah akbar before she has Ken drive her Barbie jeep into a crowd of Bratz?

Yeah, Sharia Law is awesome!!! No rights for women, old men marrying little girls, stoning and killing Gays, honor killings and... The GOATS...

Does her head pop off??

Is the FGM kit included or extra?

So your daughter will be taught to be subservient to a man, kill infidels, stone rape victims? This doll of “tolerance” depicts the most woman oppressing “religion” in the world.

Can you get accessories for this doll? Bomb vest, Long knives and stuff like that? This is so awesome!!! Now kids can play good cop bad Muslim.

That’s right women and girls of America. You can have a better life as well. By giving up your rights to wear what you want in public. Submit to Islam. It’s a nice celebration of feminism. #SubmissiveBarbie breaking new barriers for women.

Nice to know that you support the oppression of women, Sharia Law. Breaking Glass Ceiling's again!!

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