First Nations Financial Transparency Act

February 8, 2020


One of the first changes that Trudeau implemented was the elimination of the First Nations Financial Transparency Act. 


I thought it was a great Act that kept not only Canadians, but First Nations people informed on what their councils were getting paid. 


This story reared its ugly head again in March 2018.

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First Nations Financial Transparency Act



December 11 2014





December 4 2011

The real math behind Attawapiskat's $90 million


January 9 2013

Theresa Spence, living it up


January 23 2013

The scandals of Chief Theresa Spence and Attawapiskat


September 12 2014

Lubicon chief collected $1.5M, while community had no running water: audit


December 24 2015

The Transparency Act is one Harper law Trudeau should have left alone


October 14 2016

Samson Cree members demand audit of chief and council


January 4 2017

Fewer First Nations disclosed financial data after PM suspended key accountability measure


July 11 2017



November 22 2017



February 4 2018

Grassroots First Nations whistleblowers need accountability protections


March 28 2018

Trudeau’s Gutting Of First Nations Financial Transparency Act Leads To Financial Chaos: “Nobody Knows Where The Money Is Going.”


May 11 2018

Attawapiskat audit raises questions about millions in spending


July 16 2018

From casinos to cannabis: how a tiny First Nation forged a big business empire


July 9 2019

Almost half of Status First Nations children live in poverty, study finds


July 30 2019

Hunger strike ends in Attawapiskat after Ottawa, Ontario sign off on task force


January on.

Native protest and blockades.

See Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 1


February 7 2020
Diane Francis: The federal government has abrogated its responsibility to hold First Nations accountable


March 1 2020

THE REAL STORY: Many Say The ‘Chief Woos’ Negotiating With The Liberals Has A Title That Was Stripped From The Real Chief Woos – A Woman Who Supports The Coastal GasLink Pipeline


March 5 2020 

Cabinet approves $240M Mohawk settlement for 132-year-old land claim


March 6 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Radical Wet’suwet’en Chief Frank Alec beats wife, negotiates with feds


March 10 2020
Pipeline project was 'hijacked' by 'group of five guys,' former Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief tells MPs
























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