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October 2018

October 1, 2018

October 1 2018

CRA suspends, fines major Islamic charity over concerns it may have ‘provided resources’ to armed militants


NAFTA REBOOT FOR DUMMIES: How does new trade impact Canadians?


USMCA: Don’t Fall For Justin Trudeau’s Deceptive NAFTA Spin


Alleged cocaine dealer gets CAS cheque every month: Court


Philip Cross: Even this salvaged trade deal won’t heal Canada’s self-inflicted wounds


October 2 2018

Here is just a partial list of the brutal murderers that Canada has set free


Francois Legault's CAQ wins majority in Quebec election, ends nearly 50 years of two-party rule


If Trudeau & Freeland Got Such A Good Deal, Why Are All Their So-Called ‘Gains’ Things That Were Already In NAFTA?


All the ways in which the Quebec election made history


October 3 2018

Quebec wants less immigration, Ontario wants a stop to illegals. Will Justin Trudeau listen?


LEVY: 'Irregular' migrants continue to flock into Toronto


“Naming names” of Ontario hotels that housed Trudeau’s Syrian refugees


Hours after touting ‘positive’ politics, Trudeau slams ‘ambulance-chasing’ Conservatives


Quebec's election result was bad for Trudeau, good for his rivals


Feds restarting Indigenous talks over pipeline, won't appeal court decision



LILLEY: Trudeau bails on vote to denounce child killer


October 4 2018

First Nations fury over child killer McClintic: 'We have children in our community'


Whatever It Takes


UH OH: Ahmed Hussen Says Canada Will “Lead The Charge” On UN Global Refugee Plan


Canada had to give up dairy access to get a deal on NAFTA, says negotiator


First Nations fury over child killer McClintic: 'We have children in our community'


Veterans Affairs doesn’t know how many family members receive government-backed benefits


PCs demand emails from Wynne and top bureaucrats in $15B deficit investigation


October 5 2018

Rex Murphy: Can Trudeau not resist ‘attack’ politics even over a murdered child?


Andrew Coyne: The dirty little secret anti-carbon tax folks would prefer you did not know


MANDEL: Schoolgirl killer Paul Bernardo poised for parole bid


MALCOLM: Asylum seeker not eligible to vote receives voter registration card


Populism’s rise points to real problems in our world. We ignore it at our peril


Canadians voted for a carbon tax, Trudeau says as provincial blowback grows


Journalistic malpractice as it’s never been malpracticed.


Trudeau says it’s ‘unfortunate’ conservative politicians don’t agree with carbon tax




October 6 2018

WARREN: Mocking your opponents is a bad look on all politicians


LILLEY: Trudeau betting election on unpopular carbon plan

Suspected British Isis fighter could face repatriation to Canada


October 7 2018

Justin Trudeau’s fortunes have changed as provincial Liberal allies fall


Feds not currently considering selling Trans Mountain, open to Indigenous buyers


Ex-deputy education minister, jailed for child porn charges, out on parole


October 8 2018

MALCOLM: Liberals' planned voter ID changes 'incredibly concerning'


ISIS Terrorist From Canada Captured By Kurdish Forces, Could Go Free If He Returns To This Country


Fraudsters use bogus University of Waterloo acceptance letters to enter Canada


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s carbon tax backfires on the Liberals


Exclusive: Canadian member of Islamic State caught, but RCMP struggle to lay charges against ISIS fighters


October 9 2018

Canada’s First Near Net-Zero Supermarket Leads the Way for a Clean Energy Future


Stephen Harper hits hard on carbon taxes, open borders and more in new book


FATAH: Toronto-area 'public' event was 'only for Muslims'


GOLDSTEIN: The UN’s ‘climate porn’ is getting us nowhere


Ralph Goodale mum on what Ottawa will do with returning Canadian ISIS fighters


Leaning to the Left


ENEMY OF THE TRUTH: Toronto Star Runs Appalling Column Accusing Doug Ford Of ‘Social Murder’, Says His Policies “Will Kill”


CONTRAST: Unlike Trudeau, Scheer Visits India Without Acting Like A Total Idiot (PHOTOS)


FATAH: Toronto-area 'public' event was 'only for Muslims'


October 10 2018

The United Nations Is Demanding Canada Damage Our Economy Even More


Finance Professor Slams Trudeau Government Economic Policy, Says They Just Don’t Get It


CRAZY: Catherine McKenna Thinks A Carbon Tax Will Change The Weather In Ontario


Doug Ford Rips Trudeau On Trade Deal, Praises Growing Coalition Fighting “Carbon Tax Scam”


‘I just want to go back’: Canadian ISIS fighter captured in northern Syria speaks out


UK supreme court backs bakery that refused to make gay marriage cake


The ‘Trudeau Effect’ dragging down Canada’s stock markets just got much, much worse


Are Justin’s Jihadis coming home to Canada?


MALCOLM: Canada's weak ISIS message is on display once again


PM's security costs hit a record high


October 11 2018

Border Security Minister launches consultations on possible handgun ban


‘I’m going to die here’: Wives of ISIS fighters want to return home to Canada


Trudeau Government Moving Closer To Handgun & ‘Assault’ Weapon Ban


These Charts Totally Destroy Any Possible Justification For A Carbon Tax On Canadians


October 12 2018

AWFUL: Trudeau Government Announces They’re Giving More Taxpayer Dollars To UN Palestinian Organization That Funds Hate Propaganda


Canada provides support to Palestinian refugees


MALCOLM: More and more people are saying no to the PC mob


Income splitting is a dangerous tax game if you don't know the rules


Canada gives $50-million to UN Palestinian refugee agency that U.S. calls flawed


Rex Murphy: The UN climate-change panel that cried wolf too often


DISCOUNTING OUR FUTURE: Trudeau & Notley’s Pipeline Failures Take Devastating Toll On Canadian Oil


EDITORIAL: Getting tough on Canadian ISIS fighters


Darkness Deepens in Windsor, Ontario


Trudeau demurs on Khashoggi, defends Canada's work to date calling out Saudis


Canada’s Stockholm syndrome


Julie Payette Is Incredibly Unpopular For A Governor General


October 13 2018

Bernier Slams United Nations As “A Useless Joke”


MOST WANTED TERRORISTS: Put these jihadis behind bars


WARMINGTON: Facts don't seem to matter in North York hotel fire story



Vice-Admiral Mark Norman's defence lawyers intend to probe actions of Liberal minister: court filings


October 14 2018

Failure on Trans Mountain expansion could drive populism: Stephen Harper


‘ISIS Wives’ Should Be Permanently Banned From Canada


LEVY: Mayor puts legal gun owners on the firing line


Guess Where Trudeau Is Sending $25 Million Of Our Taxpayer Dollars?




October 15 2018

Highly Respected Expert Requests RCMP Investigate Trudeau Government For Potential Funding Of Terrorism With Taxpayer Dollars


Liberal MP Asks If Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Should Be Banned From State Broadcaster


Canada's climate plan is worse than having no climate plan


WATCH: Freeland Calls Treasonous ISIS Terrorists “Foreign Fighters”


FUREY: Illegal border screenings “incomplete security portrait”— RCMP doc


McKenna Promotes Group That Wants 500% Carbon Tax Hike


Jihadi Jack wants to live in Canada. Here’s what officials are doing for ISIS fighters in Syria


Parents of ‘Jihadi Jack’ appeal to Canada for help


TREASON: Trudeau Government Trying To Help ISIS Terrorists – Including ‘Jihadi Jack’ – Come To Canada


October 16 2018

Liberals move to end solitary confinement of federal prisoners


Liberals unveil bill to end solitary confinement in federal prisons


Family of youngest Danforth victim 'will be persistent in our pursuit of the truth'


Judge will not force Bell Media to run ads for far-right Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy




October 17 2018

Minister McKenna wrong on relationship between carbon taxes and growth


There are many questions about the Mark Norman affair but Tories keep asking the same one


GOLDSTEIN: McKenna misleading Canadians on carbon pricing


The reason that cannabis is now legal in Canada


WATCH: Andrew Scheer pushes Justin Trudeau on why he is helping Jihadi Jack


Trudeau changes tune on Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, refuses to comment on documents


October 18 2018

White House official called Trudeau 'that little punk kid running Canada'


FUREY: The numbers are in — Canada's border crossers keep on coming


More irregular border-crossers have arrived so far this year than by this time last year


CRISIS: Illegal Border Crossings Are Still Going Up In 2018


White House official called Trudeau 'that little punk kid running Canada'


Justin Trudeau now owns Canada’s marijuana mess


Three out of four living astronauts who walked on moon are climate skeptics


MATH IS HARD: McKenna Makes Massive Cap & Trade Flub


Guns, cigarettes and prisons: Are Canada’s pension fund investments ethical?


Canada commits $50 million more to UNRWA


October 19 2018

'A split-second of fear': How Edouard Maurice became a symbol of the fight over rural crime and self-defence


Canadian Steel Company CEO Says Freeland Is “Way Out Of Her League” In Tariff Talks


Which Is It? Trudeau Government Brags About Economy, Yet Morneau Uses ‘Economic Weakness’ As Excuse For Endless Deficits


EDITORIAL: Ontario bill aimed at tackling ISIS returnees worth copying


BONOKOSKI: Death knell beginning to toll for Trudeau Liberals


Conrad Black: Nothing Faith Goldy has done warrants this assault on her campaign


Federal deficit reached $19B in last fiscal year


Ottawa's annual spending breaches $300B for first time, pushing up Canada’s debt ratio


October 20 2018

WARMINGTON: No free ride in Ontario for terrorist traitors


GOLDSTEIN: Fiscal plans need credibility


October 21 2018

Canadian Ex-Muslim female calls to designate Koran as “hate literature”


LILLEY: How much Trudeau's carbon tax will cost you


October 22 2018

Liberals write off $6.3B in loans as part of money never to be collected


BONOKOSKI: Trudeau Liberals weaving ‘welcome home’ mat for ISIS returnees


Statement by the Prime Minister on the anniversary of the attack at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill


Trudeau wants terrorism offences reduced to maximum six months of jail time


'Shameful': Cannabis customers floored by the amount of plastic packing on their pot




October 23 2018

Finance Minister’s key advisers want 100M Canadians by 2100


Premier Scott Moe slams newly detailed carbon tax as a Liberal plan 'to buy your vote with your money'


Ottawa to return 90% of money it collects from carbon tax to the Canadians who pay it


Tories’ motion to ‘serve justice’ against returning Canadian ISIS members passes 280-1


Trudeau promises rebates as Ottawa moves to levy carbon tax on provinces outside the climate plan


Ottawa to run bigger-than-expected deficits over coming years: budget watchdog


The fight against carbon taxes is the policy fight of our lives


Kevin Libin: Trudeau’s carbon plan is so much worse than just a tax


Trudeau promises rebates as Ottawa moves to levy carbon tax on provinces outside the climate plan


Doug Ford slams Trudeau and federal carbon tax plan


Kenneth Green: Bill C-69 — a dagger pointed straight at Alberta


OOPS: Trudeau Accidentally Admits That Canada Can’t Do Anything About Global Emissions


As He Pushes Carbon Tax, There’s Another Trudeau Tax Hike Going On Quietly Behind The Scenes


Federal carbon tax rebates will exceed the cost for most people affected


October 24 2018

Ottawa's carbon pricing estimates just dropped dramatically — because of California


Why Carbon Pricing Isn’t Working


Ontario government workers making 10.6% more than private sector, report shows


Brad Wall Compares Trudeau Carbon Tax To Nigerian Prince Scam


Trudeau Cabinet Ministers & PMO Massively Increasing Their Office & Travel Spending At Taxpayer Expense


Ministerial offices saw 15 per cent spike in spending in 2017-18


October 25 2018

Can’t blame Trump for the pipe bombs


October 26 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Stats Canada requesting banking information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge


Rex Murphy: The art of politically expedient planning in an age of climate ague


EXCLUSIVE: Stats Canada requesting banking information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge


Refugee board orders deportation of ISIS supporter who targeted Ontario bridge


October 27 2018

Marijuana found in breast milk up to six days after use


Tony Lam's Comments.  This shows the duplicitous nature of Twitter.  It looks like he only got a one day suspension.  If that was a Conservative or evil "right" winger.  They would have been put in Twitter jail for one week.  



October 28 2018

Canada has the ‘capacity’ to handle a recession despite continued deficit: Morneau


October 29 2018

Canada issues terse statement after far-right candidate elected president of Brazil


PM says carbon tax critics like Scheer, Ford want to 'make pollution free again'


Government debt—a snapshot of each province


October 30 2018

(Tony Lam's Comments: No we don't)

Canada has 'a legal obligation' to repatriate citizens who left to fight for ISIS, says UN rapporteur


StatCan scooped up 15 years of personal financial data from Canadian credit bureau


Former governor general Adrienne Clarkson still bills more than $100,000 a year in expenses


FRAUD: Trudeau Liberals Take Break From ‘Saving The World,’ Cut New Brunswick Power’s Carbon Tax Bill By Over 95%


REPORT: Trudeau-Controlled Stats Canada Has Already Taken 15 Years Of Canadians Credit Card Info Without Our Knowledge




October 31 2018

LILLEY UNCENSORED: StatsCan has already seized reams of our private financial info


EDITORIAL: Trudeau gets tough on border mess? Seriously?


TRICK: Trudeau Falsely Claims Only Opposition Parties Shout In Question Period, Says Liberals Are “Serious & Respectful”


Trudeau gov’t gives $88k to abortion groups, denies funds to Christian orgs


Privacy Commissioner To Investigate Stats Canada As Backlash Against Data-Grab Grows


Opposition parties 'like to shout' at 'respectful' Liberals, Trudeau tells students


DECEPTION: As Election Gets Closer, Trudeau Will Pretend To Be More Conservative





















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