November 2018

November 2, 2018

November 1 2018

Trudeau’s Liberals: Canada has responsibility to terrorists


LILLEY UNCENSORED: StatsCan has already seized reams of our private financial info


RCMP victimized by $100,000 credit card cloning scam


Canada to raise immigrant intake to 350,000 in 2021: Immigration minister


LILLEY: Understanding Trudeau's convoluted carbon-tax defence


UN asks Canada to resettle more refugees displaced in Horn of Africa


Violent 13 hours leaves four men shot in Toronto


Trudeau lies to schoolchildren, gets caught


Don Martin: The GG retirement package reeks of entitlement and extravagance


FUREY: Canada's carbon tax could go much higher after 2022 review


REPORT: Trudeau Liberals Using Taxpayer Money To Push Open Borders Propaganda


November 2 2018

Trudeau to apologize to Tsilhqot'in community members for 1864 hanging of chiefs


Brian Gallant's minority government defeated after losing confidence vote


Encana Founder Blames Trudeau for Newfield Deal


Conrad Black: The future of our health care is being decided in the courts


Trudeau plans massive increase in Somali immigration


Electric car demand fueling rise in child labor in DR Congo: campaigners


November 5 2018

Ottawa short-changed more than 270,000 veterans on pensions, disability payments


Stephen LeDrew: Trudeau is playing dirty, undemocratic by-election tricks


Trudeau’s tickle trunk adventures continue


Federal government spent $23M on 631 new cars for G7 summit. Now, it's trying to sell most of them off


AGAR: Trudeau's carbon tax numbers don't add up


VIDEO: Ahmed Hussen’s Dishonesty & Ignorance Exposed In Disastrous Interview


MLA Robyn Luff removed from NDP Caucus after speaking out “about culture of fear and intimidation”


Clarkson records, sources reveal, in some years exceeding $200k


Lowe's closing 31 locations in Canada, mainly Rona stores


FUREY: UN migration compact cause for concern – yet Canada stands firm


LILLEY: Trudeau reconciliation more about optics than results


GOLDSTEIN: Liberals no longer proud of third-party spending


November 6 2018

ISIS left behind 202 mass graves in Iraq, UN says


WILKINSON: Trudeau to spend Remembrance Day in France


Elusive Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio resigning January 2019


Ted Morton: Another Canadian oil company flees Trudeau and Notley for the U.S.


Catherine McKenna joins communist Chinese environment council


EDITORIAL: Taxpayers taking bath on ‘used’ RCMP cars


BETRAYAL: Trudeau Government ‘Pension For Life’ Promise To Veterans Actually CUTS Almost $500 MILLION Over Five Years


LILLEY UNCENSORED: Taxpayers get another lemon from the feds


EXCLUSIVE: Tony Clement facing extortion demand of 50,000 euros after sending ‘sexually explicit’ photos, video




John Ivison: $23M G7 auto fleet another example of spendthrift culture the Liberals have restored





November 7 2018

Imperial braves Canadian price slump with new $2.6 billion oilsands project


US midterms 2018
live results





Canada Post data breach affected 4,500 customers says OCS


Thirteen men arrested in child luring stings by Alberta crime team


Canadian navy investigates after fires, power outages hit ships around the world


Federal prisoners will have a harder time being transferred to Indigenous “healing lodges” if they’re serving long sentences


Trudeau Refuses To Stop Stats Canada Attack On Our Private Info, Brings Up Census Instead


McKenna’s “social media team” robbed in Bonn Germany: Now we know how much her vanity cost taxpayers


Justin Trudeau apologizes for Canada’s 1939 refusal of ship of Jewish refugees


Transferring prisoners to healing lodges to be restricted, Goodale says


Man dead after 2 explosions rock Edmonton-area community centre, police say


EXCLUSIVE: Man, 21, dead after blast led police to car packed with explosives in Sherwood Park


It isn’t racist to oppose open borders


November 8 2018

Terri-Lynne McClintic transferred out of healing lodge: Rodney Stafford


(Tony Lam's Comments:  Only the left are smashing property, burning cars and assaulting people)

Tucker’s Wife Was Home Alone When Mob Attacked Home; Locker Herself In Pantry To Call 911


‘They were threatening me and my family’: Tucker Carlson’s home targeted by protesters


Bombardier to cut 5,000 jobs, sell off turboprop and flight training businesses


Bombardier cutting about 5,000 jobs as part of restructuring plan


Billions in aid to Afghanistan wasted, including money from Canada, U.S. agency finds




Philip Cross: StatCan hasn't given any good reason for invading our banking privacy


GROSS: Despite Repeated Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts, Bombardier Is Slashing 3,000 Canadian Jobs



Liberals will spend $86 million to tackle rise in gang and gun violence


Ottawa will bankroll some climate change programs left after Ford ends Ontario’s cap-and-trade


Ottawa will bankroll some climate change programs left unfunded after Ford cancelled cap-and-trade


November 08, 2018
BC NDP MLA dined out at taxpayers' expense while participating in “Welfare Food Challenge”


RCMP identify suspect in Sherwood Park explosions as Kane Kosolowsky



WATCH: Trudeau Pretends To Oppose ‘Division’ While Talking To CNN, But Video Evidence Says Otherwise


GROSS: Despite Repeated Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts, Bombardier Is Slashing 3,000 Canadian Jobs



Statistics Canada putting financial data collection project on hold after public outcry


Sexual misconduct allegations levelled against two NDP MLAs since 2015, says premier's office


Trudeau’s newest tax on a tax


Ambulance Chasers? Why The Conservatives Deserve Credit For Pressuring Trudeau Government On McClintic Transfer


Resigned Ford staffer Andrew Kimber apologizes for 'unacceptable' conduct after sexual misconduct allegations


Tanzania’s homophobic crackdown casts a shadow on Canadian aid


November 9 2018
Court Ruling Delaying Keystone XL Pipeline Another Devastating Blow To Canada’s Oil Industry


John Tory urges Torontonians to lobby federal government for handgun ban


Canadian arrested in plot to smuggle grenade launcher, guns from U.S. to Lebanon


B.C. ISIS supporter ‘playing games’ by refusing to co-operate with his deportation, says CBSA


Here’s Why Canada Must Reject The UN Global Compact On Migration


November 10 2018



Liberal lie on domestic guns exposed, again


COMMENTARY: After being shamed into doing the right thing, Trudeau owes some apologies


You will love this story about treating our vets with respect


Immigration detainee seeks $65M in lawsuit against Ottawa for violating rights


November 12 2018

LILLEY: The real costs of Trudeau's carbon tax scheme


Stephen Harper: Macron’s Armistice rebuke of Trump ‘example of disconnected elitism’


Cowardly: Bombardier CEO Didn’t Have The Guts To Attend Meeting After Cutting 3000 Jobs In Canada


Toronto may buy hotel to deal with Trudeau’s border crisis


City of Toronto quashes plans to buy hotel housing refugees, asylum seekers






(Tony Lam's Comments:  Like hell.  Criminalize criminals)

We must criminalize gun possession in Canada


November 13 2018

Trudeau “preens” as defender of press freedom abroad while attacking media at home


LILLEY: Thousands of Canadian voter cards sent to dead, non-citizens


New business taxes creating 'a whole new group of losers'


NDP caucus won’t name two MLAs accused of inappropriate behaviour: Premier Notley


Trudeau Said He Supported Press Freedom, Then The Press Was Banned From Attending Morneau’s Speech In China


November 14 2018

WARMINGTON: Trudeau silent about attack on Jewish teens


Canada Goose shares soar as it raises forecasts on strong results


Canada stands pat on Saudi arms sales, even after hearing Khashoggi tape


Bureaucrats Behaving Badly: Busted Doing Drugs, Hiring Spouse, & More








November 16 2018

LILLEY: Canadians paying bills for birth tourism


EXCLUSIVE: Pro-lifer assaulted in viral video speaks out — after CBC declined interview


Ford sets his sights on enemy No. 1: Justin Trudeau


Trudeau Says “I Never Take Selfies” As He Takes Selfie At Grave


Canada’s largest journalism union announces it will campaign against the Conservative Party


November 17 2018

LEVY: Note to Andrew Scheer -- Be more like Doug Ford


WATCH: Scheer Says Trudeau Sees Regular Canadians As “The Enemy”


TAGHVA: Union representing Canadian journalists declares itself the resistance to Andrew Scheer


Ontario PC Party passes resolution to debate recognition of gender identity


Canada's defence spending questioned at NATO parliamentary meeting


Toronto On Pace For Most Murders In History Of The City


November 19 2018

Judge gave excessively light sentence to avert deportation of refugee who threatened to kill police: appeal court


Man gunned down in Toronto's record-breaking 90th homicide


Federal government diverting veterans in crisis away from emergency fund, say outside agencies


Canada Post on Strike Again

Here is the previous agreement.

Agreement between Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers - Urban Postal Operations (Expires: January 31, 2018)


Three times Ahmed Hussen contradicted himself on immigration and refugees


Australia refuses to sign UN migration pact, citing risks to turnbacks and detention


Rempel Says Conservatives Would Pull Canada From The UN Global Compact On Migration


'Christ' is back in Christmas at B.C. mall that didn't like it when Salvation Army carollers sang about Jesus


LILLEY: Quebec shouldn't lecture Ontario on language protections




Trudeau Government Likely To Give More Taxpayer Money To Establishment Media


SURE… Trudeau Liberals Claim Stats Canada Didn’t Tell Them About Scheme To Take Our Financial Data


Auditor General Shreds Trudeau Liberals Over CF-18s


November 21 2018

The Fiscal Update Is Getting Bad Reviews: Here’s What’s In It


Rempel says Conservatives would pull Canada out of controversial UN migration pact


Ottawa to provide aid to support Canadian journalism


Media sector gets $595-million package in Ottawa’s fiscal update


Feds focus on boosting competitiveness, deficit rising to $19.6B in 2019-20


$600M in federal funding for media 'a turning point in the plight of newspapers in Canada’


WATCH: Rempel Calls For Trudeau To Withdraw Canada From UN Global Migration Scheme & Protect Sovereignty Of Canadian Borders


As Illegal Gun Crime Surges, Bill Blair Is Instead Spending His Time Attacking A Conservative MP For A Fundraiser With Law-Abiding Canadian Firearm Owners


EXCLUSIVE: Docs show Liberals using PM's Challenger jet as partisan fundraiser “shuttle”


Federal government doesn’t seem to recognize the hole it’s digging


Statistics Canada blames gang violence, shootings as homicide rate hits 10-year high


Ottawa to provide aid to support Canadian journalism




November 22 2018

LEVY: TCHC spends $1.3M on 'change management' consultant


Ottawa studying ‘birth tourism’ in light of new data showing higher non-resident birth rates


Capital dilemma: The cost of fixing 24 Sussex is $34.5 million. The cost to replace it? $38.5 million





Liberal MP Raj Grewal Issues Surprise Resignation Announcement


Victim says she was gang raped as teens laughed, egged each other on


Bell: Trudeau, why did you even come to Calgary?


Federal government has spent $2.3M to house asylum seekers in Toronto hotels, some rooms still booked until January


Feds refuse to disclose details of Russian meddling in Canadian elections


Richmond Hospital is ground zero for the skyrocketing number of women coming to Canada to give birth, study indicates


November 23 2018

WELLS: No access to personal financial data without consent


Court documents raise new questions about Brison's involvement in case of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman


A federal agency, created to fight poverty, spent $500,000 on a name, logo and branding


EDITORIAL: Liberal fiscal forecast a gloomy one


MACLEOD: The best social program is a job


Ottawa’s social-finance pledge turns Canada from ‘complete laggard’ to leader, experts say


Ottawa probes birth tourism as new data shows higher non-resident birth rates


Conrad Black: Help Vice-Admiral Norman get the fair trial he deserves


MALCOLM: It's no wonder Trudeau was booed in Calgary


Trudeau govt. orders Canada Post to cease delivering publication lacking ‘diversity’


November 24 2018

Federal government has spent $2.3M to house asylum seekers in Toronto hotels, some rooms still booked until January


826 businesses filed for insolvency in Q3.


Our Senate is as steeped in politics as ever


Washington Asks Allies to Drop Huawei


GOLDSTEIN: Federal Liberal and Tory climate plans are fantasy


Justin Trudeau is giving an extra $595 million to Canadian media. But The Rebel is not for sale!



Ottawa gives Pride Toronto $450K for plan to improve LGBT safety



Sums it up.



Novbember 25 2018

Liberal government spent $500,000 to create a logo and name for anti-poverty group


November 26 2018

Bill Morneau Says Canadians Are Seeing the ‘Strongest Wage Growth’ in Years. The Data Shows That’s Not True.


School trustee candidate who claimed to be victim of racist death threats pleads guilty to elections fraud


Trudeau vows to help get GM workers 'back on their feet' as automaker stands firm on Oshawa closure


GOLDSTEIN: Carbon tax helping kill cars and jobs


POILIEVRE: Trudeau admits budget will never balance itself


November 27 2018

More than 3,000 veterans waited over a year for Ottawa to process disability claims


Toronto Red Star Tries Pinning GM Leaving Oshawa On Doug Ford, Gives Justin Trudeau A Pass


DISLOYAL: Trudeau Government Giving More Taxpayer Money To Anti-Oil Sands Tides Canada


Day parole granted to woman convicted in Stefanie Rengel killing


B.C. NDP Accidentally Admits Carbon Tax Hurts The Economy


Raj Grewal queried federal agencies on ability to probe money laundering


November 28 2018

Liberal MP's name came up in wider police probe into money laundering: CP source


November 29 2018

Irregular migrants on track to cost Canada almost $400 million, watchdog says


LILLEY: Trudeau plays politics while Ontario and Alberta bleed jobs!


Ontario judge orders release of man who beat stranger with autism


'It's not good': Security report on Trudeau's problem-plagued India trip set to drop Monday


Fed Consultant To Monitor Media, “Expose” Coverage








November 30 2018

CAQ and English schools group dig heels in over plans to abolish boards


Killer was freed 8 days before stabbing elderly Edmonton couple


Western newsletter: Albertans watch GM closure with sympathy - and simmering anger


PRIORITIES: With Economy Slowing And Energy Industry In Crisis, Trudeau Is Focused On… “Toxic Masculinity”


RCMP called to probe tale of two Liberal MPs, a suburban overpass, trip to India and multimillion dollar land deal





Illegal border processing costs alone to exceed $1 billion, PBO report


Trudeau government potentially allowed MP under investigation to stay on for 18 months; Quebec Senator


MUST SEE: Beta Male Trudeau Pouts at USMCA Signing – Won’t Lift His Signed Agreement — Onlookers STUNNED (VIDEO)


PRIORITIES: With Economy Slowing And Energy Industry In Crisis, Trudeau Is Focused On… “Toxic Masculinity”

























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