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September 2018

September 1 2018

Toronto police update fatal shooting marking 71st homicide of 2018

Q&A With Dark-Horse Toronto Mayoral Candidate Faith Goldy

MARIN: NAFTA talks need adult supervision

TKACHUK: Trudeau, not Trump, deserves our NAFTA ire

'8,000 jobs disappeared this morning, and one of them was mine'

Benefits should be revoked from convicted killers: Veterans' advocate

September 2 2018

Justin Trudeau Can’t Fight Against The Anti-Oil Radicals Because He Agrees With Them

WARMINGTON: Alarm sounded over murders in Peel

The Corbyn/Trudeau brotherhood

Man killed in shooting at Coronation Park; 4 suspects sought

Is the government listening to Canada’s businesses?

September 3 2018

Think it's hard to build big projects in Canada now? Wait till you see the Liberals' new bill

Muslim Court Canes Malaysian Women for Same-Sex Relationship

Justin Trudeau maintains that Japan is ‘inward looking’ and ‘not intolerant’ for its anti-immigration policy

No NAFTA deal is a bad NAFTA deal

Trudeau gave Kinder Morgan ‘a good problem to have’

September 4 2018

Former hostages Joshua Boyle and his American wife trade abuse accusations in child custody battle

HOSTAGE HELL: Wife accuses Joshua Boyle of abuse in captivity

No NAFTA without cultural exemption and a dispute settlement clause, Trudeau vows

Hypocrite Trudeau Gives $1.37 Billion To B.C. NDP Government Despite Pipeline Opposition, While Cutting Funds To Saskatchewan As Punishment For Opposing Carbon Tax

Liberals block Tory plans to set up Trans Mountain pipeline probe

Trial of Vice Admiral Mark Norman set to take place during 2019 federal election

CBC’s TV Ratings Are A Disaster

September 5 2018

NAFTA NO GO: Trudeau Says NO DEAL that Doesn’t Protect Canada's 'Culture and Identity'

Crescent Point Energy cuts 17% of workforce, plans to reduce debt by $1 billion

As Damage From Trudeau’s Failure Spreads, Suncor Energy Halts Crude Production Expansion

Suncor CEO Steve Williams said “There is clearly a question of confidence in Canada.”

MALCOLM: Trudeau's lack of seriousness is behind all these messes

VIDEO: Poilievre Demands Answers For Taxpayers After Trudeau’s Trans Mountain Failure

Trudeau’s no pipeline plan

U.S. military guns mailed in unlocked case to Toronto Bombardier facility

WARMINGTON: Ford talks trade with U.S. governors

“Shout out” from PM’s Office to Paramount Fine Foods raises ethics questions

September 6 2018

Justin Trudeau Says Bill C-69 Will Help Get Pipelines Approved. In Reality, It Will Be Devastating For Canada’s Energy Industry.

Here’s the evidence foreign investors are seriously avoiding Canada — despite Morneau’s denialism

POLL: Canadians Are Getting Fed Up With Endless Apologies For The Past

68% Of Canadians Want Face-Coverings Like The Niqab & Burka Banned In Public. So Why Doesn’t Any Political Party Represent That Point Of View?

Delusional Trudeau Tries Shifting His Trans Mountain Pipeline Failure To Stephen Harper

EXCLUSIVE: The Rebel reveals CBC secrets behind “Marketplace” stunt, “The Trump Effect”

David Staples: What the Federal Court of Appeal got wrong on the Trans Mountain pipeline decision

September 7 2018

Trudeau sets date to apologize for ‘absolute moral failure’ of turning away Jewish refugees

(Tony Lam's Comments: Same MSM in both countries)

When I challenge the president, I do it directly. My anonymous colleague should have, too.

Trudeau to pitch Canada’s work on development funding in bid for UN Security Council seat

B.C. tenants to see the highest rent increase in 15 years

'Horrific' human trafficking case shows why Canada needs a hotline, group says

EXCLUSIVE: Docs reveal “picky” migrants unsure about move to Canada

Bell: Jason Kenney skewers Justin Trudeau

WATCH: Justin Trudeau Said More Diversity Is “A Form Of Entropy.” Entropy Is Defined As “Lack Of Order Or Predictability; Gradual Decline Into Disorder”


Canada unexpectedly loses 51,600 jobs in August

Canada's ever-volatile labour report posts 'messy' results for August

Matthew de Grood ‘truly sorry’, families of victims express concern at annual hearing

Rex Murphy: Relax. Trudeau is busily solving our most urgent energy crisis: Gender

The Trudeau Liberals' on President Trump

UNBELIEVABLE: As NAFTA Negotiations Resume, Chrystia Freeland Headlines Event That Calls Donald Trump A “TYRANT”

September 8 2018

GOLDSTEIN: PM’s pipeline and climate polices have failed

International law does not guarantee citizenship to babies born in Canada, feds tell court

Canadian border agency has deported 398 ‘illegal migrants’ out of 32,000

September 9 2018

Dangerous Changes Coming to our Justice System

CBC stunned by foreign media view of Liberals’ NAFTA incompetence

VIOLENT CITY: Deadly toll of killing proactive policing

LILLEY: Not much ado about Trudeau

September 10 2018

Deportation halted because man’s gang tattoos could cause people to think he is in a gang

WARMINGTON: Widow marks the 9/11 death of her husband

Ibrahim Ali, 28, charged with first-degree murder of Burnaby teen Marrisa Shen

Christie Blatchford: Doug Ford has a point — he was elected; the judge was not

John Ivison: Liberals using MS St. Louis apology to prop up failing asylum-seeker policies is unconscionable

WATCH: Doug Ford Slams Ruling By Liberal-Appointed Judge, Says “I Was Elected. The Judge Was Appointed”

EDITORIAL: Courts need to stay away from public policy debates

AWFUL: Growing Outrage After Omar Alghabra Seemingly Tries Linking Canada Turning Away German Jews Fleeing Fascist Persecution In 1939 To People Illegally Entering Canada From The U.S.

WARMINGTON: Murder victim Rocco Scavetta a hero

Ontario Judge Uses 'Crickets' In Ruling To Strike Down Doug Ford's City Council Cuts

SICK: Judge Who Struck Down Doug Ford’s Bill 5 Is Same Judge Who Ruled Against Widow Who Wanted To Freeze Omar Khadr’s $10.5 Million Trudeau Payday

September 11 2018

Doug Ford’s Use Of Notwithstanding Clause Is Essential Pushback Against The Anti-Democratic Far-Left Elites

UNBELIEVABLE: As NAFTA Negotiations Resume, Chrystia Freeland Headlines Event That Calls Donald Trump A “TYRANT”

LILLEY: Ford makes right call to trigger notwithstanding clause

September 12 2018

Ottawa man ordered to surrender passport, keep away from ISIS

Freeland not returning immediately to Washington after briefing PM on NAFTA

Committee backs new sanctuary city policy for undocumented residents in Edmonton

John Ivison: Liberals eye potential electoral gains from 'taking on the tyrant' Trump

GOLDSTEIN: Liberal NAFTA strategy - Trump's a tyrant

Statement on Section 33: The Notwithstanding Clause I support Premier Ford because, notwithstanding Justice Belobaba’s erroneous decision, Bill 5 is a constitutional piece of legislation.

Canada Goose becomes “Bombardier” of luxury outerwear with $1.48M taxpayer subsidy

McKenna doubles down on carbon tax in Saskatchewan

Sask. Premier Scott Moe 'disappointed' after meeting federal cabinet ministers

Mexico Reiterates Willingness To Sign NAFTA Replacement Deal Without Canada

WARNING: Canada’s Lost Tax Advantage Over The U.S. Puts 635,000 Jobs In Danger

Stepping back to look ahead: why this outspoken parliamentary secretary volunteered to be demoted

Police ask for 'voluntary compliance' in clearing out Saanich homeless camp

Watch NDP MPPs bang on desks and get kicked out of Ontario legislature

Citing concerns, P.E.I. shutting down PNP's immigrant entrepreneur program

Trudeau gives $50K per family to migrants — but his staff hide that number from Canadians

BUSTED: Trudeau Liberal Minister Dominic LeBlanc Violated Conflict Of Interest Act

REPORT: Contrary To Trudeau Government Claims, Illegal Border Crossings Have Wrecked Canada’s Refugee System

Dominic LeBlanc broke conflict of interest rules by approving lucrative surf clam licence set to go to wife’s cousin

The Villain in the Trans Mountain Fiasco – and Other Fiascos since 2004 – is the Supreme Court of Canada

Toronto van attack survivors struggle to rebuild lives

Asylum-seeker surge at Quebec border choking Canada’s refugee system, data show

September 13 2018

LILLEY: Political left don't think elections matter

Trudeau backs Freeland’s participation in panel that included Trump with autocrats

LEVY: Council shows why it should be slashed

Another Trudeau cabinet minister breaks ethics law

Canadian company tried selling missile technology to Iran

EDITORIAL: Bring back TAVIS and carding

LEVY: Council shows why it should be slashed

REPORT: The United States Is Now The World’s Largest Oil Producer

Justin Trudeau’s speech empties out a small gym in Saskatoon

DIVIDING CANADIANS: Justin Trudeau Called Conservatives “Disgusting” For Asking Questions About Government Ethics

EXCLUSIVE: Docs reveal Liberals prioritized hiring media “spin doctors” for Operation Syrian Refugee

Trudeau Was So Quick To Comment On The Hijab Hoax, Yet Remains Silent On Syrian Refugee Charged With Killing Burnaby Girl

Island community's extra fundraising brought man now charged with Burnaby murder to Canada

LILLEY: Political left don't think elections matter

Toronto terrorist leader is locked up, but was still on social media

WARMINGTON: Like it or not, Ford's won this round

Accused killer of B.C. teen described as new to Canada, 'normal guy'

Grand Bank mayor demands Trudeau drop LeBlanc from cabinet after surf clam flap

Trudeau not honouring $2.6B education promise, First Nations leaders say

September 14 2018

Ted Morton: Provinces demanded ‘notwithstanding’ powers for good reason. They should use them

REPORT: Kinder Morgan Is Seeking To Exit Canada Entirely

Trudeau Totally Fine With Freeland Headlining Panel That Called Trump A “Tyrant”

Kinder Morgan hires TD to sell Canadian business: sources

OECD criticizes Canada for cutting foreign aid

As His Failures Pile Up, Trudeau Wants To Run Against Western Canada & Trump

Christie Blatchford: The notwithstanding clause is nothing to freak out about

Canadian companies receive just $11,000 in duty relief in wake of trade dispute

Corbella: Bill C-69 is Trudeau's bookend to his father's disastrous NEP

FRUM: Fighting for what matters

September 15 2018

Rex Murphy: Shrinking Toronto's government won't bring our federation to its knees. Probably

Kevin O’Leary: Now is not the time — why I can't support Maxime Bernier's new party

Why aren't Canada's ethics rules keeping politicians out of trouble?

VIDEO: Woman In Hijab Throws Coffee On Canadians Protesting Murder Of Marrisa Shen

LILLEY: Trudeau NAFTA plan outsmarting Canadians out of jobs

NAFTA Talks Far 'Less Cordial' Than Freeland Letting On: Report

Canada-EU trade, one year on: Canada's imports are rising faster than exports

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau Liberals leave $372M meant to help veterans unspent since taking office

September 17 2018

BONOKOSKI: Liberal MP Leona Alleslev slams Trudeau, crosses floor to Tories

Read the speech MP Leona Alleslev delivered before quitting the Liberals and crossing the floor to join the Tories

BONOKOSKI: Liberal MP Leona Alleslev slams Trudeau, crosses floor to Tories

'1 hour is not enough' Saskatchewan chief says of tense Trudeau meeting caught on video

BREAKING: “My Oath Is To Country, Not To Party.” Liberal MP Leona Alleslev Crosses Floor, Joins Scheer Conservatives

WATCH: Arrogant Elitist Trudeau Angry That Indigenous Leaders Wanted More Than A Quick Photo-Op

Federal Liberals violated own fundraising rules

WARMINGTON: Rules don't seem to apply to injection sites

September 18 2018

REPORT: The Royal Canadian Air Force Is Having Huge Recruiting Problems

Corbella: The enemies of Alberta's energy industry are running the province

Five asylum-seeking families welcomed by Chatham-Kent

September 19 2018

WARMINGTON: ISIS names Danforth attack its signature event

The Tar Sands Campaign: >400 Payments via Tides to 100 Organizations in Canada, USA & Europe

Toronto Danforth shooter stood over woman and shot her 4 times, unsealed warrants show

NDP tax increases adding up for B.C. residents: study

More than half of Quebec asylum seekers had some kind of ‘legal status’ in U.S. before crossing to Canada

EXCLUSIVE: Veterans denied service dogs despite gov’t report showing ‘significant’ reduction in PTSD

Tories slam 'back door gun registry,' e-petition collects tens of thousands of signatures

September 20 2018

Toronto Danforth shooter arrested and released two days before mass shooting: police docs

OLIVER: (Not)withstanding judicial overreach is healthy for democracy

LILLEY: White House not amused with Freeland's 'Tyrant' antics

Rate of denials for summer jobs funding higher in Conservative ridings

Alleged Crips associate released on bail

BIAS: Trudeau Government Disproportionately Rejecting Canada Summer Jobs Applications In Conservative Areas

September 21 2018

Bell: Trudeau lets Notley down again on Trans Mountain

Rex Murphy: The Green Energy Act is dead. Let that be a warning to green politicians

NP View: The Liberals' 'consultation' with Canadians about banning handguns is pointless pretending

Conservatives demand end to Veterans Affairs' support for convicted murderer

Failure to launch: Inside Julie Payette's turbulent first year as Governor General

Trudeau's India trip cost more than the government first disclosed

Youth-run gang reportedly ‘terrorizing’ Brockville community

September 22 2018

Ontario’s Liberals admit they lied for years

September 23 2018

Veterans minister likens leaving $372M unspent to getting credit back for prepaid gas

WARMINGTON: Victim Danielle Kane forgives Danforth gunman

September 24 2018

Kelly McParland: Has the world grown tired of Canada's super prime minister?

Exclusive: MP Leona Alleslev: Why I crossed the floor to the Conservatives

John Ivison: A sign the government is looking for an off-ramp for the governor general?

Bill Blair says he ‘misspoke’ on asylum seeker deportations

September 25 2018

Lack of apology to Shen family reveals Trudeau’s “selective” empathy

MP drops F-bomb in Commons, accuses Trudeau of not caring about Indigenous rights

Terri-Lynne McClintic, killer of eight-year-old Tori Stafford, sent to aboriginal healing lodge, victim’s family says

Canadian government & media lied about Toronto shooting

September 26 2018

Liberals defend giving vets benefits to a murder, who is not a vet

Terence Corcoran: Forget firing the CBC’s far-left ideologues. Just unfund it

Canadian MP says Trudeau 'doesn't give a fuck' about indigenous rights

September 27 2018


PROOF : Climate ‘Scientists’ And The Media Openly Lie About Climate Change To Maintain Funding And Keep Global Warming Hysteria Alive

EDITORIAL: Sorry, Mr. Trudeau, but socialism sucks

MPs vote to revoke Aung San Suu Kyi's honorary Canadian citizenship

Rex Murphy: The most obvious creeps in the Kavanaugh circus are the journalists

MALCOLM: Trudeau's become more of a joke on the world stage

September 28 2018

Why Does The Trudeau Government Always Side With Criminals?

MALCOLM: Kavanaugh more about politics than truth and justice

Rex Murphy: The most obvious creeps in the Kavanaugh circus are the journalists

Caught on cam: Assassination attempt at YVR

September 29 2018

Freeland postpones UN speech amid NAFTA talks and looming deadline

LETTER: Conservative MP calling out Liberals on gun legislation

The downside of legalization: More potheads

September 30 2018

“Carry the Light”…of Hate. Coming Soon to Toronto

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