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April 2018

April 1, 2018

April 1 2018

McKenna has 'no time' for climate change deniers


April 2 2018

Second Liberal MP denounces Summer Jobs abortion-rights clause, says it misrepresents the Charter


Trudeau government’s Davos trip cost taxpayers nearly $700,000: documents


REPORT: Haaretz Newspaper Says Trudeau Government To Bring In Thousands Of Rejected Asylum Seekers Being Deported From Israel


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Speak at NYU’s 186th Commencement


FUREY: Looks like Canada is gearing up for a carbon tax showdown


Canada's competitiveness in big trouble as even green companies are heading for the exit


LEVY: Docs set to expose health-care lies


April 3 2018

CRAZY: Radical Carleton University Leftists Call Gandhi “Racist” & “Misogynist,” Want Statue Removed


The intolerance industry is working overtime in Canada


(Tony Lam's Comments: Finally after 2500 words Rae mentions the insurgency that catapulted the situation.  I agree with Myanmar.  Wipe out the islamic terrorists.  When Trudeau had the opportunity to call out ISIS committing Genocide.  Trudeau and ALL his MP's voted NAY)

Prime Minister welcomes final report from Special Envoy to Myanmar


Trudeau tweet caused influx of refugee inquiries, confusion within government, emails reveal


Lawyers stumped over new gender and identity provisions for environmental impact assessments


Feds relent, offer briefing on India trip by PM's national security adviser


April 4 2018

Yasmine Mohammed: Confessions of an ex-Muslim


SURGE: Over 500 Illegal Border Crossers Entered Quebec Over Easter Weekend


Feds could pay carbon tax revenues directly to Ontarians, minister says


WATCH: Trudeau officials can’t answer simple question on his pot law


Catherine McKenna: Carbon Tax Revenue Could Go To Ontario Residents Even If Doug Ford Is Premier


Police lay dozens of charges in alleged crime ring targeting homes across GTA


BONOKOSKI: There’s a reason gang-bangers with guns are called criminals


Even strong climate-change believers don’t understand carbon pricing, survey shows


April 5 2018

Feds to spend $280k to study why Canada’s oil and gas sector is falling behind


Kevin O’Leary Warns “Direct Investment In Canada Is Collapsing,” Rips Carbon Tax


Border chaos and the illegal immigration budget payoff


Liberal “meddlers and interlopers” hate The Rebel more than they love our veterans


BONOKOSKI: Adieu once again, Prime Minister, nice of you to have stopped by


Why did Canada expel four Russian diplomats? Because they told the truth


14 Chileans arrested in $2.7M break-and-enter ring targeting hundreds of Toronto-area homes


April 6 2018

Rex Murphy: A mirror could show Trudeau why Alberta is suffering. No research required


LIAR: Trudeau Caught Spreading Falsehood About Conservative Pipeline Record, Tries Blaming Harper Again


Message is clear: Merge or face extinction, BMO tells Canadian energy industry


Oilpatch CEO says Trudeau needs to give real pipeline support, 'not just words'


MALCOLM: What ails our oil and gas sector? Trudeau's own policies


April 7 2018

The Liberals prefer punishing Christians to confronting the abortion issue


Melanie Joly Travels To South Korea On Taxpayers Dime To Study K-Pop Music


Minister, union head disagree on how to deal with migrant influx


April 8 2018

Trans Mountain pipeline on hold as pressure mounts on B.C. to drop opposition


April 9 2018

If B.C. Gets To Reject A Pipeline, Then Everyone Else Gets To Reject The Carbon Tax


Closed-door national security committee probing PM's India trip


Joshua Boyle makes court appearance after completion of mental health assessment


April 10 2018

Trudeau not ready to deal with growing illegal immigration problem


Ethics commissioner takes step towards investigating Liberal MP Raj Grewal over India trip invitations


Former Encana CEO Says Canada’s Reputation “Is In Tatters” After Trans Mountain Debacle


Rex Murphy: Trudeau still gives green fanatics cover as they strangle Trans Mountain


Trudeau criticized for ‘personal’ day in midst of pipeline ‘crisis’


Thousands of Calgary protesters loudly demand B.C. stop blocking Trans Mountain pipeline project


Feds criticized for 'running away' from questions on Kinder Morgan pipeline plan


April 11 2018

INSULTING: University Of Alberta Giving Honorary Degree To Pipeline Opponent David Suzuki


Of course Alberta is getting fleeced by Ottawa, just not in the way you think


April 12 2018

Horwath reserving judgment after damning allegations from NDP staffers


April 13 2018

How Justin Trudeau is sacrificing science in the name of aboriginal peace


Rex Murphy: Pipeline crisis is a moment of truth for all three federal leaders


‘Big things can get done in Canada,’ Trudeau tells business leaders in Peru


Trudeau's pipeline dilemma: lose seats in B.C., or lose a lot more elsewhere


Fake News: McKenna Falsely Claims Calgary Transit Is “100% Wind Powered.” It’s Not.


India’s External Affairs Minister Cancels Meeting With Chrystia Freeland After Trudeau Government Spreads Atwal Conspiracy Theory



Quebec mosque shooter told police he was motivated by Canada’s immigration policies


Border services officer assaulted by asylum seeker who was detained for criminal past


April 14 2018

EDITORIAL: More fake news from Ontario Liberals


Photos: Trudeau Waves To Empty Airport Tarmac


Bureaucrats to Trudeau, hide the immigration numbers


On Behalf Of Trudeau, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid Honoured Pro Assad, Intifada Activists


April 15 2018

Bell: Trudeau and his less-than-ideal pipeline Plan B


New wave of illegal migrant crossings into Canada


Youngest dangerous offender gets DD breast implants


April 16 2018

Trudeau’s top security adviser denies blaming Indian government for ‘conspiracy’ in Atwal affair


Government of Canada brings medical inadmissibility policy in line with inclusivity for persons with disabilities




Crown considers criminal charges against Green leader Elizabeth May, other pipeline protesters


April 17 2018

Khalid pushes back against criticism over event with Assad supporter


John Ivison: Expect another humiliating climb-down by Trudeau Liberals over $7B 'slush fund'


Trudeau's reception turns chilly when he talks trade to France's National Assembly


Too bad Trudeau doesn`t practice what he preaches.



April 18 2018

Tension grows between Quebec and federal government over asylum seekers


Edmonton doctor convicted of sexual assaults allowed to practise again


FUREY: Iqra Khalid story goes from bad to worse


Amin El-Maoued’s unapologetic, meets Justin Trudeau and Iqra Khalid


Watch: Scheer Rips Trudeau For Telling European Elites He Wishes He Could Phase Out Canada’s Oil Industry’ “Tomorrow”


The video is linked on my Youtube menu page.




April 19 2018

Illegal Border Crossings Set To Increase To 400 Per Day, As Trudeau Government Refuses To Take Action


Welcome To Canada, Where We Punish People For Buying Cheap Beer From Another Province While Rewarding Those Who Enter Our Country Illegally


MP Rempel wants entire Canadian border designated official port of entry


Kevin Libin: Alberta’s now copying Ontario's disastrous electricity policies. What could go wrong?


Liberal MP Scott Simms Punished For Backing Tory Motion On Summer Jobs Attestation


'Free the beer' case loses at Supreme Court, as trade barriers between provinces are ruled constitutional


Male CBC hosts earn almost 9.5 per cent more than their female colleagues, data show


April 20 2018

Rex Murphy: Radical environmentalism has containment problems of its own


Asylum-seekers will be fast-tracked to Ontario starting next week


Returning ISIS members pose potential chemical weapons risk to Canada: internal government documents


NP View: The Supreme Court offers its foolish beer decision to a foolish nation


Trudeau wants to send refugees from Quebec to Alberta because Quebec can’t handle them


April 21 2018

Trudeau’s solution to Quebec’s border crossing crisis, send them to Ontario


Trudeau, Hehr attend sexual harassment session at Liberal convention





Returning ISIS members pose potential chemical weapons risk to Canada: internal government documents


April 22 2018

Tories demand government explain how much a carbon price will cost Canadians


Trudeau Divides Canadians, Then Accuses Others Of Being Divisive


Liberal MP Francis Drouin faces sexual assault allegation


Morneau has no timeline for getting Trans Mountain built




April 23 2018

Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, killing 10 and injuring 15


Why Is The Trudeau Government Hiding Carbon Tax Cost From Canadians?


John Ivison: Federal Liberals latest exercise in vote pandering — identity trade missions


Hallway medicine becoming routine at overcrowded London hospital


Feds to post deficits $8B bigger than expected over next two years: PBO report


April 24 2018

RCMP knew about Atwal's invitation earlier than previously revealed


Most victims in van rampage on Yonge St. were women, police say


China's Dagong downgrades Canada's sovereign credit outlook to negative




April 25 2018

Toronto van attack: What we know about the lives lost, the suspect and more


Incel, the misogynist ideology that inspired the deadly Toronto attack, explained


Trudeau defends summer jobs grant to anti-pipeline activists on free speech grounds


Syria aid billions of dollars short of 2018 goal, UN says


Refusal To Support Canadian Energy Independence Shows Radical-Left Ideology Has Taken Over Liberal Party Under Trudeau




April 26 2018

Waste: The Trudeau Government Bought 31,000 Smartphones In March


(Tony Lam's Comments: And if you believe this.  I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge)

Catherine McKenna proposes new scientific advisory panel to save Kinder Morgan pipeline


PROOF: McKenna was “clueless” about climate change before bullying Canadians with carbon tax






April 27 2018

RCAF wants Ottawa to buy two used jets for the VIP fleet


Court finds tribunal secrecy unconstitutional in response to Star challenge


Trudeau Government Hitting Canadian Energy Industry With Billions More In Regulatory Costs


NP View: People are pouring over our borders. So what's the plan, Liberals?


If Canada Shut Down Our Entire Economy, It Would Make Almost Zero Difference To Global Emissions


LOL: McKenna Calls Climate Change $30 Trillion “Opportunity,” Refers To Opposition As “The Conservative Government”


Corbella: Trudeau's cynicism over jobs grant funding is farcical but not funny


Rex Murphy: Grants to anti-pipeline activists a hammer blow to the heads of the unemployed


April 28 2018

COMMENTARY: Liberals have only themselves to blame for the summer jobs disaster


U.S. adds Canada to priority watch list on intellectual property


58% Of Canadians Now Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau





April 29 2018

EDITORIAL: The carbon tax cover-up continues


The truth on Roxham Road and the border crisis


Canada Now Wants U.S. To Enforce Its Immigration Laws — To Protect Canada


MALCOLM: 'Poor' asylum seekers dump expensive electronics


Canadians are getting hosed at the gas pumps


April 30 2018

Majority of illegal migrants to Canada in 2018 are Nigerians with U.S. travel visas













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