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Opinion: Leaked Documents Show that Liberal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is a Racist

Reprinted without permission.

Did Ahmed Hussen treat someone differently based on their race? As far as we can tell no, but that is not the definition of racism anymore. If you are wondering if I am going to spout some nonsense about power and privilege, sorry I don’t have a sociology degree. For this article I will be using the Justin Trudeau definition of racism: Anyone who questions or criticizes his immigration policy (or lack there of).

I feel like this definition is appropriate since Ahmed Hussen himself publicly endorsed this view recently. While being interviewed by the CBC on the subject of Justin Trudeau calling a Quebec woman a racist for asking if Quebec will be refunded for the 146 million they spent on illegal immigrants, Hussen backed

Trudeau’s accusation. He publicly stated the “the video speaks for itself”, after being unable to identify at what point any racism actually occurred.

If you are confused by this new definition of racism, you are not alone. Remember these are the same geniuses who gave us the reasoning: ISIS (The Islamic State) has nothing to do with Islam, but criticism of ISIS is Islamophobic.

If you understand this logic, congratulations you are now a federal cabinet minister.

Ahmed Hussen has been pretty public on his views on the unchecked migration from people claiming asylum form America (one of the safest and richest countries in the world). He even penned an article in the Toronto Star in July, a month that saw a 23% spike in border crossings, on how well the system is working.

When his counter parts Michelle Rempel and Lisa MacLeod raised questions on the seemingly endless tide of migrants pouring into the country, Hussen called them “fear mongers” and “unCanadian”.

Well it turns out that in an August 14th letter to the immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association, Hussen said number of asylum seekers is rising “far beyond” what the system can handle, and the situation is “not sustainable”.

As it turns out the Immigration Minister’s private views are in lock-step with his opponent’s public views. This is not surprising, as a recent Angus Reid poll showed that 66% of Canadians believe there is an immigration crisis, the other 34% apparently work for the CBC. By the way this isn’t just Conservatives, a majority of all 3 major party constituents agree there is a crisis.

It is unclear why Ahmed Hussen still has a job after this blatant display of acknowledging reality, sorry I mean racism

So, after this clear display of duplicity from the top level of the Liberal party the question remains will the national media finally admit we have a scandal/crisis on our hands? Probably not.

Things will probably remain the same until 2019. Unchecked migration will cause a backlog in social services, increased social unrest, higher crime and the bill will be sent to the Canadian taxpayer. However, as is always the case with illegal immigration the people hit the hardest will be the legal immigrates. Pretty much all of us know a hard-working immigrant, like the nurse who takes care of your ageing grandparents diligently filling out the paperwork to bring her kids into the country properly. A process that took a few years in 2014 that will now stretch over a decade to the stress put on our immigration system by the unsustainable crossings that have gone far beyond our capabilities.

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