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July 2018

July 1 2018

Top 10 Richest Politicians of Canada In 2018

'I don't remember any negative interactions,' Trudeau says of 18-year-old groping allegation


Of course it would.

July 2 2018

No memory of ‘negative interactions,’ Trudeau says of groping allegations from 18 years ago

PRIME HYPOCRITE: Facing His Own Groping Allegation, Trudeau Abandons His ‘All Accusations Should Be Believed’ Stance

Former PM Stephen Harper visits the White House

Ban The Burqa & Niqab Says Highly Respected Human Rights Activist Ensaf Haidar


July 3 2018

Trudeau supporters have weak answers on Kokanee Grope

Trudeau government reviewing $420 million in transfer payments to Ontario after Doug Ford begins 'orderly wind-down' of green programs

Mr. Trudeau’s ‘negative interaction’

Growing Outrage After CBC Reveals They Had Trudeau ‘Grope’ Story For Months But Didn’t Report On It

So CBC covered up the Kokanee Grope for Trudeau, who else?

Canada has taken advantage of American niceness, Sarah Sanders says

July 4 2018

Justin Trudeau Addressed Those Sexual Misconduct Allegations—but We’re Not Buying His Response

Kinder Morgan will get up to $1 billion to restart pipeline construction

Fund to fight guns and gangs untouched despite surge in shootings

July 5 2018

Ford government is ending co-operation with Ottawa on resettlement of asylum-seekers

After 'reflecting very carefully' on groping allegation, Trudeau says he doesn't feel he acted inappropriately

Trudeau says any federal carbon tax would return proceeds to residents

‘It is time for you to step aside’: Toronto officer sends email calling out mayor over gun violence

Canada's Trudeau, facing groping allegation, says he apologized, did nothing wrong

Groping accusations puncture the Trudeau brand

July 6 2018

Auto tariffs would be 'catastrophic' to Canada and cost 100,000 jobs, dealers warn

Justin Trudeau went jogging shirtless in Toronto

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's 'awakening' on groping allegations is (ahem) a bit of a reach

It really is time to kick Canada's $2.6-billion dairy habit

Don’t investigate groping allegation from 2000, Trudeau says

Justin Trudeau defends policy on asylum seekers, as Ford blames Ottawa for 'housing crisis'

Bell: Trudeau had his chance and he blew it

Teen girls weep as judge dismisses sexual assault charges from West Edmonton Mall wave pool incident

Kelly McParland: Justin Trudeau's claims are hard to credit and he has himself to thank for that

Pretty much sums it up.




Statement by Rose Knight.

July 7 2018



Woman who accused Justin Trudeau of groping her breaks silence

Trudeau gets cabinet member's support over handling of groping allegation

GOLDSTEIN: What if groper controversy had been about a Conservative leader?

Kinder Morgan will get up to $1 billion to restart pipeline construction

Trudeau visits Hehr's Calgary Stampede breakfast as groping allegation lingers

'He's a strong member of the team': Trudeau backs Hehr as tough political battle looms

Trudeau’s “groping” incident a problem with all of “people-kind”

Canada fails to find buyer for surplus army tanks, final attempt to sell to Jordan Armed Forces fizzles

Watch as Trudeau says the Ford brothers have hatred for women and girls

PARKIN: Trudeau's broken infrastructure promise has hurt jobs and growth

I strongly deny the groping allegation that I already admitted to and apologized for

July 9 2018

WASTE: Trudeau Government Spent Over $24K Taxpayer Dollars On 86 Cushions For Embassy In Mexico

Ottawa hides its carbon tax math while Saskatchewan crunches the numbers

LILLEY: Time for Trudeau to get clue and plan for border troubles

Kelly McParland: Trudeau is giving himself a #MeToo exemption from his own standards

WEAK: Instead Of Dealing With Crisis, Ahmed Hussen Attacks Ontario For Saying “Illegal Border Crossers”

CONTRAST: While Doug Ford Serves Ontarians, Trudeau Serves The United Nations & Illegal Border Crossers

FLEECED: After Trudeau Government Wasted Our Money Building A Road For The Jordanian Military, That Country Wouldn’t Even Buy Our Leftover Tanks

Ottawa spent $30K to find a new name for the ‘Future Skills Lab.’ And the winner is …‘Future Skills Centre’

OPINION: Canadian marketing boards cost consumers plenty

Another Truth Of The Day:

July 10 2018

GUEST COLUMN: Trudeau failed to prep Canada for the economic storm clouds

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen spoke at venue known as criminal hangout

FATAH: Trudeau should take a leave of absence

I hate to say it, but Trump is right about Canada’s military spending

Another photo op. Why are our soldiers not in PT gear and instead in their skivvies?

July 11 2018

Trudeau is exaggerating what international refugee law compels Canada to do

Trudeau’s Liberals worry about words, not the illegal border crossers

MALCOLM: Liberals use 'illegal' vs. 'irregular' argument as a distraction

July 12 2018

You Said It: Why are female members of Parliament silent on Trudeau incident?

Stephen Harper’s own words: ‘I was never in the job to be liked’

Quebec blocks asylum seekers from public daycare network, alarming advocates

Same as the previous year.

July 13 2018

Trudeau and his gov are cracking down on parody accounts because of hurt feelings.

DESPICABLE: Ahmed Hussen Insanely Calls Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian” For Demanding Border Enforcement

Trudeau's holier-than-thou tweet causes migrant crisis — now he needs to fix what he started

Rex Murphy: Maniacal Stephen Harper haters keep getting 'blindsided' by entirely normal behaviour

Twitter takes down parody account targeting Liberal MP

July 14 2018

DIVISIVE: After “Un-Canadian” Attack, Ahmed Hussen Must Resign Or Be Fired

Hussen calls MacLeod “not Canadian” over immigration

The sad story of 24 Sussex, the abandoned, asbestos-filled residence of Canada’s prime minister

July 15 2018

Way back when Ahmed Hussen used the term “illegal”

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue their fake feminist ways

READ: In Series Of Tweets, Rempel Shreds Hussen’s Fake ‘Facts’

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue their fake feminist ways

'The situation is going to get worse': Liberals pushed to come up with answers on asylum issue

July 16 2018

Premiers' much-hyped internal trade deal hasn't amounted to much

Trudeau’s handling of groping allegation has ‘terribly set back’ progress on women’s issues, puts him in tricky situation too, say political players

Canada's 'stagnating productivity' has hit small business

Douglas Todd: Trudeau government goes silent on Syrian refugees

From casinos to cannabis: how a tiny First Nation forged a big business empire

BONOKOSKI: They’re not ‘illegal queue-jumpers,’ they’re ‘irregular border crossers’

Andrew Lawton: Canadians know nothing about their activist Supreme Court. That's dangerous