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June 2018

Blast From The Past:

(Tony Lam's Comments: This is one of the reasons why trade with the US has gone to gong show status.)

June 1 2018

Parliament Hill ice rink cost about $100,000 a day: documents

Joshua Boyle granted bail with conditions

If Trudeau Really Wants To Fight The US, He Should Repeal The Carbon Tax & Cut Regulations To Stop Billions In Investment From Heading South

Kinder Morgan execs Ian Anderson and David Safari offered $1.5 million bonuses under Trudeau bailout

Hussen pledges $50M for housing for asylum seekers to ease pressure on big cities

The Migrant Crisis, American Style

Reevely: Veterans deserve better than petty politics, Royal Canadian Legion leader tells Ontario parties

June 2 2018

The Elites Are Dangerously Trying To Make Legal Immigration & Illegal Immigration Seem Like The Same Thing

LILLEY: Foreign-funded activist group helping Andrea Horwath's NDP

Homeless in Vancouver: To live and die in Tim Hortons—homeless man staff thought was sleeping was dead

June 4 2018

Ottawa to give $50M to Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba for asylum seeker costs

Opposition criticizes $1.5-million retention bonuses for Kinder Morgan execs

(Tony Lam's Comments: USA related but relevant)

Justices Side With Colorado Baker on Same-Sex Wedding Cake

Kelly McParland: The Liberals don't know why Wynne is unpopular. Maybe I can help with that

'Not something that should happen': homeless man spends dying hours at Vancouver Tim Hortons

EDITORIAL: The true, malevolent face of the Iranian regime

Trudeau Wants Closer Ties With Iran. Iran’s Leader Just Called For Genocide Against Israel

June 5 2018

Vancouver homeless man spends final dying hours inside Tim Hortons

Border Protest: Antifa Retreats, Protesters Advance

Trump wants separate, 1-on-1 NAFTA talks with Canada, Mexico, adviser says

Prime Minister names new Ambassador for Climate Change

Trudeau’s ‘Gender Focused’ Military Policy Is Failing

Vandals desecrate Fort McMurray war memorial for Afghanistan vets

MPs slam tense committee meeting with McKenna: ‘It was the worst’

Soldiers ordered to return sleeping bags, rucksacks due to 'shortfall of equipment'

Bill S-239 Eliminating Foreign Funding in Elections Act An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (eliminating foreign funding)

BLOCKED by Liberals

June 6 2018

FUNDING FAIL: Canadian Military Runs Out of Sleeping Bags, Demands Soldiers Return Them

How insanely stupid is Justin Trudeau’s team?

Hehr says investigation into his conduct is over and he's still in Liberal caucus

Quebec to ban shale fracking, limit oil-and-gas exploration

Bill C-396 An Act to amend the Department of Industry Act (financial assistance)


June 7 2018

Justin Trudeau Was Accused Of "Groping" A Reporter At A Music Festival In 2000

REPORT: Creston Valley Advance Article Circulating Online Refers To Justin Trudeau ‘Groping’ Young Female Reporter

Senate passes marijuana bill

Canada has removed only a fraction of thousands of illegal border-crossers

DISGRACE: Trudeau Government Spends Tons Of Money On Illegal Border Crossers, But Doesn’t Have Enough Sleeping Bags For Our Troops

Obama and Trudeau meet up for dinner in Montreal

Fake Uber driver accused of sexual assault released on bail

Ontario's experiment with vote-counting machines could change elections to come

June 8 2018

NOT SO SQUEAKY CLEAN? Canada’s pin-up PM Justin Trudeau ‘was accused of groping a woman at a music festival two decades ago’

BONOKOSKI: Shocker! Resurfaced editorial slams Justin Trudeau as a groper

Before the Smiles, Mounting Tensions Between Trudeau and Trump

What about the poor multimillionaire homeowners?

Canada to announce $400-million for girls’ education at G7 summit on Saturday

June 10 2018

Scheer goes to the border, Trudeau’s team sneers

G7 summit ends in disarray as Trump abandons joint statement

Trump Aide Larry Kudlow Calls Justin Trudeau Trade Comments A 'Betrayal'

Trudeau's Eyebrow falls off at G7 Press Conference

All that high school antics burns the guy out.

June 11 2018

A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine: ‘We’re America, Bitch’

Why Trudeau doesn’t have the high ground on trade

Liberal summer job funding policy crosses a line, says executive director of Manitoba camp

How Can The Government Promote Free Trade Around The World When We Don’t Even Have Free Trade Between Provinces?

REPORT: Trudeau Government Approves Legislation Weakening Canada’s Anti-Terror Laws

Justin Trudeau’s childish antics won’t help on NAFTA/Trade files

LILLEY: Trudeau needs to live up to his own harassment standards

Did Chrystia Freeland Compare Donald Trump To Hitler?


June 12 2018

John Robson: You can't tame Trump. But we can stop provoking him

Finally, a thumbs-up for Canadian oil — but will anybody notice?

Conrad Black: Trudeau's jolly progressivism and America's revival will bring back the brain drain

Trump says Trudeau's comments are going to cost Canada 'a lot of money'

June 13 2018

Dairy cartel hits Mad Max

Donald Trump was right. The rest of the G7 were wrong

‘You hear the girls screaming': Witnesses describe shocking shooting of young sisters in Toronto playground

What Trudeau did to set Trump off. It will surprise you!

What Trudeau did to set Trump off. It will surprise you!

Canada Pension Plan sets record for country's largest green bond in $1.5-billion debut


$3 Billion Pledged For Girls Education At G7 Summit, Delighting Malala Yousafzai

Canada will provide $300 Million of that total.



Then she needs to look in the mirror. She seems to have forgotten he Liberal lies and scandals.


June 14 2018


Don’t believe Canada’s media on Me Too stories

FUREY: It's Scheer, not Bernier, who faces tough decisions ahead

Tories’ demand to Liberals: hand over your documents on household cost of carbon pricing, or else

Kevin Libin: Trudeau stumbled into a trade war. That isn’t all Trump’s fault

June 15 2018

Canadian oil-drilling companies moving rigs south amid U.S. rebound

Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau starts a trade war for political points. We’re the casualties

Conrad Black: Take heed Canada: the U.S. would win a true trade war

Trudeau's trade disaster with Trump was a long time coming

DESPICABLE: Liberal MP Omar Alghabra Attacks Conservatives As Islamophobic For House Of Commons Votes On Eid – Even Though The Liberals Scheduled The Vote Timing

Chris Selley: Supreme Court strikes a blow against religious freedom with Trinity Western decision


Liberals schedule vote for late evening. Then complain that they have to show up.

Canada is not an islamic country.


Summer Jobs Grant:


Brilliant. "soy sipping simpletons."


June 16 2018

Trudeau’s Plan To Impose Carbon Tax On Ontario Shows Contempt For Democracy

Man, 21, charged in Toronto playground shooting that injured 2 girls



June 17 2018

Doug Ford promises cheaper gas, Justin Trudeau vows to stop it

Prime minister's summer retreat getting a few upgrades

MALCOLM: Federal jobs program gives funding to hate preacher's group

June 18 2018

Trump and the truth about the kids at the border

Conservatives table petition calling on Ottawa to ‘abandon’ small-business tax changes

EDITORIAL: The carbon tax cover up continues

Ethics commissioner clears Morneau of conflict over pension bill

HYPOCRISY: Trudeau Government Denies Funding To Churches Helping Homeless Canadians, But Funds Group Putting On Anti-Semitic Al Quds Day Rally

June 19 2018

REJECTED: Despite $60 Million ‘Bribe’, Trudeau Liberals Got Crushed In Chicoutimi – Le Fjord Byelection

BC Hydro to charge extra fee for ‘crisis fund’ to help customers who can’t pay bill

June 20 2018

More upgrades for Trudeau at our expense.

PATHETIC: Justin Trudeau Condemns US Child Detentions, Even Though His Government Does Exactly The Same Thing

Trudeau India trip included $17K for celebrity chef, $3.6K for hockey jerseys

Trudeau Government Spent $17K Of Taxpayer Dollars On Celebrity Chef During Disaster India Trip

Canada aims to avoid detaining migrant children, but it happens

PM Trudeau says cannabis will be legal in Canada on Oct. 17

Canadian dollar falls for fifth straight day as NAFTA uncertainty lingers

Trudeau’s contested trip to India cost upwards of $1.5 million, documents show

'A complete and utter failure': Bill for Trudeau's blunder-filled India trip tops $1.5M

June 21 2018

Ottawa to keep provincial equalization formula as is till 2024

More than 20 countries aim to toughen climate goals by 2020

Toronto’s Emergency Shelters Are Being Overwhelmed By Illegal Border Crossers

Hamas paid family to claim Gaza baby was killed by Israeli tear gas, says cousin

Canada gets failing grade for detaining migrant children: researchers

Pressure builds to close 'birth tourism' loophole for getting citizenship

June 22 2018

Trump warns Trudeau on lack of defence spending ahead of NATO summit

How Chrystia Freeland became the (unofficial) deputy prime minister

What were they thinking? How the equalization debate ended before it even began

Trudeau fined $100 for not disclosing gift of sunglasses from PEI premier


The Case Against David Suzuki: An Unauthorized Biography

June 23 2018 EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s phoney climate war against Ford begins

BONOKOSKI: Compared to Trudeau, Bev Oda’s $16 orange juice was skinflint

June 24 2018

Forget the sunglasses, what about that vacation

June 25 2018

Laura Ingalls Wilder removed from book award over racist language

June 26 2018

Toronto's homicide rate now higher than New York's

Trudeau is failing Canada on trade at every turn

Manitoba, Saskatchewan to press Morneau about opting out of controversial tax change

Legal fight over summer jobs attestation grows as religious, business groups file new challenges

Calgary cabbie found guilty of sexually assaulting drunken passenger during Stampede

Asylum seekers flocking to Toronto overwhelm city's resources

OLIVER: Trudeau has left us vulnerable to NAFTA failure he made more likely

June 27 2018

Old ‘groping’ accusation against Trudeau resurfaces

Trudeau has boxed himself in with his own zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct: Robyn Urback

Media outlets reluctantly publish on Trudeau groping allegations

We're finally told what the carbon tax will cost us. Are you sitting down?

Justin Trudeau Is Trying To Silence Us

DISTURBING: Twitter Appears To Shut Down Catherine McKenna Parody Account After Request From Trudeau Staff

Canada slammed for ‘culture of secrecy’ over immigration detention

U.S. trade spat should spur provinces to knock down barriers to cross-Canada trade, New Brunswick premier says.

REPORT: Top Facebook Representative In Canada In Charge Of Fighting ‘Fake News’ Is A Former Liberal Policy Director

Federal environment minister Catherine McKenna files complaint with Twitter over parody account

Saskatchewan economy could be hit hard by federal carbon tax: Study

Edmonton woman faces death threats after alleging sexual harassment by Kent Hehr

June 28 2018

Trudeau kicks off re-election, Butts runs on war with Trump

Trudeau groping allegations, from a whisper to a scream

FUREY: No, the Trudeau Liberals are not above parody

Why The Hell Should Harper Have To Tell Trudeau Before Visiting The White House?

Trump effect, low loonie not stopping Canadians from visiting U.S.

On groping allegation, Trudeau ducks the rules he set

June 29 2018

The questions Trudeau must answer on the grope issue

It is about to be Ford Vs Trudeau, your wallet vs Trudeau’s need for cash

Ottawa details list of U.S. tariff targets, offers billions in support for Canadian industry

Countermeasures in Response to Unjustified Tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum Products

Conrad Black: Thirty years of climate hysterics being proven wrong over and over again

ABOVE THE RULES?: Hypocritical Trudeau Applies His Misconduct Standards To Others, But Not Himself

Joe Oliver: Groping allegations snare Justin Trudeau in a trap he created himself

$23 Million dollars going to radical Islamic groups

Fixing Phoenix pay system to take five years, cost billions: report

June 30 2018

Federal budget watchdog to take deep dive into costs of asylum seekers

GUNTER: Trudeau won't even fess up, let alone apologize, for the Kokanee Grope

Get ready for the media and left wing assault on Doug Ford

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